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DXer on the consequences of the Washington Post failure to correct its reporting in August 2008

Posted by DXer on July 11, 2012

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a failure of the responsible press


If the Washington Post had corrected its reporting in early August 2008 in which it reported the breathless claims of the first counselor — without naming her — Amerithrax likely would have taken an entirely different direction.

The first counselor in a 2009 book explained that she had been psychotic in 2000.  She says she was controlled by an alien who had implanted a microchip in her butt.  She says she had delusions about the murderous astral entities attached to her patients in her new part-time counseling gig.

The file was handed to the next counselor in July 2008. A commitment order and Dr. Ivins’ suicide followed.  

But the Washington Post never corrected the story (even after I contacted the Ombudsman and individual reporters).  The article about the counselor’s claims — which made the grievous mistake of keeping her identity secret as she breached her obligations of confidentiality —  was just a day or so before the US Attorney gave his press conference incorrectly spinning key forensic issues.  That article set the stage for the tale told by US Attorney Taylor.



Acquaintances and Counselor Recall the Scientist’s Dark Side
By Amy Goldstein, Anne Hull and Julie Tate
Washington Post Staff Writers
Thursday, August 7, 2008

In addition to helping the FBI with Amerithrax, the psychic relied upon by David Willman helped with 911 by her astral travelling and retrieval of etheric body parts at Ground Zero … She reports she was granted her psychic abilities by a being claiming to be an extraterrestial
Posted by Lew Weinstein on June 11, 2011

Excerpts from David Willman’s key witness (from her book ASCENSION JOURNEY)
Posted by Lew Weinstein on June 18, 2011

The Psychiatrists Are Selling A Report Relying On A Counselor Who Says She Was Granted Special Powers By An Alien Controlling Her By A Device Implanted In Her Butt, But The USG Has Taken Steps To Keep The DOJ’s Reliance On That Evidence Sealed For 5 Years
Posted by Lew Weinstein on November 15, 2011

The material on the CASE CLOSED blog about Judith McLean (see prior posts linked below) is relevant to an evaluation of the validity of David Willman’s conclusions in his recently published “The Mirage Man” … because Willman himself, in his publicity blurb (see below), shows just how much he relied on the psychic who says … she was granted her abilities by an extraterrestrial being … got sick in 2001 from doing astral recovery work at Ground Zero and in Afghanistan after 9/11 … and was pursued by nasty Taliban entities
Posted by Lew Weinstein on June 12, 2011’s-conclusions-in-his-recently-published-“the-mirage-man”-because/

DXer’s email to Washington Post Ombudsman about its August 7, 2008 “Dark Side” poisoning story
Posted by Lew Weinstein on August 12, 2011

DOJ has successfully avoided deposition of Amerithrax consultant Gregory Saathoff who extensively and uncritically relied on the Ivins’ accuser who claims she was granted her psychic abilities by an alien from another planet
Posted by Lew Weinstein on July 13, 2011


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  1. Ali M. Haider said

    Would you like some pictures of Abed Sheikh Mohammed? He’s the spitting image of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. They predate the Gulf War, too.

    • DXer said

      Rather than a picture of KSM’s deceased brother, as a researcher, what I want, for example, is Page 10 of the 2001 USAMRIID Annual Report. It was removed from all copies at USAMRIID by someone who will remain nameless for now. It is a chronology that shows who visited Ft. Detrick in September and the first half of October 2001. Electronic copies exist (were not successfully destroyed). The page just needs to be obtained by GAO or Congress.

      If Dr. Sushil Sharma wants to turn the key in the door and open it in this matter of historic importance, GAO should focus on obtaining missing and withheld documents.

      I have provided to GAO examples of relevant documents.

      Click to access getman_conference.pdf

      But there are many more available to it if it recognizes the full range of forensic issues that are relevant to the true crime analysis of the whodunnit and the science.

      You can make a key at Loew’s for $2.49 if you have have the right equipment. A photocopy of a key page costs just a fraction of that. The skeleton key is the annotated index of documents made by the DOJ paralegal that would provide a roadmap of the documents that were not provided by DOJ to GAO.

      For all the talk of science, there was no probative forensic science done in Amerithrax. To the extent it was done, it is exculpatory of Dr. Ivins. Documentary evidence is the key. But if undue attention in the upcoming report is paid on the lack of validation of sampling methods, a historic opportunity to keep the country safe will be missed.

      We don’t need more scientist-speak or lawyer-speak or government-speak on issues misleadingly framed by the FBI through selective production of documents.

      We need the FBI Director’s attention drawn to incontrovertible, easily explained documentary evidence that go to the heart of the mystery.

      For that, the GAO just needs to flex its muscle and locate and obtain the documents.

      It’s success in obtaining documents will be the measure of the effectiveness of Congressional oversight.

      • Ali M. Haider said

        Try asking for materials on Ramzi Yousef. He’s locked down tighter than the Sultan’s youngest daughter. If not for the trials and PNP docs, we’d have next to nothing.

        The Abed pics are important, I think, and never before noticed. If Mylroie was mistaken on the stolen-identity part of her thesis, and the pics help show this, as does an obituary I found, it’s possible to take another run at some of the very odd things Mylroie has found, and at the question of sponsorship for WTC93 and the even-worse attacks planned for the Philippines and Thailand. I suspect that the 9/11 Commission Report is right, that AQ had little or no role in them. If not AQ, who was doing this, and why? Evidence seems to point in different directions, and it makes little sense to me.

        • DXer said

          I am a big fan of Jon Berger’s FOIA work. For example, his requests relating to Khalifa, Bin Laden’s brother law (to include the connections to the blind sheik and WMD aspirations).

