CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* do you want the Anthrax Commission to happen? Here’s how you can help

Posted by DXer on June 26, 2009

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… explores the FBI’s failed investigation of the 2001 anthrax case

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do you want Congressman Holt’s Anthrax Commission to happen?

Here’s how you can help


Congressman Holt

Congressman Holt

On March 3, 2009, Congressman Rush Holt (D-NJ, whose district included the Hamilton Post Office which was infested with anthrax and subsequently closed for nearly three and a half years, introduced the Anthrax Attacks Investigation Act of 2009, legislation that would establish a Congressional commission to investigate the 2001 anthrax attacks and the federal government’s response and investigation of the attacks.

Co-sponsors of the bill were …

The Anthrax Attacks Investigation Act of 2009 was referred to the House Committee on the Judiciary, where it remains today. The House Judiciary Committee is a busy place; there are hundreds of bills competing for attention. What can those of us who want this Anthrax Commission to happen do?

We can contact our local representatives who are

  • members of the House Judiciary Committee (see below)
  • or who sponsored the bill (see above)
  • … It is a fact of political life that Congressmen respond to people who live in their districts; most Members of Congress will not even accept emails from people who don’t live in their district.

Suggested approach to your Congressman or Congresswoman …

  • Many scientists, journalists, and other Congressmen and Senators do not believe the FBI has made a credible case against Dr. Bruce Ivins as the sole perpetrator of the 2001 anthrax attacks.
  • If Ivins is not the sole perpetrator (or invoved at all), then one or more perpetrators are still at large and we don’t know yet who committed that terrorist attack on America … or why
  • Does Congressman/Congresswoman xxxxxxx believe the FBI’s assertion that Dr. Bruce Ivins is the sole perpetrator of the 2001 anthrax attacks?
  • What will Congressman/Congresswoman xxxxxxxx do to get the  Anthrax Attacks Investigation Act of 2009 passed in the Judiciary Committee and brought to the House floor for a vote … in 2009?

You might also mention that considerable information and a variety of views on the 2001 anthrax attacks can be found at the CASE CLOSED blog at …

After you contact your representative, or try to, post a comment on this blog and tell us what happened.

  • Did you get a favorable response?
  • Did you get ignored?

for members of the House Judiciary Committee or sponsors of the bill …

  • Click on the link next to your member’s name; you will go directly to that member’s web site.
  • Look on your member’s site for the ways to contact your representative
  • Contact BOTH the DC office and the local district office nearest to you.
  • Send an email, talk to a staffer, make your views known.
  • Insist on getting answers

House Judiciary Committee

Members of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee



Hon. Conyers Jr.
(D) Michigan, 14th

Hon. Berman
(D) California, 28th

Hon. Boucher
(D) Virginia, 9th

Hon. Nadler
(D) New York, 8th

Hon. Scott
(D) Virginia, 3rd

Hon. Watt
(D) North Carolina, 12th

Hon. Lofgren
(D) California, 16th

Hon. Jackson Lee
(D) Texas, 18th

Hon. Waters
(D) California, 35th

Hon. Delahunt
(D) Massachusetts, 10th

Hon. Wexler
(D) Florida, 19th

Hon. Cohen
(D) Tennessee, 9th

Hon. Johnson
(D) Georgia, 4th

Hon. Pierluisi
(D) Puerto Rico, Resident Commissioner

Hon. Quigley
(D) Illinois, 5th

Hon. Gutierrez
(D) Illinois, 4th

Hon. Sherman
(D) California, 27th

Hon. Baldwin
(D) Wisconsin, 2nd

Hon. Gonzalez
(D) Texas, 20th

Hon. Weiner
(D) New York, 9th

Hon. Schiff
(D) California, 29th

Hon. Sánchez
(D) California, 39th

Hon. Wasserman Schultz
(D) Florida, 20th

Hon. Maffei
(D) New York, 25th



Hon. Smith
Ranking Member
(R) Texas, 21st

Hon. Sensenbrenner Jr.
(R) Wisconsin, 5th

Hon. Coble
(R) North Carolina, 6th

Hon. Gallegly
(R) California, 24th

Hon. Goodlatte
(R) Virginia, 6th

Hon. Lungren
(R) California, 3rd

Hon. Issa
(R) California, 49th

Hon. Forbes
(R) Virginia, 4th

Hon. King
(R) Iowa, 5th

Hon. Franks
(R) Arizona, 2nd

Hon. Gohmert
(R) Texas, 1st

Hon. Jordan
(R) Ohio, 4th

Hon. Poe
(R) Texas, 2nd

Hon. Chaffetz
(R) Utah, 3rd

Hon. Rooney
(R) Florida, 16th

Hon. Harper
(R) Mississippi, 3rd

7 Responses to “* do you want the Anthrax Commission to happen? Here’s how you can help”

  1. DXer said

    So what’s some of this secret evidence? I’ll tell ya. Move your chair over.

