CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* In a document produced today by USAMRIID, Dr. Ivins described his work with the 52 rabbits in late September 2001/first week of October 2001

Posted by DXer on November 15, 2013

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  1. DXer said

    How slow is the Army USAMRMC Commander in passing on pursuant to FOIA the 3 notebooks showing the disposition of the Ames used to murder 5 people in Fall 2001?

    Well, how slow is molasses?

    “Please, Br’er Fox, don’t fling me in dat brier-patch,”

  2. DXer said

    The page above is an Addendum to the protocol. Work continued the protocol.

    The protocol B01-11 was approved on July 23, 2001. The email on July 23, 2001 when animal proposal 1-28 was approved is online. On that date, Dr. Ivins was informed that the protocol as executed was numbered B01-11.

    Lab Notebook 4241 and the emails were withheld from Dr. Ivins — thus preventing him from reconstructing his time. I have uploaded the documents showing his attempts to obtain the documents. The FBI took the only copy of 4241 from USAMRIID and would not return it. The FBI similarly kept the only copy from USAMRIID from years until Lew forced the issue by exposing the issue.

    The documents show that the first 52 rabbits were killed the first week of October. The challenge was on October 2. To be precise, Dr. Ivins made the spores for the experiment on October 1. The rabbits were injected on October 2. He did the spore count on October 3. He went in to the B3 that weekend because he was required to monitor the 52 rabbits and the protocol was mandatory. The animal protocol committee member reports to me that Ivins was very conscientious about the well-being of the animals.

    Here is some of the contemporaneous evidence (all of it admissible evidence) that the DOJ/FBI withheld from both Dr. Ivins and the public for years. The former DOJ paralegal could confirm to the GAO, if interviewed, when the documents were entered to the DOJ database and confirm the description contained in the index of documents. The interview of that paralegal then could be disclosed pursuant to GAO rules.

    By email dated July 23, 2001, Dr. Ivins received notice of approval of an animal protocol that then was assigned protocol number B01-11; that protocol also should be obtained under FOIA. Relatedly, where is the passive mouse protocol implemented in September 2001?
    Posted by Lew Weinstein on December 9, 2011

    GAO: With regard to this form about the 52 rabbits posted by Dr. Ivins on October 4, 2001 in his lab notebook, the name of the other person should be disclosed; the form attached Animal Protocol B01-11 to be followed.
    Posted by Lew Weinstein on October 16, 2012

    12 rabbits then died on day 3 and 4 and more on day 5; Ivins time then spent the extra time on those nights; AUSA Rachel Lieber got her facts seriously wrong in the investigative summary; DOJ should have required citations to the record.
    Posted by Lew Weinstein on January 3, 2012

  3. DXer said

    Putting aside the issue of prosecutorial misconduct relating to the withholding of information relating to the 52 rabbits, the issue can be even more easily framed:

    Dr. Ivins spent more time in the B3 at night in the 10 DAYS BEFORE 9/11 than he did the 20 DAYS AFTER 9/11 !

    The rest is just song and dance to the tune of supposition, innuendo and conclusory assertion — and some people dance to music only they can hear long after the music has stopped playing.

    I’ve spent the afternoon using a digitizer to try to scan a 3D image of a design of a lightbulb and peace symbol. It will be be a christmas ornament called “Peace Through Innovation”. I’m fascinated by the promise of 3D printing and made my share of doodads this week. Although I am especially tempted by the portable scanner by the company 3D Printing (called SENSE) now sold at STAPLES, I would find some open hack space or library with a 3D printer to see what a year further innovation will do.

  4. Nitrogen said

    Hey Dxer

    You might remember the video I sent you of a police officer wearing sap gloves that beat a man in a wheelchair then grabbed the man by the neck and flipping the man over backwards still in the wheelchair and wearing a back brace.

    After seeing the video the Police Chief for the community were it happened fired the officer citing his actions in the video and the fact that the officer was already on probation for several other counts of misconduct while employed in his department. He also let it be known that the officer had left a different department due to similar misconduct before being hired by his department.

