CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* DOJ Civil FOIA and USAMRIID FOIA are processing civil depositions from US v. Stevens upon request (to the extent not subject to protective order)

Posted by DXer on December 20, 2013

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7 Responses to “* DOJ Civil FOIA and USAMRIID FOIA are processing civil depositions from US v. Stevens upon request (to the extent not subject to protective order)”

  1. DXer said

    Five additional civil depositions have been uploaded to the USAMRIID Electronic Reading Room. Many more to come.
    The delay was due to me having to learn the Army’s SAFE method of transferring large files.

    Thanks again to both DOJ Civil and USAMRIID FOIA.

    • DXer said

      The civil depositions uploaded thus far are here:

      Contents of: Depositions

      • 145-FOI-12774 (Getman) Deposition of Alnora O. Robinson_Redacted.pdf (94 KB) — Posted: 04/16/2014
      • 145-FOI-12774 (Getman) Deposition of Larry Lynn_Redacted.pdf (149 KB) — Posted: 04/16/2014
      • 145-FOI-12817 (Getman) Deposition of Dr. Salerno Redacted for Release.pdf (351 KB) — Posted: 04/15/2014
      • Adamoviczdeposition.pdf (38696 KB) — Posted: 05/01/2014
      • Andrews deposition 1.pdf (896 KB) — Posted: 05/01/2014
      • Andrews deposition 2.pdf (745 KB) — Posted: 05/01/2014
      • Andrews deposition 3.pdf (924 KB) — Posted: 05/01/2014
      • Arrison Redacted.pdf (143 KB) — Posted: 04/23/2014
      • Byrne deposition.pdf (39010 KB) — Posted: 05/01/2014
      • EdwardJEitzencivildepo.pdf (227 KB) — Posted: 04/16/2014
      • Elliott Deposition Redacted for Release.pdf (186 KB) — Posted: 04/15/2014
      • Friedlander Deposition Errata Sheet_Redacted.pdf (140 KB) — Posted: 04/15/2014
      • Friedlander Deposition_Redacted.pdf (79 KB) — Posted: 04/16/2014
      • Friend Deposition_Redacted.pdf (143 KB) — Posted: 04/16/2014
      • Hawley Redacted.pdf (4676 KB) — Posted: 04/23/2014
      • Jahrling Depo redacted 1-29-2014.pdf (134 KB) — Posted: 04/16/2014
      • LittleDeposition.pdf (67325 KB) — Posted: 05/01/2014
      • Wade Redacted.pdf (262 KB) — Posted: 04/23/2014
      • Welkos Deposition _Redacted.pdf (119 KB) — Posted: 04/15/2014
      • Worshamdepo.pdf (88862 KB) — Posted: 05/01/2014
      • Amerithrax depositions … Vol 1 Testimony of Dwight Adams, John Ashcroft, Timothy Beres, Gary Boyd (SAIC), Tom Carey
      • Amerithrax depositions … Vol 2 Testimony of Edward Cogswell, Barbara Comstock, Mark Corallo, Deborah Daniels, Darrell Darnell,
      Arthur Eberhart, James Fitzgerald
      • Amerithrax depositions … Vol 3 Testimony of Bradley Garrett, Stephen Guillot, Van Harp, Steven Hatfill
      • Amerithrax depositions … Vol 4 Testimony of Tracy Henke, Roscoe Howard, Michael Isikoff, Daniel Klaidman, Kenneth Kohl
      • Amerithrax depositions … Vol 5 Testimony of Michael Kortan, Nicholas Kristof, Richard Lambert, Allan Lengel
      • Amerithrax depositions … Vol 6 Testimony of Tony Loci, Robert Mueller, Peter Mueller, Virginia Patrick, Channing Phillips, James Reynolds
      • Amerithrax depositions … Vol 7 Testimony of Brian Ross, Robert Roth, Daniel Seikaly
      • Amerithrax depositions … Vol 8 Testimony of Bryan Sierra, James Stewart, Rex Stockham, Vic Walter, Debra Weierman

  2. DXer said

    The next civil deposition featured likely will be Dr. Adamovicz.

    The order of civil depositions and deposition excerpts to be uploaded to this blog likely will be:

    The Videotaped deposition of COLONEL WILLIAM R. BYRNE, M.D. held on Tuesday, January 18, 2011

    The Videotaped deposition of SUSAN WELKOS, Ph.D. held on Wednesday, November 3, 2010

    The Videotaped deposition of ARTHUR M. FRIEDLANDER, M.D. held on Wednesday, June 8, 2011

    The depositions also are available to any requestor by emailed request to the address above at

    It has not cost anything but I have only sought the written transcript rather than the videotape (copying a videotape might cost).

    Some requestors are being given electronic copies. For whatever reason, I am being given only hard copies.

  3. DXer said

    A media requestor has an advantage in obtaining a fee waiver. As I mentioned, I have not yet asked for the civil depositions by the witnesses who testified about vulnerabiiities to the theft of pathogens. My distribution of the full civil depositions as widely as possible is what makes any request for a fee waiver so strong. But a request by the NYT or McClatchy is all the more powerful because of mass media’s ability to reach the public audience.

  4. DXer said

    I have contacted the wonderful USAMRIID FOIA person who agrees with me that it is a good idea to upload the civil depositions to the USAMRIID Electronic Reading Room. Nothing beats Cryptome for speed in upload. But it will be ideal to have the depositions grouped with the other material bearing on the FBI’s “Ivins Theory” of the Fall 2001 anthrax incidents.

    In just what I had typed today from Dr. Worsham, I can see how many important substantive points were being made — those familiar with the sub-issues will appreciate that Attorney James Kovakas’ expert assistance was time-well spent in furthering the purpose of the FOIA statute.

  5. DXer said

    If ever you have any substantive questions about a request to DOJ Civil, the DOJ Civiil FOIA Civil Attorney in Charge James Kovakas is highly expert and is very knowledgeable. He is especially good in explaining the statutory provisions, including exemptions to disclosure. You will really feel that the Government in the Sunshine Act is realizing its fullest potential under his oversight. Proper balancing of competing interests requires such expertise.

    Unfortunately, I was given only a hard copy and so I might be a little slower than usual in sharing.

    You should not bother to ask for “5” Patricia Fellows or “6” or Mara Linscott. They were filed under seal and then subject to shredding. Also, I asked for Dr. Ezzell’s deposition by mistake. I have no reason to think John was deposed. The remaining scientists are top anthrax scientists, former chiefs of bacteriology etc. They all give powerful testimony. Thanks again to Lew for providing such critical assistance.

    • DXer said

      Susan Welkos is another anthrax vaccine expert who was deposed and gave highly pertinent testimony — she is both highly expert and has personal knowledge of the facilities etc.

      There is also Dr. Jarhling’s expert, an expert on viruses. He testified about the presentation by the psychiatrists to the DNI in 2011. DNI staff should turn to the behavioral report by those psychiatrists and study how many times they cited Judith M. The woman who in 2009 wrote a book explaining that she was receiving her instructions each night from an alien who warned her about the murderouos astral entities attached to her clients in her new part-time counseling gig. She thought the murderous astral entities were prusuing her.

      The DNI staff should ask themselves: Why didn’t the psychiatrists point out their mistake? Even Al Qaeda now apologizes for beheading the wrong fellow. Even the fellow who thinks a First Grader wrote the letters agrees that the genetically matching Ames was stored in Building 1412.

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