CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

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* The CART documents from Sep 01- Oct 01 that FBI has failed to give Dillon under FOIA may relate to the “server archive” documents

Posted by DXer on June 22, 2016


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* Public Health Law in a Nutshell: The source of the Fall 2001 bioterrorism attack remains uncertain

Posted by DXer on December 29, 2015

It wasn't Ivins

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* CASE CLOSED – Lew’s novel about the anthrax attacks and the failed FBI investigation – has been re-published. In this interview, Lew explains why perhaps his novel is closer to the truth than anything the FBI is asserting.

Posted by DXer on July 24, 2015

Here is the link to the interview …

purchase CASE CLOSED at amazon … kindle $3.99, paper $14.95

CC cover & Lew

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* DXer said … The FBI’s narrative will never withstand the production of emails of John Ezzell, James Burans and David Wilson … how will the GAO report deal with these documents?

Posted by DXer on November 22, 2014




DXer said in a 2010 comment …

  • The FBI’s narrative will never withstand the production of emails of John Ezzell, James Burans and David Wilson.
  • The FBI needs to give an answer consistent with what documents eventually produced will establish.
  • And if the answer is:  We don’t know who mailed and processed the anthrax but we ask the country’s indulgence while we close the case and move on to many other pressing matters, so be it.



  • I think it’s unlikely (although possible despite the largest investigation in the history of the FBI) that the FBI simply hasn’t solved the case and doesn’t know who do it.
  • I think it’s also unlikely that they have more evidence which would actually make the case against Dr. Ivins. If they do, what possible reason is there for not making such information public?
  • Which leaves the most likely alternative …

… that the FBI knows who did it, it isn’t Ivins,

but they won’t tell the American people.

Who are they protecting?



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* Stephen Embry’s 5***** review of CASE CLOSED

Posted by DXer on May 21, 2014


Well worth reading and thinking about. 

Conspiracy novels usually have suspense, plausibility and complexity. Initial unsuspected contacts are gradually revealed to be causes, and the truth is revealed. Case Closed has two of the three, plausibility and complexity, but not much suspense. However, this is intentional, since it is not really a conspiracy novel, but rather part of the indictment genre.

Indictment novels often begin with a hypothesis and develop it by logic and reason. These tools are used remarkably effectively by Mr. Weinstein to lay out the case that high placed government officials used the events of September 11, 2001 [and after that] for their own personal purposes and sacrificed the innocents to to cover up crimes that floated close to their homes.

The author jettisons suspense in the forward where the conclusion is largely revealed, and then employs plausibility and complexity to paint a fictional but credible account that is chilling.


buy CASE CLOSED in paper or kindle at …


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* CASE CLOSED, the novel by Lew Weinstein … more plausible than the story told by the FBI?

Posted by DXer on April 20, 2014

It wasn't Ivins

THE REAL CASE … The FBI has never told the true story of the anthrax attacks or its own investigation. The FBI assertion that Dr. Bruce Ivins was the sole perpetrator does not stand up. Every element of the FBI case has been thoroughly demolished on this blog. The real perpetrators are still out there.

MY NOVEL … CASE CLOSED presents one possible (fictional) sequence of events to explain the FBI’s failure. It begins with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) initiating an investigation into the FBI’s failure to solve the case. Blending history and fiction, the DIA trail uncovers the involvement of the White House, the role of the Iraq war, and the real perpetrators. Says one well-placed source in the Intelligence Community … This story, unfortunately, is “all too plausible.”



* purchase CASE CLOSED at amazon

$4.99 kindle … $8.96 paperback


autho photo - FB

Here is a YouTube interview I did several years ago regarding the FBI’s failed case against Bruce Ivins and the need for the American people to know the truth.


What readers say



  • Case Closed is a fast-paced thriller.

  • The writing is sparse, driven by a plausible plot that allows the reader to think through the crime/mystery along with the protagonist.

  • a thoroughly enjoyable and illuminating read.

  • CASE CLOSED is excellent, great page-turner. I was impressed with how deftly Weinstein moved between fact and fiction.

  • I think (fear?) that this novel tells the real story of the 2001 anthrax attacks.

  • This book serves as an example of one of the great uses of fiction: using the power of imagination to make a point, build a case through the power of story, when the writer can’t access the facts (here the facts are hidden in the back rooms of power).

  • CASE CLOSED opened my mind.

  • Case Closed leaves you with the thought that perhaps someone else could really have been accountable for this horrendous crime.

  • My biggest problem with CASE CLOSED is it is too believable. I would not be at all surprised if Lewis Weinstein’s fictionalized novel about the FBI’s anthrax investigation turned out to be more truth than fiction.

  • the CASE is far from CLOSED.

  • This is not just a good book, but an important one.

  • Weinstein knew there were demons embedded in the FBI’s story, and they haunted him. For weeks he could not rest until he’d put pen to paper. This novel is the result.

