CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* “The detainee was in possession of anthrax powder that he planned to distribute to al Qaeda and Taliban operatives in preparation for future attacks on United States and Coalition forces.”

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  1. DXer said

    This was an example of a key interview — he is a very earnest chap who just wanted to return to his normal life.

    Instead, we got uncritical interviews of an exorcist determined to exorcise the demons inhabiting not only Taliban astral entities trying to attack her but also that geeky scientist from USAMRIID who had been terrorized by his mother as a child.

    So rather than being part of the solution, Mr. Willman has become a major part of the problem because his self-interest has prevented him from addressing the new information. He now is like the Eveready bunny rabbit appearing on radio interviews reasserting his and Mr. Alexander’s Ivins Theory rather than addressing the information that now demolishes it.

    Suddenly instead of any attempt at sound true crime analysis we have a public relations strategy charted by a public relations person who organized a book tour.

  2. DXer said

    The allegation he had been found in possession of powdered anthrax was reiterated in the summary dated November 2006.

    The detainee assessment not mentioning the subject was from October 2005.

    By way of background, in May 2004, the FBI had flown to Kabul.

    Anthrax terrorists outfox the FBI
    By Tim Reid
    The Times of London
    Failure of inquiry has astonished Americans and angered widow

    Another tip, apparently from an inmate in Guantanamo Bay, led agents to fly to Kabul, the Afghan capital, in May last year, and then to the Kandahar mountains — but nothing was found. US scientists have still not been able to identify the laboratory from which the anthrax came, but other facilities have been investigated, including one at Louisiana State University and another in Utah.

    • DXer said

      What was the strain of the powderized virulent anthrax that Dr. Bruce ivies says was shipped to Ft. Detrick and then went missing?

      • DXer said

        Additional source:

        Little Progress In FBI Probe of Anthrax Attacks
        Internal Report Compiled As Agents Hope for a Break
        By Allan Lengel
        Washington Post Staff Writer
        Friday, September 16, 2005; A01

        In the past year, investigators have tried to follow up on and eliminate as many leads as possible. In case the matter ever goes to trial, they want to be able to counter any defense assertions that they failed to explore alternative scenarios or suspects, sources have said.

        Authorities received information, for example, from at least one detainee at the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, that there was an anthrax storage facility in the Kabul area, sources said. Because the deadly letters contained the Ames anthrax spores, manufactured in the United States, authorities entertained the possibility that they had been removed from a U.S. lab and transported overseas.

        Agents checked the Kabul area in May 2004 but came up empty, sources said. In November, on additional information, agents spent weeks searching an area in the Kandahar mountains, several hundred miles outside of Kabul, but found nothing, sources said.

        Meanwhile, in the United States, FBI agents and scientists have been working to match the gene sequence of the mailed anthrax spores to a specific laboratory. They remain particularly interested in such laboratories as Fort Detrick, Louisiana State University and Dugway Proving Ground in Utah.

      • DXer said

        At the time it went missing, who had custody of (responsibility for) the weaponized anthrax that Dr. Bruce ivins says was shipped to Ft. Detrick and then went missing? If it was located, where was it located?

        When did it go missing? What strain was it?

  3. DXer said

    The allegation was in the Round 2 unclassified summary of evidence.

    The detainee denied the allegation at the hearing.

    Then there came to be no mention of anthrax. It was dropped or omitted from allegations described in the Detainee Assessment.
    October 1, 2005 Detainee Assessment

    Detainee is assessed a former Taliban commander. Detainee led over 4000 men against
    various enemies, including the Soviets,Northern Alliance and Hezb-e-Islami. His previous
    activities reflect a commitment to extreme Islamist ideology. Detainee’s Taliban connections
    include the inner circle of Taliban Supreme leader Mullah Mohammed Omar. Detainee
    probably belonged to the anti-coalition movement prior to his capture, despite his denials to
    the contrary. Mullah Omar reportedly stayed at the detainee’s compound following
    detainee’s arrest. Due to his long alliance with senior leaders the Taliban,leadership
    ties in opposition groups (e.g.HIG, a major militant faction and long-established to Al-
    Qaida),and long history as a fighter, it is assessed detainee a HIGH risk, as he is likely
    to pose a threat to the US, its interests and allies.

    Detainee met Supreme leader of the Taliban, Mullah Mohammed Omar, in 1997, after the assassination Taliban leader Mullah Mesher.
    Detainee reported to Mullah Abdul Qayoom, who in turn reported to the Taliban Defense Minister Mullah Obaidullah.
    Detainee claimed he did not fight againstUS forces.

    (S/A{F) Detainee was a well-known Taliban commander who led a large number of
    soldiers againstthe Northern Alliance. Detain eeled a local terrorist cell and interacted
    with at least three of the most senior Taliban commanders, all of whom continue anti-
    coalition attacks and are listed on US Central Command’s “most wanted” blacklist.
    Detainee associated with an Al-Qaida affiliated group planning to assassinate
    Hamid Karzai, the current Presidentof Afghanistan.