          LM’s scalding hot lead based on Exhibit 1008 in the WTC 1993 trial — based on the phone records showing the frequent calls from the subtilis expert to the number associated with Ramzi Youssef — should have led to Peshawar, to supporters of the Blind Sheik, to Brooklyn, to Islambouli… should have led directly to the anthrax mailer. But I can understand how Yasin’s flight to Baghdad greatly complicated (confused) analysis, especially given the neocon orientation toward Iraq.

          But the focus should have remained on Ayman Zawahiri whose express intent to use anthrax to retaliate for the rendering of senior EIJ leaders had plainly been announced.

          A man coordinating with Anwar Awlaki, Ali Al-TImimi, shared a suite with the leading DARPA-funded researchers and was preaching that summer alongside Anwar Awlaki about the signs of the coming end of times. But he had formerly worked for Andrew Card and thus it was politically incorrect to pursue the lead further than they did.

          A former Zawahiri associate was supplied virulent Ames by a fellow named Bruce Ivins. Bruce objected about the lack of notice that he was a foreign national but he was overruled. The squad first obtained the documents relating to the research in March 2005, based on the documents produced to date. The person in charge of Afghanistan and Pakistan at Department of State, had invested millions (as head of the DC venture firm Perseus) in the former Zawahiri associate’s company (NanoBio) not long before taking his position at State. So again it was politically inexpedient to pursue that lead. I only know about it because the CIA, through a contractor, told me.

          A subtilis expert associated with Ramzi Youssef regularly called the apartment — right up to the minute the Blind Sheik was arrested. He lived in the Princeton area in 2001.

          The investigation got derailed in the end and focused on sexual dysfunction when the sexual dysfunction in the US Attorney’s Office was far more disruptive of work there than it ever was at Building 1425.

          AUSA Lieber was forbidden from visiting Al-Timimi because a deal had been cut. But she went anyway and then was reprimanded for her trouble.

          Amerithrax represents the greatest intelligence failure in the history of the United States. The failure poses an existential threat to the United States.

          But you’ll never learn about this from GAO because they are going to be talking about things like the lack of validation of testing methods — rather than also forcing the production of documents.

          What a review of Amerithrax needed was production of the massive number of probative documents being withheld by the Department of Justice.

        • Ali M. Haider said

          Both Yousef and el-Gabrowny received calls from an Australian EIJ member, Mamdouh Habib, if I remember right. Habib visited NY for Nosair’s trial. The bomb manuals that Ajaj carried into the US were later found to have the fingerprints of some of the EIJ members who had settled in Denmark (arrested in 1994). Denmark EIJ were also in contact with Sheikh Omar. They also had a pamphlet claiming responsibility for the WTC bombing. Salameh was trying to flee to Denmark when he was arrested, and had plans to resettle in Australia. Muhammad Jamal Khalifa was arrested in late 1994 having just visited an M.D. who had gone to school in Cairo with Zawahiri. The EIJ links are strong, no question.

          But is it fair to say that the EIJ links were not pursued to Peshawar? The investigation led to both Peshawar and Quetta very quickly, with raids Yousef’s house in 93 and on the houses of KSM and his brother in early 1995, followed by an indictment of KSM that same year.

          In 93, FBI crawled all over Peshawar, and U.S. pressure led Pakistan to register the Arab fighters still in Pakistan. Some 2,000 were registered. The rest fled to Afghanistan, or went to kill Indians for Pakistan in Kashmir. This registration is called the Nakba or Disaster by the Arab Afghans, same word that’s used to describe the founding of the state of Israel.

          Yousef and KSM were not arrested there, obviously. But lower-level figures in their network were. At the same time, though, the FIA chief investigator said that both Yousef and KSM (and his brother Zahid) had been warned before the raids, protected by someone higher up. That investigator would himself be forced to flee Pakistan shortly thereafter. He lives in London now, I think.

          But say it all does lead back to EIJ, this still leaves questions ….

          EIJ had established financial and operational relations with both Iran and Iraq in the 1990. Sheikh Rahman was receiving money, and a lot of it, from Iran, via the Alavi Foundation in NYC (and we have the tax records to show this), while Zawahiri was receiving financial support from Iraq and operational support from Iran (including training from Hezbollah). Evidence for Z’s financial ties to Iraq include captured Iraq documents.

          What then of our Baloch, Ramzi Yousef and KSM, and their brothers and brother-in-laws? Were they also EIJ? They certainly worked with them at times, and with Hamas. Their main sources of funding, though, seems to have come from the Gulf, while their families and marriages all link directly to Pakistani-sponsored proxies, esp. LeJ and SSP. On the other hand, the family homes of Yousef and KSM were not in Pakistan, but Iran, and are to this day. It’s where Yousef went to recuperate after a detonator blew up in his face. It’s where he radicalized Ammar al-Baluchi. It’s where KSM’s wife and kids live to this day.

          And while our Baloch, via their work with/for Sayyaf, were moving in some of the same circles as EIJ and the early AQ, they seem to have been independent until 1996 and 1997, when KSM was chased out of Qatar by the FBI and found himself in need of a crew and money. He then goes to Afghanistan, to talk to OBL about a job. 1996 is a bust. They can’t agree on salary. 1997 is when they make the deal. Hambali and his guys (including Sufaat) are only then brought into AQ, via KSM.

          In re NanoBio … if only that were the end of the matter. It’s pretty hard to think of many former ambassadors or station chiefs from Saudi who have not ended up on a Saudi payroll after retirement. It doesn’t seem right, especially when DoS and CIA too often pursue agendas in the mideast at odds with the policies of the legislative and executive branches.

          Yes, Berger’s a good guy, and a first-rate reader of texts. He’s had little luck w Ramzi Yousef FOIA requests either … couldn’t even get the printed literature that Ajaj brought into the country.

        • Ali M. Haider said

          > Amerithrax represents the greatest intelligence failure in the history of the United States. The failure poses an existential threat to the United States.