    The Officer was charged and the trial was moved to a different jurisdiction. As the trail began and the prosecution was presenting it’s case six envelops were found throughout the court house containing Bacillus thuringiensis, Bacillus cereus and according to the new articles the state health officials are still trying to find out what other Bacillus bacteria was contained in the envelopes.

    The outcome of the case against the officer.

    I can’t help but wonder how the bioterrorism affected the jury’s decision.

    Though you might be able to enlighten me, any thoughts?

    • DXer said

      Interesting question ripped from today’s news. I guess I would want to know which county departments received the mailings. What did the letters say? If the officer had been convicted, perhaps his defense counsel would have moved for a mistrial on the grounds that the jurors were rattled.

      The officer lost his job and those are some pretty harsh words from his boss. If a man in a wheelchair strikes an officer, the officer might best just step away from the wheelchair and further assess the situation — rather than get caught up in the heat of the emotion one feels upon being struck.

      Separately, sending such letters is a very stupid crime. Moreover, I am sure the prosecutor and investigators are highly motivated to solve it.

      I would not draw any inference as to any connection to the trial — but I am sure that is a hypothesis they will consider. Investigators in Duluth have no motivation to hide misconduct on the part of the officer — and instead likely are chagrined at his acquittal.

      The mysterious white powder found in the Pine County Courthouse on Tuesday didn’t consist of “bioterrorism organisms,” the Minnesota Department of Health said Friday.

      The substance was found in six envelopes in various county departments about 1:30 p.m., and the building was evacuated about 1:45 p.m. The incident interrupted the first day of the assault trial of former Duluth police officer Richard Jouppi. The trial was not resumed until Wednesday.

      On Tuesday, the prosecutor in the Richard Jouppi assault trial was in the midst of questioning his fifth witness around 1:45pm when a bailiff came in and handed a note to the judge.
      Judge John DeSanto immediately told everyone in the room that court was adjourned and instructed everyone to leave the building immediately.
      Two hundred people were evacuated from the building, and the courthouse was shut down for the remainder of the day.

    • DXer said

      In contrast, does the secrecy over anthrax investigation relate to protection of national security? Or does it relate to the fact that men like Al-Barq and Hud al-Sudani were allegedly tortured. There is no news even of where Hud al-Sudani was taken. Is he alive or dead?

      And you may remember the secrecy that surrounded the case of Aafia SIddiqui whose 911-planner / husband on trial at Gitmo tasked her with giving an assessment of Al-Barq’s ability. Aafia says she researched bioweapons at Karachi technical institute for 6 months.

      FBI Director Mueller deemed his mandate to be prevention rather than prosecution — but that doesn’t mean DOJ should throw the baby out with the bath water.

      The anthrax victims have rights too. It’s time to go outside and retrieve the baby. Someone left him outdoors. For starters, the USG should declassify and disclose that Al Qaeda was using virulent Ames.

      Gitmo trip rankles Cape Cod mother of 9/11 victim

      “You’ve forgotten us,” she said of the victims’ families. The public needs to hear what’s going on at Gitmo — the truth, she said.

      “9/11 is over for a lot of people. It’s not over for us. We have the pain of 9/11 every day,” DeConto said. “We want justice.”

      Back at home in Sandwich, DeConto said the government is bending too much to men who have not only admitted their roles in the attacks, but have spoken proudly about what was done.

      “Nobody said these men don’t deserve a fair trial — a fair trial, their day in court, but not 12 years of dragging this on,” she said. “I think the national press has been remiss in what they’re supposed to do.”

      “We’re typically more reserved,” Choate said of her family. “It’s time to take the gloves off because it’s not getting anywhere. The defense is focused on the wrong things.”

      DeConto said it felt good to get some things off her chest. “You know, I did feel better telling (the attorney) off. I did. I felt better telling the press off, too. It’s the first time I’ve really expressed anger in all of these things that I’ve been through, and it kind of surprised me.”

      “They did this to 3,000 innocent people who were going to work that day, mostly. There wasn’t anybody on the battlefield.”

      Lawyers For Alleged 9/11 Plotters Demand Interrogation Docs

      Law360, New York (October 25, 2013, 5:31 PM ET) — A team of 14 attorneys representing the five alleged conspirators of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks have asked President Barack Obama to declassify details about their clients’ interrogation, saying the classification process is suppressing evidence in the case.

