CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* In February 2002, NEWSWEEK described Al Qaeda anthrax lab director Yazid Sufaat’s role in the 911 attacks that killed 3000 civilians.

Posted by DXer on May 29, 2013


7 Responses to “* In February 2002, NEWSWEEK described Al Qaeda anthrax lab director Yazid Sufaat’s role in the 911 attacks that killed 3000 civilians.”

  1. DXer said

    In conhection with the subway study concerning dispersal of an aerosol, here is a link to the poster that is reportedly fake.

  2. DXer said

    “The police held simultaneous raids in seven locations nationwide early this morning in search of a housewife, Halimah Hussein, who is suspected of being affiliated with the terrorist group, Tanzim Al-Qaeda Malaysia. The raids were held in the capital, Kuala Lumpur, as well as in Selangor, Negeri Sembilan and Johor.

    But according to Malay-language newspaper Utusan, the raids failed to locate the 52 year old Halimah.

    The woman was previously arrested and accused of being a member of the Malaysian Al-Qaeda affiliate group together with former Internal Security Act (ISA) detainee, Yazid Sufaat, 49, and cafeteria worker, Muhammad Hilmi Hasim, 33.

    Mohamad Fuzi further added that the places raided included locations in Gombak, Ampang and Kajang in Selangor, Pandan Indah in Kuala Lumpur and Masai in Johor.

    He explained that these locations are residences of Halimah’s family members and relatives but the raids produced no results.

    Halimah is a widow and holds a law degree from the International Islamic University. She was initially arrested together with Yazid and Muhammad Hilmi last February on the suspicion that they were recruiting locals for militant activities prior to being sent overseas for terrorist missions.”

  3. DXer said

    The next FBI Director James Comey prosecuted the former attorney for the Blind Sheik Lynne Stewart.

    The other lawyer for the blind sheik, her colleague Stanley Cohen, is under indictment here in Syracuse in an ongoing proceeding.

    After 911, Attorney Cohen famously said he would represent Bin Laden if asked.

    I would have to study the details of the Nosair, WTC 1993, and 1995 cases to remind myself of the history and details regarding the legal representation. But it was the Blind Sheik’s defense counsel from Egypt, Montasser Al-Zayat, who had announced that Zawahiri would use anthrax against US targets. Attorney Al-Zayat is available for an interview. As for what Attorney Stewart or Attorney Cohen privately think on the anthrax mailings, I have no idea.

    Bin Laden’s son-in-law, Abu Ghaith, who argued in June 2002 that 4 million people should die in an anthrax or WMD attack to make up for those he claims were killed by the US, has asked to be represented by Attorney Cohen.

    It does seem a good choice. Attorney Cohen is tenacious, well-spoken and highly experienced in terrorism cases. He is highly political and seems to support the political causes of the clients he has represented. Thus I have no doubt he will be zealous notwithstanding the charges against him in his own case. In any event, there has been a knowing and intelligent waiver.

    I have no idea why one would want to represent mass murderers. But then again, as a teen I read a biography of Clarence Darrow with admiration. So I do value the importance of legal representation of all charged defendants. At the end of the day, even the lawyers who represent guilty murderers have bills they need to pay by representing the next guilty murderer.

    And so I am glad that the system men like Zawahiri have tried so hard to destroy honors the defendant’s choice of counsel.

    Yazid Sufaat should appreciate that Abu Ghaith has already told interrogators a lot in interviews at the hotel abroad.

    I think Attorney Cohen’s best argument is that Abu Ghaith in fact had changed his views — and argued that BIn Laden’s religious justifications were a distortion of Islam. (Abu Ghaith published a book that I haven’t read yet). Certainly Abu Ghaith’s cooperation with respect to Al Qaeda’s anthrax program would go a long way in proving that his reformed views should be taken into account.

    Defendant in Terror Case Gets Lawyer of His Choice
    Published: May 28, 2013

    A lawyer who is under federal indictment in Syracuse and under federal investigation in Manhattan will be able to represent a high-profile defendant in a terrorism case, a judge ruled on Tuesday.

    The defendant, Sulaiman Abu Ghaith, is Osama bin Laden’s son-in-law, and when he was first arraigned in Manhattan in March, on a charge of conspiring to kill Americans, the federal public defender’s office was appointed to represent him.

    But he later told the judge that he wanted to retain a private lawyer, Stanley L. Cohen.

    Federal prosecutors in Manhattan recently wrote to the judge, Lewis A. Kaplan of Federal District Court, citing the potential ethical conflicts that such a decision could pose. They noted that Mr. Cohen is charged in Syracuse with obstructing the Internal Revenue Service and that their own office was conducting a “criminal tax investigation” of Mr. Cohen.

