CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* Amerithrax: Where are the phone intercepts? Did absence of a trial prevent disclosure?

Posted by DXer on April 7, 2011



7 Responses to “* Amerithrax: Where are the phone intercepts? Did absence of a trial prevent disclosure?”

  1. DXer said

    To clear the deck, what we need is on the record interviews of former Battelle employees who can lay that Battelle Ohio speculation to rest. (They will be glad to jump on board an “Ivins Theory” but hopefully in doing so they can flesh out some details that authoritatively foreclose a Battelle Ohio thery from ever being resurrected).

    One person who is very knowledgeable and can join the FBI in support of its Ivins Theory is Robert Carl Tuttle who was the manager of the rPA project beginning May 1, 2001. He is occupied by a BARDA meeting through Wednesday but after that, during work hours, he is free and able spend as long as it takes to arm reporters with concrete details that will help lay a Battelle Ohio theory to test.

    In addition to access of Ames, phone records and credit card receipts, witnesses readily provide alibi for the 42 known to have access. Agent Montooth has explained that there was no one-size fits all approach that was used. Sometimes phone records and credit cards, without more, could eliminate someone. Sometimes it would involve twenty steps instead of two.

    Mr. Tuttle’s team won an Outstanding Team Award in 2003 for the rPA new generation vaccine work.

  2. DXer said

    Dr. Tawfiq Hamid, who has a current column on Al Qaeda’s deception is the author of INSIDE JIHAD. He describes his recruitment by Dr. Ayman Zawhiri in his book in insightful detail.

    He is lifelong friend of the man supplied virulent Ames by Bruce Ivins, Tarek Hamouda. Dr. Hamouda would come to visit Cairo as a child from Khartoum where his mother was a professor.

    In numerous patents, Dr. Hamouda thanked Patricia Fellows for supplying technical assistance and Bruce Ivins for supplying virulent Ames.

    Dr. Fellows made a large amount of virulent Ames that was to replenish RMR 1029 ( and be used for things such as DARPA experiments) that is missing.

    There is no contemporaneous documentation confirming its original stock but again, it was intended to replenish RMR 1029.

    Neither Dr. Hamouda nor Dr. Fellows will respond to my inquiries.

    Dr. Hamid’s brother knows Dr. Hamouda better (it was his brother that was in Dr. Hamouda’s class when all three were at Cairo Medical).

    The brother is a St. Louis doctor who was in Ann Arbor area prior to 9/11. Dr. Hamid’s brother, last I knew, would not speak to the brother who is the author of INSIDE JIHAD because Tawfiq’s cooperation with intelligence authorities. He organized a conference among physicians and conducted a radio interview in which he explained he could not tell the FBI about a sleeper cell if he did not know about it.

    Instead of this nonsense of spending $50 million to try to get to answers, GAO should try picking up the phone. Dr. Fellows and Dr. Hamouda will not answer my inquiries but might answer GAO’s questions.

  3. Zicon said

    Why can’t there be a FULL BLOWN MOCK TRIAL once the GAO is done with whatever they have planned?

    Since this is the most F-Up and devastating case on a bio-threat that deals with the government and overseas connections why not take this and run it through a FULL trial that is public to see WHAT & HOW the outcome will be to find even more holes on both sides of the coin….

    Just to see once the Pros. & Def. is done based on everything that anyone can get their hands on, or of any known knowledge classified or not even knowning that Bruce is not alive, still go through with it to get a full legal closure for everyone… I’d love to sit in on this jury..

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