CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

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* Oct 28, 2015 Biodefense Report:  “In 2001, anthrax was illicitly removed from the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute on Infectious Disease and used in the perpetration of the anthrax attacks that year.”

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* The White House is demanding transparency, swift incident reporting and accountability to the public at biolabs

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White House advisers call for greater accountability, safety at biolabs
Alison Young, USA TODAY

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* FBI scientist John Ezzell has explained that dried Ames and Sterne spores went to studies for DARPA at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Labs in Columbia, MD

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* In addition to the 340 ml. of virulent Ames shipped to USAMRIID on June 27, 2001, Dugway shipped 175 ml. of Ames anthrax strain in late August 2000.  That was when Dr. Ezzell, the FBI’s scientist at USAMRIID, made a dried powder out of Ames anthrax strain from Ivins’ Flask 1029 for the DARPA JHU-APL mass spec. project.

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* Ivins was ordered by superior not to repeat the report that the powder closest to the mailed anthrax was made by DSD for DARPA

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* I have asked Bruce Ivins’ superior by email today to explain the justification for the missing 340 ml. of virulent b. anthracis Ames shipped from Dugway to USAMRIID on June 27, 2001

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* Dugway’s “Chief, Life Sciences Division” and the “Requesting Investigator” both likely would know the disposition of the 340 ml. virulent Ames shipped June 27, 2001 that USAMRIID cannot track

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* Is Jeb Bush withholding the same info from early February 2001 (see Anthrax threat.doc) that his brother withheld about Bin Laden/Egyptian Islamic Jihad anthrax threat (see early February 2001 PDB)?

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Background on President Bush’s withholding of the PDB:

  • The threat to use mailed anthrax was described to President Bush by the CIA in a PDB in early February 2001 that is still classified. See 911 Commission Report.
  • In January 2001, a bail hearing was announced for the Egyptian Islamic Jihad/Vanguards of Conquest #2. A threat to use anthrax was immediately sent to those responsible for the detention and threatened deportation to Cairo. Bail was denied on October 5 and then the mailer rushed to mail the good stuff.
  • The lawyer for the EIJ spiritual guide had announced in 1999 that Zawahiri intended to use anthrax to retaliate for the rendering and detention of senior EIJ leaders — and the plan was confirmed by the detained EIJ military leader (and another shura leader who was working for Egyptian intelligence services).
  • The late January threat was sent by the same people who sent letter bombs to the people symbolically responsible for the WTC 1993 plotters.
  • It was embarrassing to the Bush Administration because not only were they given express warning, but it is the former assistant of then White House Chief of Staff who the FBI suspects of accessing the biochemistry information relating to the concentration of anthrax using silica. See filing of defendant’s defense counsel.
  • The factual question of the day relates to the culture medium used by Ivins, and why the FBI did not allege that the recipe of the culture medium he used in the lab supported the searches they did.

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* Dugway scientist Bruce Harper initiated shipment of the virulent Ames to USAMRIID for irradiation by email to Dugway colleagues dated June 21, 2001

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* Radiation Chief Robert J. Hawley was on vacation the week the 340 ml. shipment of virulent Ames came in from Dugway

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