    In court, the judge took Mr. Abu Ghaith through a series of questions to make sure he understood those potential conflicts and risks. For example, he noted, Mr. Cohen might conduct his defense in a way that might lead prosecutors in his own case to go easy on him. Mr. Abu Ghaith said that he understood the issues, and still wanted Mr. Cohen as his lawyer.

    In his order, Judge Kaplan said he had found “that potential conflicts” of retaining Mr. Cohen “have been knowingly and voluntarily waived,” and he was relieving the public defenders. That office, as well as prosecutors, declined to comment.

    Mr. Cohen said: “A large population in the world does not believe that in this day and age Abu Ghaith can ever receive justice in a courtroom in New York City. Granting his request to proceed to trial with counsel of his choice is the first step.”

    • DXer said

      Abu Ghaith is clearly right that Stanley Cohen is enthusiastic about defending the Al Qaeda spokesman.

      And Attorney Cohen is right to point to his experience in terrorism cases.

      The judge is right that the attorney might not be able to obtain security clearance from the government to view classified materials (including the documents involving Al Qaeda’s anthrax program).

      And the federal prosecutor in Manhatttan no doubt is right that additional charges may be filed against Attorney Cohen.

      Abu Ghaith is still going to jail for the rest of his life, eh, and so it’s all a meaningless drama, isn’t it?

      There’s no avoiding that June 2002 videotape anymore than in the usual case where the filming of beat-down by teens leads inexorably to their conviction.

      A film is wonderful evidence.

      Nosair murdered someone in front of 100 witnesses and was acquitted. But there was no film. (He then was sentenced 22 years on a gun charge).

      These 6’8″ federal prosecutors and federal judges can be pretty tough-minded when it comes to defendants who urge the mass murder of New Yorkers.

      As for Attorney Cohen traveling abroad, the parties can cross that border when they come to it.

      New York judge warns bin Laden’s son-in-law that lawyer he seeks could have conflict issues
      Published May 15, 2013
      Associated Press

      NEW YORK – A judge warned Osama bin Laden’s son-in-law Wednesday that a lawyer he hired to represent him on charges he conspired to kill Americans could end up in prison himself.

      U.S. District Judge Lewis A. Kaplan told Sulaiman Abu Ghaith that he could cause himself problems by choosing attorney Stanley Cohen to defend him against charges that he conspired against Americans in his role as al-Qaida’s chief spokesman.

      Cohen was indicted last year in Syracuse, N.Y., on federal charges that he failed to file individual and corporate tax returns between 2005 and 2010 and committed other tax-related violations. A federal prosecutor in Manhattan told Kaplan that additional charges may be filed against Cohen.

      Kaplan asked Abu Ghaith a series of questions designed to make sure the 47-year-old defendant understood the hazards of rejecting three public defenders to have Cohen and another attorney represent him.

      The judge said he wanted to make clear to Abu Ghaith that Cohen “has interests that are potentially in conflict with your own.”

      He also told him it was “quite possibly ill advised” for a defendant to proceed with an attorney who faces criminal charges himself, and he noted that Cohen might not be able to obtain security clearance from the government to view classified materials necessary to prepare for trial.

      Abu Ghaith insisted he wanted Cohen to represent him after his brother in Kuwait hired the veteran civil rights attorney.

      “I understood he’s very enthusiastic about this case,” Abu Ghaith told Kaplan. “I thank you very much but I’ve made my decision.”

      The judge set a hearing for next week to further explore the legal issue. He told the government to submit legal papers explaining its position on whether Abu Ghaith can be represented by Cohen and whether his understanding of his rights was sufficient to switch lawyers.
      Abu Ghaith has pleaded not guilty to charges that he urged the death of Americans after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

      Prosecutors say evidence against Abu Ghaith includes a widely circulated video of him in early October 2001 sitting with bin Laden and current al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahri and another in which he calls on every Muslim to join the fight against the United States, declaring that “jihad is a duty.”
      Cohen said outside court that he believes he was chosen because of his extensive contacts throughout the Middle East and his ability to travel and speak with witnesses where other lawyers cannot.

      “I’ve probably done more terrorism cases — real and fake — than any other lawyer in the United States,” he said.

      Read more:

    • DXer said

      Suleiman Abu Ghaith claimed that Al Qaeda has the right to murder four million Americans, in a three-part article “In the Shadow of the Lances,” posted in June 2002 on the web-site of the Center for Islamic Research and Studies, Abu Ghaith wrote:

      “The Americans have still not tasted from our hands what we have tasted from theirs. The [number of] killed in the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were no more than fair exchange for the ones killed in the Al-‘Amiriya shelter in Iraq, and are but a tiny part of the exchange for those killed in Palestine, Somalia, Sudan, the Philippines, Bosnia, Kashmir, Chechnya, and Afghanistan.”

      “We have not reached parity with them. We have the right to kill four million Americans – two million of them children – and to exile twice as many and wound and cripple hundreds of thousands. Furthermore, it is our right to fight them with chemical and biological weapons, so as to afflict them with the fatal maladies that have afflicted the Muslims because of the [Americans’] chemical and biological weapons.”