    (S/AJF)Detaineewas a senior-level Taliban member,led efforts to localize
    Taliban control, and initiated numerous relationships with Taliban and Al-Qaida
    groups and personnel.

    Divisions during military campaigns Detainee’s front-line division, consistingof nearly 4000 men, controlledthe mountainous
    just north eastof Kabul, AF.

    Mohammed Hashim US9AF-000850DP(ISN 850), identified detainee as a member of an “Al Qaida-supported
    40-man Taliban squad” led by Abdul Rais Wahid.

    • DXer said

      Ayman Zawahiri provided an elite 40-man squad with weapons through his cousins. Who are Dr. Ayman’s cousins?

      Did Dr. Ayman provide Sangaryar the powdered anthrax? If so, where did Dr. Ayman get it?

      . (S) Detaineei informed ISN 850 that Al-Qaida’s operational eader,I aman
      Zawahera ka Ayan MohammedZiwahiri (assessed to mean Dr. Ayman Al
      Zawahiri,UBL’s chief aid and advisor), supported the 40-man squad by providing
      detainee with weapons and assistance through Zawahiri’s cousins. (Analyst note:
      It is probable Zawahiri supported the establishment of this unit to provide support
      for UBL and his entourage while in Afghanistan.)

      • DXer said

        This may be the back story to the allegation. Sangaryar himself may be able to confirm details if he can be located in Afghanistan for an interview.

        “Tricked by the Taliban

        The other three Afghans — identified by Sami al-Haj — were captured in what appears to have been a sly act of revenge by a member of the Taliban against one of his former colleagues who had turned against the regime. The story began when soldiers working for Jan Mohammed, the governor of Uruzgan province, north of Kandahar, stopped a car containing two men, Ismatullah, a 25-year old embroiderer, and Nasrullah, his 23-year old cousin, identified by Sami as Nasrullah al-Rosgani (from Uruzgan), and Esmatullah, his cousin. Ismatullah apparently admitted that he had just delivered a letter to a third man, Mohammed Sangaryar, which was from Abdul Razaq, the former Taliban Minister of Commerce. Sami identified the third man as Mohalim al-Rosgani, which was initially rather confusing, but on Tuesday his lawyer confirmed that Mohalim al-Rosgani was indeed Sangaryar, and that he too had been released.

        Ismatullah explained that he had been going to Uruzgan to sell his car, and added that Razaq had said that he would pay his petrol if he delivered the letter. Unable to read, he said that he asked his 23-year old cousin, Nasrullah, to read it, to check that there “wasn’t any danger in it.” Nasrullah said that the letter asked Sangaryar to go to Quetta, but did not mention fighting, even though the US authorities alleged that Razaq had asked Sangaryar to report to Quetta “to fight and avoid capture by the Americans.”

        According to Sangaryar, the letter was actually a trap, designed to punish him for turning his back on the Taliban and to discredit him by making it appear that he was still involved with them. He explained that he was a former deputy commander of the Taliban, who had fought with them for many years in an attempt to bring peace to his country. He added, however, that he and his tribe had turned against the Taliban before the US-led invasion, because they had become too enamored of fighting for its own sake, and, specifically, because they had dug up the corpse of Asmat Khan, a prominent tribal leader, and had deposited it in the street as an affront to his tribe. When the American-backed warlord Gul Agha Sherzai took over Kandahar, Sangaryar said that he and his men handed in all their weapons, and he then returned to his village to refurbish his home.

        What’s particularly bizarre about this story is the fact that Abdul Razaq (aka Abdul Razak Iktiar Mohammed), the former Taliban Minister of Commerce, was himself seized and sent to Guantánamo, but was transferred to Pol-i-Charki last August, and fairly swiftly released. Throughout these men’s imprisonment, there was no indication that any effort was made to cross-reference their stories, and this is, I believe, an appropriate note on which to end these two surveys of the latest prisoners released from Guantánamo, in which you’ll have no doubt observed that not a single one of these prisoners was actually accused of raising arms against US forces, let alone of having any involvement in the terrible events of September 11, 2001.

        Andy Worthington is the author of The Guantánamo Files: The Stories of the 774 Detainees in America’s Illegal Prison (published by Pluto Press, distributed by Macmillan in the US, and available from Amazon — click on the following for the US and the UK). “

  4. DXer said

    Hundreds of additional Gitmo files were just released.

