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* some have alleged (but not proven) the FBI is covering up the truth in the anthrax case to protect illegal bioweapons research; until we know the whole truth about the anthrax attacks, this allegation cannot simply be dismissed

Posted by DXer on August 30, 2009

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Martin Matishak writes in Global Security Newswire (8/28/09) …

  • The Obama administration recently convened the first in what could be a series of meeting with dozens of biological scientists and research analysts in an effort to bolster the White House’s evolving strategy on bioterrorism.
  • The Aug. 13 meeting at the White House Conference Center brought together roughly 40 participants to discuss “policies to prevent intentional biothreats,” according to one international analyst who attended the session and spoke on the condition of anonymity.
  • The discussion was led by Laura Holgate, the National Security Council’s senior director for WMD terrorism and threat reduction, and James Petro, a top official in the office, one expert told GSN early last week.
  • “The administration is trying to think through what the agenda will be for addressing the challenges of bioterrorism,” Brian Finlay, a senior associate at the Henry L. Stimson Center who attended the meeting, told GSN.
  • “The focus of the conversation was on the prevention of biothreats, so I believe that is their general strategy,” according to the research expert … their emphasis was on prevention instead of crisis management.”
  • Concerns regarding certain research have grown since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and the anthrax mailings that followed.
  • Participants also offered their opinions on the Biological Weapons Convention and its upcoming review conference, in which member states will review the operations of the pact.
  • The treaty, which entered into force in 1975 and today has 162 member nations, prohibits development, production, stockpiling and use of weaponized disease agents such as anthrax, smallpox or plague, as well as equipment and delivery systems intended for hostile use.
  • The treaty has no provisions for verification or for monitoring compliance.

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There have been several comments on the CASE CLOSED blog alleging (but not proving) that the FBI’s failure to solve the 2001 anthrax case is related to protecting the interests of those who are illegally engaged in precisely the kind of bioweapons research which is prohibited by the 1975 Biological Weapons Convention. The FBI’s willingness to convict innocent men in the Boston case (recent $101 million verdict against the government) suggests that there may be times when the FBI is willing to break the law in pursuit of what it sees as a larger objective.

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* more details about the FBI hiding evidence to convict the innocent in Boston case … who is safe when those responsible for upholding the law can break it to gain a conviction?

This is one more compelling reason why our elected officials must insist that the FBI either admit the anthrax investigation is still ongoing (i.e., Dr. Ivins is not the sole perpetrator) or else close the case and make its documents available under FOIA.

Kudos to the Obama administration for taking what might be the first step down the path of evaluating our bioweapons defense capabilities as well as any illegal bioweapons research and development.

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