CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

*GAO review of the FBI’s anthrax investigation due the same month FBI Director Mueller’s term is up … what a coincidence!

Posted by DXer on April 23, 2013

GAO, Mueller & Ivins


The word is that the GAO review of the FBI’s anthrax investigation

is now expected in September 2013.

In 2011, President Obama had asked Director Mueller

to continue at the helm of the FBI

for another 2 years beyond his current term,

until September 4, 2013.


What a coincidence!


Maybe then, finally, with Mueller gone,

the truth will be known

and Dr. Ivins’ reputation can be restored.




32 Responses to “*GAO review of the FBI’s anthrax investigation due the same month FBI Director Mueller’s term is up … what a coincidence!”

  1. DXer said

    There is a lot that the FBI is still not telling the GAO. The FBI is catching flak about not telling the Boston Police Department about the intelligence it had about the Tamerlan and his 2012 trip to Dagestan – and the information that the FBI had received from Russia. In Amerithrax, the FBI is continuing to withhold a warehouse of information from the GAO. The FBI does not withhold documents and information as such. Instead, individual, identifiable people make the decision to withhold documents. Time will tell how that flies in Congressional hearings. Those DOJ and FBI officials should prepare their testimony now about the reasons they have continued to withhold important information bearing on GAO’s review.

  2. DXer said

    The Washington Post draws the comparison between the 2013 ricin mailing case and the anthrax case.

    Charges dropped against Miss. man in ricin case as FBI searches second home

    “The case bears some resemblance to the FBI’s pursuit of scientist Steven J. Hatfill, who was investigated for nearly five years in connection with deadly anthrax mailings in 2001. The former bioweapons researcher was not formally cleared by prosecutors until 2008, after the death of another man,bacteriologist Bruce E. Ivins, who had become the leading suspect before he succumbed to a drug overdose.”

    • DXer said

      Politically active Tupelo man denies involvement in ricin case

      “I guess Kevin got desperate. I feel like he’s getting away with the perfect crime,” he said.

      When asked about comments by Curtis posted on some of his YouTube videos, Dutschke said he was unaware of them. One was dated four years ago and one a month ago.


      Dutschke also denies a story told to The Clarion-Ledger on Monday by state Rep. Steve Holland, D-Plantersville. Holland said that in 2007 Holland’s mother, Judge Sadie Holland, made Dutschke kneel before a crowd of hundreds of people at a Verona political rally and apologize for comments he had made against the state representative earlier in the day.

      Dutschke, who was Holland’s Republican opponent, said he doesn’t remember it happening that way.

      “Her issue was not with what I said, because what I said was factual, just the way in which it was done. She’s a mom,” he said.

      The campaign between Holland and Dutschke was heated, with Dutschke securing, which directed people to the anti-Holland website Holland was considering a run for Congress in 2008.

      Dutschke also made spoof videos about Holland, mainly targeting issues in the beef industry and a failed beef plant for which Holland had voted to help provide state funds.


      Paul Kevin Curtis in March 2013 posted that he had given his attorney record a paper record of emails etc. by Mr. Dutschke. Those emails can be authenticated — or not.

      He wrote:

      Kevin Curtis Live · Singer-songwriter at Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI)
      This man, James E Dutschke stalked & terrorized me online and offline for years until I went to attorney and presented a paper trail a mile long showing PROOF of his trolling/stalking…still don’t have clue WHY he did it. Hope to find out in coming weeks/months in court.
      March 25 at 7:04am

      Thus, we do not have to rely on a “he said” v. “he said” debate. The emails, if authenticated, will tell the story. At his press conference, Mr. Curtis explained that he had posted a (fake) picture of him with an attractive blond and said he was dating an attorney. He somehow then obtained emails, Mr. Curtis explained, from Dutschke to the (nonexistent) attorney vehemently urging that she have nothing to do with him. (Apparently he had created fake contact information for the nonexistent attorney). It seems that one of them necessarily is telling a story not consistent with the paper record. Let’s see the paper record, including headers. Until then, we should reserve judgment.

      The well-established conventional wisdom is that someone in Mr. Dutschke’s position should speak only through an attorney. But we saw how Mr. Curtis’ chattiness at the press conference won the hearts and minds of the public. I’ve read thousands of Dr. Ivins’s emails over the course of many years and there was nothing that incriminated him in the Fall 2001 anthrax mailings. But he couldn’t handle the pressure and committed suicide.