      The lawyers for alleged co-conspirators Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Walid Bin Attash, Ramzi bin al-Shibh, Ali Abd al-Aziz Ali and Mustafa al-Hawsawi said in an Oct. 22 letter to the president released Friday that the government is trying to conceal war crimes — namely torture — by classifying documents revealing what happened during their clients’ time in theCIA’s detainee interrogation program, known as the rendition, detention and interrogation (RDI) program.


      “Quite simply, the classification of the RDI program is suppressing evidence, suppressing the truth, and ultimately will suppress any real justice,” the attorneys wrote. “This suppression violates our law and degrades our well-established jurisprudence regarding the defense of death penalty cases.”

    • DXer said

      I first pointed to Yazid Sufaat as being the lab director in March 2002.

      I pointed to Rauf Ahmad later that year when the Khawaja compound was raided (the compound of a family of doctors was harboring the families of EIJ leaders). (The NYT first reported his involvement in 2005).

      I pointed to Barq being captured as early as 2004 — although offhand I see only links to essays published in 2007. Now we are hearing about Barq’s role in the media for the first time in November 2013.

      The strain Al Qaeda was using is still classifed and withheld.

      I’m telling you — plain and simple — that Al Qaeda was using the virulent Ames strain and there cannot be continued delay in having that declassified and made known.

      To let some government bureaucrats hide that fact from the public just because they thought they would get in trouble for negligently allowing the Fall 2001 anthrax mailings to occur is wrong.

      FBI, CIA, USAMRIID, DIA, DARPA, the Joint Chiefs — people are either part of the problem or part of the solution.

      On the merits of the cotton candy “Ivins Theory,” Vahid Majidi and others are still actively playing hide-the-ball.

      For example, as recently as September 2013, Vahid Majidi knowingly failed to correct themselves on whether Dr. Ivins had reason to be in the lab.

      After years of withholding the documents relating to the 52 rabbits for years they now just pretend not to know about them.

      The issue is far too serious to suffer fools gladly.

      Declassify and disclose the strain that Al Qaeda was using NOW.

    • DXer said

      Looking at the video:

      On the merits, the man was intoxicated, had just been standing, had been in a fight earlier that night, and his hands were still flailing throughout.

      He sat while the officer was taking off his jacket but then suddenly (apparently unprovoked) struck him with an open hand and continued to flail his arms.

      The other officer perhaps might have helped by grabbing his wrists but it happened pretty quick and the wheelchair was pretty much in her way.

      As it was, the man who was intoxicated and unruly got hit twice in return for his one unprovoked hit.

      As to the officer’s employment status, he had been disciplined for unrelated matters and he was facing a “last chance.”

      Thus, I do not find the jury’s verdict surprising. But nor do I find the employment decision unfair given his probationary status.

      Nor do I think that Amerithrax represents more than Dr. Ayman Zawahiri being a formidable, sneaky and murderous adversary.

      Law enforcement so often is in a position of being damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

      Whatever the criticism in Amerithrax, no one has shown that they could do better.

      It’s just now we have to steamroll the DOJ, FBI, CIA, DARPA and USAMRIID CYA instincts to reconstructing what happened.

      As for Adnan El-Shukrijumah, who I have long urged as the anthrax mailer, maybe we’ll learn more after he is captured or killed.

    • DXer said

      The Pine County, MN envelopes were addressed to the Pine County Attorney, Sheriff, and Court Administrator among others.

      The earlier poster, Nitrogen, had noted that the Jouppi trial was ongoing.

      I guess the Pine County Attorney is associated with that trial judging from this post.*/

      But there are three other recipients not identified that might shape a profile. Were two judges the recipients of the letters? What about the city administrator?

      (OTOH, was a tax collector a recipient? That would point to someone being foreclosed.)

      If I had to guess, my guess would be two judges and then the third in some other judicial or law enforcement capacity that does not occur to me.

      It is such a stupid crime that I would expect an arrest in the matter.

      In our County Courthouse, for example, there is family court, an office to get passports, file deeds.