    Files released so far.. 778 / 779

    • DXer said

      The Guantanamo Files

      Prisoner list released on 2011-04-28
      Abbas Abed Romi Al Naely Abd Al Aziz Abduh Abdallah Ali Al Suwaydi Abd Al Aziz Kadim Salim Al Ayli
      Abd Al Aziz Muhammad Ibrahim Al Nasir Abd Al Aziz Sayir Al Shamari Abd Al Hadi Omar Mahmoud Faraj
      Abd Al Hamid Ibn Abd Al Salim Ibn Miftah Al Ghazzawi Abd Al Hizani Abd Al Khaliq Ahmed Salih Al Baydani
      Abd Al Malak Abd Al Wahab Al Rahbi Abd Al Nasir Ibn Muhammad Khantumani Abd Al Rahim Abd Al Razzaq Janko
      Abd Al Rahim Hussein Mohammed Al Nashiri Abd Al Rahman Abdu Abu Al Ghayth Sulayman Abd Al Rahman Ahmed Said Abdihi
      Abd Al Rahman Moaza Zafer Al Amri Abd Al Rahman Shalbi Isa Uwaydah Abd Al Salam Al Hilah
      Abd Al-razaq ‘abdallah Hamid Ibrahim Al-sharikh Abdallah Aiza Al Matrafi Abdallah Faris Al Unazi Thani
      Abdallah Ibrahim Al Rushaydan Abdallah Saleh Ali Al Ajmi Abdallah Yahya Yusif Al Shibli
      Abdel Hadi Mohammed Badan Al Sebaii Sebaii Abdel Qadir Hussein Al Mudhaffari Abdul Ahmad
      Abdul Al Zaher Abdul Al-hameed Mohammed Andarr Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman Abdul Aziz Al Baddah
      Abdul Aziz Saad Al Khaldi Abdul Bagi Abdul Baqi
      Abdul Ghafaar Abdul Ghafour Abdul Ghani
      Abdul Ghappar Abdul Rahman Abdul Hadi Muhamed Rasul Sayed Abdul Hafiz
      Abdul Hakim Abdul Rahman Abduaziz Al Mousa Abdul Hakim Bukhary Abdul Hakim Ghalib Ahmed
      Abdul Halim Sadiqi Abdul Hanan Abdul Haq Wasiq
      Abdul Helil Mamut Abdul Karim Abdul Karim Irgashive
      Abdul Khadr Abdul Latif Elbanna Abdul Latif Nasir
      Abdul Majid Muhammed Abdul Malik Bajabu Abdul Matin
      Abdul Mowla Abdul Muhammad Ahmad Nassir Al Muhajari Abdul Muhssin Abdul Reb Salah Al Aubaissy
      Abdul Nasir Abdul Qadir Yousef Hussein Abdul Qudus
      Abdul Raham Houari Abdul Rahaman Atah Allah Ali Mahmood Shubatti Abdul Rahim
      Abdul Rahim Ghulam Rabbani Abdul Rahim Muslimdost Abdul Rahman
      Abdul Rahman Abdullah Mohamed Juma Kahm Abdul Rahman Ma Ath Thafir Al Amri Abdul Rahman Mohammed Hussein Khowlan
      Abdul Rahman Muhammad Salih Nasir Abdul Rahman Nashi Badi Al Hataybi Abdul Rahman Noorani
      Abdul Rahman Owaid Mohammad Al Juaid Abdul Rahman Umir Al Qyati Abdul Rahman Uthman Ahmed
      Abdul Rauf Aliza Abdul Rauf Omar Muhammad Abu Al Qusin Abdul Razak
      Abdul Razaq Abdul Raziq Abdul Razzak
      Abdul Razzaq Abdul Salaam Abdul Salam Ghetan
      Abdul Salam Zaeef Abdul Samad Abdul Satar Nafeesi
      Abdul Sattar Abdul Wahab Abdul Waheed
      Abdul Zahor Abdulah Alhamiri Abdulghani
      Abdulhadi Abdallah Ibrahim Al Sharakh Abdullah Abd Al Mu’in Al Wafti Abdullah Abd Al Qadir Akhun
      Abdullah Al Noaimi Abdullah Al Tayabi Abdullah Ali Al Utaybi
      Abdullah Bin Ali Al Lutfi Abdullah Bin Omar Abdullah D. Kafkas
      Abdullah Edmondada Abdullah Ghofoor Abdullah Gulam Rasoul
      Abdullah Hamid Al Qahtani Abdullah Hekmat Abdullah Kamel Abudallah Kamel
      Abdullah Khan Abdullah Mohammad Khan Abdullah Muhammad Saleh Ganmi
      Abdullah Muhammed Abdel Aziz Abdullah Tabarak Ahmad Abdullah Tohtasinovich Magrupov
