CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

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* Anonymous says … had scientists known about the huge concentrations of silicon and tin in the attack anthrax powders, as they should have, Bruce Ivins might be alive today

Posted by DXer on February 27, 2011


update from Anonymous (2/27/11) …

  • I previously had no idea that the tin concentration was 6000 ppm – I thought is probably 100ppm and interesting but not a major finding.
  • This is because the FBI withheld the information. Even from Sandia and Livermore.
  • 6000ppm is astonishing – and it tracks the silicon – the more silicon, the more tin
  • Had that information been made available to Livermore 8 years ago, as it should have been – the Livermore scientists would immediately have suspected a connection between silicon and tin. The most obvious one is that a tin catalyst was used to cure the silicone (polymerized glass). Tin is commonly used for this purpose.
  • That the FBI deliberately withheld the silicon concentrations from Congress is beyond dispute, That’s what they did – no ifs ands or buts about it.

When the FBI mislead, that simply exposes

that they have something to hide.

see …

* responses to Congressman Nadler’s questions of the FBI regarding the % of weight of the silicon in the powder used in the 2001 anthrax attacks


* The FBI lab director Hassell has claimed there is not enough sample to determine quantitatively how much of the element silicon was present in the New York Post powder … a paper from Pacific Northwest Labs suggests that FBI claim is not accurate



Original Post


from Anonymous …

  • These results are truly astonishing.
  • They should have been shared with the FBI partner labs studying additives in the spores 8 years ago. Instead the partner labs were apparently kept in the dark.
  • Scientists cannot work this way.
  • Had these scientists known about the huge concentrations of silicon and tin, the case may have been solved years ago. Bruce Ivins might be alive today.
  • It is unprecedented to find any detectable tin (Sn) in spore preparations. Only a specialized chemical like an organometallic tin compound could give such a signature.
  • The tin seems to follow the silicon – the more silicon, the more tin.
  • One obvious first hypothesis is that the silicon got there via a polymerized glass chemical – a silanol.
  • Tin is commonly used as a co-additve in such formulations – used for microenpapsulation.
  • Now that these results are finally released – perhaps scientists can do their jobs and solve this case.



  • Let’s hope somebody can solve the case, because whatever else is true, it is a certainty that the FBI has not done so.


** Lew’s web interview 2-7-11 … mostly about the anthrax case

* CASE CLOSED – opening scene … the DIA re-investigates the FBI’s failed case

* buy CASE CLOSED at amazon *


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