CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* FBI Lab Director defends FBI anthrax science … NAS & GAO beg to differ

Posted by DXer on February 9, 2015


February 1, 2010

Letters to the Editor
The Wall Street Journal
1211 Avenue of the Americas,
New York, NY 10036

Dear Editor:

Monday’s opinion piece, “The Anthrax Attacks Remain Unsolved,” was filled with inaccuracies and omitted several relevant facts that are necessary for a balanced discussion of the science applied in the anthrax investigation.

From the outset, the FBI’s scientific work in the anthrax case has had a foundation in validation and verification of its approach and conclusions. This process began within weeks of the initial events of 2001 and has included:

  • consultation with numerous subject matter experts in technical panels;
  • collaboration with partner laboratories in government, academia and the private sector throughout the course of the investigation;
  • ongoing efforts to publish our work and that of our partner labs in peer-reviewed technical journals; and
  • analytical data and reports provided to the National Academy of Sciences so they can evaluate the scientific analysis applied to the evidence in the anthrax investigation.

The FBI is confident in the scientific findings that were reached in this investigation.

We utilized established biological and chemical analysis techniques and applied them in an innovative manner to reach these findings.

D. Christian Hassell, Ph.D
FBI Laboratory


* The GAO report has confirmed what the NAS said two years ago, which is that the FBI’s allegation that Dr. Bruce Ivins was the sole perpetrator of the 2001 anthrax attacks – or even involved in any way – is not supported by the scientific evidence the FBI has presented.            ...

* Selected extracts from the NAS Report on the FBI’s anthrax science:  RMR-1029 was not the immediate source … Other sources not ruled out … the FBI’s public scientific conclusions were not the same as those provided to NAS …


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  1. DXer said

    The two key peer-reviewed articles that were published were both exculpatory of Dr. Ivins. One related to the genetically distinctive subtilis — not found in Dr. Ivins’ lab. Another related meglumine and diatrizoate. Meglumine and diatrizoate were in Flask 1029 but not in the mailed anthrax.

    April 26, 2012 FBI Quantico Publication: The Detection of Meglumine and Diatrizoate In No Way Pointed To Bruce Ivins As The Perpetrator Or Involved At All; Meglumine and Diatrizoate were both detected in the USAMRIID RMR 1029 sample — but Meglumine and Diatrizoate were NOT detected in the 2001 letter spore evidence
    Posted by Lew Weinstein on May 9, 2012

    Numerous major newspapers and journals have published editorials urging that the FBI’s proposed solution of Amerithrax should be reconsidered. Frontline, ProPublic and McClatchy joined together in an in-depth investigative look and found the FBI’s evidence unconvincing. Most of Dr. Ivins’ colleagues, in sworn civil deposition testimony, have detailed the reasons the FBI’s “Ivins Theory” lacks merit. Senator Daschle, one of the recipients of the mailed anthrax, in a 2013 book emphasized: “To this day, authorities have not conclusively figured out who mailed those letters.” The FBI’s anthrax expert Claire Fraser-Liggett explained that the genetic analysis of the spores in Ivins’ flask do not indicate Ivins is guilty and that the FBI’s use of the science was misleading.

    The Government Accountability Office (GAO) concluded that the FBI’s reliance on four morphological variants was flawed. But even more fundamentally, that analysis merely narrowed things to several hundred scientists and others who had access. The reality that any one of them could have given the genetically matching Ames strain to someone else. Security at labs was very lax. Anyone with access to a lab could simply walk out with a pathogen. The FBI had estimated up to 377 had access required elimination — and that was just at USAMRIID. US Taylor nonetheless falsely claimed in August 2008 that only 100 needed to be eliminated. He premised his conclusion on the claim that only those with access at USAMRIID’s Building 1425 had to be eliminated — overlooking the fact that the genetically matching Ames was also stored in Building 1412.