      Abdullah Wazir Abdulli Feghoul Abdulrahim Kerimbakiev
      Abib Sarajuddin Abid Raza Abu Asah Adham Muhammad Ali Awith
      Abu Bakr Ibn Ali Muhammad Al Ahdal Abu Bakr Qasim Abu Farajal Libi
      Abu Sufian Ibrahim Ahmed Hamuda Bin Qumu Adel Abdulhehim Adel Ben Mabrouk Bin Hamida Boughanmi
      Adel Bin Muhammad Abbess Ouerghi Adel Fattough Ali Algazzar Adel Hassan
      Adel Noori Adel Zamel ‘abd Al-mahsen Al-zamel Adil Bin Ahmad Ibrahim Hakimi
      Adil Hadi Al Jazairi Bin Hamlili Adil Kamil Abdullah Al Wadi Adil Said Al Haj Ubayd Al Busayss
      Adil Uqla Hassan Al Nusayri Adnan Farhan Abd Allatif Adnan Mohammed Ali
      Ahmad Abd Al Rahman Ahmad Ahmad Abdel Qader Ahmad Hasan Abu Bakr Ahmad Muhammad Haza Al Darbi
      Ahmad Tourson Ahmad Yaslam Said Kuman Ahmad Zayid Salim Al Zuhayri
      Ahmed Adil Ahmed Adnan Muhammad Ajam Ahmed Bin Kaddour Labed
      Ahmed Bin Saleh Belbacha Ahmed Ghulam Rabbani Ahmed Hassan Jamil Suleyman
      Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani Ahmed Mohamed Yaqub Ahmed Ould Abdel Aziz
      Ahmed Rashidi Ahmed Umar Abdullah Al Hikimi Aiat Nasimovich Vahitov
      Akhdar Qasem Basit Akhtar Mohammed Akhtarmohammad
      Akhtiar Mohammad Al Khadr Abdallah Muhammed Al Yafi Al Rachid Hasan Ahmad Abdul Raheem
      Ali Abdul Motalib Awayd Hassan Al Tayeea Ali Abdullah Ahmed Ali Ahmad Muhammad Al Razihi
      Ali Ahmed Ali Bin Ali Aleh Ali Hamza Ahmed Suleiman Al Bahlul
      Ali Husayn Abdullah Al Tays Ali Husein Muhammad Shaaban Ali Mohammed
      Ali Mohsen Salih Ali Muhammed Nasir Mohammed Ali Shah
      Ali Sher Hamidullah Ali Yahya Mahdi Al Raimi Alif Khan
      Alif Mohammed Allah Muhammed Saleem Allah Nasir
      Almasm Rabilavich Sharipov Aman Amanullah
      Amanullah Alikozi Amin Ullah Aminulla Amin
      Aminullah Baryalai Tukhi Amir Yakoub Mohammed Al Amir Mahmoud Ammar Al Baluchi
      Amran Baqur Mohammed Hawsawi Anwar Al Nurr Anwar Khan
      Arkan Muhammad Ghafil Al Karim Asad Ullah Asad Ullah
      Ashraf Salim Abd Al Salam Sultan Asif Iqbal Asim Thabit Abdallah Al Khalaqi
      Ataullah Adam Gul Awad Khalifah Muhammad Abu Bakr Abu Uwayshah Al Barasi Awal Gul
      Ayman Mohammad Silman Al Amrani Ayman Muhammad Ahmad Al Shurfa Ayman Saeed Abdullah Batarfi
      Ayub Murshid Ali Salih Azimullah Aziz Abdul Naji
      Aziz Khan Ali Khan Zumarikourt Azizullah Asekzai
      Bacha Khan Bader Al Bakri Al Samiri Badruzzan Badr
      Badshah Wali Bahtiyar Mahnut Bakhtiar Bamari
      Bandar Ahmad Mubarak Al Jabri Bar Far Huddine Barak
      Baridad Bashir Ahmad Bashir Bin Lap
      Bashir Nasir Ali Al Marwalah Bensayah Belkacem Bessam Muhammed Saleh Al Dubaikey
      Bijad Thif Allah Al Atabi Binyam Ahmad Muhammad Bisher Amin Khalil Al Rawi
      Bismaullah Bismillah Bismillah
      Bostan Karim Brahim Yadel
      David Michael Hicks Dawd Gul Dawut Abdurehim
      Din Mohammed Farhad Djamel Saiid Ali Ameziane
      Ehsanullah Ehssanullah Ejaz Ahmad Khan
      El Haj Omar Boudellaa Emad Abdallah Hassan Emam Abdulahat
      Emdash Abdullah Turkash Esmatulla Ezat Khan