          Worse than 9/11, with potential casualties one cannot even begin to count.

          FBI does know how to destroy innocent men, though. That’s one thing they did well.

        • DXer said

          To be fair, an Ivins Theory had a lot going for it. I only fault the investigators to the extent when they had the time, with the benefit of hindsight, they did not go back and kick the tires. For example, consider Jennifer — former CIA, FBI. PhD. Smart fair-minded gal. See NAS presentation. Training in genetics. Access to reports and findings. She could have asked for and reviewed the report on the handwriting and learn that the “T” in NEXT was not in fact double-lined. And then she could have weighed in and seen that the imagined code was not urged to the public as a basis for closing the case. See Amerithrax Investigative Summary. But she didn’t. And so she is at fault. For folks to overemphasize the 4 morphs was a huge red herring given that it in fact was not nearly as probative as ventured. Pretty much the same people had access to strains with and without 4 morphs and so it was just a huge distraction that then led to the misleading sound bytes about the “murder weapon” being identified.

          On processing, investigators told Noah Schactman that they didn’t actually know when Ivins would have made the anthrax. Okay. So, they would reason, it doesn’t matter that the rabbit documents destroy the “unexplained time” argument. They were already backpedalling at the time of the WIRED article. But the problem is that the unexplained time” premise was the key pillar of the Ivins theory. Which leaves nothing but some crock sorority theory cobbled together because investigators did not have the sense enough to read Ivins’ emails in the context of the press that month. For example, his email about Al Qaeda having anthrax and sarin was just reporting Gertz’s widely reported column that day. It is shocking that experienced journalists do not appreciate that Nancy Haigwood’s gut reaction “I knew he was the killer” – when she saw a picture he sent to family and friends — is not probative evidence at all. She just hated him, that’s all.

          Moreover, as a general matter, it is no excuse that the oft-quoted scientists privately say that they really aren’t read-up on the investigative details. Okay. Then why do they add their voice to the chorus in support of an Ivins Theory? Business development?

          This is not even a case of flawed forensic science. There is NO forensic science implicating Ivins — certainly none that is not necessarily based on key assumptions. For example, his assistant Patricia Fellows who prepared key samples was the one thanked by the former Zawahiri associate for providing technical assistance. The FBI cannot find the anthrax she made (with Mara L) over the years. There are no contemporaneous documents showing that it came from the freezer rather than Flask 1029 (which relates to the overblown 4 morphs issue). Dr. Ivins is on record saying she threw out 5 ml. upon leaving to go to SRI. The FBI shredded her deposition. Absolutely nothing about the submission of the second sample would be admissible or deemed reliable from an evidentiary point of view. Indeed, a federal court instead would have focused on the fact that the first sample was thrown out by the FBI scientists who had made a dried powder out of Flask 1029! But concealed that fact from the public until JE courageously came forward.

          When I see the emails relating to Awlaki, I totally understand what a challenging job the agents and FBI intelligence analysts have. For example, apart from political correctness, questioning supervisors or colleagues could tip the target off — and could even tip Awlaki off they were reading his emails. Moreover, there is the question of fairness. Hindsight is indeed 20/20. So I would loathe to find fault with anyone who credited an Ivins Theory — anymore than I would find fault with a Hatfill Theory. Or a Battelle Theory. Indeed. Except for the nincompoop who insists the evidence proves a First Grader wrote the letters, I find all the folks believing one or the other theories, perfectly reasonable. The case is still unsolved and any of those theories could possibly prove out. My problem is only with the folks who withhold relevant documents. And the FBI and DOJ has most definitely — and provably — withheld documents. The paper trail — if it were obtained by GAO but it won’t be — is clear on who favored production and who caused documents to be withheld and even destroyed.

          GAO won’t get to the withholding of documents and massive conflicts of interest in the case. GAO is a babe in the woods when it comes to forcing document production from a hardened adversary like DOJ. We saw how DOJ could hide the ball and withhold highly relevant documents in the NAS review. But if the United States is ever attacked, those responsible for withholding documents are being naive if they think there is not going to eventually be an accounting. And for so long as Dr. Ayman Zawahiri is still alive, they are naive in thinking that the threat of a mass attack is not very real. You would think that the fact that their loved ones live in the Washington DC area would be reason enough for them to insist to their superiors that ALL relevant documents be produced to the GAO.

          It is never too late to get it right. And it could go just as the Webster Commission did (note Ken Wainstain’s involvement). The priority is not to find fault, but to get the analysis right with the benefit of more time.

        • DXer said

          When I said leads should have led to the various places, such as Peshawar, I meant the leads in Amerithrax rather than WTC 1993. (For example, I think a key to Amerithrax relates to the Nosair trial and Brooklyn in 1991. Montasser Al-Zayat, who announced Dr. Ayman’s plans to use anthrax assisted with the defense.

          What Cairo Med alum had Khalifa just seen when he was arrested in 1994? What is your sourcing? Was it Ali Zaki? Dr. Zaki says that when he took Dr. Zawahiri around on a tour of the United States with the EIJ chief of intelligence, Ali Mohammed, he did not know who Dr. Ayman was.

          Top bin Laden aide toured state
          / SPECIAL REPORT: Al-Zawahiri ……/Top-bin-Laden-aide-toured-state-SPECIAL-REP... Oct 11, 2001 – The civic leader, Dr. Ali Zaki, said he had been duped into assisting al-Zawahiri and had not been told his real name or the true purpose of his …

          In 1995, Ayman came (once again?) to the United States where he was accompanied by US Army Sergeant Ali Mohammed on his travels to California, then Brooklyn, then the Washington, D.C. area. Who did he visit in Washington, D.C.?