    Dr. Ayman Zawahiri’s colleagues explained in 1998 that he intended to use anthrax against US targets to retaliate for the rendering of senior Egyptian Islamic Jihad (EIJ) leaders, to include Blind Sheik Abdel Rahman. Ali Mohammed, the EIJ head of intelligence, had a document on his computer seized by the FBI that outlined principles of cell security that would be followed. Ali Mohammed trained Dahab, a Cairo medical drop-out, to make deadly letters. Dahab was involved in the founding of the Blind Sheik’s Services Organization in Brooklyn.

    Dr. Ayman recruited Pakistan government scientist Rauf Ahmad to infiltrate Porton Down-sponsored conferences in the UK in 1999 and 2000. In 1999, after visiting a first lab that did not have pathogenic strain, Rauf Ahmad arranged to visit a second lab. He ominously began a letter to Dr. Ayman about that visit to the second lab: “I have successfully achieved the targets.” The public still does not know the identity of that second lab.

    Rauf Ahmad reported to Dr. Ayman that he had made contacts that were helpful in learning processing tricks. The official history of MI5 indicates that Ahmad was intercepted leaving with equipment and strains after the 2000 conference. At the 2000 conference, Rauf Ahmad’s presented his paper on harvesting anthrax in the wild and killing mice with 100 injected spores. That abstract is online. The FBI and CIA thus had reason to know that Al Qaeda’s anthrax scientist already had been working with virulent anthrax. The information on what he took with him from the 1999 lab continues to be suppressed. So it should be no surprise that the label of “anthrax spore concentrate” harvested in April 2001 appears to be in the handwriting of Rauf Ahmad. CIA Director Tenet reports in his book that Ahmad helped set up Yazid Sufaat’s lab in Kandahar in May 2001. Rauf Ahmad, in occasional correspondence, would not cooperate with me unless I paid him money. The Washington Post correspondent in Pakistan once arranged to conduct an interview but then the ISI backpedaled on its consent.

    The potential access to Ames is not reasonably denied. For example, a microbiologist connected to the Al Qaeda network, Ali Al-Timimi, shared a suite with the leading DARPA-funded Ames anthrax researchers at George Mason University. One, Ken Alibek, had been a former Russian bioweaponeer. The other had been the former commander of USAMRIID.

    Indeed, one non-citizen from Sudan and then Egypt for a few days in 1998 worked alongside Bruce Ivins in the B3 with Ames anthrax. He studied at Cairo Medical where Dr. Ayman Zawahiri recruited students to jihad every Friday. Dr. Ayman’s sister Heba taught microbiology at Cairo Medical. A federal undercover did my graphics which were then uploaded by Lew to his blog and made available for comment.

    David Relman, the Vice-Chairman of the National Academy of Sciences panel that reviewed the science relied upon in Amerithrax, explained in “Science” that Ames was detected at a lab in Afghanistan. Indeed, Ames was detected in the remains of the hijacker who came in June 2001. The hijacker had been at Kandahar, where Yazid Sufaat’s anthrax lab was located. Whenever there was a positive finding, however, the FBI concluded it was a false positive. Yet when a genetics test narrowed 700-1000 researchers to 300, the FBI closed the case.

    Yazid Sufaat told KSM that he was not at risk because he and his two assistants had been vaccinated to protect them against their work with virulent anthrax. One of those assistants was tortured and then kept in secret prisons in Jordan and Israel. He told his CIA interrogators that “I made the anthrax” but then later would recant.

    The main evidence relied upon by the FBI was Dr. Ivins’ work at night and on weekends in late September and early October 2001. The documents eventually produced by USAMRIID under FOIA and published on Lew’s blog, however, show that Dr. Ivins was working on an experiment with 52 rabbits. Checking on animals at night and on weekends was a one person job and would take a couple of hours. That is the amount of time Dr. Ivins spent in the lab. The binding and mandatory protocol required that the principal investigator conduct the observations for the first 7 days after the rabbits were injected in early October 2001. US Attorney Taylor in explaining Ivins’ overtime in Fall 2001 (including November and December) overlooked that the 2-person rule implemented in January 2002 that precluded such overtime. That is why there would have been no continuing late night hours working alone past December 2001. The FBI’s Amerithrax Investigative Summary makes no mention of the rabbits — it either was negligent for the FBI not to know of the experiment or 52 rabbits were knowingly stuffed down into a hat.

