CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* FRONTLINE: New Doubt Casts Doubt on FBI’s Anthrax Investigation

Posted by DXer on December 20, 2014

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5 Responses to “* FRONTLINE: New Doubt Casts Doubt on FBI’s Anthrax Investigation”

  1. DXer said

    The learned forensic scientist, Dr. Michael Garvey, PhD (former FBI, former CIA, current head of forensic science for the City of Philadelphia) has explained:

    “In the Amerithrax investigation, the FBI report discusses OCONUS samples that had inconsistent results for the presence of B. anthracis and possibly even indications of the presence of the Ames strain. However, these results were ultimately discarded by the FBI due to the inconsistencies in the various testing results, sampling procedures, and methodology used by the FBI and IC. As this case never reached trial and the details of this intelligence based collection is mostly classified, it cannot be fully addressed.”

    Separately he noted:

    “The reporting suggests that B. anthracis consistent with Ames strain was identified from this location. However, without full disclosure of the scientific data, one cannot ascertain whether these results are reliable. If reliable, did these results indicate the presence of Ames strain in an Al Qaeda lab from a laboratory transfer or is there an isolate of B. anthracis that is located in the undisclosed region of the world that developed similar markers to the Ames strain through parallel evolution. More importantly, these results show the importance of fully understanding the limitations of an assay in order to better explain its results.”

    Microbial Forensics and U.S. National Security: Science and Strategy
    Garvey, Michael
    Date: 2014-08

    If the CIA concluded from the molecular evidence that there was Ames at the Afghanistan lab — and the FBI discarded those results — and Ames anthrax genetics expert Les Baillie was working for the FBI on Amerithrax at the NMRC in Maryland (where the FBI repository was kept), wasn’t that a conflict of interest beyond pale?

    Dr. Garvey notes:

    “While the FBI would perform extensive investigations on each consultant in order to verify his/her suitability to assist the investigation and rule them out as a subject of the investigation, this unique aspect of the investigation could be correlated to a forensic examiner, who is suspected of a sexual assault, being consulted on and examining the sexual assault evidence in the same case.” (p. 79)

  2. DXer said


    What does Al Qaeda anthrax lab director Yazid Sufaat think about the GAO report?

    Who gave Rauf Ahmad the samples taken from his luggage when leaving Les Baillie’s “Dangerous Pathogens 2000″ conference? (I don’t know). FN See news reports of MI5 authorized biography. Who gave him the samples at the second lab he visited in 1999? (I don’t know)

    Was it Amerithrax scientist, UK’s Les Baillie? Dr. Baillie knew Rauf Ahmad was working with virulent anthrax killing mice with 100 injected spores — because the research was presented at the 2000 conference that Dr. Baillie organized and hosted.

    Rauf Ahmad made this large bottle of “anthrax spore concentrate” in April 2001 before setting up Yazid Sufaat’s lab in Kandahar. The boots on the ground apparently were too late to seize the bottle.

    Didn’t Les Baillie work at NMRC helping Amerithrax with the repository of samples? He is the one who organized the conferences attended by Rauf Ahmad and hosted him in 2000 when Rauf Ahmad’s work with virulent anthrax was presented. Dr. Baillie, the Ames anthrax genetics expert, came to Maryland in mid-September 2001 to discuss anthrax and then came to work for the FBI’s Amerithrax investigation for the NMRC, which handled the Amerithrax samples.

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