      Fadil Bin Hussien Bin Saleh Bin Hautash Fael Roda Al-waleeli Faha Sultan
      Fahd Abdallah Ibrahim Al-shabani Fahd Muhammed Abdullah Al Fouzan Fahd Salih Sulayman Al Jutayli
      Fahd Umr Abd Al Majid Al Sharif Fahed Abdullah Ahmad Ghazi Fahed Al Harazi
      Fahed Nasser Mohamed Fahmi Abdallah Ahmad Ubadi Al Tulaqi Fahmi Salem Said Al Sani
      Faik Iqbal Faiz Ullah Faizal Saha Al Nasir
      Faris Muslim Al Ansari Faruq Ali Ahmed Fawaz Abd Al-aziz Al- Zahrani
      Fawaz Naman Hamoud Abdullah Mahdi Fayad Yahya Ahmed Fayiz Ahmad Yahia Suleiman
      Fayiz Muhammad Ahmad Jamal Muhammad Al Kandari Fazaldad Feda Ahmed
      Feroz Ali Abassi Fethi Boucetta Fizaulla Rahman
      Fouzi Khalid Abdullah Al Awda Fuad Mahmud Hasan Al Rabia
      Ghalaab Bashir Ghaleb Nasir Awadh Al Bayhani Ghanim Abdul Rahman Al Harbi
      Ghaser Zaban Safollah Ghassan Abdallah Ghazi Al Sharbi Gholam Ruhani
      Ghuladkhan Gul Zaman Guleed Hassan Ahmed