    Other imagined evidence involved a concocted interpretation of a coded message: “PAT FNY”. The only expert interviewed by the FBI about the code in the letters for which documents were produced disagreed with the FBI’s theory of code in the letters. He noted that all the letters needed for the FBI’s interpretation of the code were NOT double-lined. The documentary evidence showing that Ayman Zawahiri used “school” as code — the return address on the letters to the Senators — and not Bruce Ivins.

    Other evidence was exculpatory. For example, in a handwriting report nowhere mentioned in the Amerithrax Investigative Summary, concluded that Dr. Ivins probably did not write the letters.

    The genetically distinctive b. subtilis contaminant found in the Brokaw and New York Post anthrax letters was not found in Dr. Ivins lab. The FBI acknowledges it did not swab all the other suspect labs for b. subtilis contaminant. Similarly, meglumine and diatrizoate were in Flask 1029 but not in the mailed anthrax).

    The FBI, in the case they initially touted as being established by the scientific evidence, then turned to its stock psychological profile of a lone nut. The FBI’s key witness however, was Dr. Ivins’ first counselor who has written a 2009 book explaining that when she counseled Dr. Ivins, she was receiving her instructions each night from an alien. She reports that the alien, she believed, had implanted a microchip in her butt. She thought that murderous astral entities were attached to her clients in her new part-time addictions counseling gig. In her book, she explained that each night she would fly to Afghanistan and Ground Zero. The astral entities would chase her back home, and she would narrowly escape through a vortex of energy that would close up behind her. That counselor annotated the psychiatrists’ notes. Her notes were handed to the second counselor in July 2008 — and the second counselor then sought a restraining order that day against Dr. Ivins leading up to Dr. Ivins’ suicide. She alleged he was a murderous sociopath. The chain of events led to Dr. Ivins suicide.

    Lew Weinstein has done a huge public service. Week after week — over the course of years — he uploaded the original documents so that the public can see for itself the lack of evidence supporting the FBI’s Ivins Theory. The FBI must not rest on a mistaken intelligence and true crime analysis. Dr. Ayman Zawahiri and his fellow members are part of a cult of death. Dr. Ayman seems determined to attack the United States in a mass attack. Zawahiri has shown himself to be all too willing to kill innocents, to include innocent elderly and children.

    In written exchanges with me, Al Qaeda anthrax lab director Yazid Sufaat does not deny responsibility for the Fall 2001 anthrax mailings. Instead he “pleads the Fifth.” I believe Adnan El-Shukrijumah, who like Yazid Sufaat stayed at KSM’s house in Kandahar in September 2001, was the anthrax mailer.

    A number of the individuals associated with Al Qaeda’s anthrax program were closely associated with Adnan El-Shukrijumah. Adnan El-Shukrijumah was the son of a salaried Saudi missionary who while the family lived in Brooklyn would translate for Blind Sheik Abdel-Rahman. Shukrijumah was at a Sarasota, FL home with his accomplice, 911 lead hijacker Mohammed Atta. Shukrijumah called his mother on or about September 11, 2001 to tell her he was coming to the United States. He insisted he was coming over her protests that he would be arrested. The FBI reported that El-Shukrijumah, traveling under an alias, entered the United States sometime after September 1, 2001. The FBI did not tell the “Joint Inquiry” about Shukrijumah even though he was known to be an associate of Mohammed Atta. Shukrijumah was with Atta and the other hijackers at a Sarasota, FL home associated with a close advisor of a key Saudi Arabia prince.

    Leaked detainee statements from Guantanamo indicate that Shukrijumah lived in safe houses in Karachi from February 2002 to April 2002. Hawsawi was KSM’s assistant and had documents explaining how to turn anthrax into a powder. Al Qaeda’s anthrax lab was equipped with a dryer, centrifuge and the other equipment the FBI deems necessary to make a dried powder out of anthrax. Shukrijumah was killed in a raid in Pakistan’s tribal area late last year. The public may learn more about Shukijumah and his association with Mohammed Atta in a litigation under FOIA .