          Zawahiri reportedly traveled to the US both in 1991 and 1995 under an alias (though the dates are disputed). Zawahiri sometimes was accompanied by two brothers, a New Jersey pharmacist and a California doctor, Ali Zaki.

          Dr. Zaki was a fellow Cairo Medical alum who denies knowing who Zawahiri was. This is very surprising given Dr. Ayman’s prominence at Cairo Medical. He was represented by a former US Attorney. In 2002, I emailed Dr. Zaki to ask him about the subject but I did not hear back.

          In traveling with Dr. Ayman, they were joined by a former US Army sergeant and key Al Qaeda operative, Ali Mohammed.

          In Santa Clara, Ayman reportedly stated at the home of Ali Mohammed, even though Mohammed had recently been subpoenaed to testify about what he knew about Bin Laden’s activities.

          Dr. Zaki says he was a good friend of Ali Mohammed and that it was widely known that Ali Mohammed was a liaison between the islamists in Afghanistan and the CIA. In one of his trips, he also reportedly went to Texas. One of the most important starting points of the FBI’s Amerithrax investigation should have been to trace the contacts that al-Zawahiri made on his last trip to the United States. He met with supporters associated with the Maktab Khidmat al-Mujahidin (the Al-Mujahidin services office) in the US.

          In that connection, they should have considered whether the subtilis expert regularly calling Abdul Yasin’s apartment in February 1993 had access to virulent Ames. Indeed, KSM’s nephew, Ramzi Yousef, the 1993 WTC mastermind, listed the apartment as his residence in late January 1993 after getting in a fender bender.

          The troubles of Cairo Medical School graduate (’71), San Jose physician Ali Zaki, over taking Ayman Zawahiri and Bin Laden’s head of intelligence around the US in 1995 had just about faded from memory. Then in January 2000, a new problem reared its head. In 1999, he had prescribed $164,000 in prescriptions for Viagara, a syringe of a drug for renal insufficiency and a vial for hypogonadism. ( It once was reported that Bin Laden suffered from renal insufficiency.) The California Board governing physicians found that Dr. Zaki violated regulations because no patient was named and he had kept no records. The drugs were ordered ostensibly for a fictitious business MedChem. When an investigator went to check out the listing it was the address at 550 Bevans Drive it turned out to have been a recently closed deli called Landmark Gourmet Delicatessen. Owned by Hasan Ibrahim, the business had been evicted.

          According to the decision, the drugs reportedly were for resale abroad. If they were intended for Afghanistan, someone must have expected a lot of action with some virgins. Perhaps erectile dysfunction was common there because of the cold, harsh conditions and the stress in that line of work. One of the allegations in the January 21, 2000 “Accusation” alleged that “On or about June 15, 1999, respondent ordered 100 bottles of Viagara, 30 tablets per bottle, at 100 milligram strength.” Cost: $164,000. Memories: Priceless. The public reprimand issued in August 2001 and is available online at the State agency’s website. • •

        • DXer said

          Chasing Islambouli’s Ghost: A Tree Grows In Brooklyn

          The Mamdouh Habib you mention would be a fascinating interview. And you are correct about his visit to Brooklyn in the early 1990s. I would have to pull up my notes to be confident but I believe you will find him dining with Atef shortly before 911.

          When dealing with Ayman Zawahiri, it never pays to underestimate the importance to him in the 1990s of the terrorist infrastructure in Brooklyn. In the late 1990s, Steve Emerson traced the development of the “Mekhtab Al-Khidemat Al-Mujahideen,” or the “Office of Services of the Mujahideen,” from its formation in Pakistan and Afghanistan in the early 1980′s to the Al Kifah Refugee Centers which spread throughout the United States and internationally. Zawahiri visited Brooklyn’s al Farouk mosque, which was part of Khidmat Services in Peshawar and was used to funnel jihadists and funds to Afghanistan. The blind sheik’s lawyer, Montasser al-Zayat, visited in 1990. Islambouli was head of the office in Peshawar. In a 1990 documentary by SBS-TV “Cutting Edge” series entry called “Sword of Islam,” Islambouli said: “Islam grows on the severed limbs and blood of martyrs. Islam will be back, and take over the world.”

          The CIA’s December 4, 1998 PDB to President Clinton explained that Mohammed Islambouli, the brother of Sadat’s assassin, was planning an attack using aircraft and other means on the United States. After Bojinka, which can be thought of as the origin for the 911 planning, Islambouli had been in a cell with KSM in planning the attacks. KSM came to be head of the cell planning to use weaponized anthrax on the United States. Therefore, it is important to understand who Islambouli knew and consider his historical connection to the al-Farook mosque in Brooklyn, New York.

          Now the surest way to know who Islambouli knew would be to go back to the late 1970s leading up to Sadat’s assassination and study membership in the Egyptian Islamic Jihad cells at the universities. But the story also can fruitfully be picked up a decade later in the context of Islambouli’s ongoing connection to al-Farook. The Al-Kifah Refugee Center had found its home in the early 1990s at the Al-Farooq mosque on Atlantic Avenue. Some of the men convicted in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing worshipped at the mosque, as did the blind sheik’s bodyguard El-Sayyed Nosair, who killed the radical Israeli Rabbi Meir Kahane.

          The Brooklyn office of Makhtab Khidmat al-Mujahiden was staffed by Egyptian Islamic Jihad operative Khaled Dahab, a used car salesman from Santa Clara. Dahab handled the logistics for terrorists out of his home. He patched through calls for Egyptian Islamic Jihad members and transferred money. Ayman called Dahab periodically — once to price telephone surveillance equipment. Dahab at last report was in jail in Egypt. Dahab had been recruited by Ali Mohammed, the former US Army sergeant who was Bin Laden’s chief of security during the move from Afghanistan to Sudan. Ali Mohammed helped conduct the surveillance leading much later to the embassy bombings. He trained Dahab on how to make letter bombs. Dahab trained to use ultralights in Afghanistan as part of a plot to free detained senior leaders from an Egyptian prison.

