CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

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* DOJ and FBI desperately continue to keep the truth about the anthrax murders from the American people … What reality could be so frightful as to cause this stonewalling coverup?

Posted by DXer on October 11, 2011


these are the people struggling relentlessly to keep the truth from the American people ... WHY?


from a recent DXer comment …

  • The DOJ is simply withholding documents under FOIA.
  • Now what they’ve done is sweep even an official IG report (and a related Sandia report) under the rug by “sealing” them even though the FOIA officers all agree the document is not otherwise exempt under FOIA.
  • Note that this should be viewed in the context of DOJ’s failure to provide the lab notebooks from September and October 2001 — after they took the only copy!


  • This behavior by the DOJ is disgraceful.
  • The DOJ & FBI are clearly hiding something big, and getting more desperate as the day of reckoning gets closer.

In my view, and it’s just an opinion I can’t prove, they know who committed the anthrax murders, and where they got the anthrax … and it wasn’t Bruce Ivins.

  • What reality could be so frightful as to cause this obvious stonewalling coverup? 
  • Perhaps the GAO will tell us.
  • Perhaps Congressman Holt will finally get his anthrax commission.
  • Perhaps President Obama will tell Holder and Mueller to come forward with the truth.
  • Perhaps.

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* DXer: DOJ has failed to comply with FOIA in connection with Amerithrax … LMW: the key question is WHY ???

Posted by DXer on August 21, 2011


Mueller & Holder ... these are the people relentlessly leading the struggle to keep the truth from the American people ... WHY?


DXer (in a prior comment) says …

DOJ has failed to comply with FOIA in connection with Amerithrax.

As soon as the inventory of documents produced by USAMRIID to FBI is produced next week, media requestors should seek those documents simultaneously from USAMRIID and DOJ and FBI.

For some of the key documents (e.g., lab notebooks from September/October 2001), copies were not made and FBI took the only copy.

It is important that researchers put aside their preconceptions and work to reconstruct a timeline, based on documentary evidence, of what Dr. Ivins did in September and October. For example, if there is a record of what time he viewed a document sitting at a computer on a key date, that is the sort of thing that could be hugely relevant.

For example, the DOJ has failed to produce the September 17, 2001 email from Bruce Ivins to Mara Linscott so that the public can see what time it was sent (that would show that at the particular time in question he was at the computer from which it was sent and not Princeton).

Similarly, the DOJ is withholding the family 302s (compare the UNABOM case in which they were produced). Those 302s also serve to alibi Dr. Ivins for the night of September 17.

As another example, the DOJ is withholding its server archive that it obtained from USAMRIID that contains extensive documents not yet produced.



Reporters should jump all over this issue. First, to get the documents. Then to find out why they have been so relentlessly withheld.

It is this purposely misleading behavior by FBI Director Mueller and Attorney General Holder and their subordinates which infuriates me. That fury caused me to write my novel CASE CLOSED, which posits an alternative (fictional) scenario for what really happened in the anthrax attack and in the pathetic FBI investigation which followed.

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this is the opening scene of Lew Weinstein's novel CASE CLOSED


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