CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* Did AUSA Rachel Lieber And Investigator Edward Montooth Know That In Late August 2001 When Atta Booked The 911 Flight, He Was 88 Yards From Where The Particulate Mixer Had Been Delivered?

Posted by DXer on January 27, 2012



5 Responses to “* Did AUSA Rachel Lieber And Investigator Edward Montooth Know That In Late August 2001 When Atta Booked The 911 Flight, He Was 88 Yards From Where The Particulate Mixer Had Been Delivered?”

  1. DXer said

    The problem with Amerithrax does not merely concern all the mistakes made at the press conference — such as regarding the lyophilizer, Federal Eagle stamp.

    Or the mistakes and omissions in the Amerithrax Investigative Summary – such as the failure to disclose Dr. Ivins’ work with the rabbits.

    But there simply is no indication that AUSA Lieber and investigator Montooth even knew that in late August 2001 when Atta booked the 911 flight, he was 88 yards from where the particulate mixer had been delivered.

  2. DXer said

    Al-Hazmi was also within a block or two of where the equipment was delivered on August 9, 2001 when he created email account from a computer located at the Web Station, Fort Lee, New Jersey. What emails did he send that day?

    What do the shipping records show as to the precise date that the equipment was delivered?

    Syed’s brother Asif, or Emilou or even Aaron perhaps could describe the intended use of the equipment. Syed likely is still in Van Nuys and would be a fascinating interview in light of author Garrett revisiting the lead. The statute of limitations has long since run on most any inappropriate purpose or irregular banking practice.

    • DXer said

      The MBE paperwork from June 2001 from Fort Lee with the curious reference by Nawaf Al-Hazmi to a company name (variously listed as CAF or CAP) is 265A-NY-280350-NK, serial 165. In the Moussaoui list of “True Name” court exhibits, the GX Number is F000251-255. The Bates Number is M-BAA-00000316, 19-M-BAA-00000319-231.

  3. DXer said

    US Attorney Jeffrey Taylor was totally confused on the central issue of the equipment used in the mailings. (see his statement below in the “FN” below) The lyophilizer was not in fact in the B3 with Dr. Ivins — it was in the B5.

    Former US Attorney Jeffrey Taylor could be asked if he knows where the equipment delivered down the street from where Atta and Nawaf made the 911 reservation was taken. (He doesn’t, does he?)

    Dr. Majidi could be asked what the equipment delivered to Fort Lee was — even if he doesn’t know where it went.

    The day before his press conference the Washington Post featured the claims by the the first counselor, the woman, who later would write a book explaining she had been controlled by an alien who had implanted a chip in her butt. The Washington Post and the psychiatrists who advanced her as a key witness (see EBAP report) have neglected to note that fact. They were unaware that they were basing the case against Ivins on such a witness. Finding no “there there”, it is Dr. Ivins who is made to be as crazy as he needs to be. Medicines commonly prescribed to tens of millions of Americans for depression suddenly are thought to be substitute evidence by those without the experience to know better.


    Second, as a renowned expert in the production and purification of anthrax spores, Dr. Ivins was one of a handful of scientists with the capability to create spores of the concentration and purity used in the attacks. The affidavits allege that, not only did Dr. Ivins create and maintain the spore batch used in the mailings, but he also had access to and experience using a lyophilizer. A lyophilizer is a sophisticated machine that is used to dry pathogens, and can be used to dry anthrax. We know others in Dr. Ivins’ lab consulted him when they needed to use this machine.

    • DXer said

      This is what the affidavits submitted in support of the search said:

      “Law enforcement officials have spoken to biological experts who have knowledge and training in the field of infectious diseases including anthrax. According to these individuals quantities of Bacillus anthracis can be produced in a scientific laboratory, such as those found atuniversities, military research facilities, or other research institutions. Culturing anthrax andworking safely with dried anthrax spores requires specific training and expertise in technical fields such as biochemistry or microbiology. It also requires particular laboratory equipment such as a lyophilizer or other drying device, biological safety cabinet or other containment device, incubator, centrifuge, fermentor, and various personal protective gear, described more fully in the Attachment to this affidavit.”

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