    911 Commission, Terrorist Financing Staff Monograph discuss Global Relief Foundation, Ann Arbor imam Rabih Haddad, and Benevolence International Foundation at length.

    “The FBI began to run down some of the names and numbers appearing in the trash. In addition, on April 21, 1999, the agents recovered from BIF’s trash a newspaper article on bioterrorism, in which someone had highlighted sections relating to the United States’ lack of preparedness for a biological attack.”

    “GRF came to the attention of the FBI’s Chicago Division in the mid-1990s, because of GRF’s affiliation with Al Khifa and other unsubstantiated allegations about GRF’s potential involvement in terrorist activity. After lying dormant for some time, the GRF investigation was assigned to two agents, who began to discover evidence of what they viewed as suspicious conduct. The Chicago office opened a formal full field investigation
    (FFI) in late 1997, largely on the strength of a series of telephone calls between GRF personnel and others with terrorist affiliations, as well as information from the intelligence community that GRF personnel had undertaken suspicious travel to Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Chicago agents stepped up the investigation of GRF, including physical surveillance, review of GRF’s trash, and attempts to get telephone
    records through a legal request known as a National Security Letter (NSL). Among other things, the trash revealed copies of GRF’s newsletter, “Al-Thilal” (“The Shadow”), which openly advocated a militant interpretation of Islam and armed jihad. The NSLs yielded very useful information, but the process for their internal approval frustrated the Chicago agents, who said that the tremendous delays in getting NSLs authorized by FBI headquarters was the biggest obstacle they had to overcome in their pre-9/11 investigation of GRF. It routinely took six months to a year to get NSLs approved for routine documents, such as telephone or bank records. The Chicago agents
    believed their contact at the FBI headquarters in the Radical Fundamentalist Unit was very good at his job, but was overwhelmed with work, which caused a major bottleneck in getting the NSLs.”

    Thought question: Who at the Department of Justice was in charge of reviewing the issuance of National Security letters from 1996-1998?

    Answer: Wasn’t it Daniel Seikaly — the same attorney in charge of the Amerithrax investigation who pled the Fifth for the Hatfill leaks and whose daughter represented anthrax weapons suspect Ali Al-Timimi pro bono until she withdrew in Februrary 2009? The attorney whose sister-in-law and brother were Palestinian activists who publicly advocated that terrorism should not be attributed to Bin Laden?

    Before accepting the appointment to Criminal Chief of the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia, Daniel was Assistant Inspector General for Investigations at the Central Intelligence Agency. There he conducted and supervised numerous investigations concerning allegations of misconduct by employees, contractors and vendors involved in CIA programs. In that position, he routinely interacted with senior officials within the intelligence community, other executive branch agencies and Congress concerning intelligence investigations. From 1996 to 1998, Daniel served as an Associate Deputy Attorney General at the Department of Justice and was Director of the Department’s Executive Office for National Security. There he was responsible for the coordination and oversight of the national security activities of the Department of Justice, including intelligence operations, international law enforcement, relations with foreign countries and the use of classified information. Reporting directly to the Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General and acting with their authority in national security matters, Daniel was a primary point of contact between the Department of Justice and other executive branch agencies with national security interests such as the National Security Council, the Department of State and the Department of Defense.

    But carry on. After all, furniture from a college sorority was stored near the mailboxfrom which anthrax was mailed and Bruce Ivins liked pictures of sorority co-eds wearing blindfolds. Yikes! He even used fake screen names when posting on the internet! And got really, really mad when falsely accused of murder!

    Oh, and let’s have the advocate for the Ann Arbor-based founder of Global Relief Foundation get to the bottom of Amerithrax.