      Habib Noor Habib Rahman Habib Rasool
      Hafez Qari Mohamed Saad Iqbal Madni Hafice Leqeat Manzu Hafiz Ihsan Saeed
      Hafizullah Hafizullah Shabaz Khail Hail Aziz Ahmed Al Maythali
      Haji Bismullah Haji Faiz Mohammed Haji Ghalib
      Haji Hamidullah Haji Jalil Haji Mohammed Ayub
      Haji Mohammed Khan Achezkai Haji Mohammed Wazir Haji Muhammed
      Haji Nasrat Khan Haji Niam Kuchi Haji Noorallah
      Haji Sahib Rohullah Wakil Haji Shahzada Haji Wali Mohammed
      Hajiakbar Abdulghupur Hambali Hamdullah
      Hamidullah Hammad Ali Amno Gadallah Hammdidullah
      Hamood Ullah Khan Hamud Hasan Abdallah Hani Abdul Muslih Al Shulan
      Hani Saiid Mohammad Al Khalif Hanif Mohhamed Harun Al Afghani
      Haseeb Ayub Hasham Bin Ali Bin Amor Sliti Hassan Abdul Said
      Hassan Anvar Hassan Khalil Mohamoud Abdul Hamid Hassan Muhammad Ali Bin Attash
      Hassan Zumiri Haydar Jabbar Hafez Al Tamimi Hazrat Sangin Khan
      Hedi Ben Hedili Hammami Hezbullah Himdy Yasser
      Hiztullah Nasrat Yar Hozaifa Parhat Hukumra
      Humud Dakhil Humud Sa’id Al-jad’an Husayn Salim Muhammad Al Matari Yafai
      Ibrahim Ahmed Mahmoud Al Qosi Ibrahim Bin Shakaran Ibrahim Daif Allah Neman Al Sehli
      Ibrahim Fauzee Ibrahim Machd Achmed Zidan Ibrahim Muhammed Ibrahim Al Nasir
      Ibrahim Othman Ibrahim Idris Ibrahim Rushdan Brayk Al- Shili Ibrahim Shafir Sen
      Ibrahim Umar Ali Al- Umar Ibrahimj Sulayman Muhammad Arbaysh Idris Ahmed Abdu Qader Idris
      Ilkham Turdbyavich Batayev Imad Achab Kanouni Inayatullah
      Insanullah Isa Khan Ismael Ali Faraj Ali Bakush
      Israr Ul Haq Issa Ali Abdullah Al Murbati Issam Hamid Al Bin Ali Al Jayfi

      Jabir Hasan Muhamed Al Qahtani Jabir Jubran Al Fayfi Jabran Said Bin Wazir Al Qahtani
      Jalal Salam Awad Awad Jamal Abdullah Kiyemba Jamal Malik Al Harith
      Jamal Muhammad Al-deen Jamal Muhammad Alawi Mari Jamil Ali Al Kabi
      Janan Taus Khan Jaralla Saleh Mohammed Kahla Al Marri Jawad Jabber Sadkhan
      Jihad Ahmed Mustafa Diyab Jihan Wali Jon Mohammad Barakzai
      Juma Din Juma Khan Juma Mohammed Abdul Latif Al Dosari

      Kakai Khan Kako Kandahari Kamalludin Kasimbekov
      Karam Khamis Sayd Khamsan Kari Mohammed Sarwar Kay Fiyatullah
      Khaled Ben Mustafa Khaled Muhammad Salih Al Dhuby Khaled Qasim
      Khalid Abd Al Jabbar Muhammad Uthman Al Qadasi Khalid Abdallah Abdel Rahman Al Morghi Khalid Bin Abdullah Mishal Thamer Al Hameydani
      Khalid Hassan Husayn Al Barakat Khalid Mahomoud Abdul Wahab Al Asmr Khalid Malu Shia Al Ghatani
      Khalid Mohammed Al Zaharni Khalid Rashd Ali Al Muri Khalid Said Muhammad Al Sayf
      Khalid Saud Abd Al Rahman Al Bawardi Khalid Shaykh Muhammad Khalid Sulaymanjaydh Al Hubayshi
      Khalil Rahman Hafez Khan Zaman Khandan Kadir
      Khi Ali Gul Khirullah Akah Khirullah Said Wali Khairkhwa
      Khudai Dad Kushky Yar
      Laacin Ikassrin Lakhdar Boumediene Lufti Bin Swei Lagha