    Separately, documents in Ali Al-Timimi’s pending case may shed some light about his possible access to the genetically matching Ames. Ali Al-Timimi shared a suite with the leading DARPA-funded Ames anthrax researchers. “911 imam” Anwar Al-Awlaki was coordinating with his fellow Falls Church imam, Al-Timimi. Awlaki in the Al Qaeda publication “Inspire” — from his grave — urged followers to attack using a biological weapon. Ali Al-Timimi had unfettered access to ATCC, the largest microbiological repository in the world. The ATCC bacteriology collection scientist was the future head of the Amerithrax science investigation who would help guide the review by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) and the production of documents from the FBI to NAS.

    • DXer said

      Graeme MacQuean seems a cynical, fringe anti-US propagandist. He cannot even bring himself to mention or discuss Rauf Ahmad or Yazid Sufaat. I am embarrassed for him and his researcher Barry.

      On a scientific point, Graeme in a recent interview states:

      “You have to cultivate it in a particular way, to refine it and have the spores at a certain size and have them float through the air – so you want to turn the spore preparation into a kind of aerosol, so that it floats around like smoke. This isn’t easy to do. There are various ways of doing it, and this had the signature of the US method again.”

      Ha. No. There is no basis for his claim. Pray tell how he proposes to distinguish between the US method from the Russian method from the UK method or Iraq method etc. It is one thing to write a clueless book and not address Al Qaeda’s scientists working with virulent anthrax. But to still not be addressing Rauf Ahmad and Yazid Sufaat over a half year later shows that Graeme MacQueen is ill qualified to address the subject.

      Graeme’s field is religion and he has a project in Afghanistan. Given Adnan El-Shukrijumah’s alleged connection to MacMasters — where Graeme used to teach religion — the question any interviewer should ask Graeme is whether he knew Adnan Shukrijumah, whether at MacMasters or from Afghanistan.

      Graeme and Barry basically wrote up some 2002 news articles (albeit very lucidly) to support their loony political belief that the hijackers were not on the planes. Reading between the lines, I glean that Barry convinced newcomer Graeme that 911 was fraudulent. They nowhere mention the times Al Qaeda officials such as Bin Laden have addressed the subject. Bin Laden was in charge of the 19, he says, which is why he could report that Moussaoui was not slated to be one of them.

      Barry is offended when I use the word “stupid.” He lost all contact with me when I forwarded a copy of Bin Laden’s acknowledgement of being responsible for 911. But I simply don’t know a word more apt than stupid when someone is intentionally avoiding the issues and mischaracterizing the facts in connection with an event where 3000 people died.

      For Graeme not to address the announcement that Ayman Zawahiri intended to use anthrax against US targets — and then to use US “Dark Winter” exercise as evidence of someone US insider’s guilt — is intentionally misleading anti-US propaganda. If he knew the history, such as the Al Hayat letter bombs and Ali Mohammed’s training of Dahab in sending lethal letters, he would know that US biodefense had every reason to consider the possibility of the use of letters to send a bioweapon. There had been numerous hoax letters for several years.

      Now if Graeme and Barry wanted to show some basic understanding that the 19 men sent by Bin Laden were on the airplanes, then we can talk about Amerithrax. We could consider whether any US scientist (to include Ivins) was complicitous or negligent, for example. We could address whether the Bush Administration used the Fall 2001 anthrax letters as part of the pretext for invading Iraq.

      Until he addresses the issues of Al Qaeda’s anthrax program, Graeme MacQuean is not invited to the grown-ups table. If it turns out that he knows Adnan El-Shukrijumah, he should be placed on a watch list.