    Is someone going to ask the Ann Arbor researchers whether they supplied a copy of the Ames strain of anthrax supplied by Bruce Ivins to the FBI pursuant to the late 2001/early 2002 subpoenas?

    • DXer said

      Did former Zawahiri associate Tarek Hamouda, head of the DARPA project which Bruce Ivins helped on, supply the FBI a sample of the virulent Ames that Ivins provided? If so, how many morphs did it have? (He’s been asked hasn’t said).

      Did he know Rabih Haddad, who taught at the islamic school less than a mile from the lab?

      Did Tarek Hamouda know fellow Egyptian, Ann Arbor-resident Bassem Khafagi who was head of Islamic of Assembly of North America?

      IANA’s chief writer in 2001 was the founder of Egyptian Islamic Jihad, Kamal Habib. Did Tarek Hamouda know Kamal Habib? Kamal is friends with Ayman Zawahiri and was in one of the several Cairo cells that were joined to form the Egyptian Islamic Jihad.

      IANA’s chief speaker was Khafagi’s friend, anthrax weapons suspect Ali Al-Timimi. Al-Timimi shared a suite with leading anthrax scientist Ken Alibek and former deputy USAMRIID commander Bailey, the coinventors of a patent to concentrate anthrax using silicon dioxide. (Ali was keeping Khafagi’s personal papers for safekeeping; they were found upon the raid of his residence after KSM was captured). Did Tarek Hamouda know Al-Timimi from visits to Ann Arbor?

      None of the Ann Arbor researchers will respond to whether a sample used in their research was provided the FBI and if so by whom. Nor will the researchers who supplied the space for the Ann Arbor research at LSU — including the researcher who published Patricia Fellows research (Bruce’s colleague and confidante) on how to make Ames more virulent by adding copies of the virulence plasmids. Nor will the LSU researcher, Kimothy Smith, who came to be the FBI’s genetic consultant typing the anthrax used in the attack and providing critical genetics advice.

      I don’t mind that people don’t answer questions. But they should stop taking taxpayer money.

  2. DXer said

    Rep. Conyers advocated on behalf of the charity head in Ann Arbor, Rabih Haddad, who the CIA feared was involved in a planned attack on the US with weapons of mass destruction (i.e., anthrax) based on information gained from a separate FBI investigation.

    Conyers blasts treatment of jailed Haddad | The Michigan Daily

    Unproven weapons claim led to Islamic charity raid in ’01, Detroit News, September 04, 2004

    “The CIA feared that an Islamic charity chaired by an Ann Arbor man was plotting to attack the United States with weapons of mass destruction, according to a report by the 9/11 commission. The extraordinary claim was based on intelligence the agency gathered from a separate FBI investigation.

    The worries prompted federal agents and NATO troops to raid offices of the charity, Global Relief Foundation, on Dec. 14, 2001, and swab some of them for residues of weapons of mass destruction. None were found, and the attack allegations were never proved, the 9/11 commission review says.”

    But the claim led to the arrest of Rabih Haddad, an Ann Arbor cleric who became the center of a national debate over security and civil rights in a post-9/11 world. The commission’s report reveals for the first time why investigators cracked down on Haddad and shrouded details of his arrest from the public. …

    Haddad’s attorney, Ashraf Nubani, first heard of the weapons claim when contacted this week by the Free Press. “That doesn’t make any sense,” Nubani said. “How can you be both a humanitarian organization and even remotely involved in weapons of mass destruction? It’s literally impossible.”

    Rabih Haddad’s attorney, Ashraf Nubani, was the Northern Virginia attorney who arranged for pro bono representation for the Virginia Paintball defendants.

    The Go-To Lawyer of ‘Northern Virginiastan’ | ABA Journal – Law …
    Muslim-American attorney Ashraf Nubani dreams of building an ordinary law practice. Meanwhile, there are terrorists—alleged and otherwise—to defend.…/the_go_to_lawyer_of_northern_virginiastan/

    Al-Timimi’s pro bono lawyer, who recently withdrew (in February 2009) from the ongoing criminal matter in which highly classified ex parte proceedings are addressing the issues at bar, was the daughter of the lead prosecutor in Amerithrax (the head criminal guy at the US Attorney DC Field Office). (His sister-in-law and brother were Palestinian activists who on their own time advocated that terrorism should not be attributed to Bin Laden.) The prosecutor, Daniel Seikaly, according to the biography on his present law firm’s webpage, had come over from the CIA in late September 2001.

