CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* The CART documents from Sep 01- Oct 01 that FBI has failed to give Dillon under FOIA may relate to the “server archive” documents

Posted by DXer on June 22, 2016


2 Responses to “* The CART documents from Sep 01- Oct 01 that FBI has failed to give Dillon under FOIA may relate to the “server archive” documents”

  1. DXer said

    Columbia Journalism Review

    “Finally, early last month, transparency won. A federal judge told the Justice Department to hand both news organizations 500 pages of 302s per month, a task that could keep it busy for the next eight years. (The judge also ordered Justice to determine what steps the Trump administration is taking to process a recent uptick in FOIA requests, after the department cited backlog as a reason for delaying compliance; Trump, the judge said, is a “disruptor,” so should have expected heightened public scrutiny.) Over the weekend, the first tranche of documents dropped. Leopold, sharing their fruits, tweeted, “Prying loose these records was a painstaking effort. Truly.” Online, FOIA enthusiasts lauded him as a master of the art. ***

    The efforts of BuzzFeed and CNN are significant regardless of the memos’ contents. They will expand the public record; as BuzzFeed put it in its article laying out the first findings, the documents “are a crucial national legacy,” and “offer a chance for everyone to view a key function of American democracy.”

    Comment: In Amerithrax, FOIA head David Hardy purported not to know where FBI employees should start looking for the computer records from Septenber 2001 and October 2001 from Ivins computer when he knows full well they would be found in the records of the CART review of his computer.

  2. DXer said

    GOP senators alert Barr to allegations that Mueller team misrepresented emails

    “Shortly before Special Counsel Robert Mueller filed his report on the Russia investigationlast month, Sens. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, and Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., alerted Attorney General Bill Barr to what they described as the “selective” use of emails in Mueller court filings — as well as potential “improper political influence, misconduct, and mismanagement” in the FBI’s original Russia probe.

    In a March 8 letter, Grassley and Graham referred Barr to a letter sent to Mueller in late 2017 that alleged his investigators had cherry-picked details from emails to include in court documents, urging him to review the materials. They also notified him that they had asked DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz a year earlier to review the original FBI probe.

    It’s unclear if Barr reviewed the senators’ letter; a DOJ representative declined to comment on the missive.

    But Fox News is told the lawmakers wanted Barr to have this material before he reviewed the Mueller report, out of concern some emails were selectively quoted to give a “nefarious” impression.”

    Senator Grassley,

    In the Russia investigation, having the emails produced avoids having to wonder whether the prosecutors working for Robert Mueller mischaracterized the emails to give a “nefarious” impression.

    Similarly, in Amerithrax, if the FBI were to provide copies of the documents from September and October 2001 contained in the “Attachment 1A”s to the 302 interview statements, we would be able to reliably reconstruct Bruce Ivins activities and whereabouts at a time the FBI has speculated he was doing something nefarious. AUSA Lieber made a silk purse out of a sow’s ear in her characterizations.

    Instead, the reality is that instead of making weaponized anthrax, the evidence now suggests he was making a peanut butter cake.

    His computer records, for example, would be especially useful. He worked on his computer to prepare each Sunday’s church choir songs. While he is doing that — see the wrongfully withheld CART records — we know where he was and what he was doing.

    The FBI ignored Rep. Nadler’s attempt at oversight years ago — taking 9 months to send back a couple of gobbledygook sentences about silica. Think of the current situation as following from yours and Senator Leahy’s failure to have the FBI produce the documents evidencing Ivins’ activities and whereabouts in September and October 2001, to include the times and dates he filled up the car (see his wrongfully withheld credit card receipts), the times he posted on the internet and accessed his numerous internet email accounts etc.

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