CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

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* Ken Dillon asks … Who Was the Real Anthrax Mailer? … the key people in the anthrax mailings were not Bruce Ivins or Steven Hatfill … instead, they appear to have been Ali al-Timimi and Abderraouf Jdey.

Posted by DXer on March 28, 2010

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Ken Dillon asks … Who Was the Real Anthrax Mailer?

  • There’s a gaping hole in the FBI’s argument that U.S. Government scientist Bruce Ivins was the anthrax mailer.
  • In addition to the 100 scientists with access to virulent anthrax from Ivins’s flask whom the FBI claims to have ruled out, one unauthorized individual had a special kind of access-the kind you get when you steal something.
  • Hovering in proximity to an unlocked refrigerator with the anthrax at George Mason University was Islamic ideologue Ali al-Timimi, who in early 2001 was studying for a Ph.D in computational biology.
  • Al-Timimi has since been arrested and sentenced for inciting Muslims in Virginia to travel to Pakistan to fight against U.S. forces.
  • (Note: The GMU researchers used what is known as Delta Ames.)
  • Al-Timimi’s office was right around the corner from the offices of Charles Bailey and Ken Alibek, co-principal investigators on a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)-funded anthrax project.
  • Bailey was a former deputy commander of USAMRIID at Fort Detrick, Maryland, where he had been a boss of Bruce Ivins.
  • Alibek was the former deputy director of the Soviet biowarfare program. Bailey and Alibek had partnered on a patent application for a method of preparing anthrax that would closely resemble the sophisticated preparation in the letters mailed to Senators Daschle and Leahy.
  • As a computer expert, al-Timimi presumably knew how to access Bailey’s poorly secured computer to obtain this application.

All these details and more have been worked out by attorney Ross Getman, a leading researcher on the anthrax mailings case.

  • Getman found several other labs where al Qaeda may have gained access to the anthrax
  • Al-Timimi does not show up in FBI’s report on the case, which dismisses the possibility that any foreign entity was involved in the anthrax mailings.

Assuming that al-Timimi indeed stole the anthrax and the instructions, here is what then seems to have happened.

  • Al-Timimi provided the anthrax to a scientist who sympathized with al Qaeda and who had a lab somewhere along the Canadian border (according to the isotope ratios in the water used to prepare the anthrax).
  • When it was ready, al-Timimi gave it to Mohamed Atta. Atta and his group of intending hijackers in Florida unsuccessfully sought to obtain a cropduster, and they evidently handled the anthrax themselves, infecting themselves in the process.
  • As September 11 neared, Atta contacted Abderraouf Jdey in Montreal.
  • Jdey, a Canadian citizen of Tunisian origin who had trained in Afghanistan, had been designated first as an alternate hijacker, then as a part of the second wave of attacks.
  • He returned to Canada in the summer of 2001 and was detained by FBI and INS together with intending pilot Zacarias Moussaoui. Jdey was carrying biology textbooks.
  • Atta appears to have handed over the vials of anthrax to Jdey in Portland, Maine on September 10, which powerfully explains Atta’s otherwise anomalous trip to Portland on the day before the September 11 terrorist attacks.
  • Jdey, whose modus operandi involved travelling to sites in the northeastern U.S., wrote and mailed the anthrax letters in September and October. In November he left his apartment in Montreal, drove to New York, boarded American Airlines Flight #587 on November 12, and brought it down with a shoebomb.

The FBI seems to have learned of Jdey’s likely role as the anthrax mailer in 2004, when this writer contacted the Bureau about Jdey.

  • Investigating further, FBI appears to have found confirmatory evidence.
  • But then-because Jdey was a terrific embarrassment-it suppressed the information it had developed, removed the note in his online biography that he had studied biology, listed him as one of the terrorists it was still hunting for, and searched for a new anthrax mailings suspect.

Eventually, the FBI focused on capable, dedicated, patriotic, and psychologically vulnerable Bruce Ivins.

  • Under the pressure of FBI questioning and surveillance, Ivins became unhinged and committed suicide.
  • Then the FBI accused him of having perpetrated the anthrax mailings, produced a collection of circumstantial evidence, and closed the case on February 19, 2010.

FBI Director Robert Mueller told a 2008 Senate committee that he thought Ivins was guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt.”

  • Beyond a reasonable doubt? Given the weak evidence and the widespread skepticism among experts and the public, this is an extreme statement that lacks any credibility.
  • In fact, the key people in the anthrax mailings were not Bruce Ivins or Steven Hatfill, his predecessor as the FBI’s target.
  • Instead, they appear to have been Ali al-Timimi and Abderraouf Jdey.
  • And the key person in the investigation was FBI Director Robert Mueller himself.

Kenneth J. Dillon is a retired foreign service officer who writes books on science and teaches history as an adjunct at Marymount University.  A detailed discussion of the roles of al-Timimi, Jdey, and FBI in the anthrax mailings case can be found at

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* from DXer … infiltration of U.S. Biodefense? … Co-inventors of the patent using silica in the culture medium and their Salafist-Jihadi colleague

Posted by DXer on February 20, 2010

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* floor plan of suite at GMU’s Discovery Hall in 2001 with Ali Al-Timimi and leading anthrax scientists

Posted by DXer on February 7, 2010



is a novel which answers the question

… Why did the FBI fail to solve the 2001 anthrax case?

Here’s the fictional Lieutenant General Clifford Drysdale, Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), organizing a new look at the FBI’s anthrax investigation …

“Those FBI bastards hounded a Defense Department employee until he committed suicide, if it was suicide. After seven years the FBI hasn’t come close to making a case that could convict the lowest grade criminal, let alone an internationally respected scientist. And they think they can say ‘case closed’ and sweep their incompetent investigation under the rug? I’ve already spoken to Secretary Morgan,” General Drysdale continued. “The Secretary agrees that the Defense Department is taking an unwarranted hit from the FBI, and we don’t know why. At my request, the Secretary has authorized us to find out what really happened. You’re the team I’ve selected. You’re authorized to go where you need to go, ask what you need to know. You’ll have whatever resources are necessary.

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floor plan of suite at GMU’s Discovery Hall in 2001

with Ali Al-Timimi and leading anthrax scientists


From DXer …

  • Here is the floor plan at George Mason University’s Discovery Hall in 2001 occupied by Ali Al-Timimi and leading anthrax scientists as part of the DARPA-funded Center for Biodefense.
  • Dr. Alibek was the leading anthrax scientist and co-founded the Center with the former deputy USAMRIID Commander Charles Bailey.  They were Battelle consultants.  Dr. Bailey was the lead DIA person on biothreat assessment.
  • DXer suggests that it shows that the man coordinating with 911 imam Anwar Aulaqi and Bin Laden’s sheik Al-Hawali (who was subject of the 1996 Declaration of War) was within 15 feet or so of the leading anthrax scientist and the former deputy USAMRIID Commander.  Published articles indicate  that Dr. Bailey came to be a prolific Ames researcher.
  • Ali Al-Timimi was in a program sponsored by the American Type Culture Collection where the FBI’s lead Amerithrax scientist was a collections scientist at the ATCC Bacteriology Division.
  • Did Ali Al-Timimi, convicted of sedition and sentenced to life plus 70 years, infiltrate US biodefense?


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