CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* Who told Ivins on December 17, 2006 not to tell anyone about missing samples — that the FBI situation was under control — and that “justification” for missing samples could be provided if necessary?

Posted by DXer on October 7, 2015

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9 Responses to “* Who told Ivins on December 17, 2006 not to tell anyone about missing samples — that the FBI situation was under control — and that “justification” for missing samples could be provided if necessary?”

  1. DXer said

    The heavily fictionalized “Hot Zone: Anthrax” has totally botched the timeline on subpoenas. The more dramatic point about the production of samples was the FBI’s delay in issuing them, the fact that their own scientist collecting the samples did not submit one even though a flask was in the refrigerator (and had been used to make a dried powder), and that the FBI threw out Ivins sample! Even though the slant used met the specs of the subpoena and others using equivalent slants were not thrown out. The issue of submission of samples in no way implicates Ivins. Instead, the FBI’s lame mischaracterizations on the issue evidences serious misconduct and even spoliation of evidence.

  2. DXer said

    Who told Ivins to shut up — that the missing samples could be explained if necessary?

  3. DXer said

    Will the FBI ever produce an Ivins or other section from the memo by Richard Lambert to FBI Director Mueller that addresses this?

  4. DXer said

    Scott Decker: Who took or were given the missing samples? Why doesn’t Scott address this email in his book?

  5. DXer said

    Scott Decker in his recent book writes:

    “[Steele, the UAB PhD] reviewed the pages from Ivins’s notebooks detailing multiple preparations of Ames spores made by fellow researchers at USAMRIID with assistance from Ivins. Steele wondered. Was Ivins holding back?” (p. 140)

  6. DXer said

    John Peterson of the Army has instructed the FOIA officer not to respond to any requests that (b)(6) exemptions be removed. (The emails were requested by New York Times reporter Scott Shane). When the email was belatedly produced years later, if Mr. Peterson understands me to have been under an obligation to appeal within a certain period of time, he is mistaken. I was not even the requestor. USAMRIID’s failure to respond to my request is fairly construed as a denial.

  7. DXer said

    Was he corresponding with his superior — the chief of bacteriology on December 18. 2006?

  8. DXer said

    when did Southern Research Institute (SRI) first obtain virulent Ames and from whom?

    Posted by Lew Weinstein on April 6, 2010

  9. DXer said

    Can you imagine that CDC is going to issue a report about USAMRIID inventory control and compliance with shipping requirements without addressing who wrote this to Ivins telling him, in so many words, to shut the f— up?”

    The person wrote Ivins: “If such cases arise, then we do have justification for missing samples.”

    Can you imagine that DOD is going to issue an accountability report while totally ignoring the issue?

    Let the person who wrote those words to Ivins come forward and explain the statement and its context — that is, what samples were missing and why.

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