          When Ali Mohammed would visit Brooklyn, he would stay with a fellow Egyptian Nosair, who assassinated Meir Kahane. Nosair had been one of the men practicing with the men at the Calverton shooting range in Long Island under Mohammed’s instruction (along with some of the WTC 1993 bombers).

          In 1992, Mohammed Islambouli, was in regular fax contact from his Peshawar Mujahedeen Office in Peshawar, Pakistan and the Brooklyn Al-Kifah office. One 1992 memo from Islambouli’s Peshawar office read: “The military wing of the Jihad seals its news with success everywhere. However, the matter is the hands of the leadership to form the Islamic government to manage the country.”

          Sheik Abdel-Rahman would lecture regularly at al-Farook. He would visit Islambouli in Pakistan from Brooklyn in 1989 and during the early 1990s. It was not until April 1993, upon a crackdown on the foreign fighters, that Islambouli and Zawahiri had to move their operations into Afghanistan. Islambouli moved a scant 100 miles. Before disappearing into Afghanistan, Islambouli told the press the group would continue its holy war against the Egyptian government. In 1993, after he had to leave Peshawar, Islambouli lived at the Samarkhiel Guest House in Jalabad, a town in eastern Afghanistan three hours by road from the Pakistan border. In April 1993, a fax to Western news media threatened American interests if anything happened to Abdel-Rahman. At the time, Egyptian Islamic Group had about 200 members in Jalabad.

          Even back then, moreover, there was a connection between Brooklyn and the Moro National Liberation Front in the Philippines. For example, a 1992 memo read:

          “We urge you to support them and to support them and to contribute to their developments, programs and projects in order that they may do their part in accomplishing our jihad and mission of raising the World of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala and the Message of our Prophet Muhammad (saw) to the Highest.” Another memo from the Moro National Liberation Front read: “THIS IS TO CERTIFY that according to the records of this office, that Mr. Abdul Zindani had shown his sincerity, loyalty, and devotion to his work and noble project as Chairman of:


          P.O. Box – 294, Brooklyn NY -11217

          Telephone No. 718-797-9207

          We urge you to help all kinds of support needed to all concern Islamic movements, specially our Muslim Mujahidin around the Globe including those in Bosnia Herzegovinia, Palestine, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Kurdisn, Burma, Bangladesh, Eritrea, Lebanon, India, Trinidad, Somalia and Bangsamoro in Southern Philippines.”

          By 1995, Nosair was in prison and a defendant in a trial for sedition along with the Blind Sheik. The father of Adnan El-Shukrijumah (“Jafar the Pilot”) once translated for the Blind Sheik and was a character witness for Clement Rodney Hampton one of the defendants in the 1995 sedition trial. Jafar’s father was Bilal Philip’s mentor. Bilal Philips in turn was Al-Timimi’s mentor (and he continued to be in contact with him). Hampton-El testified that Philips was the head of “Project Bosnia.” He explained that Philips funneled money from Saudi Arabia to pay for noncombatant support services for the mujahideen in Bosnia. Project Bosnia also recruited combatants and men for paramilitary training. Numerous cities would come to have subsidiary Al Kifah offices. Aafia Siddiqui would be associated with the one in Boston, which after WTC 1993 was renamed Care International. The Care head was MIT MSA Imam Suheil Laher. He worked with Aafia in fundraising.

          In 2003, prosecutors alleged in a complaint unsealed in Brooklyn federal court that a Yemeni cleric raised millions, some of it through Al-Farooq mosque, that was then funneled to al-Qaida terrorists. Prosecutors alleged that Sheik Mohammed Al Hasan Al-Moayad used the mosque to raise money for Osama bin Laden’s terrorist network in 1999. He allegedly told an FBI informant that he supplied al-Qaida with more than $20 million, recruits and weapons in the years leading up to the 9/11 attacks. The government sought to extradite Al-Moayad and his assistant. The complaint said much of the money came from contributors in the United States, including the Al-Farooq mosque.

          If the federal investigative interest over the years has been any indication, it appears that authorities perceived that a tree grew in Brooklyn.

          I told the CIA that in a lengthy memo in December 2001. Amerithrax represents the greatest failure in intelligence analysis in the history of the United States.

        • Ali M. Haider said

          Ali Zaki is the man I meant. And given what is known about Cairo U, the international stature Zawahiri, and small Sunni Islamist circles in CA, I don’t find his denial credible. On the other hand, after Ali Mohamed’s trial, I should think DoJ would have known the details, and they seem to have shown no interest in him, so perhaps he’s telling the truth. I doubt it.

          I did not know about the incident with the drugs. That’s very interesting. Abdullah Azzam’s account of OBL at the battle of Jaji has him falling asleep in the middle of battles, and under the care of a doctor, for a chronic condition. At any rate, B. Raman is adamant that OBL received treatment for his kidneys shortly after 9/11. He says that this took place in Karachi in one of the Binori seminaries. Given Raman’s former line of work, and his track record, I see no reason that could not be the case.

          Multiple dinners with Atef are mentioned in the Gitmo docs, I think.

          As to whether and to what extent Ali Mohamed worked for the CIA, McCarthy’s arguments on the subject are pretty good, I think (Willful Blindness), and he’s had access to the relevant documents. When AM got out of the Egyptian military, he tried to infiltrate CIA. They didn’t trust him, so they sent him to Germany, to infiltrate a Hezbollah cell, as a test. CIA had another source in the mosque. Ali Mohamed failed the test, by immediately telling the Hezbollah cell that the CIA had sent him. And that was it, apart from a failed one-hour interview when he was about to get out of the U.S. military, again looking for a job. McCarthy argues that Lance has greatly amplified Ali Mohamed’s role in the WTC attacks, that he did little more than give some lectures to the NJ cell on battle techniques (but not for the CIA), that he never had any security clearance, none of the documents he gave to NJ jihadists were classified. McCarthy also argues, though, that SoF at Fort Brag kept AM around even knowing who he was. He’s very critical of AM’s superiors in this regard. For McCarthy it’s usually the other way around: contempt for the CIA, praise for the military.

