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* The Army decided yesterday that there was nothing that needed to be classified in the eight page section on Afghanistan from the IMCS!

Posted by DXer on January 23, 2018

The USAMRMC FOIA officer Rogers advises:

USAMRIID researchers reviewed an eight page section on Afghanistan from Interim Major Case Summary yesterday. They did not find any information that needed to be considered classified or Secret and notified the FBI as such.

We can thank them for turning to the issue notwithstanding the off and on again furlough.

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* DXer: A Congressional Probe Is Needed Given The FBI’s Destruction Or Loss Of Every Single Email That It Relied Upon In Pitching its Controversial “Ivins Theory” In Mueller’s Amerithrax Investigation

Posted by DXer on January 23, 2018

Search for the word “e-mail” in the FBI’s Amerithrax Summary

Then compare the quoted emails to the ones that the FBI for the past 5 years have failed to produce.

And look at all the emails quoted in Dellefera Affidavit in support of the search of Ivins’ residence.

The loss or destruction — the proven failure to produce — these emails is a flagrant violation of FOIA and the rule of law.

It constitutes spoliation of evidence if they are not produced.  The report to the federal judge on this issue is January 30, 2018.

Amerithrax was Robert Mueller’s biggest whodunnit.  I was Mueller’s biggest fan.  Still am.

But the FBI’s withholding of these emails is just beyond the pale.

And which would be worse — its failure to maintain them or lying and saying they can’t find them.

Either is unacceptable and requires imposition of attorneys fees and sanctions against the individuals who continue to fail to produce them.

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