      Mahbub Rahman Mahmoud Omar Muhammad Bin Atef Mahmud Abd Al Aziz Abd Al Wali Al Mujahid
      Mahmud Arkin Mahmud Nuri Mart Mahmud Sadik
      Mahmud Salem Haram Muhammad Mutleq Al Ali Mahngur Alikhan Mahr Rafat Al Quwari
      Majed Hamad Al Frih Majeed Abdullah Al Joudi Maji Afas Radhi Al Shimri
      Majid Abdallah Husayn Muhammad Al Samluli Al Harbi Majid Al Barayan Majid Aydha Muhammad Al Qurayshi
      Majid Khan Majid Mahmud Abdu Ahmad Majid Mehmood
      Mamdouh Ibrahim Ahmed Habib Mammar Ameur Mana Shaman Allabardi Al Tabi
      Mansoor Muhammed Ali Qattaa Maroof Saleemovich Salehove Martin John Mubanga
      Mashur Abdullah Muqbil Ahmed Al Sabri Masum Abdah Muhammad Mazharudin
      Mazin Salih Musaid Al Awfi Mehdi Mohammad Ghezali Mehrabanb Fazrollah
      Menhal Al Henali Mesh Arsad Al Rashid Mesut Sen
      Mirwais Hasan Mirza Mohammed Mish’al Muhammad Rashid Al-shedoky
      Mishal Awad Sayaf Alhabiri Mju Ayn Al Din Jamal Al Din Abd Al Fadhil Abd Al Sattar Moammar Badawi Dokhan
      Moazzan Begg Mohabet Khan Mohamad Souleimani Laalmai
      Mohamed Anwar Kurd Mohamed Atiq Awayd Al Harbi Mohamed Ibrahim Awzar
      Mohamed Jawad Mohamed Kabel Mohamed Rahim
      Mohamedou Ould Salahi Mohammad Abas Mohammad Akhbar
      Mohammad Finaytal Al Dehani Mohammad Gul Mohammad Ilyas
      Mohammad Kashef Khan Mohammad Lameen Sidi Mohammad Mohammad Mustafa Sohail Bahazada
      Mohammad Nabi Omari Mohammad Nasim Mohammad Sanghir
      Mohammadullah Mohamman Daoud Mohammed Abd Al Al Qadir
      Mohammed Abdullah Al Harbi Mohammed Ahmed Ali Al Asadi Mohammed Akbar
      Mohammed Ansar Mohammed Anwar Mohammed Arshad Raza
      Mohammed Ashraf Mohammed Haji Yousef Mohammed Hashim
      Mohammed Ijaz Mohammed Irfan Mohammed Irfan
      Mohammed Ishaq Mohammed Ismail Mohammed Jayed Sebai
      Mohammed Kamin Mohammed Khan Mohammed Mizouz
      Mohammed Mohammed Hasan Al Odaini Mohammed Mubarek Salah Al Qurbi Mohammed Nayim Farouq
      Mohammed Noman Mohammed Omar Mohammed Quasam
      Mohammed Rafiq Mohammed Raz Mohammed Raz-mohammed Kakar
      Mohammed Sadiq Mohammed Sadiq Adam Mohammed Sargidene
      Mohammed Sayed Mohammed Sharif Mohammed Tahir
      Mohammed Tariq Mohammed Yacoub Mohammed Yusif Yaqub
      Mohammed Zahir Mohammednasim Mohammednasim
      Mohd Farik Bin Amin Mohi Bullar Mosa Zi Zemmori
      Motai Sadeek Ahamed Saib Saib Mourad Benchellali Moyuballah Homaro
      Muaz Hamza Ahmad Al Alawi Mubarak Hussain Bin Abul Hashem Muhamad Naji Subhi Al Juhani
      Muhamed Hussein Abdallah Muhammad Abd Al Nasir Muhammad Khantumani Muhammad Abd Al Rahman Al Kurash
      Muhammad Abd Al Rahman Awn Al Shamrani Muhammad Abdallah Mansur Al Rimi Muhammad Abdallah Muhammad Awad Dyab Al Hamiri
      Muhammad Abdallah Taha Moaten Muhammad Ahmad Abdallah Al Ansi Muhammad Ahmad Abdallah Salih Al Hanashi
      Muhammad Ahmad Said Al Adahi Muhammad Ahmad Said Haider Muhammad Ahmad Salam
      Muhammad Ali Abdallah Muhammad Bwazir Muhammad Ali Hussein Khenaina Muhammad Ali Salem Al Zarnuki
      Muhammad Ben Moujan Muhammad Hamid Al Qarani Muhammad Hussein Ali Hassan
      Muhammad Mani Ahmad Al Shalan Al Qahtani Muhammad Murdi Issa Al Zahrani Muhammad Nasir Yahya Khusruf
      Muhammad Nechle Muhammad Noor Uthman Muhammad Rahim
      Muhammad Rajab Sadiq Abu Ghanim Muhammad Said Salim Bin Salman Muhammad Salah Hussain Al Shaykh
      Muhammad Sulayman Barre Muhammad Surur Dakhilallah Al Utaybi Muhammed Al Ghazali Babaker Mahjoub
      Muhammed Ijaz Khan Muhammed Yahia Mosin Al Zayla Muhibullah
      Muhsin Muhammad Musheen Moqbill Mujahid Mukhtar Yahya Najee Al Warafi
      Mullah Mohammad Fazl Mullah Norullah Noori Munir Bin Naseer
      Murat Karnaz Murtadha Al Said Makram Murtazah Abdul Rahman
      Musa Abed Al Wahab Musab Omar Ali Al Mudwani Mustafa Abdul Qawi Abdul Aziz Al Shamiri
      Mustafa Ahmad Al Hawsawi Mustafa Ahmed Hamlily Mustafa Ait Idir
      Mustafa Ibrahim Mustafa Al Hassan
      Nabil Said Hadjarab Nabu Abdul Ghani Nagid Mohammed
      Nahir Shah Najib Mohammad Lahassimi Naqib Ullah
      Naserullah Nashwan Abd Al Razzaq Abd Al Baqi Nasibullah
      Nasir Maziyad Abdallah Al Qurayshi Al Subii Nasrullah Nasser Gul
      Nasser Najiri Amtiri Nassir Malang Nathi Ghul
      Nawaf Fahad Al Otaibi Nayif Abdallah Ibrahim Ibrahim Nayif Fahd Mutliq Al Usaymi
      Nematullah Sahib-khan Alizai Neyaz Walijan Nisar Rahmad
      Nizar Sassi Noor Ahmad Noor Allah
      Noor Aslaam Noor Habib Ullah
      Oibek Jamaludinovich Jabarov Omar Ahmed Khadr Omar Amer Deghayes
      Omar Hamzayavich Abdulayev Omar Muhammad Ali Al Rammah Omar Rajab Amin
      Osam Abdul Rahan Ahmad Osman Khan Othman Ahmed Othman Al Omairah