          > If the federal investigative interest over the years has been any indication, it appears that authorities perceived that a tree grew in Brooklyn.

          … and another in Chicago, and another in Boston, and others in Houston, Tuscon, OKC, DFW, NC, Florida, etc. All linked to one another, but in different way and not necessarily operationally, all also linked to earlier domestic movements, whether Muslim Brotherhood or radical Palestinian. Most are still in place. Even Arnaout is out of prison already, and back in Chicago. And then there are the Iranian groups and the newer groups from the Balkans. If it don’t have an AQ badge and hasn’t taken the bay’ah, DoJ gives the benefit of the doubt, as long as they’re not killing Americans. I assume these groups are all being monitored. Or rather, I hope they’re all being monitored.

          I’m not sure what to make of Omar Abd al-Rahman’s role in all this. He was nasty, and ordered killings overseas, and is guilty under U.S. law, but I don’t know whether he was actually in charge of the operational planning. It’s my sense that this is taking place elsewhere. I really need to read the transcript of his trial, if I could get a copy.

          Nosair on the other hand seems to play a bigger role in all this than that of a street-level trigger-puller. He was worshipped by the guys in NJ. He’s older than he looks, too. He’s even older than Bin Laden. I’ve not been able to trace his career in Egypt yet.

        • DXer said

          Attorney Lynne Stewart’s website loaded the transcript of the trial after she came under fire. I don’t know if they are still there but if not maybe they are nonetheless available through the Wayback Machine.

          Really meaty stuff in those transcripts.

          First, there is discussion about the entreaties in Spring of 1999 by two pairs of emissaries. One consisting of Mamdouh Ismail and Montasser Al-Zayat. The other consisting of Kamal Habib and Gamal Sultan. All respected movers and shakers in Salafist-Jihadi circles. When the Blind Sheik said that participation in democracy was not acceptable, Attorney Al-Zayat immediately ceded the point. I may be misremembering but Kamal Habib continued to publicly advocate participation in democracy as the best means of achieving shariah law. (The Blind Sheik’s objection was that one could not subject oneself to the rule of the majority). I believe there is an entire fascinating, well-written book in which Mr. Habib’s views are described. Both Mr. Habib and Mr. Sultan wrote from Cairo for the Ann Arbor-based charity IANA. The IANA’s publication in Arabic had heavy weights discussing the tactics to use. At IANA’s First Annual Summer Camp, held at a park in Frederick, Maryland (later searched for anthrax), Ali Al-Timimi in a document titled “Reflections” (available at IPT) urged that jihad required that the nonbelievers be brought into line, one way or the other. As soon as the Blind Sheik nixed participation in democracy, Montasser Al-Zayat announced that Dr. Ayman intended to use anthrax against US targets to retaliate for the rendering of senior EIJ leaders (including the Blind Sheik).

          Second, there is a fascinatingly, detailed discussion of the conference calls being held between postal employee Abdel-Sattar, Taha (blind sheik’s successor), lawyer Montasser Al-Zayat (blind sheik’s lawyer) and the IG Military Commander. Abdel-Sattar was coming around to the view that another Luxor was needed.

          And of course in Exhibit 1008 there is the telephone record that has the subtilis expert calling the number associated with KSM’s nephew, the WTC 1993 bomber Ramzi Youssef, right up to the minute the Blind Sheik was arrested. A call was made from his dorm room to a Pakistan charity — thought by some to have been a reporting call.

        • DXer said

          I believe Mr. Berger says that the WTC 1993 court exhibits are particularly hard to get. An author has them but is not sharing.

        • DXer said

          Sigh. It would have been her own trial transcript that Attorney Stewart uploaded that was so meaty.

          It was the WTC 1993 trial transcript that would be important to see — and Exhibit 1008, reprinted in LM’s book — that would be great to get.

          Nosair’s trial would also be fascinating. As I mentioned, Montasser Al-Zayat was on the defense team.

          I suspect the anthrax mailer knew the blind sheik supporters, such as Montasser.

  2. DXer said

    The Post’s View

    The dark side of forensic science

    By Editorial Board, Published: July 16

    KIRK L. ODOM is innocent.

    Federal prosecutors finally have confirmed that Mr. Odom was wrongfully convicted of a 1981 D.C. rape, for which he served 20 years in prison. Mr. Odom was sentenced at age 18; this nightmare has consumed more than half his life, and all because of errors in forensic techniques.

    Worse still is that he isn’t alone. As The Post’s Spencer Hsu and others reported in a series of investigative articles this spring, similar errors have led to the convictions of two other men in the District: Santae A. Tribble, who served 28 years in prison, before a judge overturned his conviction in May, and Donald E. Gates, who served the same number of years for a 1981 Rock Creek rape and murder he didn’t commit.

    These three cases should serve as a call to explore forensic errors that could have put more innocent men behind bars — or could do so in the future. In the wake of The Post’s reports, the Justice Department and the FBI announced last Tuesday the largest-ever post-conviction review, which will examine all cases after 1985 that relied on hair and fiber examinations. This is necessary and long overdue.

    However, while the review’s results almost surely will uncover deficiencies in previous uses of forensic evidence, many flawed practices — including hair-sample analysis — are no longer in standard usage. Beyond finding and acknowledging errors of the past, a focus should be on taking every conceivable step to eliminate future wrongful convictions.

