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* why are Dr. Ivins contemporaneous lab notebook pages from 2001 (September 28, 29 & 30, and October 1 & 2) being withheld? … these are the nights that Rachel Lieber and Kenneth Kohl speculate he was making a powderized anthrax.

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from a recent comment by DXer …

  • Some of the most important pages, IMO, being withheld under FOIA  are the lab notebook pags containing Dr. Ivins contemporaneous notes on September 28, 2001, 29, 30, October 1, October 2 in which he explained what he was doing in the lab on the nights that Rachel Lieber and Kenneth Kohl speculate he was making a powderized anthrax.

AUSA Rachel Lieber, through a spokesman,

has refused to produce them

saying that the DOJ has provided all

that is going to be provided under FOIA.

  • I have drawn the attention of the wonderful USMRC FOIA person to the issue by email today in the hopes the USAMRIID people can locate them and provide them.
  • No statutory exemption would apply — they will simply be some innocuous notes relating to the health of some mice.  We will be looking to see if they relate to a study of the potency of the dose to be injected in the rabbits on 10/2 and whether some of the mice died requiring autoclaving.  (The estimate from a 302 interview statement is that it would take 1 1/2 – 2 hours to autoclave a dead animal; we then hopefully will have a ticker from the autoclave machine that would corroborate operation of the autoclave at those precise times).
  • For all those being part of the solution by helping reconstruct events though the production of documentary evidence, thank you very much.
  • For all those who would stand in the way of production of documentary evidence, please stand down or, better yet, affirmatively start being part of the solution.
  • Put your hands on the documents and give them to the FOIA officer at DOJ or USAMRIID.  Whatever a person’s understanding of what happened in September and October 2001, the documents will help get everyone on the same page.


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