      • DXer said

        “Graeme MacQueen: Yes, but it wasn’t a vaccine you’re talking about now, it was an antibiotic, Cipro. Cipro is a strong antibiotic and it was the main one recommended against anthrax, against the disease called anthrax, at the time. This is one of the many kinds of fishy events in the history of the anthrax attacks. You and I wouldn’t be surprised to find that people started running to their drugstores and buying Cipro after October 3, when it was first announced somebody had pulmonary anthrax. But the interesting thing is that the run on Cipro, that is to say a great many people running out to buy it, started before October 3, about two weeks before.

        In other words, just so that our listeners understand, somebody put anthrax letters in the mail about a week after 9/11, but nobody was supposed to have known about that or discover that until October 3. And yet, in-between 9/11 and October 3, not only are there many warnings in the press about anthrax attacks, but there is a huge run on Cipro – people are running to the pharmacy and buying this antibiotic and they are doing it quite specifically because of anthrax threats and worries and fears.”

        This is stupid. Dr. Ayman’s colleagues on the EIJ shura — and the Blind Sheik’s attorney Montasser Al-Zayat — had announced that Dr. Zawahiri intended to use anthrax against US targets. The EIJ military commander and the EIJ shura member had spilled their guts about Dr. Ayman’s intentions to Egyptian security and then in the press a year later. The US IC knew this. On or about September 18, 2001, the NYT reported Atta’s inquiries about cropdusters. I went out and bought myself Cipro on or about September 21 and I’m just a member of the public. The fact that MacQuean did not follow these events — not even 911 — until many years later is irrelevant.

        Graeme of course is not the first one to point to WH taking Cipro. He is just seizing on news articles previously written. But given Dr. Zawahiri’s announced intention, the Secret Service would have been negligent, in my opinion, not to be all over the issue. MI5 had seized equipment and strains in 2000 from Rauf Ahmad upon leaving the dangerous pathogens conference in 2000. Rauf Ahmad was known to already be working with virulent anthrax based on his presentation at that conference.

        Published statements had been discussed openly in London mosques about the call for holy biowar — complete with Bin Laden’s response. Graeme is just ignorant of the history — interested only in spewing anti-US propaganda.

        Given MacQuean does not address the issues, demonstrates that his analysis is cynical propaganda calculated to mislead.

        Graeme, either address the issues or STFU.

        Anthrax, Al Qaeda and Ayman Zawahiri

        • DXer said

          On the subject of hoax letters dating to 1998, and concern over mailed anthrax, consider this October 6, 2001 email published this week by Jeb Bush referring to a September 25, 2001 email.

          To: “Governor Jeb Bush (E-mail)” [ email deleted by DXer ]

          From: “Moore, Tim” [ email deleted by DXer ]

          FW: Please read: possible ANTHRAX exposure

          We are beginning to see several of these kind of occurrences. The website
          included in this one is interesting. They tell me it was registered to an
          agency in Pakistan.


          —–Original Message—–
          From: OSI
          Sent: Saturday, October 06, 2001 5:46 PM
          To: Moore, Tim
          Cc: Driscoll, Michael; Schultz, Jay
          Subject: RE: Please read: possible ANTHRAX exposure

          Commissioner Moore:

          The email concerning a possible Anthrax exposure appears to have originated
          at the Kennedy Space Center. Contact was made with SAS Mike Driscoll of
          the FDLE Melbourne Field Office who contacted the appropriate local
          agencies. None were aware of any suspected anthrax exposure cases. Copies
          of this message are being forwarded to the Melbourne Field Office for
          possible follow-up on Monday. This is likely a hoax email message.

          The websites referenced in the email appear to be an attempt to educate the
          public about anthrax. It is interesting to note that the last website
          listed in this email (
          ) was registered to an
          agency in Pakistan.

          SA Wayne Dickey
          CIA Molly Akin
          Office of Statewide Intelligence

          —–Original Message—–
          From: Moore, Tim
          Sent: Saturday, October 06, 2001 1:53 PM
          To: OSI
          Cc: Ramer, Phil
          Subject: FW: Please read: possible ANTHRAX exposure

          Pls check this out and take a look at the websites provided. Let me know
          what you think?

