CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* The Psychiatrists Consulting With the FBI Confirm That Dr. Ivins Attended His Regularly Scheduled Group Therapy Session on October 8, 2001 (17:00-18:30)

Posted by DXer on April 18, 2011



8 Responses to “* The Psychiatrists Consulting With the FBI Confirm That Dr. Ivins Attended His Regularly Scheduled Group Therapy Session on October 8, 2001 (17:00-18:30)”

  1. Old Atlantic said

    Dxer posted this link of the floor plan on a prior thread. But it is valuable to have it here.

    “” irradiators C & D Item #5 are located in building 1425, room AR109, USAMRIID, Ft. Detrick (see enclosure 6).””

    Are irradiators autoclaves?

    • DXer said

      I just took advantage of a NRC record to find the Floor Plan and will avoid any commentary beyond the documents on such issues.

      But I pass this email from July 2008 on for what it is worth.

      The affected sterilizers are the small & large Castle, Model 4533 units in suites thru ,
      thru , and thru in building Sterilizers will not be available for use until services are
      3. Users, prepare the sterilizers as follows:
      a. Ensure recorder has paper and ink to document the last run.
      b. Complete all processing and removal of loads by 1100 hours on the day the shut down is
      scheduled to begin. Note: The sterilizer service technicians are not permitted to remove materials from
      c. CRITICAL – Ensure that the containment end (hot side) door is sealed.
      d. Open or leave the non-containment end (cold side) door open if a 90 minute dry-goods or
      instruments cycle has been run.
      4. The sterilizers are used to decontaminate the central vac/receiver system. Your cooperation is
      necessary for the safety of our workers.

  2. DXer said


    It has always been known that Dr. Bruce Ivins had group therapy sessions scheduled on both September 17, 2001 and on October 8, 2001, the same dates the FBI says he was mailing the anthrax letters

    Posted by Lew Weinstein on March 9, 2010

    • DXer said

      I’m struck at large gaps in varying interviews relating to people other than Bruce.

      40 hours for one. Others had long periods. And this is not surprising. For example, he brought his lunch from home and many people use cash.

      But typically the FBI interviews frame the period not subject to alibi by credit card purchases and telephone toll records and emails.

      What we are missing, I think, is a 302 interview that does the same thing for Dr. Ivins.

      Where is the 302 interview where the FBI states the dates and times that Dr. Ivins made credit card purchases?

      Surely in 2002 or 2003 they would have done that for the holder of the, by far, largest known repository of virulent Ames in the country — and the one tasked with distributing it to researchers.

      • DXer said

        An August 13, 2008 memo to the files notes pen registers and toll records capturing multiple phone contacts in Fall 2001 by Dr. Ivins.

        The FBI should produce under FOIA redacted copies showing the times and dates that phone calls were made. There is no privacy issue from his home phone raised so long as the identifying number is redacted (leaving only the locality called). But as to his work phone, there is no cause for redaction at all.

        At a minimum, the GAO should obtain the phone records from Dr. Ivins home and work — in addition to his credit card records being withheld, that is a key way to test the FBI’s Ivins Theory that Dr. Ivins travelled to Princeton.

  3. DXer said

    On October 8 and October 9, there was a planned rabbit bleed. Is that what Dr. Ivins was so busy with on October 8 and 9?

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