CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* Zawahiri and Mohammed Islambouli (brother of Sadat’s assassin) personally visited Adnan El-Shukrijumah’s Brooklyn, NY mosque, Al-Farouq

Posted by Lew Weinstein on June 7, 2013

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11 Responses to “* Zawahiri and Mohammed Islambouli (brother of Sadat’s assassin) personally visited Adnan El-Shukrijumah’s Brooklyn, NY mosque, Al-Farouq”

  1. DXer said

    CIA documents produced under FOIA relating to the Sadat assassination in its new electronic reading room.

  2. DXer said

    Al-Qaeda’s Zawahiri ‘ordered’ Paris attack

    He said France was targeted “because of its obvious role in the war on Islam and oppressed nations.”

    He warned that “touching Muslims’ sanctity and protecting those who make blasphemy have a dear price and the punishment will be severe” and that “the crimes of the Western countries, above them America, Britain and France will backfire deep in their home.”


    What can Islambouli tell about his visit with Dr. Ayman to Adnan El-Shukrijumah’s home in 1995? Islambouli then was in a cell with KSM planning attacks on the US. I think the CIA analysts should have seen Dr. Ayman’s and Islambouli’s fingerprints on the Fall 2001 anthrax mailings in 2002.
    And known of the role Yazid Sufaat played by February 2002.

  3. DXer said

    On a minor issue, the Senate Torture Report states:

    “According to CIA records, on March 9, 2003-while KSM was being interrogated using the CIA’ s enhanced interrogation techniques, but before he was subjected to the waterboard interrogation technique-the CIA interrogation team used two letters referencing al-Tayyar as the “interrogation vehicle” to elicit information from KSM on Jaffar al-Tayyar.2044 CIA cables state that KSM did not provide-and claimed not to know-Jaffar al-Tayyar’s true name. However, KSM stated that Jaffar al-Tayyar’s father lived in Florida and was named “Shukri SherdiJ.”2045 This information was not accurate. Open source reporting indicates that Jaffar al-Tayyar’s father’s true name was “Gulshair El Shukrijumah.”

    As I recall, the father used the name Shukri in the 1990s — as Adnan’s father Nabil does now. I’m not knowledgeable about naming conventions in Arabic. And it’s not like I’m vouching for KSM — he’s a big fat liar. One author described him as providing precious truths in a bodyguard of lies. But the name Shukri, under all the circumstances — should have been totally sufficient to identify him, given that El-Shukrijumah was a known associate of Mohammed Atta.

    • DXer said

      errata – I meant that Adnan’s brother uses the name El Shukri. Nabil turns to English after speaking in Arabic for a while.

  4. DXer said

    We know far more about the connection between anthrax program participants KSM and Hawsawi to Shukrijumah than Zawahiri’s connection to Shukrijumah.

    In the Spring of 2002, while living with Al-Hawsawi in Karachi, KSM’s assistant with the anthrax spraying documents, Adnan El-Shukrijumah trained Padilla’s colleague in code to be used. Shukrijumah and Padilla knew each other at the mosque in the Franklin Park neigbhorhood at the mosque across from the county park, Franklin Park.

    “KU-10024 [KSM] and his nephew, Ammar al-Baluchi, aka (Abd al-Aziz Ali), ISN US9PK-010018DP (PK- 10018), instructed both US-10008 and detainee on the methods to execute this operation. Detainee was to return to the UK where he would obtain valid travel documents before traveling to the US to meet US-10008. Following their meetings with KU-10024, Jaffar al-Tayyar taught detainee and US-10008 to falsify documents by substituting photographs, erasing entry/exit stamps, and removing visas.17 Al-Qaida operative and 11 September coordinator Ramzi Bin al-Shibh, ISN US9YM-010013DP (YM-10013), taught them how to encode a telephone number before passing it to another individual. The co-conspirators then surrendered their passports to PK-10018, who forged a Pakistani visa and departure authorization. For the last week of March 2002, detainee and US-10008 spent time creating email addresses on the internet for communication while abroad.”

    17 Analyst Note: This is believed to be the same Jaffar al-Tayyar, aka (Adnan el-Shurijumah), who has ties to the dirty bomb plot and numerous ties with senior al-Qaida leadership.

    The numbers code used by KSM and biochem operatives like Al-Marri used involved subtracting and adding from “5” — so 2 becomes 8, and 9 becomes 1 etc. We learned the numbers code due to the arrest of AQ chem operative Al-Marri, who was working with KSM and Al-Hawsawi and entered the country on September 10, 2001.

  5. DXer said

    I would have to study references relating to Adnan El-Shukrijumah’s biography to confirm that he was already a jihadi when he returned to Brooklyn in 1995 when Dr. Ayman Zawahiri and Mohammed Islambouli visited the Brooklyn mosque — and that El-Shukrijumah met KSM and al-Binalshibh in Saudi Arabia.

    But here are some mainstream media sources that confirm that Adnan is a “really bad guy.”

    Given that I think the evidence points to him as being the mailer of anthrax in Fall 2001, I think of him as a really, really, bad guy — but I don’t want to split hairs.