      In the meantime, we should suspend judgment and allow the FBI pursue forensics relating to the mailings — the mass spec on the typed message, for example,may prove powerful evidence against someone. In Amerithrax, it was exculpatory of Dr. Ivins but they withheld the documents relating to such things as the toner, the paper composition, the handwriting analysis of Atta’s handwriting etc.

      Instead, the FBI relied on his first counselor who thought she was controlled by an alien who had implanted a microchip in her butt. She had annotated the notes of the psychiatrists who had seen Dr. Ivins. Dr. Ivins first counselor writes in her wonderful book that she thought she was being pursued by murderous astral entities attached to her clients. (She explained that in a 2009 book neither the psychiatrist nor Mr. Willman had read). Judith McLean was the central witness relied upon by the psychiatrist in the report he published and author David Willman in his book. Neither corrected their reliance on that witness.

      But by then Dr. Ivins had killed himself and the FBI and others deemed that they did not have to correct its mistakes. The mistakes were buried along with Dr. Ivins.

      We all make mistakes. For example, the New York Times in its lead article today on this ricin mailings case spelled the Senate Majority’s name “Reed” instead of “Reid” and had to correct it. Mistakes and corrections are a part of sound analysis. They certainly are a part of rushed blogging.

      In Amerithrax, the FBI’s mistakes have not yet been corrected. It represents the greatest failure in intelligence analysis in the history of the United States.

      Failure in analysis on such an issue is not an option.

      • DXer said

        Here is Mr. Dutsche’s website as it existed in 2008. He wrote this about President Obama, who he thought was going to cost him his job of selling health insurance.

        Tuesday, June 3, 2008

        Fired by Barack Hussein Obama
        I guess I should look for another job since Barack Hussein Obama is going to heal all the sick and save us all.

        His universal health care will insure that there is no place for a health insurance agent like me.

        Oh well… Barack Hussein Obama will take care of me. He will heal the sick… heal the planet… and civilization finally has a chance to survive…

        I have helped almost a thousand families get their affairs financially in order. But with our new savior, Barack Hussein Obama will see it fit to can me.

        Maybe I can go back into radio…

      • DXer said

        In a post dated April 27, 2008, Mr. Dutschke wrote:

        Sunday, April 27, 2008

        Dear Mr Barack Hussein Obama,

        I was looking around in church today and I noticed everyone must have forgotten to bring their shotguns.


        J Everett Dutschke

      • DXer said

        Earlier in the week Mr. Dutschke had returned to his favorite subject of Holland.

        Wednesday, April 23, 2008

        Holland… the election Spoiler!!!
        I thought I was done beating up on the Liberal Undertaker now that his career is essentially over…
        but… old habits die hard… so…

        You guys know how I LOVE to point out how Holland always screws things up!?!

      • DXer said

        The slogan of the website (at the bottom of the page) is: “Beating up bullies since 1971”

      • DXer said

        I’ve listened to lots of samples of the Mr. Dutschke’s group’s music and like it. If he finds his way through this difficult period and continues with his band, here is another band to hire for a gig.

        Multiple websites identify Dutschke as the frontman of a group called Dusty and the Robodrum. On Facebook, the group’s act is described as “Live-Loop Oriented Rock with tons of lasers.” According to reviews, Robodrum has released numerous albums and recorded with several other artists including Pearl Jam drummer Dave Abbruzzese. …

        Along with President Barack Obama and Senator Roger Wicker (R-MS) a ricin-tainted letter was received by Holland’s mother, Mississippi Justice Court Judge Sadie Holland. In a conversation with TPM on Tuesday, Steve Holland said he hasn’t heard from Dutschke since their race.

        “I’m telling you the gospel truth, he ran against me and I saw him four or five times in the course of the campaign in public discourse,” Holland said. “He’s never bothered me. He ran a very nasty, vicious, angry campaign against me, but I didn’t think anything about it. … I don’t think the guy’s thought twice about me since then. … I’ve had no indication of it.”

        Holland said he felt Dutschke’s campaign was vicious because it was solely focused on attacks against him.

        “Everything he did was negative. I don’t remember him saying, ‘I, Everett Dutschke stand for this, I’m going to do this,’” Holland explained. “He was always negative about ‘Boss Holland,’ that’s the term he gave me.”

        Dutschke apparently did not call to congratulate Holland after his victory.

        “You kidding me?” Holland said. “Hell no.”

