CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* When Iyman Faris Visited With Majid Khan in mid-2001, Who Was He Driving For With Respect To Travelling To and Fro Maryland and Columbus, Ohio (down the street from Battelle Memorial Institute)? Dr. Ivins Shipped The Ames Spores From RMR 1029 To Battelle by Federal Express on or about June 18, 2001. What “U.S. Mail” Did Iyman Faris Deliver?

Posted by DXer on February 16, 2012

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17 Responses to “* When Iyman Faris Visited With Majid Khan in mid-2001, Who Was He Driving For With Respect To Travelling To and Fro Maryland and Columbus, Ohio (down the street from Battelle Memorial Institute)? Dr. Ivins Shipped The Ames Spores From RMR 1029 To Battelle by Federal Express on or about June 18, 2001. What “U.S. Mail” Did Iyman Faris Deliver?”

  1. DXer said

    Ex-Maryland man who joined al-Qaida sentenced at Guantanamo
    By BEN FOX

    Khan’s cooperation is expected to help with other war crimes cases at Guantanamo, one involving five men held there who are charged with planning and aiding the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

  2. DXer said

    Colin Powell was right, in my opinion, that Donald Trump was not qualified to be President. Republics should recognize that Trump’s brand is seriously damaged.

  3. DXer said

    FedEx CEO urged not to deliver anthrax
    Korea Times‎ – 5 minutes ago
    The Korean Public Service and Transport Workers’ Union criticized the firm Friday for having ignored its duty to protect its workers and the public from hazardous …

  4. DXer said

    Union to sue FedEx over anthrax case
    Korea Times‎ – 6 hours ago
    “FedEx delivered live anthrax samples through the general delivery service network, a violation of laws such as the Aviation Security Act,” Jung Chan-moo, who …

    The Korean Public Service and Transport Workers’ Union is considering legal action against FedEx Korea for the company’s alleged failure to take safety measures in its delivery of live anthrax samples to a military lab in Korea from the United States.

    “FedEx delivered live anthrax samples through the general delivery service network, a violation of laws such as the Aviation Security Act,” Jung Chan-moo, who is in charge of air and sea transport of the union, told The Korea Times, Tuesday. “It did not notify transport workers of the danger, and did not offer safety equipment, either. This seems to have violated the Industrial Safety and Health Act.”

    He noted whether or not the company knew about the delivery of the hazardous material will be key to deciding the firm’s legal responsibility.

  5. DXer said

    Former Maryland man [Majid Khan] held at Guantanamo alleges CIA torture

  6. DXer said

    FedEx works to determine whether anthrax shipments came through Memphis
    Posted: May 28, 2015 6:32 PM EDT

  7. DXer said

    Ex-CIA chief defends waterboarding of al Qaeda leader

    CBS News – 4 days ago
    KSM, as the mastermind of 9/11 was known, would not cooperate at first. … al Qaeda would have been able to continue on with their anthrax program or …

    But when Stahl reminded him the CIA’s own inspector general said that his enhanced interrogation program did not stop any imminent attack, Rodriguez says, “We don’t know … if, for example, al-Qaida would have been able to continue on with their anthrax program or nuclear program … or sleeper agents … working with Khalid Sheik Mohammed to take down the Brooklyn Bridge, for example.”

    Comment: The fellow “working with Khalid Sheik Mohammed to take down the Brooklyn Bridge” was the fellow who delivered packages to the biodefense facility, Battellle, in Columbus, Ohio. Battelle is the biodefense facility that had virulent Ames strain. Bruce Ivins shipped virulent Ames from Flask 1029 to Battelle in June 2001. What exactly related to the Brooklyn Bridge and KSM did Iyman Faris sell to the FBI when he was cooperating? An explanation of the code that he and KSM used in communicating? The postal inspectors fully understand the relationship between USPS and FedEx and so I won’t presume to invoke my mailman and friend Tony as the expert. Tony recommends that you can go to the airport and see the operations yourself.

  8. DXer said

    High-value Guantanamo Bay detainee Majid Khan, in first, reaches plea deal

  9. DXer said

    It seems that the best learning available on the details of Mr. Faris life may be FBI 302, summary of interviews with Iyman Farris between March 20, 2003, and May 1, 2003, contained in pages 162-205 of Joint Appendix, attachment to Brief of Appellant, February 2, 2004, U.S. v. Faris (4th Cir. (No. 03-4865).

    The materials are not available to me but would be fascinated to learn more about his trucking work in the Summer 2001 etc.

  10. DXer said

    My mailman and friend, Tony, says that USPS planes handle FedEx. He says he sees the FedEx truck at the plane. (I’m sure it would vary with the route). Iyman and his colleagues were studying routes relating to cargo planes.

    • DXer said

      Dr. Hunt of Battelle was publishing on aerosol studies using Ames with the DARPA experts from Arlington, VA. (I lived for 15 years in Arlington and I can assure you that the folks there don’t have horns on their head and would be glad to describe their published work with the Ames supplied by Bruce Ivins).

      One question that comes to mind is: Did they ever mail virulent powder? If so, to whom? We know that they would mail virulent powder to USAMRIID because USAMRIID is where it would be irradiated.