  • Case Closed provides a solid background of the 2001 anthrax case which could not have been attained through the news media. It was concise and informative and offered credibility to the events which in my opinion could have very likely occurred.

  • Fiction?? Maybe?? But I don’t think so!! More likely an excellent interpretation of what may have really happened.

  • The FBI’s mishandling of the anthrax attacks investigation is just another example of the way the past administration “managed” events to fit their agenda.

  • Lew is a great investigative writer.

  • The book is compelling, once you start you cannot put it down … and the end is … Well you will have to read it to find out.

  • Case Closed reads fast and well. It could have happened just the way the author said. Full of intrigue mixed in with almost current events. The real people are just behind the fictional ones.

  • The author states loud and clear that this book is fiction … but the investigation of the Anthrax attacks makes one stop and really think about it.

  • Weinstein raises some very interesting and disturbing theories. If it was not meant to make one think about the real situation, the book would still be a great read.

  • It is suspenseful and a real page turnerPlease tell me it’s not true!

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* “Case Closed” Author Discusses FBI Anthrax Cover-up and Possible Al-Qaeda Involvement

Posted by DXer on March 7, 2014


Here is an interview I did in 2010 regarding

the FBI’s failed case against Bruce Ivins

and the need for the American people to know the truth.

LMW on YouTube



My novel CASE CLOSED, a fictional scenario I invented in 2008

with no research and no special knowledge, seems each day

to move closer to the truth than the FBI’s unprovable assertions.



purchase CASE CLOSED at …


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* DXer’s comment on Ali Al-Timimi and the increasing plausibility of Lew’s novel CASE CLOSED

Posted by DXer on February 24, 2014

Ali Al-Timimi


  • Ali Al-Timimi shared a suite with the leading DARPA-funded Ames researchers who co-invented a patent in Spring 2001 to grow anthrax in silica, thus concentrating it. 
  • The silicon signature should have sounded alarm bells but a Red Team, whose membership has been kept from the public, decided the FBI should not pursue the red hot forensics lead.



I can imagine only 3 possible “actual” scenarios …

  1. The FBI has more evidence against Dr. Ivins but is, for some undisclosed reason, withholding that evidence … POSSIBLE BUT NOT SO LIKELY

  2. The FBI, despite the most expensive and extensive investigation in its history, has not solved the case and has no idea who prepared and mailed the anthrax letters that killed 5 Americans in 2001 … EVEN LESS LIKELY

  3. The FBI knows who did it (not Dr. Ivins) but is covering up the actual perpetrators, for undisclosed reasons … THE MOST LIKELY SCENARIO

Which one of these scenarios is supported

by DXer’s comments above?


Every day, the fictional scenario I imagined and presented

in my novel CASE CLOSED

sounds more plausible than anything asserted by the FBI.

Purchase CASE CLOSED at …


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* long-delayed GAO report, evaluating the FBI’s investigation of the 2001 anthrax attacks, expected in September 2013, may be issued “some time next year”

Posted by DXer on July 30, 2013

GAO, Mueller & Ivins

There’s a story about Amerithrax in today’s Frederick News-Post with mention that GAO may issue its report sometime next year.

“Scientists who worked with Ivins still question government’s methods,” July 29, 2013 …

It is abundantly clear from thousands of posts on this blog that the FBI has not presented evidence that Dr. Bruce Ivins was even involved in the anthrax mailings, let alone, as they claim, the “sole perpetrator.”

What is the real story?

Why does the FBI continue to stick with its discredited assertions?

I see three possible reasons …

1. The FBI has more evidence against Ivins but won’t release it … HIGHLY UNLIKELY

2. The FBI has not solved the case, doesn’t know who prepared the anthrax and mailed the letters, but won’t admit its failure … POSSIBLE

3. The FBI knows who perpetrated the anthrax attacks (possibly Al Qaeda related) but will not say it … MOST LIKELY

I wrote a novel about this matter titled “CASE CLOSED.”  Many, including one highly placed in the U.S. Intelligence Community,  say my fictional scenario is more plausible than the FBI’s story.


You can purchase CASE CLOSED ($5.00 in kindle format, $9.45 in paper) at …

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* GAO: The Special Prosecutor In The Stevens Case Recently Found That Two Unidentified AUSAs From The DC US Attorneys Office Advised That It Was The Practice Of That Office Not To Produce FBI 302s As Jencks Material.

Posted by DXer on March 18, 2012


The withholding of evidence by prosecutors and police in criminal matters happens far more often than we would like to believe. It is a cancer on our American justice system. The prosecutors who cheat to get a conviction are almost never held accountable for ruining the lives of those they have unjustly convicted.

Many of us believe the FBI and DOJ have done exactly this in the case of Dr. Bruce Ivins. Only full disclosure of all of the relevant documents will prove whether the FBI ever had a case against Dr. Ivins, or if they just took a convenient way out of telling an inconvenient truth, or if they have never actually solved the anthrax case at all.

Two of my novels deal with these issues.

Both are available at in paper and kindle editions.







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