      I don’t know why this fellow below thinks the trial was rigged when a jury looked at the video and was slated to make their own judgment call. That video (not linked by the poster) would dominate one’s impression of the case — one way or the other. It was a special prosecutor who handled the matter.


      Sunday, November 17, 2013
      Pine County Attorney John K. Carlson: What Are The Actual Pine County Costs For The Political Circus Called Case No. 69DU-CR-12-3443, State Of Minnesota VS. Duluth Police Officer Richard Thomas Jouppi?

      Mr Carlson:

      What are the actual Pine County costs for the political circus called case No. 69DU-CR-12-3443, State of Minnesota vs. Duluth Police Officer Richard Thomas Jouppi? I want to know how much your county’s departments are spending on direct and indirect cost for this sham trial. Must be a pretty penny for Ofcr. “Thugo” Jouppi rigged trial, huh? The “sweetheart treatment” is expensive, isn’t it?

      Terry Dean, Nemmers

      • DXer said

        Terry Dean might know who is angry at the Sheriff, the County Attorney and Pope County Courthouse. Certainly, he would be a fascinating interview. He is highly educated and reports that his competency hearing concluded he was competent. He reports he has a personal law library. He has made a number of videos such as this one.

      • DXer said

        What did the letters say? Was there a biblical quote? Reference to a Kangaroo Court?

      • DXer said

        Was County Commissioner Cody a recipient?

        • DXer said

          There’s Pine County that Mr. Dean addressed in connection with the Jouppi trial but his own legal problem related to Pope County.

        • DXer said

          Here is the video of Mr. Dean’s arrest in Pope County (as distinguished from Pine County). Just as with the jury in the Jouppi trial in Pine County, I would encourage anyone to watch it and judge for themselves.

        • DXer said

          I believe the local and most opinionated expert on the local legal scene is this Terry Dean Nemmers. (I had his name wrong because in his letter to the Pine County officials about the Jouppi trial he had mistakenly put a comma after “Dean” and then I thought Nemmers was his town.)

          He reports he once was a licensed as a doctor in two states. I believe he is knowledgeable about raw milk. Thus, he might also have insights into where someone got bacillus.

          With regard to his arrest upon his going to the sheriff’s office in his county, he could have expected to be arrested for his conduct (and very likely did expect to be arrested).

          (If an officer can make you take your wallet out to go through a metal detector as they do here, I don’t doubt that they can ask you to put your camera away.)

          Although unrelated to Mr. Nemmers difficulties in Pope County, I expect that in the unrelated matter of the mailer of bacteria to recipients in Pine County, that mailer also reasonably expects to be arrested — and that it was in the manner of some unfathomable provocation or venting.

          I wish the Pine County authorities good luck. Pope County too.

          Not all mailings need to be difficult as Amerithrax.

    • Nitrogen said

      Although it would seem that Mr. Nemmer, and his partner John Besser, at Lion News are a great fit for the crime there are some important facts which should be considered.

      First, and foremost, can the web presents of Mr. Nemmer and Mr. Besser at Lion News be accepted at face value?

      Unable to write at this time will explain latter.

      A better copy of the Jouppi video with sound is at:

      • DXer said

        Mr. Nemmers has posted numerous videos on YouTube. Like the jury in the assault case, I will leave it to the others to judge them as it is beyond the scope of this blog or my interests. The local newspaper noted that the officer now faces the court of public opinion. But thanks very much for the video with the audio — it is much more useful in judging the incident than the one without sound I linked.
        Indeed, it seems that the drunk, before he slapped the officer, was pushed far back and so the slap was in response to being pushed back. (Though the video also shows that the drunk was giving lip to the woman and threatening to throw his coat). Who posted this video with the text added? Did Mr. Nemmers? What is your interest in that case? You say you sent me a copy of the video previously? Why? What was the connection to Amerithrax?