    That lead prosecutor, Daniel Seikaly, pled the Fifth Amendment at civil deposition for all the Hatfill leaks.

    Amerithrax may be a mess but it is by no means clear that the House Judiciary Committee is part of the solution rather than a part of the problem.

    Now I don’t see anything in the House Code of Conduct that would require his stepping down. But he is in the position of overseeing the Department of Justice that is reported in plea negotiations with his wife on charges related to bribery. It would seem to be common sense that he temporarily turn over his duties until his wife’s legal difficulties are resolved.

    • DXer said

      A NATION CHALLENGED: THE DETAINEES; Transcripts Offer First Look At Secret Federal Hearings By DANNY HAKIM Published: Monday, April 22, 2002

      The first glimpse into the secret immigration hearings of Arab men came after the federal government reluctantly agreed on Friday to make public partial records of its case against a Muslim cleric.

      The cleric, Rabih Haddad, 41, has been held since December on charges of overstaying his visa. Mr. Haddad, a native of Lebanon who lived with his family in Ann Arbor, Mich., is the chairman of the Global Relief Foundation, a Muslim charity whose assets were frozen after it came under federal scrutiny. His case file — parts of which were made public as the result of a court ruling — includes transcripts of his past immigration hearings as well as numerous documents and exhibits, though material considered sensitive by the government was withheld.

      In making its case, the government said Mr. Haddad had been seen in places affiliated with the Qaeda terrorist network during stays overseas in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. But a detailed account of the charges, made in a declaration by a Federal Bureau of Investigation agent, was not included in the documents made public. ***

      Mr. Haddad’s lawyer, Ashraf Nubani, said in an interview that the purpose of Mr. Haddad’s travels, mostly to Pakistan, was to take part in relief efforts.

      ”At the time he was in Pakistan, Al Qaeda didn’t exist,” Mr. Nubani said. ”It was a bunch of people going to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan.”

      ”He didn’t do anything wrong and he never was a member of Al Qaeda,” Mr. Nubani added.

      Mr. Nubani contends that Mr. Haddad is a cleric who has been harshly punished for a minor offense.


      Mark Corallo, a spokesman for the Justice Department, said the most conclusive evidence had been withheld to protect ”the integrity of the investigation and our ongoing efforts in the war against terrorism.”

      Mr. Corallo said that there was more evidence beyond the F.B.I. declaration, but that this evidence would probably remain secret as well.

      ”If it becomes necessary to enter other evidence in the immigration hearing, we will ask the court to close the hearing and enter evidence without public disclosure,” he said.


      Mr. Haddad, born to Lebanese Christian parents, later converted to Islam and started visiting the United States frequently in 1980, when he began attending the University of Nebraska.


      Mr. Haddad said he was not employed in the traditional sense but received an income from donations he collected during visits to mosques and Islamic centers around the country.


      Much of the government’s argument in court has been that opening Mr. Haddad’s hearing would present a danger to national security. But the government appeared to back away from that position Friday.


      After a letter-writing campaign and a visit from Representative John Conyers Jr., Democrat of Michigan, Mr. Haddad was moved into the general population.


      ”We have concluded, in regard to the single individual in this case, that the release of past transcripts of the immigration proceedings, as required by court order, will not cause irreparable harm to the national security,” Jay Stephens, the associate United States attorney general, said in a statement. He said the government was entitled to keep some proceedings secret and would do so.