  3. DXer said

    “Where is the outrage? A Poisoned Ricin Letter was mailed to the President of the United States”
    by Dee Dee Garcia Blase on Apr. 23, 2013

    “The 2013 ricin letters are reminiscent the anthrax letters that were sent to officials and our media during the September 11 attacks, and stories by PBS and the New York Times doesn’t make me feel comfortable with regard to the the final anthrax investigative outcome. Indeed I hope the FBI isolated the anthrax threat despite doubt that is out there. …

    New Evidence Adds Doubt to FBI’s Case Against Anthrax … – PBS”

  4. DXer said

    Hilarious Elvis Impersonator Cleared of Charges in Ricin Letter Case
    By David Weigel | Posted Tuesday, April 23, 2013, at 6:42 PM

    “He deserves whatever fame and reward results from being caught up in this insane story.”


    If Mr. Curtis had committed suicide, the investigators and prosecutors, who otherwise had been acting in good faith, would have worried that they would be sued if they acknowledged that the “Curtis Theory” in the end didn’t hold water.

    Justice cannot be influenced by such considerations. In any event, the statute of limitations has long since passed. Amerithrax can be reopened without risk of such civil litigation.

  5. DXer said

    The FBI acted appropriately.

    Here is Mr. Curtis’ defense counsel.

    I find her argument extremely persuasive.

    While the FBI seeks to develop forensic leads pointing to a mailer they should drop the charges.

    • DXer said

      In the Amerithrax case, there was no forensic evidence — none at all — pointing to Dr. Ivins.

      The theory would not have even been plausible if the documents regarding the rabbits had not been intentionally withheld.

    • DXer said

      The charges have been dismissed.

    • DXer said

      She said that so often law enforcement sets on a theory and gets fixated on it that she’s so thankful it did not happen here. She explained that the agents were very nice to Mr. Curtis and extremely professional. They went where the evidence took them — and then they reassessed upon new evidence. Mr. Curtis also spoke at the press conference.

      I agree with Mr. Curtis that his attorney is an angel to come to his rescue.

      Counsel notes that the dismissal is without prejudice. Thus, the FBI will always continue to go where the evidence takes them — and so there is no question that judgment is being rushed.

      But to hear Mr. Curtis speak, I am confident that they did the right thing in dropping the charges.

      The attorney, speaking again, is emphasizing again that the FBI agents have acted in good faith. While no doubt there was pressure from Washington, under these facts and given the nature of ricin, they handled the pressure well and were doing their job. Mr. Curtis’ webpage directly correlated — and so she commends them again for their professionalism.

      That’s damn effective advocacy.

      She also praises the integrity of the prosecutor.

      • DXer said

        Mr. Curtis speaks at great length — is still speaking and it is 25 minutes into it — about his relationship with the other fellow.

        Also his manuscript “Missing Pieces” and his passion and story.

        You get a real sense of him. He’s extremely at ease. We shouldn’t begrudge him that he’s so talkative — he gone through a lot.

      • DXer said

        There apparently is “new information” mentioned in connection with the dismissal.

      • DXer said

        Defense counsel is confident that there will be a new arrest.

  6. DXer said

    Former GOP Candidate Reacts After Man He Allegedly Framed For Ricin Poisoning Is Released

    A former Republican candidate for Mississippi’s House of Representatives named J. Everett Dutschke expressed disbelief and dismay Tuesday shortly after a man he was accused of framing for mailing letters that tested positive for the poison ricin to President Barack Obama and other officials was released from jail. Dutschke has not been charged in the ricin case and has denied any involvement.

    Dutschke expressed disbelief when told of Curtis’ release.

    “What did you just say?” he asked.

    We repeated that Curtis had been released.

    “You’re kidding me,” said Dutschke. “For what?”

    We told him we were unsure and asked whether he knew if officials were still investigating him in the case.

    “I really can’t answer that question at this exact second,” he said.

    Dutschke then said he had to go. Subsequent attempts to speak with him were unsuccessful. Less than an hour later FBI agents arrived at Dutschke’s house and he told local reporters on the scene they were there to question him.


    TPM attempted to speak with his attorney in that case, Lori Nail Basham, but her office said she was in court and unavailable to speak with us. Basham’s office would not comment about whether she was representing Dutschke in the ricin investigation.

    We also contacted the Tupelo Police Department to inquire about Dutschke and were referred to the FBI. Neither the FBI or the Lee County Sheriff have responded to requests for comment. McCoy has also not responded to a request for comment. In an interview with CNN Tuesday, McCoy said the case against Curtis had not yet been dismissed but she was confident he is “100 percent” innocent and “absolutely” certain he had been framed.