      Padsha Wazir Peta Muhammed Polad Sabir Oglu Sirajov

      Qalandar Shah Qari Esmhatulla Qari Hasan Ulla Peerzai

      Radwan Al Shakouri Rafiq Bin Bashir Bin Jalul Al Hami Rahmatullah
      Rahmatullah Sangaryar Rami Bin Said Al Taibi Ramzi Bin Al Shibh
      Rashed Awad Khalaf Balkhair Rashid Abd Al Muslih Qaid Al-qaid Rashid Awad Rashid Al Uwaydah
      Rasool Shahwali Zair Mohammed Mohammed Ravil Mingazov Ravil Shafeyavich Gumarov
      Rhuhel Ahmed Richard Dean Belmar Ridah Bin Saleh Al Yazidi
      Ridouane Khalid Riyad Atiq Abdu Al Haj Al Radai Riyadh Bin Muhammad Tahir Bin Lakhdir Nasri Barhumi
      Rostum Akhtar Mohammed Rukniddin Fayziddinovich Sharipov Ruslan Anatolivich Odijev
      Rustam Akhmyarov
      Sa Ad Ibraham Sa Ad Al Bidna Sa Ad Madi Sa Ad Al Azmi Sa Id Ali Jabir Al Khathim Al Shihri
      Saad Bin Nasser Ibn Mukbil Al Azani Sabar Lal Melma Sabir Mahfouz Lahmar
      Sabit Layar Sabri Muhammad Ibrahim Al Qurashi Sad Muhammad Husayn Al Muflih Al Qahtani
      Sadee Eideov Sadeq Muhammad Sa Id Ismail Sadik Ahmad Turkistani
      Saed Khatem Al Malki Saeed Ahmed Mohammed Abdullah Sarem Jarabh Saghir Ahmed
      Said Abasin Said Ali Al Farha Said Amir Jan
      Said Bezan Ashek Shayban Said Bin Brahim Bin Umran Bakhush Said Boujaadia
      Said Ibrahim Ramzi Al Zahrani Said Mohammed Said Mohammed Alim Shah
      Said Muhammad Salih Hatim Said Saim Ali Said Salih Said Nashir
      Saida Jan Saidullah Khalik Saifullah Paracha
      Saiid Farhi Sajin Urayman Salah Abdul Rasul Ali Abdul Al Balushi
      Salah Abdul Rasul Ali Abdul Rahman Al Balushi Salah Hudin Salah Muhammad Salih Al Dhabi
      Salahodin Ayubi Salam Abdullah Said Saleh Abdall Al Oshan
      Saleh Ali Jaid Al Khathami Saleh Bin Hadi Sassi Saleh Mohamed Al Zuba
      Salem Ahmed Salem Hamdan Salih Uyar Salim Abd Al Salam Umran Al Ghuraybi
      Salim Ahmed Haddi Hathramoot Salim Mahmoud Adem Mohammed Bani Amir Salim Suliman Al Harbi
      Salman Saad Al Khadi Mohammed Salman Yahya Hassan Muhammad Rabeii Sameur Abdenour
      Sami Abdul Aziz Salim Allaithy Sami Mohy El Din Muhammed Al Hajj Samir Naji Al Hasan Moqbil
      Sanad Ali Yislam Al Kazimi Sar Faraz Ahmed Saud Dakhil Allah Muslih Al Mahayawi
      Sha Mohammed Alikhel Shabidzada Usman Shabir Ahmed
      Shafiq Rasul Shai Jahn Ghafoor Shaibjan Torjan
      Shakhrukh Hamiduva Shakir Abd Al Rahim Muhammad Aamer Shams Ullah
      Sharaf Ahmad Muhammad Masud Sharbat Shardar Khan
      Sharghulab Mirmuhammad Sharif Fati Ali Al Mishad Sharifullah
      Sharqawi Abdu Ali Al Hajj Shawali Khan Shawki Awad Balzuhair
      Shed Abdur Rahman Sheikh Salman Ebrahim Mohamed Ali Al Khalifa Shirinov Ghafar Homarovich
      Slimane Hadj Abderrahmane Sohab Mahud Mohhamed Solaiman Dur Mohammed Shah
      Soufian Abar Huwari Sufyian Barhoumi Sulaiman Awath Sulaiman Bin Ageel Al Nahdi
      Sultan Ahmad Sultan Ahmed Dirdeer Musa Al Uwaydha Sultan Mohammed
      Sultan Sari Sayel Al Anazi Swar Khan
      Taj Mohammed Tarek Dergoul Tareq Ali Abdullah Ahmed Baada
      Tarik Mohammad Tariq Khan Tariq Mahmud Ahmad Al Sawah
      Tariqe Shallah Hassan Al Harbi Tawfiq Nassar Ahmad Al Bayhani Tila Mohammed Khan
      Timur Ravilich Ishmurat Toufiq Saber Muhammad Al-marwa’i Turki Mash Awi Zayid Al Asiri

      Ubaydallah Umar Abdullah Al Kunduzi Umar Said Salim Al Dini
      Usama Hassan Ahmed Abu Kabir Uthman Abd Al Rahim Muhammad Uthman
      Vakhidov Sobit Abdumukit Valikhonovich
      Wali Mohammed Walid Ibrahim Mustafa Abu Hijazi Walid Mohammad Haj Mohammad Ali
      Walid Mohammed Shahir Walid Muhammad Salih Bin Attash Walid Said Bin Said Zaid
      Wasim Wazir Zalim Ghul
      Yahya Samil Al Suwaymil Al Sulami Yakub Abahanov Yakubi
      Yamatolah Abulwance Yarass Ali Must Yasin Muhammad Salih Mazeeb Basardah
      Yasin Qassem Muhammad Ismail Yasir Ahmed Ali Taher Yasser Talal Al Zahrani
      Younis Abdurrahman Chekkouri Yuksel Celik Gogus Yusef Abbas
      Yusef Abdullah Saleh Al Rabiesh Yusef Nabied Yusif Khalil Abdallah Nur
      Yussef Mohammed Mubarak Al Shihri
      Zaban Thaaher Zaban Al Shamaree Zafar Iqbal Zahar Omar Hamis Bin Hamdoun
      Zahid Sultan Zaid Binsallah Mohammed Il Bhawith Zaid Muhamamd Sa’ad Al Husayn
      Zain Ulla Bidden Zair Mohammed Shaheen Naqeebyllah Zakim Shah
      Zakirjan Asam Zayn Al Abidin Muhammad Abu Zubaydah Husayn Zia Ul Shah
      Ziad Said Farg Jahdari Zuhail Abdo Anam Said Al Sharabi Zununjan Dawut

  5. DXer said

    What was the origin of this claim? Was it substantiated or debunked?

    USAMRIID General John Parker’s was mistaken in overbroadly reporting that USAMRIID did not make dried powder. That took 10 years to clarify.

    Approaching the 10 year anniversary of the anthrax mailings, we should be able to obtain clarity as to the reason this allegation was made as to this fellow in Afghanistan and learn whether the allegation was well-founded.

    Has a dried powdered anthrax ever been made in Afghanistan?

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