        In terms of my bias, I’m a big fan of both law enforcement, the IC, and the rule of law. In the Duluth case, I think the Police Chief is correct in his view of the matter. Similarly, in Amerithrax, I want them to reach a solid resolution. I think AUSA Lieber had been reprimanded by a supervisor for going to see a jihadi in jail because “a deal had been cut.” (It was to her great credit that she went given her moral responsibilities in Amerithrax). I think this botched conclusion in Amerithrax naturally followed because her hands were tied and she was gagged. By her supervisor. My sources of information tend to be very good having had lived in Arlington VA for 15 years. I think understanding the Aulaqi/ Al-Timimi connection is a key to understanding Amerithrax. If AUSA Lieber comes to master the documents about the 52 rabbits and be forthright about them, I think a great advance could be made in getting people on the same page. I once asked her help in getting the rabbit documents. She emailed me back saying I would never get anything more under FOIA — that I had received all I ever was going to get. (She can be sure that if and when I sue the DOJ or USAMRIID under FOIA over its withholding, her email will be exhibit A.)

        In the Duluth, MN case, Mr. Nemmers tend to use biblical quotes in writing and vulgar provocative profanity in speaking with law enforcement in order to provoke them. A competency hearing was ordered but he reports he was found competent. His posts on the subject of raw milk and vaccines sound reasonable but I don’t otherwise know his connection to such issues. He says he was licensed in two states but I don’t know the details of his licensing — the code in MN records, I think, was “oc.”

        By way of some background, Mr. Nemmers, who was licensed in some capacity until 1999, would be well known among courthouses in that area of Minnesota. He accused one judge’s wife of assault. She had crumpled up a flyer he handed to her accusing her husband of corruption (he views all courts as kangaroo courts) and tossed it at him.

        In light of his letter to the Courthouse officials about the Jouppi trial, which someone uploaded 4 or 5 days ago (before the press about the letters from someone containing bacteria), he would be a fascinating interview even without knowing yet the content of the letters. He is fond of quoting scripture — even using a reference to the bible instead of the legally required license plate. Who uploaded that letter? I would have to look but his newsletter is regularly posted. Computer forensics would be able to establish who uploaded that letter. Of course, the investigators could explore whether Mr. Nemmers is being framed by Mr. Jouppi — one always wants to run down competing hypotheses with the best available evidence. (Here computer forensics would easily prove authorship of the letter purportedly sent by Nemmers to the Pine County Officials). It certainly fits his style of correspondence to local government officials.

        By way of some background, Mr. Nemmers was arrested and charged years ago when he was caught driving a vehicle with fake license plates. The plate read “JOHN 7:24,” which apparently refers to a passage in the Bible that says to not judge on appearance, but judge righteously.

        According to the complaint, Nemmers refused to identify himself to the officer and said he would speak only to a judge. A Willmar police officer found Nemmers’ expired driver’s license in the vehicle, but the license did not have a photo of Nemmers. The photo shows an empty chair.

        Nemmers was originally charged with a gross misdemeanor for intending to evade taxes and a misdemeanor for driving an unregistered vehicle. The felony charge was supposed to be added to the list Thursday, but a full explanation of the charge was not given because of Nemmers’ alleged actions.

        At Nemmers’ first appearance Oct. 13, he wrote all over the release form when asked to sign it. The release form lists the conditions a defendant must meet to be released from jail, including bail, bond and other stipulations.

        On the release order Nemmers wrote phrases such as, “are you a righteous judge or an unrighteous judge,” and “Act 5:29 we must obey God rather than men.” Nemmers also crossed off a line on the form and referred to the bond amount as “ransom for kidnapping.”

        Nitrogen, you previously sent me a video of the incident? Why? (I would have overlooked it if it did not concern anthrax and I did not know who you are). What is your interest in the matter? I don’t recall the email (or recall it only vaguely) but it would have been very off-topic and outside my focus.

        Without the mailing of powder in bacteria, the assault case — only known to be connected by timing so far — would be far beyond the scope of the blog focus.

        Whoever was the perpetrator, it certainly was an extremely stupid crime and I fully expect an arrest. The FBI is working with local law enforcement on the matter.

        And they are pretty good at what they do.

      • DXer said

        The colleague and assistant tnat you mention also posts on his own. I’m sure authorities are leaving no stone unturned and considering a range of possible hypotheses.

    • DXer said

      Pine County man arrested in white powder mailing, fake bombs

      Posted: Dec 12, 2013

      Read more: Pine County man arrested in white powder mailing, fake bombs – KMSP-TV

      PINE COUNTY, Minn. (KMSP) –
      A 45-year-old Pine County, Minn. man has been taken into custody in connection with the November mailing of several envelopes that contained mostly harmless bacteria in the form of a white powder.