      Could such a package be intercepted if the driver transporting the package was working with KSM?

      Pathology of Inhalation Anthrax in Cynomolgus Monkeys (Macaca fascicularis)

      Daphne Vasconcelos1, Roy Barnewall1, Michael Babin1, Robert Hunt1, James Estep1, Carl Nielsen2,3,4,5, Robert Carnes6 and John Carney3

      1Battelle, Columbus, Ohio
      2Consultant to Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Arlington, Virginia
      3Defense Sciences Office, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Arlington, Virginia
      4Office of Product Development and Regulatory Affairs, Fort Detrick, Maryland
      5United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, Fort Detrick, Maryland
      6Biosciences International, Inc., San Antonio, Texas

      Correspondence: Dr. Daphne Vasconcelos, Toxicology Battelle Columbus, 505 King Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43201. E-mail:

      • DXer said

        Medical intelligence sleuths tracked, warned of new virus
        by DEB RIECHMANN Associated PressThursday, April 16th 2020

        Comment: Wouldn’t it be neat if you could track a potential pandemic as easily as you can track a package an intercepted or misdelivered package of virulent Ames?

        If we don’t learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it.

        As Senator Leahy has said, when the government messes up, they can just conceal their mistake by deeming it classified.

        I was mailing out masks to family and friends long before Valentines Day. Most intelligence is open source.

      • DXer said

        Iyman Faris is a traitor’: Citizenship stripped from convicted al Qaeda terrorist who plotted Brooklyn Bridge attack
        by Jerry Dunleavy
        | February 05, 2020

        “Since Faris no longer is a U.S. citizen, the DOJ said he “may be subjected to removal proceedings” from the U.S. after his sentence at an Illinois penitentiary concludes this summer.”

        Note: Mr. Faris famously researched ultralights for Bin Laden. He gets out, according to this article, in August. He once had planned to write a book. A book by Mr. Faris about his dealings with KSM and the FBI would be fascinating. I’ve been bingeing on Ozark. Maybe a book by Mr. Faris could become a series on Netflix.

  11. DXer said

    What address did Dr. Ivins send the spores from RMR-1029?

    A while back, the manager who came to head the rPA project at Battelle in June 2002, Robert Tuttle, was very helpful and forthcoming in discussing the FBI’s Ivins Theory and questions related to Amerithrax. (He was not on anthrax vaccine project until June 2002 and so would not be good authority for the Summer and Fall 2001 period.) But he recommended that I contact Tim Dreier, was at USAMRIID for many, many years & then at Battelle for about 12 years as a senior manager in this area. He could tell me 100 X what Dr. Tuttle knew.

    One question I had was the exact location that Dr. Ivins would have sent the Fed Ex package.

    I suppose this is a matter of documentary evidence and so perhaps someone could help me out and we could find and post the log.

    I believe (without checking) that the unredacted version of the log shows the recipient at Battelle to be a Dr. Robert Hunt. His office is at the 505 King Avenue Facility but I expect he also had an office at the “hot lab” in nearby West Jefferson (and so I presume it was sent to the “hot lab”).

    For those who think big pharma executives are scarier than the operatives working for KSM, who killed 3,000 and was plotting to poison an Upstate New York Reservoir, Dr. Tuttle noted that daily time cards were kept at Battelle, in which employees had to report their time daily to a central computer. Also, there was an electronic card in card out system there as well as many surveillance cameras there. Moreover, the movements of any individual employees were cross-checked against the Battelle supplied cell phone and all the individual’s credit cards. Thus, it was relatively easy for the FBI to exclude the possibility of someone from Ohio to Princeton, NJ given the distance.

    What do the records of Majid Khan and Iyman Faris indicate as to their movements? For example, Iyman Faris was regularly on the road?

    (The FBI claimed Dr. Ivins did not have an an alibi because he could not prove he was sleeping on a particular night years earlier.) Did Majid Khan, before being married in 2002, sleep alone at night?

    Majid Khan lived just a few minutes and miles from where Nawaf Al-Hazmi were staying. Did they ever connect up?

  12. DXer said

    Who was Majid Khan’s uncle and cousin in Pakistan who introduced him to KSM?

    Was it bacteriologist Abdul Qadoos Khan and the son, a major?

    • Terror suspect challenges detention – Baltimore Sun…/0610050074_1_khan-cia-prisons-cia-se…
    Oct 5, 2006 – WASHINGTON — A terrorism suspect who lived in Catonsville has challenged … CIA’s secret prisons program, said lawyers for the suspect, Majid Khan…. to Pakistan, where an uncle and cousin introduced him to Khalid Sheik …

    The Pakistan government, at a press conference, claimed that Khalid Mohammed, Al Qaeda’s #3, was captured on March 1, 2003. According to the Pakistan government officals, Mohammed allegedly was hiding in the home of the Pakistani bacteriologist Dr. Abdul Qadoos Khan. The family of the bacteriologist claimed that KSM was not there at the home upon the early March raid but had been captured at a different location. That claim is also made by an informed Pakistani journalist, in the 2007 book Pakistan Frontline, and sourced to an unnamed Pakistan police officer involved in the capture. The author reports that KSM was actually picked up two weeks earlier but authorities wanted time to catch accomplices planning attacks. Handwritten notes and files on a laptop seized upon the capture of KSM, Al Qaeda’s #3, included a feasible anthrax production plan and addressed the recruitment of necessary expertise. Although the details of the documents on Mohammed’s computer may (or may not) point to possible difficulties in aerial dispersal, they are consistent with the product used in the anthrax mailings.