    In terms of forensics, there’s still considerable work to do. As the National Academy of Sciences recommended in a 2009 report to Congress: “Research is needed to address issues of accuracy, reliability, and validity in the forensic science disciplines.” Although hair-sample analysis may be obsolete, uncertainty attaches to other techniques still in common use, such as firearm examination and fingerprint analysis. To that end, Sens. Patrick J. Leahy (D-Vt.) and John D. Rockefeller IV (D-W.Va.) each have proposed bills that would, among other things, promote more scientific research and develop uniform forensic standards. These reforms are critical steps that should have been enacted long ago, and they should be enacted without further delay.

    U.S. Attorney Ronald C. Machen Jr. expressed his office’s sympathy with Mr. Odom: “Though we can never give him back the years that he lost,” he wrote, “we can give Mr. Odom back his unfairly tarnished reputation.” He’s right: No amount of recompense — financial or otherwise — could right the wrongs done to Mr. Odom, Mr. Tribble, Mr. Gates and however many others have been wrongfully convicted.

    All the more reason to take every possible step to avoid similar mistakes in the future.

  3. DXer said

    “Letter carriers respond to fictional bioterror attacks,” Washington Post, July 10, 2012

    By Lisa Rein

    A total of 2 million households in five cities will have a surprise visit from their letter carrier this summer, and the carriers won’t be delivering mail.

    Escorted by a police officer, they will deposit up to two bottles of emergency doxycyclene in each mailbox, first responders to a fictional anthrax or other bioterrorist attack.

    The pill bottles won’t actually contain real drugs. But everything else about the delivery will look real, a scenario designed to prepare local officials for a biological terror attack with a quick strike delivered by the U.S. Postal Service.

    The mail carriers, all volunteers, are the lynchpin of a pilot program that launched with a dry run May 6 in Minneapolis/St. Paul and will continue until the end of September in Louisville, San Diego, Boston and Philadelphia.


    An anthrax attack in 2001, soon after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, killed five people and left 17 others ill. The mail service was crippled after anthrax-laden letters were sent to congressional offices, media outlets and others.

    In 2008, federal prosecutors identified scientist Bruce Ivins, who worked at the government’s biodefense labs at Fort Detrick, Md., as the suspect. Ivins had killed himself days before. The FBI closed its investigation in 2010. But a year later, a federal panel concluded that the FBI had overstated the strength of genetic evidence linking the anthrax to the supply kept by Ivins.

    • DXer said

      Dark Knight Rises Movie: Batman Finale Will Be End to Post-9/11 Cinema


      Batman had to cross ethical lines while hunting down the Joker by essentially wiretapping cell phones to pin down his location and put an end to his terroristic threats and attacks. Sounds similar to the secret domestic wiretapping program that was uncovered during the Bush administration. …
      Often forgotten in the conversation – due to the significant impact of The Dark Knight – is how Batman Begins pitted the rookie Dark Knight against a clandestine organization of militant warriors who are hell-bent on destroying Gotham City with a biological weapon of mass destruction. The charismatic villain Ra’s al Ghul is the leader of the League of Shadows organization and the parallels between him and Osama bin Laden and his Al-Qaeda terrorist network are blatantly evident throughout the third act of Batman Begins. From the very beginning of his Dark Knight cinematic narrative Nolan has been tapping into our anxieties and fears of another terrorist attack occurring on the same scale of 9/11. Nolan’s Batman was forged and reconstructed as a morally ambivalent outlaw who takes it upon himself to make the difficult decisions in the age of terrorism. As in the climax of Batman Begins when Batman – having already established his trademark “no killing” stance in his personal code of ethics earlier in the film – refuses to kill Ra’s al Ghul, but instead decides to save himself and lets Ra’s perish on his own in the climactic battle. The contradictory nature of Batman’s decision highlights what differentiates this Batman and his on-screen saga from all the rest. We secretly like his moral ambiguity when it comes to dealing with his enemies. And it’s not the first time our culture has embraced a movie character with those qualities – remember Dirty Harry?

      • DXer said

        Scott Shane on the Moral Case for Drones

        By Benjamin Wittes
        Saturday, July 14, 2012 at 8:21 PM

      • DXer said

        FDA Monitors Scientists’ Critical Emails

        But there were some documents that we looked at that were sort of strategy documents for this surveillance operation, that indicated it had gone considerably farther than that. And they included a list of 21 people, about half inside the agency and half outside the agency, who were identified as critics of the agency and they included a member of Congress, several Congressional staff members, a number of journalists.

        So it was a sort of enemies list of the agency, and they were projecting, you know, how can we keep an eye on these folks. They weren’t actually going inside the computers of journalists and members of Congress, but they were watching for their communications with the FDA employees.

        INSKEEP: Did you make the enemies’ list, Mr. Shane?

        SHANE: I did not, but my colleague, Gardiner Harris – who covered the FDA for several years – was number one on the journalists’ list.


        SHANE: That’s absolutely right. That part of it is legal, and in fact, the FDA pointed out that when an employee signed on to his or her FDA laptop, there was a sort of warning that flashed up that said this is FDA property and everything is subject to monitoring. But the problem is that there are also laws that protect the privacy of, for example, attorney-client privilege and some of these FDA employees were communicating with their lawyers.

        There are laws protecting the privacy of communications – sort of whistle-blowing communications with Congress, with a whistle-blowing office within the government, and those are not supposed to be interfered with. So it seems that there are two interests in conflict, and that perhaps the FDA’s operation went a little bit beyond where it really should have gone in terms of just looking for a leak of proprietary information.

        INSKEEP: Well, how is the Food and Drug Administration responding to these charges?

