CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* In response to Dillon’s FOIA request for information relating to Ivins’ activities in Sep.-Oct. 2001, the FBI falsely claimed that it had uploaded the information (such as Notebook 4282) to the FBI’s “Vault”

Posted by DXer on October 15, 2015


Mueller & Ivins composite

The FBI has never had a credible case against Ivins, and it seems they are using every means they can to keep the truth hidden.

3 Responses to “* In response to Dillon’s FOIA request for information relating to Ivins’ activities in Sep.-Oct. 2001, the FBI falsely claimed that it had uploaded the information (such as Notebook 4282) to the FBI’s “Vault””

  1. DXer said

    Ken Dillon was successful in his appeal of denial of his FOIA request relating to documents from Sep and Oct 2001 relating to Bruce Ivins that have not yet been provided

  2. DXer said

    Pages 65 through 70 contain contain experiments conducted between 8/23/2001 and 9/18/2001. See FBI 302 report. That is, they explain what Ivins was doing in the lab at a time when the AUSA argued that he had no reason to be in the lab. That pages should be produced. The pages constitute contemporaneous record of what Ivins was doing in the lab.

    • DXer said

      FOIA (and in NY the state law is FOIL) is a powerful tool for good government and good decision-making. We should give our government decision-makers the benefit of the doubt and presume good faith. At the same time the government should give the public documents required under the Freedom of Information laws.

      More often than not, production of the documents will just confirm how smart and fair-minded and professional the government policy-makers and scientists and investigators are. In my experience, for example, DOJ hired brilliant, hardworking attorneys and investigators — and the complexity and sophistication of the documents by the FBI scientists to the NAS speak for itself.

      This week, NYS DEC has provided emails using the word “swan” in connection with their decision to eradicate the mute swan species in New York State. (I represent my friend “Ernie” in that matter). It’s time to stand up for mute swans. Reasonable people can disagree but it aids informed decision-making to get people “on the same page.”

      Via electronic mail only


      This is in response to your Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) request received March 30, 2015 seeking “…all emails (including any attachments) in which the word “swan” occurs which were sent to and/from the individuals listed below during the period from January 1, 2012 through the present date, March 29, 2015.

      1) Governor Andrew Cuomo and other staff of the Office of Governor Cuomo.

      2) DEC Commissioner Martens and any DEC Executive staff.

      3) Bryan L. Swift, DEC and any member of the Migratory Game Bird Management Team, Bureau of Wildlife,


      4) Kevin J. Clarke

      5) Robin A. Holevinski, and

      6) Elizabeth M. Cooper

      7) Patricia Riexinger

      8) Lori Severino and other staff of the DEC Press Office.

      9) Any other DEC staff.

      Responsive records have been uploaded to a file transfer service. You may expect to receive an email with the location of the files. Be advised that some

      responsive records have been produced in redacted format and others withheld in their entirety in accordance with Public Officers Law S87.2(g), as they are inter-agency or intra-agency records which are not statistical or factual tabulations of data, instructions

      to staff that affect the public, final agency policy or determinations, or external audits.

      If you wish, you may appeal the deniäl of access to these records within thirty

      (30) days. Please direct any appeal, in writing, to:

      FOIL Appeals Officer

      Office of General Counsel


      625 Broadway

      Albany, NY 12233-1500

      NEW YORK

      Department Of



      If I can be of further assistance, please call me at (518) xxx-xxxx and refer to

      FOIL 15-1138.


      Ruth L. Earl

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