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* Claire Fraser-Liggett: the genetic analysis of the spores in Ivins’ flask does not indicate Ivins is guilty

Posted by DXer on May 20, 2009

A recent comment on this blog by DXer (a frequent contributor) said the following …

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  • Claire Fraser-Liggett,  is professor at the University of Maryland School of Medicine and director of the University of Maryland Institute for Genome Sciences and an adviser to the FBI on Amerithrax.
  • She asks,  “What would have happened in this investigation had Dr. Hatfill not been so forceful in his response to being named a person of interest. What if he,  instead of fighting back,  had committed suicide because of the pressure? Would that have been the end of the investigation?”
  • It was Fraser-Liggett’s genetic analysis of the anthrax spores in the letters led to Ivins’ flask.
  • “The part that seems still hotly debated is whether there was sufficient evidence to name Dr. Ivins as the perpetrator,” Fraser-Liggett says. “I have complete confidence in the accuracy of our data, ” Fraser-Liggett says,  but she says it does not indicate Ivins is guilty.
LMW COMMENT … It seems so clear that the FBI has not proven its case, and if the FBI is wrong, then the real perpetrator is still out there. It is this pervading sense of doubt and infuriating frustration that led me to wonder why the FBI has failed to solve the case, and then to writing a novel called CASE CLOSED (to be published in mid-June) which presents a (fictional) scenario of why the FBI failed.

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