CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* Dr. Ivins’ Card Access Records Produced By USAMRIID Under FOIA For November 2001 and December 2001 Show That Dr. Ivins Was A Hard Worker and Worked Late

Posted by DXer on April 18, 2011




2 Responses to “* Dr. Ivins’ Card Access Records Produced By USAMRIID Under FOIA For November 2001 and December 2001 Show That Dr. Ivins Was A Hard Worker and Worked Late”

  1. Zicon said

    SUBJECT LINE: “That Dr. Ivins Was A Hard Worker and Worked Late”

    Questions with opinions/other statements below…

    So… Has anyone requested all access records from random dates before the mailings occurred which will obviously show if anything in his routine changed before/after, (e.g. comparisons) which (All in my strong opinion it will not.) Since he was a regular 2nd shifter and liked/enjoyed working late, (why? He loved doing his job…) Esp. when things weren’t the best at home…

    As one would hopefully could understand that hours do vary by what is being worked on or tested at any given time or date that all can be accounted for as again (in my opinion normal working hours for Ivins) Again in my “Opinion” Ivins is the wrong one to be focusing on, and that it should be a trove of investors along with the Pentagon/CIA/SRI/Outside sources and what the FBI is withholding is the personal bits of Intel that would take what they are trying to publicly hang Ivins for, if it gets out will take what they have to nothing… Therefore prosecutorial/Federal misconduct… For not producing all knowing evidence/information..

    As anyone that has been married for a lengthy time, or more than once, 9/10 times there is always some type of arguments or tension between two or more people, and some people relieve that stress by working/keeping their mind occupied and diving deep into what they do best, which in this case was his (Ivins) work.. (It’s one thing to be goofing off, and another to be literally working and doing some good) I know people who would have others page them just to get away from home and go to work even when they didn’t have work, but could go and really do work just to not be at home. What one could call the brainless brown nosers usually say different, if someone isn’t “always” by the book and seems a certain way, and the slightest bit out of character they are the ones who go nuts, aka. Those who are uptight and put up/show an impenetrable wall of anal retentiveness… Just because they are usually the uptight my life is perfect kind of person and everyone’s else’s life should be the same way or revolve around that person blah blah..My opinion, those are the nutty types… (Because ” I can say from first hand experience that people assume all the time without knowing “EVERYTHING”..) Anyone can break the word “Assume” down into 3 parts and come up with what comes after from “assuming” that what “they do not know“… Which to me has been clearly done by the FBI for public view in this case…Anyone can say what they want or speculate till the cows come home and use underhanded tactics all day/night, in the end it still doesn’t change the fact that it’s only “Assuming” Period!
    (Drug Co.s/Overseas/Domestic Investors/Etc.) are also in the sights (just saying, Everything is being looked into… nothing more, nothing less.)

    “Hypothetically” speaking lets say this all comes out and it is all one big governmental/Pharma cover and it is proven Is the us government really going to put a top military/gov official or even down to a former president of the us or any other government to death for all this mess, “if it can be proven that they had knowledge of what was going on“, which could easily be determined by a open investigation and not cover-up anything to save face…Even the FBI has been banned by the white house that certain people are off limits even down to the presidents aid… G.B. Jr. made sure of that… Now why one would even do that, if there is nothing to hide, even in the higher government offices then it basically answer’s itself. And if it did come down to that, it’s not going to matter about ANY of the tiny details, if one had knowledge of anything that ties to the anthrax mailings then they would be just as guilty as the one would dropped the letters in the mailboxes.
    And we are supposed to have an open and transparent government… Pure BS…

    There needs to be more eyes & ears on all research including pharmaceuticals on top of accountability even down to any government official (“No Matter What”) G&D

  2. DXer said

    20:00 is 8 p.m.
    21:00 is 9 p.m.
    22:00 is 10 p.m.

    These records show Dr. Ivins regularly going to work at 9 p.m., 10 p.m., 11 p.m. — even 11:30 p.m.
    This, of course, is two months AFTER the mailing.

    Amerithrax represents the greatest intelligence failure in the history of United States.

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