    Al Qaeda had both the means and opportunity. Mohammed told his interrogators that Moussaoui was not going to be part of 9/11 but was to be part of a “second wave.” KSM explained that Moussaoui’s inquiries about crop dusters may have been related to the anthrax work being done by US-trained biochemist and Al Qaeda operative, Malaysian Yazid Sufaat. Zacarias Moussaoui once told the judge at his trial in a filing that he wants “anthrax for Jew sympathizer only.” Al-Timimi and Bin Laden’s sheik al-Hawali spoke by telephone about how they might help in connection with Moussaoui’s defense.

    Majid Khan was arrested on March 5, 2003. After KSM’s arrest, Dr. Khan was arrested upon that same week — upon his return from Lahore where he and his wife had been at a wedding.

    And is it so clear that Iyman Faris’ research at the Karachi internet cafe for OBL was for the purpose of using ultralights for escape as claimed? In previous planning, ultralights were going to be used by the trainee of US Army infiltrator Ali Mohammed, the one trained to make lethal letters, to stage a jailbreak at Torah prison where they would fly in dropping bombs.

    In early March 2003, a man named Saud Memon, who was in the textiles business, was captured in South Africa. He had fled here after Daniel Pearl was killed on his property. Memon reportedly gave information on Al Qaeda’s anthrax work that he allegedly helping to finance. He reportedly was associated with Harakat ul-Mujahedeen Al-Almi and was one of the trustees of Al-Akhtar Trust International, a charity the United States Treasury alleges was tied to al Qaeda and the Taliban. After four years in detention at an undisclosed location, he was left in front of his home in Karachi on April 28, 2007 in very poor health. He died a couple weeks later. The cause of death was reported to be meningitis and tuberculosis. Memon’s lawyer said he had been in the custody of Pakistani intelligence officials. Memon’s name is not on the final official lists of Guantanamo captives issued on May 15, 2006. The Wall Street Journal also quoted an unnamed Pakistani official who said that Memon for a time was held in the American Bagram Theater detention facility.

    Bacteriologist Abdul Qadoos Khan was charged along with his son, Ahmed, for harboring the fugitives. As of March 28, 2003, he was in a hospital for a cardiac problem and had been granted “pre-arrest bail.” What does bacteriologist Abdul Qadoos Khan say about the anthrax letters in Fall 2001? What does he say about the recent reported mailings to the Pakistan Prime Minister? What does the family say about Baltimore’s Majid Khan? Are they related?

    • DXer said

      Authors McDermott and Meyer in The Hunt For KSM note, in regard to the son of the bacteriologist harboring KSM who was an officer in the Army, that “The man, Adil Qadoos, was later court-martialed and sentenced to ten years in prison.” (p. 331, n.2)

      • DXer said

        The prosecution of the son of the bacteriologist harboring KSM and al-Hawsawi, who had the laptop with anthrax productions, was conducted with great secrecy.

        No charges presented against 6 army officers: It’s a sensitive case, LHC told

        By Sher Baz Khan

        RAWALPINDI, July 15: The government on Thursday refused to present any specific charges against six detained army officers or their arrest orders in the Lahore High Court, Rawalpindi bench , saying it was doing so due to the sensitivity of the matter.

        The head of the judge advocate-general (JAG) branch, Brigadier Ayub, told the division bench, comprising Justice Akhtar Shabbir and Justice Tanveer Bashir Ansari, that an investigation against the six army officers was in final stages.

        The probe, he said, was being carried out by a secret agency. He refused to share with the court the nature of the charges for which the officers were being investigated or produce the arrest orders.

        The court had directed the deputy advocate-general, Chaudhry Mohammad Tariq, during the last hearing, to help the families of the army officers to meet them. The defence counsel, Mohammad Ikram Chaudhry, Taufeeq Asif, Hasnain Chauhan and Maqsood Hussain, requested the court to ask the JAG why were the families not being allowed to see the officers.

        Brig Ayub said the meeting between the families and officers could not be arranged due to the sensitive nature of the case. Reiterating the government’s initial stand, he said the army officers had been detained under Section 2-d of the Army Act, 1952, and hence the court had no jurisdiction over the case.

        When the court asked how long the officers had been in detention, Brig Ayub replied that the period ranged between one and one and a half years. However, Ikram Chaudhry said that the JAG itself was violating not only the Constitution, but also the Army Act, as it had detained six officers without even bringing on record the charges against the officers.

        He termed the JAG’s move a deliberate concealment of basic facts. He challenged the investigation by a secret agency, contending that the agency had taken such a long time in the investigation.

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