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* URGENT -PENDING LITIGATION – FBI’s Dave Hardy should also produce the requested Notebook 4010 and 4037

Posted by DXer on December 14, 2017

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* The FBI should return a copy of Notebook 4010, relating to Flask 1029, the so-called “murder weapon”, to USAMRIID so that it may be uploaded as required by FOIA

Posted by DXer on December 12, 2017

DXer emailed a request (12-11-17) to FBI’s Kris Weart, an FBI FOIA analyst, asking:

Isn’t it about time that the FBI return Lab Notebook 4010 to USAMRIID — a complete copy — to USAMRIID for uploading along with Ivins’ other notebooks?  It relates to Flask 1029, the so-called “murder weapon”.  No exemptions apply except for the occasional (b)(6) redaction of a proper name.  USAMRIID is the originating agency and so it is the USAMRMC FOIA officer who is charged with making any necessary redactions.  USAMRMC made a formal request that all Ivins notebooks be returned long ago.  The notebooks are all contained on a CD that was obtained by the FBI.   The notebooks had been scanned by a contractor.

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