    It of course helps to have an innocent client who appears to have been framed. But this attorney Christi McCoy would be a great interview on Skype for Rachel Maddow or someone.

    Judged just by the result she’s obtained in a few days.

    The charges against Curtis, absent forensic evidence that is developed him that implicates him, should be dropped TODAY. The announcement of some sort is scheduled for 5 p.m. CT.

    The announcement should be that the charges are being dropped — with the government able to rebring them in the event that there comes to be evidence.

    In Amerithrax, of course, the charges were never even brought. And the evidence — once the factual errors were corrected — did not support charges being brought.

  7. Lew Weinstein said

    GAO was supposed to have started years ago. It’s not clear why they didn’t, but Mueller moving on might be an answer.

  8. DXer said

    Note that a September projected date is just based on the average ball-park time it takes for a review — 9 months. The very helpful, very senior GAO person in early December or late November of last year emailed me to say that the review was expected to begin in January 2013. So this was only ever an estimate based on average. Those actively involved in the review or with knowledge of it would have a more reliable guess as to the projected date of the report.

    Separately, note that the DOJ and defense counsel have an announcement to make in the ricin case at 5 p.m. The defendant, counsel, family and probation officer walked into the judge’s chambers before this word issued, on the day of what was expected to be a third day of hearings.

    • DXer said

      Mr. Curtis has been released.

    • DXer said

      This ricin matter has very strong parallels with the Amerithrax investigation except that Dr. Ivins killed himself. In testimony today, an FBI agent was going to testify about Mr. Curtis’ suicide attempt many years ago.

      “Dist. 16 Rep. Steve Holland said doesn’t know of any reason Curtis would have to target his mother, Lee County Justice Court Judge Sadie Holland, who received one of the tainted letters. “Dutschke, on the other hand, hates the Hollands with a passion,” he said.

      Dutschke ran against Holland for the Dist. 16 House seat in 2007. Holland said Monday that he had gotten an anonymous call that there might be a link between Dutschke and the poisoned letter, but he told the caller to tell the Lee County Sheriff’s Department.”

      It was Holland videos that Dutschke uploaded – very insulting videos (more than one) against his Holland – big emphasis on his YouTube – and then you have his intense acrimony against Curtis. One who calls a comedy video is on YouTube but not on his main page. It contains quotes by Mr. Holland taken out of context so as to be embarrassing, even incriminating.

      State officials are investigating their own separate letter.

      In March 2013, Kevin Curtis was posting online about James Everette Dutschke, of Tupelo.

      Mr. Curtis claimed:

      • Kevin Curtis Live · Singer-songwriter at Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI)
      This man, James E Dutschke stalked & terrorized me online and offline for years until I went to attorney and presented a paper trail a mile long showing PROOF of his trolling/stalking…still don’t have clue WHY he did it. Hope to find out in coming weeks/months in court.
      March 25 at 7:04am

      Kevin Curtis · Follow · Singer/Entertainer at My own business
      I have info on James Everett Dutschke that may assist the Sheriff’s and/or police investigation. Also contact Alex Hale, a former martial arts student of Mr Dutschke’s from North Carolina.
      March 3 at 10:24am

      In the twitter account, Mr. Dutschke favors Ayn Rand and Glenn Beck and promoting home businesses that involve almost no work. Pictured in front of the Lincoln Memorial, he thinks of himself as “a philosopher trapped in the body of an insurance agent.”

      In another video on YouTube, he reports is in hot pursuit of a political sign thief, follows him the parking lot of a social security lawyer, and zooms in on his license plate.

      In videos, Mr. Dutschke describes himself as a problem solver and emphasizes the importance of perseverance.

      Of the child molestation charges (apparently based on fondling of three female students), Dutschke said these accusations have been blown out of proportion.

      “This very small molehill has been blown way out of proportion and has become a mountain of insurmountable proportions. I’m very eager to clear my name,” said Dutschke as he was leaving Lee County Justice Court in handcuffs after his appearance.

      He pled not guilty a few days ago. He previously had bond reduced from $1 million to $25,000.

      On his YouTube, his second video is on the choice between McCain v. Obama. It is a reasoned explanation of him, while driving, that people should make their choice based not on party labels but based on their intellect — and they should avoid appeals to emotion.

      As I mentioned, he does what he calls a comedy video of democrat candidate Steve Holland consisting of actual quotes from the candidate — edited in a way intended to make the candidate look bad, even guilty.

