CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* Did Gregory B. Saathoff first chart the sorority theory in early September 2007 for the FBI Quantico and then in 2009-2010 “independently” review his own work?

Posted by DXer on April 8, 2011


Gregory Saathoff




6 Responses to “* Did Gregory B. Saathoff first chart the sorority theory in early September 2007 for the FBI Quantico and then in 2009-2010 “independently” review his own work?”

  1. DXer said

    From recently affidvaits in Maureen Stevens v. United States:

    “The FBI considered its interactions with Dr. Saathoff to be confidential. In addition to sharing with him materials obtained via grand jury subpoena, we also discussed with him our strategies for interacting with Dr. Ivins. The FBI relied upon Dr. Saathoff’s ability and willingness to keep the information we disclosed to him confidential. Any further dissemination on his part of the highly sensitive information the FBI disclosed to him could have compromised the FBI’s investigation by revealing plans, strategies, and investigative techniques.”

    As the FBI’s investigation increasingly focused upon Dr. Ivins during 2007 and 2008, Dr. Saathoff met on multiple occasions with FBI Special Agents and representatives of the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia. Dr. Saathoff provided guidance to investigators regarding how to minimize the risks of triggering violent responses from Dr. Ivins. While some aspects of Dr. Saathoff’s interactions with Special Agents have been acknowledged in official and unofficial sources, many details of his work for the FBI remain confidential.”

  2. DXer said

    David Willman in Mirage Man explains:

    “Montooth invited a psychiatrist, Dr. Gregory Saathoof, to the meetings for advice on how Ivins might react to certain questioning.” (p. 279)

  3. richard rowley said

    Though the concern here is with the objectivity of the panel’s report, this question of independence of professionals was on display in the OJ Simpson criminal trial where the (initial)lead defense attorney Shapiro was ALREADY touting the clout/authoritativenss of his forensic guy, Henry Lee, during the PRELIMINARY HEARING (ie before Lee had done a lick of work on the particulars of the Simpson evidence): Shapiro ‘knew’ that Lee would cast doubt on government’s blood evidence etc. and he knew it MONTHS BEFORE Lee was ever asked about it.

    If this is true about Saathoff, then there’s a MAJOR conflict of interest….

    • DXer said

      Note that the consultation was July 2007 rather than September. I believe from an affidavit that a forensic psychiatrist opined in advance of Dr. Ivins home that if he were the killer souvenirs would be kept.

      See October 2007 search warrant in which the same psychological theory as to the sorority interest as motivation etc. was developed and explained at length.

      “psychiatrist was provided with an overview of Dr. Ivins’s social habits, interests, … quite possible that Dr. Ivins retained some kind of souvenir or references to …”

      I don’t think any psychiatrist or journalist should be weighing in without at least asking for a copy of the contemporaneous notes that Dr. Ivins made when the AUSA’s speculate Dr. Ivins was powderizing anthrax.

      And then as folks weigh in, they should cite documents that are available to check. (Such reports should not make factual assertions not provided under FOIA (given that if the 302 has not been provided that supports the factual assertion, it may be that the factual assertion is incorrect).

      Some less experienced readers have already come to mistake this opinion by the FBI’s consulting psychiatrist as documentary evidence rather than an expert’s opinion evidence.

  4. Old Atlantic said

    So the report he is now selling was paid for twice by the government? He should teach at the business school.

  5. Zicon said

    I’m leaning hard on yes with a very small select few that reviewed things… I’m actually curious as to the Financial records of Mr. Sasthoff from the year 2000 to present… On how much money was he paid for “his own” findings or long winded opinions.

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