CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* Here is the page 10 from the 2001 Historical Report that was located and provided today

Posted by DXer on September 6, 2012



2 Responses to “* Here is the page 10 from the 2001 Historical Report that was located and provided today”

  1. anonymous said

    I don’t see any reason why someone would remove this page. Nothing jumping out here. Unless the Commander’s August 22 meeting at Battelle in Columbus Ohio is somehow meaningful.

    That Battelle facility in Columbus Ohio is know to have been given a sample of RMR-1029 that summer. The Battelle facility is also known to have the capability to produce live virulent dry powders, unlike Detrick that never produced live virulent dry powders since the 1960’s.

    The other lab that routinely produced live virulent dry powders is Dugway Proving Ground in Utah – indeed most of RMR-1029 was produced at Dugway in the first place.

    As John Cliff pointed out in the recent “Chemical and Physical Signatures for Microbial Forensics”
    By John B. Cliff, Helen W. Kreuzer, Christopher J. Ehrhardt:
    “If we cannot state categorically that a sample obtained in a letter attack (for example) had the same origins as a sample obtained from a clandestine manufacturing facility, what good is elemental analysis in microbial forensics? The answer lies in the fact that these types of analyses may provide investigative leads or may exonerate a suspect, freeing investigative resources for the pursuit of other avenues of inquiry.”

    This statement immediately points to the fact that the levels of silicon and tin found in the attack spores should have exonerated Fort Detrick and Bruce Ivins.

    Whilst exonerating Detrick, the silicon and tin found should have provided an investigative lead that pointed to Dugway – the only lab known to have trace amounts of tin in their bacillus products.

    What did the FBI labs do? They ignored the science and pretended the silicon and tin did not exist – so they could pin it all on Ivins. When you take irrelevant DNA samples from a person you want to railroad and match them to stained undergarments found in their private residence, it isn’t too much a stretch to assume that elemental analysis of anthrax would get thrown under the rug as well.

    • DXer said

      The next key documents to obtain are:

      (1) the emails that were culled. It will be presumed that — culled prior to the closing of the case — withholding was justified on the grounds of the law enforcement exception. That is, law enforcement, at its discretion, can withhold whatever it likes if it thinks disclosure might interfere with an ongoing investigation. And a court is not going to second-guess them. Thus, the delay in production will be excused. But given the case has long since been closed, the DOJ should promptly cause them to be uploaded without further delay. I appreciate that the DOJ and FBI FOIA have huge burdens and could do with additional funding.

      (2) the missing laptop. The laptop was in the B3 beginning that summer. Dr. Ivins had suggested that Pat Fellows took it. She should be asked. A FOIA should be submitted to DOJ by one these players with some chops, like Frontline, NYT, Wired, Ken Dillon, Anonymous (you), Washington Post etc. Even if Dr. Ivins was correct it had been taken home by Pat, the FBI may have recovered it in a search of her home.

      (3) the remaining notebooks. Some of them will reflect transfers of Ames. If they were relevant enough for the FBI to keep the only copy — refusing Dr. Ivins’ request that they be returned — they are relevant enough under FOIA. In any event, the purpose of a request under FOIA is not material. Indeed, no purpose need be stated.

      If millions are being spent to protect against an aerosol anthrax attack, it is wrongheaded for the FBI not to prioritize these requests.

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