CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* Who, in the Fall of 2001, was Dr. Ivin’s contract technician assigned to work in Diagnostic Services Division in support of Operation Noble Eagle?

Posted by DXer on April 7, 2011



7 Responses to “* Who, in the Fall of 2001, was Dr. Ivin’s contract technician assigned to work in Diagnostic Services Division in support of Operation Noble Eagle?”

  1. DXer said

    As described in the recently produced civil deposition, Dr. Ivins’ assistant, Kristi Friend, worked a lot of overtime in Fall 2001 and was not available to help Dr. Ivins on his normal research.

    Q. Was there an overlap, doing work for Dr. Ivins and DSD during that time period?
    A. I didn’t do — from October 1 until March, 2002, I didn’t do anything for Bruce other than help him process the first letter.
    Q. Okay.
    A. So I wouldn’t have been going in to do his research, because I was detailed — I mean, I was put and official government Army orders to work at DSD. But he was still paying my salary. (p. 53)

    • DXer said

      Ms. Friend, Dr. Ivins’ assistant, explained:

      A. Yes. And the reason why that is, because of
      the mass amount of work that USAMRIID put in during the anthrax attacks, and we referred to that as Operation Noble Eagle, we actually named it, because the whole institute was involved.
      USAMRIID is a research institute, it’s not a sample analysis institute, so the mission of Dr. Ezzell lab was transferred to Department of Homeland Security, which is now, as we know, NBACC, and pretty much myself and Mr. Readus had two decisions to make, go to work at NBACC or be unemployed.
      Q. NBACC is…
      A. National Bioforensics Analysis and Countermeasures Center.
      Q. NBACC. A. Yes. Q. And that’s the new name for Department of
      Homeland Security? A. Yes. Well, NBACC is under Department of
      Homeland Security. Q. I see.
      A. So it’s a lab under DHS, just like we’re a lab under the U.S. Army. (p. 57)

    • DXer said

      Mr. Friend testified:

      Q. So you’re saying in May of ’03, Dr. Ezzell’s division got kind of transferred over to the control of NBACC?
      A. That’s correct. And for a small amount of time, and I don’t remember exactly how long, Dr. Ezzell worked alongside of Captain James Burans, who —
      Q. How do you spell that? A. James Burans, B-U-R-A-N-S. Q. B-U-R-A-N-S. Okay. A. He and Dr. Ezzell kind of worked hand in
      hand for a small amount of the time in the beginning of NBACC to get it started, and then I want to say probably, I don’t think it was six months that they actually worked side by side, and then Captain Burans pretty much ran that program at that point in time.
      Q. What happened to Dr. Ezzell?
      A. I went back to USAMRIID, and he was actually given a different position as a senior scientist. I’m not really sure what John did at that point.
      Q. Okay. And what about you, in May of ’03?
      A. Well, at that point in time I was asked to grow the reference stocks for the FBI as an employee, because the whole sample processing testing went to NBACC, so the FBI had made the request to them for me to do that. (p. 58)

  2. DXer said

    Do people really think Dr. Ayman is sittting around planning to attack those infidels in Wyoming?

    Fake anthrax outbreak tests state’s emergency readiness

    By Becky Orr

    CHEYENNE — On Monday, the gym at Laramie County Community College gym became a place where people could go to get help.

    It was an important part of a full-scale drill simulating an anthrax attack. It was part of a statewide exercise dubbed “Operation Prairie Eagle.”

  3. DXer said

    Some of the most important pages, IMO, being withheld under FOIA are the lab notebook pags containing Dr. Ivins contemporaneous notes on September 28, 2001, 29, 30, October 1, October 2 in which he explained what he was doing in the lab on the nights that Rachel Lieber and Kenneth Kohl speculate he was making a powderized anthrax. AUSA Lieber, through a spokesman, has refused to produce them saying that the DOJ has provided all that is going to be provided under FOIA.

    I have drawn the attention of the wonderful USMRC FOIA person to the issue by email today in the hopes the USAMRIID people can locate them and provide them.

    No statutory exemption would apply — they will simply be some innocuous notes relating to the health of some mice. We will be looking to see if they relate to a study of the potency of the dose to be injected in the rabbits on 10/2 and whether some of the mice died requiring autoclaving. (The estimate from a 302 interview statement is that it would take 1 1/2 – 2 hours to autoclave a dead animal; we then hopefully will have a ticker from the autoclave machine that would corroborate operation of the autoclave at those precise times).

    For all those being part of the solution by helping reconstruct events though the production of documentary evidence, thank you very much.

    For all those who would stand in the way of production of documentary evidence, please stand down or, better yet, affirmatively start being part of the solution. Put your hands on the documents and give them to the FOIA officer at DOJ or USAMRIID. Whatever a person’s understanding of what happened in September and October 2001, the documents will help get everyone on the same page.

    • richard rowley said

      Wow, I confess that this really surprises me: up until fairly recently I assumed all the prosecutors, task force members etc. were simply mistaken in taking Ivins for the perp, but if they continue to hold out on documents and emails covering the very time blocks that they say Ivins had no alibi for (and which they hypothesize the drying took place), I’ve got to start suspecting they realized he was innocent and merely took the opportunity of his suicide to wash their hands of the whole case!

      So count me a long-time Amerithrax skeptic who is only now becoming a (mild)Amerithrax conspiracy theorist.

      • DXer said

        I think the first order of business is to submit a FOIA to DOJ.

        A busy prosecutor might have just referred the issue as a matter of course to a public spokesperson. (In contacting her directly, I was not following the formal and proper procedure.

        And then the busy public spokesperson might have just taken the general position that the Department had produced what it was going to produce.

        It is a FOIA officer who more likely would see it as part of job description to bear down and task the retrieval of documents.

        If there were a denial by the FOIA officer of the request (which can be made by electronic form) and denial of an appeal, suit in federal district court can be brought and attorneys fees collected.

        Everyone should submit particularized FOIA requests designed — clearly explaining what concrete documents are sought. For example, the 302 interview statements by the family members have not been provided. They are not exempt from production (though of course they are subject to redaction).

        FOIA will not cost anything — just take time to be specific and focused in what you are requesting.

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