CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* In a long withheld and recently produced email to Mara Linscott, Ivins discusses work with Ames in Building 1412 (not 1425) and how they might have to someday do challenges of hundreds of rabbits for Bioport.

Posted by DXer on January 19, 2018


6 Responses to “* In a long withheld and recently produced email to Mara Linscott, Ivins discusses work with Ames in Building 1412 (not 1425) and how they might have to someday do challenges of hundreds of rabbits for Bioport.”

  1. DXer said


    ORDERED that, within thirty days of the date of this Order, DOJ shall file a notice with the Court that provides possible explanations for why the FBI did not release the three emails purportedly sent to Mara Linscott that Dillon identified in his February 2018 letter to government counsel;

    Dated: January 17, 2019 RUDOLPH CONTRERAS United States District Judge

    Case 1:17-cv-01716-RC Document 26 Filed 01/17/19 Page 1 of 1

  2. DXer said

    In his book published last year, former FBI Agent writes that on a white board and the phrase PERSON OF INTEREST was the name Bioport.

    He writes:

    “The profit factor stood out as prime motivation. The squad learned that is German-born CEO had spent his childhood in the Sudan and recently worked in Saudi Arabia. The company kept anthrax spores on hand to test vaccine efficacy. Further adding to the interest, BioPort’s General Counsel was under a federal indictment for a variety of offenses. … The case against the General Counsel was revised and the company’s Internet provider identified in preparation for court-authorized access to electronic mail.”

    What were charges in indictment of BioPort’s General Counsel?

    • DXer said

      In his book published last year, former FBI Agent R. Scott Decker writes that Bruce Ivins had telephoned them and suggested that they consider Joseph Farchaus.

      “The researcher, Joseph Farchaus, had left USAMRIID for a pharmaceutical company in New Jersey sometime in the past. Farchaus now resided a short drive from the recently closed Hamilton mail center. Ivins described Farchaus as very bright but controversial, an intimidating person who exhibited a bad temper when the two had worked together. Farchaus hated “anyone in green,” referring to army personnel, and “had access to B.anthracis, (and) the knowledge about how to disseminate it.” As the agents thanked Ivins and stood up to leave the cluttered office he shared with his two technicians, he made a request. He asked the agents to conceal his identity when they interviewed Farchaus. Farchaus had “made comments threatening several associates” — often enough to worry Ivins.

      The following morning, the task force added Joseph Farchaus to their Persons of Interest list.”

      • DXer said

        Decker further explains:

        “In addition to Hatfill, the task force continued to investigate other potential suspects. On several occasions, Bruce Ivins relayed doubts he had about former coworkers and provided evidence to support his suspicions. In confidence, he gave agents at the small FBI office in Frederick additional details about Joe Farchaus. Farchaus once threatened an army supervisor, telling a coworker, “someone should shoot that SOB.” Ivins also recalled that “Farchaus’s mother lived just down the road from where the lady in Connecticut died of anthrax,” and that “Farchaus is a fermentation and purification specialist,” possessing “great technical expertise.” Ivins had seen the spores from the Daschle letter, and he felt they were fermentation quality, better than could be produced at USAMRIID. He added that the pharmaceutical company where Farchaus now worked was a short drive from Trenton and had the equipment to make weaponized anthrax.”

  3. DXer said

  4. DXer said

    By way of some background, USAMRMC’s John Peterson is Sandra’s supervisor. As the production of emails took years, I regularly would call up or email John Peterson and jawbone him about the unacceptable delay. In time, he explained that a large group of DOJ/FBI officials had to review each batch to see if they wanted any pulled. Sometimes a single small batch would take a couple of months. So eventually –after months of my nagging and the threat that his sister would not invite him to Upstate New York to Thanksgiving ever again — he put the FBI on a 2 week deadline. He would send them out and then release them to me, absent objection over particular emals, after two weeks. It was only when they officially closed the case that they lost jurisdiction.

    But the problem is that the emails that were culled were never restored — they were never uploaded to the Electronic Reading Room. I’ve pointed to September 15, 2001, September 21, 2001 and September 26, 2001 emails as especially critical to understanding what Ivins was doing in the lab. The FBI has tried to hide the fact that he was in the lab working on the small animal experiments — but these emails might be a better source of evidence than some agent’s speculative theory.

    Numerous emails that were culled provide the context — and allow you test — the FBI’s “cotton candy” Ivins Theory. For example, judge for yourself. What did Ivins ACTUALLY say about the Yankees. (And yes, it is silly that is relevant but it in fact was a big part of the FBI’s claimed evidence.)

    Now you can see for yourself whether the emails were produced. The emails that were produced are online at the USAMRMC Electronic Reading Room. But after a decade of trying to get the relevant emails produced, all I want is the name and attorneys fees to imposed on the FBI for its stubborn withholding, even after suit was filed. I want the name of the emails that interfered with FOIA and pulled these emails from production while giving the emails to their friend, Dave Willman, who agreed to spin their theory — and I long ago asked the Army’s John Peterson to preserve the evidence. Because there was always going to be a reckoning for the FBI’s withholding of evidence of exculpatory evidence — which has been confirmed by the former lead Amerithrax investigator Richard Lambert.

    Although Dillon and I have bore down on the September and October 2001 emails, consider who at the FBI pulled the following Linscott emails while having their interpretation and spin of the emails serve as the foundation for the psychiatric tap dance that was centered on the part-times addiction counselor who thought she was controlled by alien who had implanted a microchip in her butt: I submit that emails that were culled by the FBI from production include April 3, 2000 email, June 27, 2000, June 29, 2000, July 7, 2000, July 23, 2000, July 30, 2000, August 12, 2000, August 14, 2000, and August 23, 2000. At the same time, the FBI gave them to the author doing their bidding. And so any claimed exemption is frivolous and FBI needs to pay Dillon’s attorneys fees. (His attorney is former DOJ and expert on FOIA issues).

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