      “America knows only the language of force. This is the only way to stop it and make it take its hands off the Muslims and their affairs. America does not know the language of dialogue!! Or the language of peaceful coexistence!! America is kept at bay by blood alone.”

    • DXer said

      Attorney Cohen will make the lawyerly arguments about how some law was violated in routing Abu Ghaith to the United States via Jordan.

      Here is the full text of statement by Sulaiman Abu Ghaith by Osama bin Laden spokesman Sulaiman Abu Ghaith, as broadcast on Qatar’s al-Jazeera satellite channel.

      Attorney Cohen may first want to seek a change of venue perhaps.

      •, Saturday 13 October 2001 21.43 EDT

      “In regard to the questions and speculations that have been raised, we say, that the crusade being led by Bush and Blair – the crusaders – is still ongoing in the Muslim Emirate of Afghanistan and its people.
      We pledge our full support for the Afghan people in this crisis with all the power we possess, under the guidance of Mullah Omar, may God bless him and lead him to victory.

      No matter how long this war takes, this issue is the issue of an entire nation which has refused a life of humiliation under American arrogance and Israeli violence. Secondly, the organization of al-Qaida announces that Bush the father, and Bush the son, and in between them, Clinton, Blair and Sharon are at the head of the criminals, the Zionists and the crusaders, who have committed the worst practices and greatest atrocities against the Muslim nation, before and now.

      Millions of Muslim men, women and children have been killed without committing any sins. The blood of those will not be lost in vain, God willing.

      Bush has to know, in the epitome of his arrogance and the peak of his media campaign in which he boasts of enduring freedom, he shouldn’t forget the image of Mohammed al-Dura and his fellow Muslims in Palestine and Iraq. If he has forgotten, then we will not forget, God willing.

      He has to know that his enduring freedom, which he boasts about, has eradicated entire villages near Jalalabad, in Afghanistan. They took out entire villages, and it wasn’t by mistake, it was on purpose. What kind of mistake gets repeated three times? This village was bombarded early in the night, then in the middle of the night, and right before dawn. Those who have stood by this crusade have to know, after the truth came out and became clear, that this is a crusade against Islam and Muslims.

      Where will these people (who have supported the attacks) hide from the saying of the prophet, peace be upon him: the earth vanishing is less important to God then the killing of a believer without a just cause.

      What will they say when the papers are published before God’s hands? What will they say about the injustices carried out? On this issue, we support the fatwa or fatwas, which came from the religious leaders in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, starting with Sheikh Hammoud bin Oqba al-Shoeiby, who advised not to cooperate with Jews and Christians, and those who cooperate with them and assist them with a word or a deed, would have committed an act of apostasy and would have renounced his belief and would have abandoned God and his prophet.

      The organization of al-Qaida announces to the Americans and to all the infidels in the Arabian peninsula – starting with the Americans and the British, orders them to leave the Arabian peninsula. If the mothers of those have a say in their sons’ lives, they have to ask them to get out of the Arabian peninsula, because the land will burn with fire under their feet, God willing.

      We salute the fighting youths (Mujahid) who knew the right path and who knew how to answer these rampant oppressors, by killing the people they killed.

      We salute the Muslim masses, to the east of the globe and to its west, who went out to angrily demonstrate against this criminal attack, and against this degradation and injustice. We tell them, they have to continue, especially after the foreign ministers of the OIC supported these attacks. These people do not represent the masses in any way and don’t have any legitimacy to decide the fate of the nation. As for the warning delivered by Bush and the American administration and the warning they gave to international media agencies to stop giving us a voice in the world, is a clear indication that the American administration is scared that the truth will be revealed. The truth, which shows that Bush is an agent for the Israelis and has sacrificed his people and his country’s economy because of them. He is assisting them against Muslim countries.

      Finally, I direct my words to the American secretary of state, who doubted our last statement and who belittled what we said about the thousands of Muslims ready for their death and that the storm of planes will not end. I say to him and others in the American administration who know that when al-Qaida promises, it delivers, God willing.

      I say to him, those who are waiting for the future will find it soon. The storms will not stop. The storms of planes will not stop until you drag your defeated tails from Afghanistan, not until you raise your hands from the Jews in Palestine, not until you lift the embargo on the Iraqi people, not until you leave the Arabian peninsula, not until you stop supporting the Hindus against the Muslims in Kashmir.

      We say to Muslims in America and Britain – to children and to those who resent this American policy – we advise them not to ride planes and not to live in high buildings. Pride to God and to believers, and the disbelievers will never know.”

  4. DXer said

    I asked Yazid Sufaat, prior to his recent arrest, to identify the strain in the bottle labelled “anthrax spore concentrate” that was harvested July 4, 2001.

    He complimented the question but graciously declined to tell me.

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