      Police say Johnnie Long was connected to the aforementioned crime and other related incidents involving fake bombs in the area.

      Law enforcement officials from several agencies were already investigating Long prior to the Nov. 19 mailing, and investigators told Fox 9 News the implicit message he was trying to send was: “Look what I could do if I wanted to.”

      The East Central Violent Offenders Task Force and the FBI were already looking into Long in connection with multiple discoveries of homemade devices that were built to look like explosives and planted at various locations with the intent of inducing fear.

      Police say Long is their lone suspect, and they say he escalated the appearance of explosive potential with each successive device.

      The most recent incident police attribute to Long involved six envelopes which contained a bacterial agent mixed with household powders. Law enforcement agents insist that last act convinced authorities the man had the potential to commit an a lethal act.

      The envelopes were mailed to the Pine County sheriff, two deputies, two judges and the county attorney.

      The white powder tested negative for substances used in bioterrorism; however, the letters did contain two kinds of Bacillus bacteria, which occur naturally in the environment and are not particularly harmful. Bacillus Thuringiensis has no adverse health effects, and Bacillus Cereus produces symptoms similar to food poisoning, like diarrhea and vomiting. When refined, the bacteria can be used as an insecticide.

      Yet according to the FBI, the presence of the two strains, both of which were described as refined and pure, suggest the mailer knew how to cultivate the powder. The same sophisticated techniques could be used to make anthrax or other deadly bacteriological weapons.

      Investigators located and arrested Long on Thursday. Once he was in custody, the investigative agencies — as well as the St. Paul Police Department’s Weapons of Mass Destruction unit and the Minnesota National Guard’s 55th Civil Support Team — were dispatched to an isolated, rural area in Pine County to execute a search warrant on Long’s Braham, Minn., home.

      Both the apprehension and search of Long’s home were conducted without incident, and he remains jailed in Pine County on multiple charges of terrorism and terroristic threats charges.

      Pine County Sheriff Robin Cole told Fox 9 News Long confessed during an interview with police, and although no motive has been specifically given, Fox 9 News has learned exclusively that the man may have been trying to frame others for the crime.

      • DXer said

        Pine County terrorism suspect’s possible plot to frame others

        Updated: Dec 13, 2013 5:54 PM EST
        by Tom Lyden – bio | email

        PINE CITY, Minn. (KMSP) –

        A man from rural Pine County, Minnesota is accused of sending envelopes with white powder to county officials, and investigators believe it all may have been an attempt to frame an ex-wife for the crime.

        Federal agents raided a secluded home near Braham, Minn. on Thursday afternoon, arresting 45-year-old Johnnie Earl Long and seizing evidence that could be connected to making explosive devices and biological agents.

        Investigators believe Long sent the six envelopes containing a white powder to the Pine County Government Center last month. The letters were addressed to the sheriff, a couple of his deputies, the county attorney and two judges.

        The white powder contained two similar kinds of bacteria: bacillus thuringiensis or bacillus cereus. Both are found in soil and plants, and its refined form is used as an insecticide.

        Fox 9 News has learned what concerns investigators, including the FBI, is the bacteria was absolutely pure, without contamination, and the same process could be used to make deadly biological weapons like anthrax.

        Investigators believe Johnnie Long was trying to blame others for sending those white powder envelopes. He did this in part by sending out anonymous emails, including emails he may have been sending to me.

        In fact, Maplewood police have arrested Johnnie Long twice in the last couple of years for violating restraining orders filed by his ex-wife, and he is scheduled to go on trial next month in Ramsey County for domestic abuse.

        Perhaps the only kernel of truth in the emails he may have sent is how Long describes himself — that he has a problem with anger issues, and is a liar.

        Prosecutors were ready to charge Johnnie Long with felony terroristic threats on Friday, but they had trouble finding an impartial judge since the white powder letters were sent to the two judges on the bench.

        Prosecutors were granted a filing extension, and a circuit judge will be brought in for Long’s initial appearance on Monday.