          —–Original Message—–
          From: Moore, Tim
          Sent: Saturday, October 06, 2001 1:32 PM
          To: ‘POSEY.BILL.SEN.S15’
          Subject: RE: Please read: possible ANTHRAX exposure

          Senator….we will check it out……by copy of this reply, i’m forwarding
          the information to our Office of Statewide Intelligence. Have recieved
          similiar reports in last couple of days.


          —–Original Message—–
          From: POSEY.BILL.SEN.S15 [ email deleted by DXer ]
          Sent: Saturday, October 06, 2001 11:23 AM
          To: Moore, Tim
          Subject: FW: Please read: possible ANTHRAX exposure

          Tim, FYI Bill

          —–Original Message—–
          From: jim romine [ email deleted by DXer ]

          Sent: Friday, October 05, 2001 8:58 PM
          To: ‘Angie & Matt’; ‘Bob Brian’; ‘deanna’; ‘dewayne’; ‘Diana Welch’;
          ‘greg & karen’; ‘Jane’; ‘joe’; ‘jojo work’; ‘judi’; ‘kia’; ‘kristin’;
          ‘Linda Mc’; ‘mel’; ‘Nancy Trucks’; ‘Rhonda’; ‘Sammy’; ‘sandy & Larry’;
          ‘scott’; ‘Shane’
          Cc: ‘corky’; ‘Betsi’; ‘Bill & Katie’; ‘Bill & Nancy’; ‘Bill Posey’;
          ‘Bill Rucker’; ‘Bodie’; ‘Brenda K’; ‘Bruce & Darlene’; ‘Charles’; ‘cindi
          backup’; ‘Dave Purcell’; ‘Don & Linda Galuszka’; ‘glen ed’; ‘jeanne’;
          ‘Jim Mc’; ‘John Luzietti’; ‘kiki’; ‘Larry Shelton’; ‘Mike & Cathy’;
          ‘Mike K’; ‘Nui’; ‘Ross’; ‘tc’; ‘Anita’; ‘Brenda’; ‘Butch’; ‘Charlie Tom
          Wright’; ‘Chick’; ‘Connie E’; ‘dinah’; ‘Don Saunders’; ‘Dottie’; ‘duck’;
          ‘ears’; ‘Elaine & Jack’; ‘Gaynell’; ‘Gene K’; ‘Jackie Jackson’; ‘Jackie
          Johnson’; ‘James B’; ‘Jerry C’; ‘Jim Sherer’; ‘Jim Storey’; ‘John
          Wayne’; ‘Judy Lewis’; ‘Judy S’; ‘kin’; ‘Linda F’; ‘Manola’; ‘Margie’;
          ‘Marie Smith’; ‘MG Hodges’; ‘Mike Oliver’; ‘Pete McNair’; ‘Ray G’;
          ‘Rope’; ‘Sam H’; ‘Sandy Hughett’; ‘Sarah H’; ‘Ted’; ‘Tom Reid’;
          ‘Virgil’; ‘Zem’
          Subject: Please read: possible ANTHRAX exposure

          I received this from a friend who works at Kennedy Space Center and knows
          the author of this letter.
          I hope it is NOT true but because of all the other developments lately I
          thought I should share this one.


          Original message:
          From: Gobaira-1, Janet D
          Sent: Tuesday, September 25, 2001 4:16 PM
          To: TA All\Spaceport Services Directorate
          Cc: Kegley-1, Betty
          Subject: Please read, it could save your life!

          This is not a chain letter!

          Yesterday, a friend of my mother’s received a letter in the mail in a very
          plain looking envelope with an American Flag on it. It did not have any
          sender information, and the envelope is not on her possession anymore, so
          the date sent and its origin are unknown by us. The envelope was taken by
          the police for evaluation/investigation.

          She proceeded to open the envelope and in the process got some powdery
          substance on her body. After a few minutes she developed an “allergic
          reaction”. She is now under medical treatment for what they think is
          Anthrax exposure. The police is not disclosing this yet, not to cause
          widespread alarm.

