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DXer on the consequences of the Washington Post failure to correct its reporting in August 2008

Posted by DXer on July 11, 2012

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a failure of the responsible press


If the Washington Post had corrected its reporting in early August 2008 in which it reported the breathless claims of the first counselor — without naming her — Amerithrax likely would have taken an entirely different direction.

The first counselor in a 2009 book explained that she had been psychotic in 2000.  She says she was controlled by an alien who had implanted a microchip in her butt.  She says she had delusions about the murderous astral entities attached to her patients in her new part-time counseling gig.

The file was handed to the next counselor in July 2008. A commitment order and Dr. Ivins’ suicide followed.  

But the Washington Post never corrected the story (even after I contacted the Ombudsman and individual reporters).  The article about the counselor’s claims — which made the grievous mistake of keeping her identity secret as she breached her obligations of confidentiality —  was just a day or so before the US Attorney gave his press conference incorrectly spinning key forensic issues.  That article set the stage for the tale told by US Attorney Taylor.



Acquaintances and Counselor Recall the Scientist’s Dark Side
By Amy Goldstein, Anne Hull and Julie Tate
Washington Post Staff Writers
Thursday, August 7, 2008

In addition to helping the FBI with Amerithrax, the psychic relied upon by David Willman helped with 911 by her astral travelling and retrieval of etheric body parts at Ground Zero … She reports she was granted her psychic abilities by a being claiming to be an extraterrestial
Posted by Lew Weinstein on June 11, 2011

Excerpts from David Willman’s key witness (from her book ASCENSION JOURNEY)
Posted by Lew Weinstein on June 18, 2011

The Psychiatrists Are Selling A Report Relying On A Counselor Who Says She Was Granted Special Powers By An Alien Controlling Her By A Device Implanted In Her Butt, But The USG Has Taken Steps To Keep The DOJ’s Reliance On That Evidence Sealed For 5 Years
Posted by Lew Weinstein on November 15, 2011

The material on the CASE CLOSED blog about Judith McLean (see prior posts linked below) is relevant to an evaluation of the validity of David Willman’s conclusions in his recently published “The Mirage Man” … because Willman himself, in his publicity blurb (see below), shows just how much he relied on the psychic who says … she was granted her abilities by an extraterrestrial being … got sick in 2001 from doing astral recovery work at Ground Zero and in Afghanistan after 9/11 … and was pursued by nasty Taliban entities
Posted by Lew Weinstein on June 12, 2011’s-conclusions-in-his-recently-published-“the-mirage-man”-because/

DXer’s email to Washington Post Ombudsman about its August 7, 2008 “Dark Side” poisoning story
Posted by Lew Weinstein on August 12, 2011

DOJ has successfully avoided deposition of Amerithrax consultant Gregory Saathoff who extensively and uncritically relied on the Ivins’ accuser who claims she was granted her psychic abilities by an alien from another planet
Posted by Lew Weinstein on July 13, 2011


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* the FBI had already obtained Dr. Ivins’ DNA from a coffee cup on May 9, 2007. So what was the purpose of the swabbing of DNA in August 2008 to test against the semen on the panties — to mess with him even though, advised by a consulting forensic psychiatrist, they knew he was suicidal?

Posted by DXer on April 6, 2011



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* DXer … wasn’t the July 2008 testing of semen on panties taken from an April 21, 2008 “trash cover” what drove Dr. Ivins to the rage and suicide?

Posted by DXer on January 7, 2011


driven to suicide?


from DXer …

  • According to the 302 interview statements, the investigators and prosecutors knew that Dr. Ivins was suicidal.
  • Yet they chose to test panties taken on a “trash cover” on April 21, 2008 for DNA.
  • He expressed violent rage at the AA meeting on July 9 (for which the FBI either had an undercover present or a tape) only after being asked to submit DNA to compare with the semen on the panties.
  • Congress and GAO should take into account that the zealous, well-meaning investigators and prosecutors might have been motivated to cover their ass and purport to have a confidence in the case that was not matched by the relevant evidence.
  • Under principles of cognitive dissonance, that is how the mind works.

The investigators and prosecutors do not want to think

that they drove an innocent man to commit suicide.

The problem is that their evidence, viewed objectively,

was in the nature of a thong bikini

… providing no cover at all.



what do readers say about CASE CLOSED?

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* Dr. Meryl Nass … Ivins’ death scenario begs many questions … why has the FBI so far failed to settle these questions?

Posted by DXer on March 8, 2010

Excerpts from a post by Dr. Meryl Nass at …

Ivins’ death scenario begs many questions.

  • Why wasn’t he given a Tylenol antidote to prevent liver failure?
  • Ivins was allegedly found unconscious on the bathroom floor with an orange liquid next to him.
  • A Tylenol overdose requires several days before you die, and does not cause coma for days.
    • If the benadryl in Tylenol PM led to unconsciousness (according to a later account by Scott Shane in the NY Times) there was still time to treat him successfully for Tylenol toxicity.
    • Ivins was under 24/7 surveillance by FBI, from the house next door.
    • FBI should have identified an overdose before several days had passed, and the window of opportunity for treatment was lost.
  • FBI could have furnished Ivins’ medical providers with information that might have saved his life.

The medical records of Ivins’ hospitalization have not been released.


  • I have always believed that the death of Dr. Bruce Ivins was too suspicious and too convenient for the FBI (i.e., no need to prove their case in court).
  • Under such circumstances, one would think the FBI would be particularly careful to assure that everything that proves their assertion that Dr. Ivins committed suicide was convincingly presented.
  • The FBI has not done that, which only serves to stir the suspicions.

My novel CASE CLOSED presents a very different view of Dr. Ivins’ death. Although fictional, my scenario has been found by many readers, including one highly respected member of the U.S. Intelligence Community, to be “quite plausible.”

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