        Read more: Pine County terrorism suspect’s possible plot to frame others – KMSP-TV

      • DXer said

        27 terrorism charges for Pine County courthouse mailings

        Read more: Pine County man won’t confess to creating white powder – KMSP-TV

        Sheriff Robin Cole said Long had already become one of the usual suspects in Pine County, allegedly faking his own kidnapping and planting fake explosives around town. Then came the six letters with white powder, addressed to two judges, the county attorney, the sheriff and two of his deputies.

        The mailings led to the evacuation of the courthouse and some tense hours for workers exposed to the white powder.

        Lab tests revealed the white powder was a relatively common bacteria, used as an insecticide, but it was uncommonly pure and processed. Along with a white powder was a note that said, in part, “You have failed the citizens of America…you have failed to arrest Johnnie Long…I hope you all rot in HELL right with John!!!”

        The address on the envelope was listed to Long’s home in Braham, Minn. That’s where the FBI and a weapons of mass destruction team found the same white powder, as well as materials used to make fake explosives.

        The sheriff said it was all part of a bizarre and convoluted plan to frame Long’s ex-wife and her new boyfriend. What concerned the sheriff is that Long’s behavior was escalating from fake bombs to white powder to something he’s unwilling to yet reveal.

        “In our estimation, it wasn’t going to end well,” Sheriff Cole said.

        Read more: Pine County man won’t confess to creating white powder – KMSP-TV

      • DXer said

        This article explains that Johnnie Earl Long confessed to everything. I don’t know why his wife didn’t realize he was a keeper.

        Terrorism charges filed in white powder scare at the Pine County Courthouse

        Authorities said 45–year–old Johnnie Earl Long of Braham, Minnesota allegedly sent six letters containing a bacterial agent mixed in with a household powder to Pine County employees, including judges and the Sheriff.
        The six envelopes sent to Pine County on November 19th contained letters saying:

        “You have failed the citizens of America in providing protection for the public. You have failed to arrest Johnnie Long, for that you also must be held responsible what he has done. You are just like him in every way. He is a danger to himself and anyone he has ever been a part of. By not doing your job, you have left everyone in grave danger. By the time you receive this letter, we will have already taken care of that our way. You must be properly punished for your actions. He needs to be punished for the crimes he has committed. You too, must be punished for the lack of procedure in dealing with his crimes. I hope you all rot in hell right with John.”

        According to the criminal complaint, police had responded to Long’s residence several times since August on reports of simulated explosive devices in his drive way.
        Police had also received reports of what appeared to be an explosive device in the driveway of an attorney who had represented Long’s ex–wife during their divorce.
        After the incident at the courthouse, authorities continued to receive reports from Long, this time saying that he had been kidnapped, blaming his ex–wife and her new boyfriend.
        After Sheriff’s deputies executed a search warrant on Long in connection with the courthouse evacuation, Long allegedly admitted to making up the kidnappings and that he had wanted to get back at his ex–wife.

        During Long’s divorce, his ex–wife had filed for an Order for Protection against Long, however he violated that order by e–mailing his ex–wife.
        Long told investigators that he had been arrested for the violation and as a result believes he lost out on a promotion at work, lost his good reputation and that his friends had turned on him.
        Long also admitted to making the simulated explosives found in his driveway along with the letters sent to the Pine County Courthouse. He allegedly told authorities that he wanted to peg these incidents on his ex–wife and her boyfriend.

        Long told investigators that “his only goal was to get his good reputation back and gain sympathy from this around him.”

  5. DXer said

    Document produced today to DXer discussing shipment of 52 rabbits week of September 24, 2001 for formaldehyde study
    Posted by Lew Weinstein on August 31, 2011

    The lyophilizer in Building 1425 was in Suite B5, not Suite B3 where Dr. Ivins was on the nights in question (where he was doing the study with the 52 rabbits)
    Posted by Lew Weinstein on November 11, 2011

    In an Oct 5, ’01 email among the materials provided by USAMRIID this week, Dr. Ivins explains the results 3 days after the challenge of rabbits in the formaldehyde experiment; the word “rabbits” has never passed the prosecutor’s lips
    Posted by Lew Weinstein on December 24, 2011

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