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* in the Stevens case, prosecutors hide evidence to get conviction … again!!! … real life imitates Lew’s novel “A Good Conviction”

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from the NYT – 3/15/12 …

  • “The investigation and prosecution of U.S. Senator Ted Stevens (by Federal prosecutors) were permeated by the systematic concealment of significant exculpatory evidence which would have independently corroborated Senator Stevens’s defense and his testimony, and seriously damaged the testimony and credibility of the government’s key witness,” wrote Henry F. Schuelke, the investigator assigned to the case.
  • The report “confirms that the prosecution of Senator Ted Stevens was riddled with government corruption involving multiple federal prosecutors and at least one F.B.I. agent,” said Mr. Sullivan in a written statement.
  • they worked together to win at all costs in an attempt to convict a sitting United States senator in an ill-conceived prosecution.”



This sort of cheating by prosecutors and police happens far more often than most Americans suspect. It is a cancer on the U.S. judicial system. And it will never be corrected until those prosecutors and cops are themselves prosecuted and held accountable for their actions, which almost never happens except in a few high-profile cases like the Stevens and Duke matters.

If you’ve been following the posts on this blog, you may suspect that there has been purposeful withholding of evidence which is exculpatory to Dr. Ivins.

Of course, since Dr. Ivins committed suicide a few days before the FBI announced he was the sole perpetrator of the anthrax attacks, there was, conveniently for the prosecution, no trial, so the circumstances are different from the Stevens case.

The principle of justice, however, is identical, although the aggrieved party is not a defendant in a criminal matter but rather the American people, who need to know the truth about the worst bioterrorist attack in our history.

If this issue concerns you, you might like my novel A Good Conviction which tells the story of a young man found guilty of a murder he didn’t commit by a prosecutor who knew he didn’t do it and hid the evidence from the defense.


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