          I’m writing this to make everyone aware of this threat, it is real! I had
          an awareness class on Nuclear, Bilogical, and Chemical Warfare threats and
          Anthrax was the main focus of it because it is easy and cheap to make. If
          you’d like more information on this, let me know.

          My advice to all of you is to
          Open all your mail with a letter opener, to avoid spreading any contents on
          your skin.
          If exposure occurs, contact your doctor as soon as possible, medical
          treatment exists but only when treated early.
          Never smell any envelopes.
          Please let those you care about know about this threat!
          Disinfection of contaminated articles may be accomplished using a 0.05%
          hypochlorite solution (1 tbps. bleach per gallon of water). Spore
          destruction requires steam sterilization.

          Anthrax spores may survive in the soil, water and on surfaces for many
          years. Spores can only be destroyed by steam sterilization or burning, but
          not by disinfectants.

          Antibiotic treatment is known to lessen the severity of the illness in
          workers who acquire Anthrax through the skin.
          There is no evidence of person-to person transmission of Anthrax. Quarantine
          of affected individuals is not recommended.

          When inhaled by humans, these particles cause respiratory failure and death
          within a week.
          Inhaled Anthrax was formerly thought to be nearly 100% fatal despite
          antibiotic treatment, particularly if treatment is started after symptoms

          More information may be obtained at the following sites:

          Hope this helps,

        • DXer said

          And as emails released this week by Jeb Bush indicate, just because someone obtains Cipro to have in their possession does not mean that they actually take it.

          To: ‘’
          From: “Jeb Bush”
          RE: (no subject)
          are their other antibiotics that work with anthrax?


          —–Original Message—–
          From: []
          Sent: Sunday, October 14, 2001 11:59 AM
          Subject: (no subject)


          Caught your act at the Miami — FSU game. You are certainly quick on your feet.

          I loved it. When asked about being an FSU fan, your answer of “But I’m from Miami” was diplomatically perfect. The Cane’s gave them an old fashioned ass whipping. didn’t they?

          I bought 100 Cipro just to have in my possession. FYI, Doxycyclene works well, and is cheaper. Margreet is in a different situation.


          Take care,


        • DXer said

          Jeb Bush is withholding from production the same info from early February 2001 (see Anthrax threat.doc) that his brother withheld about BIn Laden/Egyptian Islamic Jihad anthrax threat (see early February 2001 PDB withheld by former President Bush)

          The President’s brother now is also withholding the information. Jeb/Florida should be asked under FOIA to provide the “Anthrax.threat.doc” document transmitted on February 8, 2001.
          From: Moore, Tim
          To: Governor Jeb Bush (E-mail)
          Date: 2/8/2001 6:38:00 PM
          Subject: FW: Anthrax Threats
          Attachments: Anthrax threat.doc


          > —–Original Message—-> From: Bieltz, Larry
          > Sent: Tuesday, February 06, 2001 3:32 PM
          > To: Statewide Intelligence Team
          > Cc: Dawley, Joyce; Newman, Lance; Pellham, Mark
          > Subject: Anthrax Threats

          Background on President Bush’s withholding of the PDB:

          The threat to use mailed anthrax was described to President Bush by the CIA in a PDB in early February 2001 that is still classified. See 911 Commission Report.

          In January 2001, a bail hearing was announced for the Egyptian Islamic Jihad/Vanguards of Conquest #2. A threat to use anthrax was immediately sent to those responsible for the detention and threatened deportation to Cairo. Bail was denied on October 5 and then the mailer rushed to mail the good stuff.

          The lawyer for the EIJ spiritual guide had announced in 1999 that Zawahiri intended to use anthrax to retaliate for the rendering and detention of senior EIJ leaders — and the plan was confirmed by the detained EIJ military leader (and another shura leader who was working for Egyptian intelligence services).

          The late January threat was sent by the same people who sent letter bombs to the people symbolically responsible for the WTC 1993 plotters.
          It was embarrassing to the Bush Administration because not only were they given express warning, but it is the former assistant of then White House Chief of Staff who the FBI suspects of accessing the biochemistry information relating to the concentration of anthrax using silica. See filing of defendant’s defense counsel Turley.