    A Really Bad Guy,” ABC News – Primetime, March 20, 2004.

    Daniel Eggen and Manuel Roig-Franzia, “FBI on Global Hunt for Al Qaeda Suspect,” Washington Post, March 21, 2003.

    “9/11 Terrorist Travel,” Staff Report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks upon the United States,” August 21, 2004.

    Josh Meyer, “Five Years Later: A Mystery Man Who Keeps the FBI Awake at Night,” Los Angeles Times, September 3, 2006.

    Transcript of News Conference with Deputy Attorney General James Comey on Jose Padilla,” CNN, June 1, 2004.

    James Gordon Meek, “Officials Fear Al-Qaeda Nuclear Attack,” New York Daily News, March 14, 2003.

    Bill Gertz, “Al Qaeda Pursued A Dirty Nuke,” Washington Times, October 16, 2003,

    Rolf Mowatt Larssen, “Al Qaeda Weapons of Mass Destruction: Hype or Reality,” Harvard University, The Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, January 2010,

  6. DXer said

    Vahid Majidi’s claim that the FBI interviewed Atta’s Florida associates (and could exclude them) is false. They in fact did not interview Adnan El-Shukrijumah, who I have long ventured was the mailer of the letters containing anthrax in the Fall of 2001.

  7. DXer said

    I have suggested Dahab looks good for the Al-Hayat letter bombs (there is a $5 million reward and so Egyptian security officials might find it profitable to study their files).

    Dahab had learned to fly gliders precisely to arrange the escape of imprisoned leaders in Egypt.

    Saif Al Adel at the time denied responsibility for the Vanguards of Conquest (EIJ) was chastized by a London spokesman for presuming to speak for the group.

    Saif Al Adel is prominent in interrogation reports relating to events in Afghanistan including some that discuss El-Shukrijumah (Jaffar Al Tayyar).

    A classified profile in Amerithrax should have recognized the importance of wanting to free EIJ leaders in motivating the Fall 2001 anthrax letters.

    The mailing of the letters was on dates highly significant to the assassination of Sadat and approval of the Camp David treaty

    Anthrax Mail: Significance of the Mailing Dates
    Wednesday, 18 April 2007, 12:37 am

    “The anthrax mailing were on the date of the Camp David Accord and the related assassination of Anwar Sadat (Armed Forces Day). Expert Michael Scheuer, formerly head of the CIA’s Osama Bin Laden unit, once said that Al Qaeda does not plan attacks around important dates, so far as the CIA can glean. But Mr. Scheuer should take Ayman at his word when he says he at least plans his messages around anniversaries.”

    Sadat’s assassination is in the news again today.


    Egypt’s prosecution calls on Interpol to arrest Islamist leader in Qatar

    “Egypt’s prosecution has called for Interpol’s assistance in the arrest of hardline Islamist Assem Abdel-Maged, following his appearance on Qatari Al-Jazeera channel
    Ahram Online, Sunday 1 Dec 2013.

    Abdel-Maged, who once shared a prison cell with Al-Qaeda leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri, was jailed for 25 years until 2006 for a role in the 1981 assassination of President Anwar El-Sadat.

    Egyptian security officials said Abdel-Maged fled to Qatar via sea, or the border with Libya. Qatar is one of the few Arab states that has been sympathetic to Islamists during and after Morsi’s year in power, supplying Egypt with billions of dollars in aid.”

    • DXer said

      Mohammed Islambouli, the brother of Sadat’s assassin, had been in a cell (the terror plotting kind) with KSM while they were in Qatar. A jet with its windows blackened out was sent to pick up KSM but he was tipped off and fled. As I recall, the country’s religious affairs minister had hosted him.

      Abdel-Maged, Zawahiri’s former cell mate (the kind with bars), certainly seems to be eating well from photographs.

      It seems that any constitution should seek to protect minorities and peaceful expression while maintaining security. Egypt seems to be alternating between unworkable extremes.

      Mohammed Shawqui Islambouli – History Commons › Entities‎

      KSM was leading an al-Qaeda cell in Qatar together with Mohammed Shawqui Islambouli, the brother of the Egyptian who had killed Anwar Sadat. They also …

      Current news:

      Islamist Says Egypt on Precipice as Constitution Takes Shape

  8. DXer said

    Zawahiri’s new tape.

  9. DXer said

    Mohamed Zawahiri’s right-hand man has been arrested..

    When Mohamed was arrested, he was carrying a laptop.

    Was Mohamed in contact with his brother, Dr. Ayman Zawahiri?

    Was he in contact with Islambouli?

    Egypt: Police Arrests Mohamed Al-Zawahiri’s Right Arm
    25 AUGUST 2013

    The Egyptian authorities arrested on Sunday Daoud Khairat Soliman, the right arm of Mohamed al-Zawahiri, who is the brother of the al-Qaeda leader, security sources said as reported by the state-owned news agency.

    Mohamed al-Zawahiri, a Salafist Jihadist, was also arrested last week under heavy security in an Imbaba checkpoint with a laptop and documents.

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