CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* Christian Hassell never provided NAS the Notebook 3655, which related to Flask 1030 and was the seed stock sent to Dugway to make both Flask 1029 and the 340 ml. Ames then sent to USAMRIID in June 2001

Posted by DXer on October 9, 2015


6 Responses to “* Christian Hassell never provided NAS the Notebook 3655, which related to Flask 1030 and was the seed stock sent to Dugway to make both Flask 1029 and the 340 ml. Ames then sent to USAMRIID in June 2001”

  1. DXer said

    I received today a CD from the FBI re FOIA 1337661 re Notebooks 3655, 3945, 4251

  2. DXer said

    Both Flask 1030 and Dugway sample had the Silicon Signature — and Flask 1029 did not. Isn’t it likely that that the Dugway Ames spores shipped on June 2001 (that had used Flask 1030 as the seed stock) also had a silicon signature?

    Silicon Signature – what were samples 040030-2 and 040255-1 that showed Silicon Signature? If one was Flask 1030, what was the other? Dugway?

    • DXer said

      Flask 1030 DID have a silicon signature. Flask 1029 did NOT have a silicon signature. Question: And so which was more likely the seed stock used to make the anthrax mailed in Fall 2001? Answer: Flask 1030.

      Science 19 March 2010:
      Vol. 327 no. 5972 p. 1435
      DOI: 10.1126/science.327.5972.1435
      Silicon Mystery Endures in Solved Anthrax Case
      Yudhijit Bhattacharjee
      Scientists inside and outside the government say there is clear evidence that the high levels of silicon found in the anthrax used in the 2001 letter attacks came not from anything added to “weaponize” the anthrax spores—as researchers had suggested early in the probe—but from the culture in which the spores were grown. That evidence may have settled the issue of whether the anthrax was weaponized, at least for scientists familiar with the case. But it raises a different question: Why did the mailed anthrax have such a high proportion of spores with a silicon signature in comparison to most other anthrax samples?

  3. DXer said

    Dr. Christian Hassell reports that he was a member of the Iraq Survey Group in Baghdad.

    He, therefore, perhaps could tell us what the so-called Iraq sample that Ivins was given to test was.

    Whatever one’s theory of the Fall 2001 anthrax mailings, it is widely agreed that the anthrax mailings contributed to the invasion of Iraq.

    There is a keen public interest in transparency on these issues.

    GAO: Why are the so-called “Iraq sample” and Battelle discussed under the heading about IVINS’ knowledge of reported proposals to start conducting animal challenges at USAMRIID with dried Ames anthrax powder? What consulting did the DARPA-funded researchers at GMU’s Center for Biodefense who came to share a suite with Ali Al-Timimi do for Battelle in 1999? What work with virulent Ames did SRI in Frederick, MD do for those researchers?

    Posted by Lew Weinstein on December 14, 2011

  4. DXer said

    I have arranged for the uploading of the following dozens of civil depositions relating to Amerithrax. It seems that Dr. Chrisitian Hassell and Dr. Vahid Majidi need to be deposed about the withholding of Notebook 3655 from the NAS and from the public under FOIA.

    Dr. Dillon this past week has filed some administrative appeals before the FBI. It seems his FOIA matter is the closest to being ripe for litigation. Or perhaps there will be litigation relating to the truncating of the recent DOD review to not include the pre-911 shipment of the 340 ml from Dugway to USAMRIID for irradiation.

    As for my FOIA request, the FBI pretended that it did not receive the referral of my mid-summer request for Notebook 3655, which had been referred from USMRMC. The FBI (via Lauren) then resubmitted it, which the DOJ in defending a suit under FOIA might argue restarted the time running to respond.

    • 145-FOI-12774 (Getman) Deposition of Alnora O. Robinson_Redacted.pdf (94 KB) — Posted: 04/16/2014
    • 145-FOI-12774 (Getman) Deposition of Larry Lynn_Redacted.pdf (149 KB) — Posted: 04/16/2014
    • 145-FOI-12817 (Getman) Deposition of Dr. Salerno Redacted for Release.pdf (351 KB) — Posted: 04/15/2014
    • Adamoviczdeposition.pdf (38696 KB) — Posted: 05/01/2014
    • Andrews deposition 1.pdf (896 KB) — Posted: 05/01/2014
    • Andrews deposition 2.pdf (745 KB) — Posted: 05/01/2014
    • Andrews deposition 3.pdf (924 KB) — Posted: 05/01/2014
    • Arrison Redacted.pdf (143 KB) — Posted: 04/23/2014
    • Byrne deposition.pdf (39010 KB) — Posted: 05/01/2014
    • EdwardJEitzencivildepo.pdf (227 KB) — Posted: 04/16/2014
    • Elliott Deposition Redacted for Release.pdf (186 KB) — Posted: 04/15/2014
    • Friedlander Deposition Errata Sheet_Redacted.pdf (140 KB) — Posted: 04/15/2014
    • Friedlander Deposition_Redacted.pdf (79 KB) — Posted: 04/16/2014
    • Friend Deposition_Redacted.pdf (143 KB) — Posted: 04/16/2014
    • Hawley Redacted.pdf (4676 KB) — Posted: 04/23/2014
    • Jahrling Depo redacted 1-29-2014.pdf (134 KB) — Posted: 04/16/2014
    • LittleDeposition.pdf (67325 KB) — Posted: 05/01/2014
    • Wade Redacted.pdf (262 KB) — Posted: 04/23/2014
    • Welkos Deposition _Redacted.pdf (119 KB) — Posted: 04/15/2014
    • Worshamdepo.pdf (88862 KB) — Posted: 05/01/2014
    • Amerithrax depositions … Vol 1 Testimony of Dwight Adams, John Ashcroft, Timothy Beres, Gary Boyd (SAIC), Tom Carey
    • Amerithrax depositions … Vol 2 Testimony of Edward Cogswell, Barbara Comstock, Mark Corallo, Deborah Daniels, Darrell Darnell,
    Arthur Eberhart, James Fitzgerald
    • Amerithrax depositions … Vol 3 Testimony of Bradley Garrett, Stephen Guillot, Van Harp, Steven Hatfill
    • Amerithrax depositions … Vol 4 Testimony of Tracy Henke, Roscoe Howard, Michael Isikoff, Daniel Klaidman, Kenneth Kohl
    • Amerithrax depositions … Vol 5 Testimony of Michael Kortan, Nicholas Kristof, Richard Lambert, Allan Lengel
    • Amerithrax depositions … Vol 6 Testimony of Tony Loci, Robert Mueller, Peter Mueller, Virginia Patrick, Channing Phillips, James Reynolds
    • Amerithrax depositions … Vol 7 Testimony of Brian Ross, Robert Roth, Daniel Seikaly
    • Amerithrax depositions … Vol 8 Testimony of Bryan Sierra, James Stewart, Rex Stockham, Vic Walter, Debra Weierman

  5. DXer said

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