      Thus, the state should actively seek correspondence from all persons and compare it to the letters — especially, for example, the yellow paper, font, etc.

      The FBI knows that it is never a mistake to reassess facts when better information comes along. That’s part of the “Integrity” in the Bureau’s motto.

      • DXer said

        The FBI did not do that in Amerithrax but it is never too late to correct mistakes — until, that is, it is too late.

      • DXer said

        Here are the Steve Holland videos among the videos that Mr. Dutschke created and uploaded.

      • DXer said

        Ricin Suspect Released From Jail. Was He Set Up By a Fellow Mensa Member?
        By Josh Voorhees
        | Posted Tuesday, April 23, 20

      • DXer said

        Facebook has log files with IP addresses that have accessed all Facebook pages. If someone has to be logged in to view a page, then Facebook even knows who has accessed a page.

        Thus, a good place to start in exploring defense counsel’s broad theory is the list of IPs.

        In the meantime, the FBI can continue to cast a broad net focused on the forensics rather than any particular individual.

      • DXer said

        In the meantime, we are back where we began with an incident that potentially is not a false positive at Bolling Air Force Base. Do they screen letters at Bolling Air Force base?

        There still is the unsolved case of the mailer who apparently was a trucker who was upset about semi-trailer regulations back in 2003

        Ricin Letter Found At Bolling Air Force Base, Harry Reid Says
        Huffington Post-18 minutes ago

        “There’s been an alleged ricin incident at Bolling Air Force Base. That’s all I know,” he added when pressed for details. Letters laced with the …

      • DXer said

        Military base unaware of any poison attack after Harry Reid warns of ‘ricin incident’

        I don’t know of anything that Harry Reid’s talking about,” Bolling public-affairs representative Joseph Cirone told The Daily Caller in a phone interview. “First of all, obviously, Bolling Air Force base does not exist. Joint Base Anacostia does exist. … [It is a] Navy base, not an Air Force base.”

        Cirone emphasized he had no information or “factual data” about the alleged ricin incident.

        “We do have a hazardous material incident that is occurring right now,” Cirone said, but noted that was a “vague” description and “that could be anything from an oil spill and a gasoline spill.”

        “The fact that [Reid] said there’s no details, that makes sense, because we don’t have any details yet either,” he added.

        Read more:

        Comment: Is that what the DOJ calls a non-denial denial?

      • DXer said

        Second man says home being searched in ricin case
        By JEFF AMY, Associated Press
        Updated 12:44 pm, Tuesday, April 23, 2013

        Read more:

        TUPELO, Miss. (AP) — A second Mississippi man says the FBI is searching his home in connection with the ricin letter case.

        Everett Dutschke says in a phone interview with The Associated Press that the FBI was at his home Tuesday for a search related to the mailing of poisoned letters to President Barack Obama, a U.S. Senator and a Mississippi judge.

        Dutschke has maintained his innocence and says he doesn’t know anything about the ingredients for ricin.

        Earlier Tuesday, suspect Paul Kevin Curtis was released from custody, though authorities didn’t explain why. His attorney has said he’s innocent and may have been framed. The third day of a preliminary and detention hearing was cancelled without explanation earlier Tuesday.

        Comment: And now we give Mr. Dutschke the same presumption of innocence.

        We all support the FBI’s efforts to find probative evidence in the ricin mailing case and appreciate that it make take time.

        Let’s hope someone spills the beans.

        So far, the procedure is working the way it should. There in fact was probable cause to arrest Mr. Curtis. But while I’ll leave the criminal procedure points to the legal beagles, such as the wonderfully effective defense counsel Mr. Curtis has, but it seems that the charges should be dropped without prejudice to the government’s ability to reinstate them in the event they obtain evidence of mailing.

      • DXer said

        Second man says home being searched in ricin case

        JEFF AMY, Associated Press, By JEFF AMY and EMILY WAGSTER-PETTUS, Associated Press | April 23, 2013

        Dutschke has maintained his innocence and says he doesn’t know anything about the ingredients for ricin. He said agents asked him questions about suspect Paul Kevin Curtis but also asked him if he would take a lie detector test and whether he had ever bought castor beans, which can be used to make the potent poison.

        “I’m a patriotic American. I don’t have any grudges against anybody. I did not send the letters,” Dutschke said.

        Outside his house, numerous law enforcement officers from several agencies were seen along with a mobile crime lab.

      • DXer said

        The Anacostia-Bolling joint military base Wednesday in Washington, D.C., where mail for the White House is sorted.

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