        SHANE: Well, they were very unhappy with what we were writing. I think they were in shock to some degree, because what happened was a contractor that is only assigned to, kind of, handle documents at the FDA, large quantities of documents…

        INSKEEP: Mm-hmm.

        SHANE: …had accidentally put 80,000 pages up on the Web in a place where we were able to find these documents, and others were able to find them as well. So the proprietary information they were trying to protect had actually become public through this mistake of an FDA contractor.

        INSKEEP: Awkward. Mr. Shane, thanks very much.

        SHANE: Thank you.

  4. DXer said


    Acquaintances and Counselor Recall the Scientist’s Dark Side
    By Amy Goldstein, Anne Hull and Julie Tate
    Washington Post Staff Writers
    Thursday, August 7, 2008

    In addition to helping the FBI with Amerithrax, the psychic relied upon by David Willman helped with 911 by her astral travelling and retrieval of etheric body parts at Ground Zero … She reports she was granted her psychic abilities by a being claiming to be an extraterrestial
    Posted by Lew Weinstein on June 11, 2011

    Excerpts from David Willman’s key witness (from her book ASCENSION JOURNEY)
    Posted by Lew Weinstein on June 18, 2011

  5. DXer said

    So give the Washington Post the Pulitzer for its work on the FBI’s review of the lab and hair forensic analysis.

    But the Pulitzer in Amerithrax is still unclaimed.

    (McClatchy, ProPublica and Frontline are certainly leading contenders and their work in making documents available wins them special kudos).

    –The DOJ withheld the documents showing that Dr. Ivins was in the lab those nights in early October working with the rabbits.

    –The DOJ withheld all documents about the overseas testing in Afghanistan until 9 months after the last presentation to NAS — on the eve of when the NAS report was to issue. The DOJ then refused to produce most of the documents.

    –The DOJ withheld all documents relating to the positive test for Ames from the remains of the hijacker coming from Kandahar with the leg lesion. (where the anthrax lab was) The DOJ claimed that the positive test was due to lab contamination but failed to provide the documents relating to the testing.

    –The DOJ nowhere disclosed that Al Qaeda’s anthrax lab director had been part of the Malaysian biological weapons program. (Yazid Sufaat tells me that the plan is “on the way”).

    –The US Attorney Taylor in a nationally televised press conference says that the postage stamp was uniquely sold in Dr. Ivins Post Office when in fact it was sold throughout Virginia and Maryland (even crediting the FBI’s evidence). The false story ran on AP that it was sold only in his Post Office and was never corrected.

    –The FBI concocted a “code theory” that required the “T” in NEXT to be double-lined when in fact it wasn’t.

    –The DOJ and FBI allowed massive conflicts of interest to exist in the collection of evidence — and never disclosed that the scientists collecting the evidence for the FBI had made a dried powder out of Ames from Flask 1029 (which the US Attorney calls the “murder weapon”)

    –The US Attorney falsely suggested Dr. Ivins used a lyophilizer when in fact the USG knew the lyophilizer was not where Dr. Ivins was located on the nights the DOJ claims he processed the anthrax.

    –The US Attorney claims that his Flask was the murder weapon when in fact it is known that anthrax taken directly from the Flask was not used.

    –The US Attorney makes it seem that the genetics pointed to Dr. Ivins when in fact the genetics just narrowed things from 700 to up to 300 — with anyone who had access being in a position to pass it on further. Access was based on voluntary reporting and a perpetrator would have no reason not to conceal his tracks. Indeed, transfers made at USAMRIID were not recorded prior to 2002.

    –The DOJ had not yet confirmed Dr. Ivins alibi and it turns out in fact he had group therapy on both nights of mailing.

    –The DOJ withheld the family’s 302s and has not produced them pursuant to a FOIA request even though they establish Dr. Ivins’ alibi.

    –The FBI did not obtain the records of the work done in the B3 alongside Bruce Ivins by a former Zawahiri associate until March 2005.

    –A subtilis expert called the number associated with Ramzi Yousef and the 1993 WTC bombers up until the minute the Blind Sheik Abdel-Rahman was arrested. A reporting call after WTC 1993 was made from the dorm room of the subtilis expert to a Pakistan charity. The FBI submitted no evidence that they swabbed his laboratory for the genetically distinctive subtilis. He was an expert on mutations due to nutrient starvation. (Mutations were observed in the mailed anthrax).

    –The two key witnesses were Patricia Fellows and Mara Linscott. The DOJ shredded their civil deposition. His accuser, Patricia, was his assistant thanked by the former Zawahiri associate for her technical assistance.

    –The DOJ’s central witness wrote a 2009 book in which she explains that she was psychotic in 2000 and controlled by an alien who had implanted a microchip in her butt. She received instructions from the alien each night. The DOJ nonetheless allowed a report to be issued that is centrally based on her claims without any disclosure (or evidencing any awareness) that she was not a reliable witness. Until complaints, the psychiatrists even sold the report. Now they offer the false claims for free. There is no indication that the psychiatrists ever contacted the federal court to correct their mistaken reliance on the witness.

    –The DOJ (advised by those same psychiatrists who had a vested interest in the matter) submitted stained panties for DNA analysis and told Dr. Ivins that they were going to call his family to confirm he was unhappy at home. The semen on the panties was not pertinent to the case other than to put pressure on a man known to have attempted suicide just a few months earlier. Previously, his friends had been told in November 2007 not to talk to him.

    –On information and belief, the AUSA was told by her supervisor that she could not interview Ali Al-TImimi in prison because a deal had been cut in another matter. On information and belief, the AUSA was reprimanded after (to her credit) she went to the prison anyway. On information and belief, the pressure from above forced things in the direction of an Ivins Theory.

    Amerithrax is the greatest failure in law enforcement history because the national security threat posed by the anthrax mailings is unresolved absent an authoritative resolution.

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