CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

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* what’s going on with the NAS anthrax study? since almost all sessions have been closed, with no agendas, lists of witness, or summary reports, will we ever learn what they have been doing? … UPDATE: NAS polite non-response to my email

Posted by DXer on April 19, 2010


The FBI’s case against Dr. Ivins is bogus: no evidence, no witnesses, an impossible timeline, science that proves innocence instead of guilt. So what really happened? And why? The “fictional” scenario in my novel CASE CLOSED has been judged by many readers, including a highly respected official in the U.S. Intelligence Community, as “quite plausible.”

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LMW to NAS (4/19/10) …

Thank you for trying to be helpful. My impression is that the FBI has tied the NAS committee in knots. The failure to disclose witnesses and testimony makes public participation meaningless.

NAS polite non-response (4/19/10) …

I’m sorry to hear that you won’t be attending our meeting this week. As the program assistant, I am not in a position to make decisions regarding any of our meetings or materials, so I will send your question to Fran Sharples, the staff lead on the project.

LMW to NAS (4/18/10) …

I have registered for the open session on April 22, but of course I cannot attend. Who would come to DC for less than 90 minutes of open hearing when all other meetings have been closed with no list of witnesses or topics? It seems to me that NAS has betrayed  its mission to conduct open hearings in which the public might be meaningfully involved. Are you hiding something?

Will ALL committee minutes eventually be made public, including …

  • ALL witnesses
  • ALL testimony
  • ALL discussion

If not, this study, especially if it confirms the FBI’s use of science, will be one more travesty in the history of this investigation.


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* NAS continues to participate in the FBI’s stonewalling efforts to keep the truth about the 2001 anthrax attacks away from public scrutiny

Posted by DXer on January 15, 2010

On December 8, 2009, I wrote to NAS spokesperson Willian Kearney as follows …

BILL … It is utterly incredible to me, and very disappointing, that you, and thus the NAS, have simply ignored the questions I have asked regarding the FBI-submitted information. If you have reasons for not releasing information, why not state them? Do you have any intention of ever responding, even if only to tell me that in your judgment my questions are inappropriate? … LEW

This was in followup to questions posed in prior emails …

  • Could you please provide an update on current NAS intentions by answering the following questions …
  • Does NAS still plan to withhold some or all FBI-submitted documents until the end of the study?
  • If so, will NAS provide a list of withheld FBI-submitted documents?
  • If NAS is planning to withhold some or all FBI-submitted documents until the end of the study but release them at that time, what legal authority does NAS cite for doing so?
  • Will NAS provide a list of any FBI-submitted documents which NAS is intending to permanently restrict from access, indicating in each case the specific exemption which is being cited to justify that action?

To date, there has been no response to my December 8 email. NAS has apparently decided to participate in the FBI’s stonewalling efforts to keep the truth about the 2001 anthrax attacks away from public scrutiny, regardless of the laws regarding disclosure of information.


CASE CLOSED is a novel which answers the question … Why did the FBI fail to solve the 2001 anthrax case?

Here’s an early discussion by the (fictional) DIA team investigation the FBI anthrax investigation …

“Let’s start with the assumption the Bureau is not dumb,” Sowickey began. “So that can’t be the excuse for the lamebrain way they conducted this supposedly high priority investigation. Nor can it explain the way they failed to establish links between pieces of information they clearly had. Nor why they hinted for years that Farmer was the perp and then gave him $5.8 mil to go away. There was, by the way, even less evidence implicating Dr. Farmer than there was on Dr. Ingram, which is close to nothing. After seven years.”

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* more source materials regarding the FBI’s science in the anthrax investigation

Posted by DXer on January 11, 2010

materials sent by DXer …

Colwell – Overview of the Anthrax Science Investigation

Beecher – Forensic Microbiology

Budowle – Microbial Forensics


CASE CLOSED is a novel which answers the question … Why did the FBI fail to solve the 2001 anthrax case? Here’s the (fictional) DIA Director giving the charge to his team re-investigating the FBI anthrax investigation …

“Those FBI bastards hounded a Defense Department employee until he committed suicide, if it was suicide. After seven years the FBI hasn’t come close to making a case that could convict the lowest grade criminal, let alone an internationally respected scientist. And they think they can say ‘case closed’ and sweep their incompetent investigation under the rug?”

“I’ve already spoken to Secretary Morgan,” General Drysdale continued. “The Secretary agrees that the Defense Department is taking an unwarranted hit from the FBI, and we don’t know why. At my request, the Secretary has authorized us to find out what really happened.

“You’re the team I’ve selected. You’re authorized to go where you need to go, ask what you need to know. You’ll have whatever resources are necessary.

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