          Anthrax, Al Qaeda and Ayman Zawahiri: The Infiltration of US Biodefense

      • DXer said

        Bin Laden has publicly addressed the issue of using anthrax in response to an open letter from London Radical Sheik Al-Bakri. It would have been negligent after OBL attacked with planes on 9/11, not to be prepared for an anthrax attack.

        Graeme and Barry might have taken a break from their hatred of the US long enough to pull up Bin Laden’s response using the Wayback Machine.

      • DXer said

        Blind Sheik Abdel-Rahman’s lawyer Montasser Al-Zayat announced in 1999 that Ayman Zawahiri would use anthrax against US targets to retaliate for imprisonment of senior EIJ leaders, most notably Blind Sheik Abdel-Rahman. Indeed, the anthrax mailer, IMO, rushed to mail the second round of anthrax immediately upon the news on October 5, 2001 that the bail of EIJ #2 Mahjoub — in Canada — had been denied.

        Graeme, did Blind Sheik Abdel-Rahman ever speak at McMasters? Was a rally for Mahjoub ever held there? Awlaki, Al-TImimi and Dhafir spoke in Canada the month or so before 9/11 — they also spoke that summer in the UK.

      • DXer said

        MacQuean writes:

        ” Al Qaeda didn’t have anthrax.”

        Ah, but you see, they did. If you actually addressed the issue, Graeme, in your book and read and researched on the subject — if you ever actually addressed the issues — you would have discovered that.

        CIA and FBI Knew Rauf Ahmad harvested “anthrax spore concentrate” for Al Qaeda for experiment on guinea pigs on “7-4-001″ – handwriting on anthrax spore concentrate is same as handwriting of Rauf Ahmad in correspondence planning anthrax lab with Ayman Zawahiri
        Posted by Lew Weinstein on November 26, 2014

        If Yazid Sufaat and his assistants had not been working with virulent anthrax at the Kandahar lab, there would have been no reason for them to have been vaccinated
        Posted on September 22, 2014

        Abdur Rauf’s “I have successfully achieved” letter to Ayman al-Zawahiri
        Posted on July 4, 2009

        The Chair of the Dangerous Pathogens 2000 conference at which the Al Qaeda scientist’s Rauf Ahmad’s research on killing mice with anthrax was presented, worked at the University of Maryland Biotechnology Center while advising the FBI’s Amerithrax Investigation ; the paper Dr. Baillie presented was co-authored with sequencer of the Ames strain
        Posted by Lew Weinstein on November 16, 2014

      • DXer said

        Graeme writes:

        “What it comes down to is evidence. Do I have the evidence to support my argument? And if a person wants to know, they’ll have to read the book because the devil is in the details.”

        Yes, and from his book we see that Graeme nowhere addresses the evidence. For example, instead of the leaked detainee reports, he relies on newspaper articles from 2002. He NOWHERE addresses the facts of Dr. Ayman Zawahiri’s anthrax program.

        So the problem is not that his theory is a conspiracy theory, it is that it is a very poorly researched theory. He does not even attempt to rely on primary source documents about Al Qaeda’s anthrax program. He merely blends his political preconception with some newspaper articles, mainly from 2002. (That pretty much is when his researcher Barry formed his thinking; and Barry has long told me he is interested only in the politics and not the true crime aspects). For example, if he is going to address Al Qaeda and anthrax, you would think Graeme would turn to the correspondence between Ayman Zawahiri and infiltrating scientist Rauf Ahmad. Or you would think he would turn to the filmed interview of Yazid Sufaat.

        Even as to his use of the newspaper articles is highly misleading. For example, Ari Fleischer said that while the strain was a US strain, that did not establish who accessed it.

        It was only the FBI’s stock profile — the FBI’s own preconception — that pointed to an American lone nut.

        Anthrax, Al Qaeda and Ayman: the Infiltration of US Biodefense

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