CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* Deposition Excerpt of Bruce Ivins’ Assistant Kristie M. Friend

Posted by DXer on February 21, 2014


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8 Responses to “* Deposition Excerpt of Bruce Ivins’ Assistant Kristie M. Friend”

  1. DXer said

    Kristi Friend explained in the newly produced civil deposition:

    Q. What was the rest of your involvement with that?
    A. Well, the letter at that point in time was taken into several biosafety level three laboratories for various tests. The one that I was primarily involved with was with Dr. Ivins. The letter was taken into bacterial Suite 3, so B3 in building 1425.
    Q. Okay.
    A. And our mission was to determine how many spores were present in that powder so we could determine to see how many colony-forming units were present. So to determine the exact volume of what was present in that letter.
    Q. And who was charged with that, Dr. Ivins and you?
    A. Dr. Ivins was charged with that, and I assisted him, for two reasons; A, I was the one that was detailed to DSD. It was really their evidence, so to speak.
    Q. So it was kind of an overlap there?
    A. Right. But Dr. Ivins was directed to do this work by Dr. Peter Jarling, who at that point in time was a senior scientist at USAMRIID, and he was given that order by the commander, who at that time I believe was Colonel Eidson, I believe.
    Q. Good memory. A. Yes, most of it is. Some of it. Q. So the letter has to be taken from this
    AR — A. 105.
    Q. — 105 to — within building 1425, so it’s transferred within the building to B3. And B3 is a BSL 3-level laboratory.
    A. Correct.
    Q. Is there some type of procedure or was there some type of procedure for doing that?
    A. For transferring the sample?
    Q. Yes.
    A. Yes. So we —
    Q. Because the AR — I have got to look back at
    the numbers — the AR 105 is not a BSL level 3 lab, right?
    A. That’s correct. It was a Biosafety Level 2 lab. (p. 32)

    • DXer said

      Q. I never saw that. Okay. Did you ever see any suspended anthrax in the air from the letter?
      A. No.
      Q. Can you describe what you saw in terms of the powder, what it looked like?
      A. It was pretty grainy. It was definitely white. That’s about it. I mean, white and grainy. It looked more — (p. 41)

      Q. Fine?
      A. Finer than sand probably would be.

      Q. Let’s start with that, with the letter.
      A. Yes. So by that point in time we had
      received the New York Post letter and the Tom Brokaw letter.
      Q. So you get the Daschle letter first —
      A. Yep.
      Q. — the Post letter second —
      A. Yeah. I think the Post and the Brokaw
      letter came together. p. 42)

  2. DXer said

    I’ll upload the rest of Kristi Friend’s civil deposition. I was pleasantly diverted by the mute swans.

    When asked for comment in a round-robin session about the DEC’s press announcement on Friday, the swans invoked the cardinal rule, craned their necks, gave owl-eyed looks, goosed one another, groused, turned turkey, ducked the question, chickened out, walked away pigeon-towed . . . and remained mute.

    One, though, (I think his name was Jay), is usually taci-tern, wren-ched his back by parroting the question, and then swallowed hard and sniped “This is our swan song, so please speak up – I’m having trouble heron you. The gull of some people – what loons! Like they never had an albatross around their necks?”

    Birds of a feather, ya know?

  3. DXer said

    The entire civil deposition of Kristie Friend will be produced by DOJ Civil before long. I have no information that it is protected by a protective order.

    I don’t believe we have ever seen the protective order of the depositions of Dr. Ivins’ assistants to understand the grounds for sealing them — and then to shred them. In fact, we don’t actually have confirmation that they were shredded. If I were in the shredding room, I would have said, “Uh-uh. Not me. Let Mikey shred them.”

    • DXer said

      In her newly produced civil deposition, Kristi Friend explained that Dr. Ivins treated her well and had only the occasional bad day such is normal for people. Once he got mad Pat Fellows took a green sharpie marker and colored his glasses in and it wouldn’t come out.

      She says as to the Yankees that there was a broom that would go back and forth between colleagues and Bruce depending on whether the Yankees won or lost. (pp. 78-82)

  4. DXer said

    I understand Kristie to be saying that before her security clearance, she grew the new Ames grown in Biolevel 2, not Biolevel 3. It was then brought into the BL-3 and used in experiments.

    • DXer said

      Most people didn’t know that prior to 9/11, liquid anthrax was a biolevel-2 pathogen.

    • DXer said

      Dr. Susan Welkos testified:

      “Anthrax can only be handled in BSL 2 level, the lower level, if you’re working with small volumes, small volumes of material, liquid volumes or — and if you’re using procedures that don’t generate a mist, an aerosol, like using a mixer, and because that’s of course, you know, always a risk; that’s why we always do all of our work with the virulent — the hot — the virulent strains in the higher containment level.” p. 61.

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