      • DXer said

        Global Relief Foundation

        U.S. Designation Date: October 18, 2002

        UN Designation Date: October 22, 2002

        Background: The Global Relief Foundation (GRF), also known as Fondation Secours Mondial (FSM), and its officers and directors have connections to, and have provided support for and assistance to, Usama bin Laden (UBL), al Qaida, and other known terrorist groups. Rabih Haddad, a senior GRF official who co-founded GRF and served as its president throughout the 1990s and in the year 2000, worked for Makhtab al-Khidamat (MK), the precursor organization to al Qaida, in Pakistan in the early 1990s. … GRF and FSM personnel had multiple contacts with Wadih El-Hage, UBL’s personal secretary when UBL was in Sudan. El-Hage was convicted in a U.S. district court in May 2001 for participating in a conspiracy to kill United States nationals, which conspiracy included, among other acts, the UBL-directed 1998 bombings of the U.S. Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. Documents recovered from a search in Kenya indicated that El-Hage was in contact with GRF after he returned from visiting al Qaida leadership in Afghanistan in February 1997. GRF acknowledged that El-Hage and Nabil Sayadi were in contact during this period. GRF also dealt with officials of the Taliban, which at the time was an entity subject to U.S. sanctions pursuant to United States E.O. 13129 (prohibiting trade and most transactions with the Taliban because it provided a safe haven and base of operations for UBL and al Qaida) and subject to international sanctions pursuant to UNSCRs 1267 and 1333. In November 2001, during the air strikes in Afghanistan, a GRF medical relief coordinator traveled to Kabul and engaged in dealings and negotiations with Taliban officials until the collapse of the Taliban regime. A set of photographs and negatives discovered in 1997 in a trash dumpster outside of GRF’s office in Illinois depicted large shipping boxes displayed under a GRF banner. These boxes contained sophisticated communications equipment valued at $120,000. GRF has stocked and promoted audio tapes and books authored by Sheikh Abdullah Azzam, who was co-founder, with UBL, of MK as well as spiritual founder of Hamas; these tapes and books glorified armed jihad. Despite Azzam’s terrorist background, GRF enthusiastically promoted Azzam’s materials to the public. GRF published several Arabic newsletters and pamphlets that advocated armed action through jihad against groups perceived to be un-Islamic. A GRF newsletter requested donations “for equipping the raiders, for the purchase of ammunition and food, and for their [the Mujahideen’s] transportation so that they can raise God the Almighty’s word . . .”

    • DXer said

      “Haddad breaks his silence,” MetroTimes March 17, 2004

      The Muslim cleric was jailed for 19 months. Secret evidence branded him a terror threat. His entire family was deported. Now they are reunited in Lebanon, and he is speaking out for the first time.

      ” ‘I am deeply disturbed that the Bush administration is championing secret proceedings, the use of secret evidence and cruel conditions of confinement against a man with no criminal record [and] who has publicly condemned the terrorist act against our country,’ wrote Conyers.”

      So it is a half-decade later — what was the secret evidence?

  3. DXer said

    What are the terms of the conflict of interest regulation that applies to this issue whether Chairman Conyers should step down?

    Saturday, June 20, 2009
    Group says wife ‘puts a cloud’ on Rep. Conyers
    Committee chairman has oversight of Justice Dept., which is investigating Monica Conyers
    Deb Price / Detroit News Washington Bureau

    Washington — ***

    Conyers, the Detroit Democrat who chairs the House Judiciary Committee, is married to Detroit City Councilwoman Monica Conyers, who is under federal investigation in connection with bribes allegedly paid for a $1.2 billion sewage sludge contract. She has not responded to an offer from prosecutors to plead guilty to a five-year bribery-related felony, sources say.

    “It puts a cloud on what he does as chairman,” said Tom Fitton, the president of Judicial Watch, a conservative, nonpartisan government watchdog group.

    Fitton charges Rep. Conyers shouldn’t have oversight over the Justice Department, which is, according to sources, engaged in plea bargaining with his wife.

    “If I were negotiating a plea deal, I’d like it if my husband had oversight of the agency with which I was negotiating,” Fitton said.

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave her “full support” to Rep. Conyers on Thursday.

    Rep. Thad McCotter of Livonia, part of the Republican leadership, said there is no move afoot in his party against Conyers.

    “Anything is possible, but I don’t see any organized effort to do so,” McCotter said.

    Several House members expressed a range of awareness of the legal matter involving Conyers’ wife. None said they saw a conflict, although some declined to comment.

    Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, who sits on the Judiciary Committee, said, “Yes, he can be impartial.”

    Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., who chairs the House Homeland Security Committee, said he sees no potential conflicts.

    Conyers’ staff said they will not comment on the matter involving the congressman’s wife.

    David Bositis, a political expert at the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, predicted Conyers will experience no fallout from his wife’s difficulties.

    “In the American system of justice, an individual is held accountable for his own actions, not the actions of others,” Bositis said. “There’s no perception problem here. He’s doing his job.”

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