CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* Atta Made the 911 Reservation With Nawaf Al-Hazmi At Yuricom; If No Cars Were Passing And He Had Been There A Month Or Two Earlier, He Could Have Seen The Particulate Mixer Being Delivered By The Delivery Truck

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5 Responses to “* Atta Made the 911 Reservation With Nawaf Al-Hazmi At Yuricom; If No Cars Were Passing And He Had Been There A Month Or Two Earlier, He Could Have Seen The Particulate Mixer Being Delivered By The Delivery Truck”

  1. DXer said

    Hydroponic Garden ‏@HydropncGarden 56s57 seconds ago

    @ScottShaneNYT Late Aug 01, Atta In Ft Lee Planning 911 W/ Nawaf Al-Hamzi 244 W. Main; $100k Mixer shipped July, 215 Main. Mixun Solutions

  2. DXer said

    The 911 Commission says Jdey may have trained in Afghanistan with Khalid al Mihdhar and Nawaf al Hazmi and received instruction from KSM with Atta and Binalshibh.:

    Abderraouf Jdey, a.k.a. Faruq al Tunisi. A Canadian passport holder, he may have trained in
    Afghanistan with Khalid al Mihdhar and Nawaf al Hazmi and received instruction from KSM with Atta
    and Binalshibh.A letter recovered from a safehouse in Pakistan, apparently written by Sayf al Adl, also suggests
    that Jdey was initially part of the 9/11 operation at the same time as the Hamburg group.A videotape
    of Jdey’s martyrdom statement was found in the rubble of Atef ’s house near Kabul following a
    November 2001 airstrike, together with a martyrdom video of Binalshibh. While both Binalshibh and
    Khallad confirm Jdey’s status as an al Qaeda recruit,KSM says Jdey was slated for a “second wave”of attacks
    but had dropped out by the summer of 2001 while in Canada. FBI briefing (June 24, 2004); Intelligence
    report, interrogation of Binalshibh, Sept. 11, 2003; Intelligence report, interrogation of Khallad,May 21,
    2004; Intelligence report, interrogation of KSM, July 1, 2003.

  3. DXer said

    While J.M. Berger has a brilliant blog entry regarding the Fox News story on the mid-August travel by Atta (and the debit card used to book the flight)

    on the narrow issue of booking of flights, it is the booking of the 911 flight that is of greater interest.

    The Fox News slight misstep is unfortunate because of the importance of the issue of Awlaki’s relationship with the hijackers and Ali Al-Timimi.

  4. BK said

    All pictures of Atta are identical profiles, meaning they cannot both be real. Hard to believe Atta was even a real person. Why would images overlay so well with the same exact orientation?

    See the overlay of the images for yourself:

    Embarrassing if you ask me.

    No way the formulation for weaponized spores is available to anyone besides US military or those on the inside track. In fact the formulation used is classified. I would say my request to someone with the information regarding the formulation was denied to me based on that being classified data. So … why hold a secret on a closed case. Very interesting case and yet the government acts as if the most serious case of bioterrorism is a shut case. Go figure.

  5. DXer said

    Benevolence International Foundation (“BIF”) had long been of keen interest to the FBI in connection with its investigation of the threat of biological, chemical or radiological terrorism. One of the founders of BIF in 1987 was Bin Laden’s late brother-in-law, the late Jamal Khalifa. Cooperating witness Jamal al-Fadl told Patrick Fitzgerald and the FBI that in 1992, Bin Laden sent him from Bin Laden’s headquarters in Sudan to Zagreb, Croatia, to gather information about the prospects of jihad in Bosnia. In Croatia, Fadl met with Enaam Arnaout (who the next year would become the head of the BIF in the US). In 1994, when Khalifa was arrested in northern California where he was visiting, he was traveling with BIF President Mohammed Loay Bayazid. Bayazid reportedly was looking to buy enriched uranium.

    In 1995, there was a medical school student in Zagreb Croatia named Hassan Faraj. He later would live next to Ali Al-TImimi in Falls Church, VA and then tell some major lies about his education history in getting a job at Lenox Hill Hospital. He claimed to have a medical position in 1996 when instead he was helping fighters like al-Hazmi, Al-Midhar and Jdey get to camps in Bosnia. A Saudi, Nawaf and childhood friend, Khalid al-Mihdhar, had left their homes in 1995 to fight in the Bosnian War. Al-Hazmi had attended the meeting in Kuala Lumpur with anthrax lab head Yazid Sufaat and anthrax planner Hambali.

    Does former BIF employee Hassan Faraj know where Syed Abbas took the industrial mixer and who his accomplices were? Did AUSA Lieber or AUSA Ken Kohl interview Mr. Faraj? If not, why not? Did Rachel have too many other distractions coming into office that pointed in a different direction?

    In 2000, Chechen military commander associated with Bin Laden’s CBRN aspirations, Ibn Khattab solicited funds on the Al Qaeda website, Mirrored by a North Brunswick, NJ webmaster Mazen Mokhtar, the website said that funds should be routed through one of two charities. One
    of the two charities commended by the website for this purpose was BIF.

    In mid-August 2001, FBI Agent Harry Samit pleaded with HQ that they be allowed to access Moussaoui’s laptop given his connection to Abu Khabab and Abu Khabab’s connection to Bin Laden. But the request for the warrant under FISA was denied.

    Yusuf Wells, who was a BIF fundraiser, visited Northern Virginia over the April 14-15, 2001 weekend. The previous month he had been at Iowa State University on a similar visit. On April 15, 2001, he was brought to a paintball game. In the second season, they had become more secretive after
    an inquiry by an FBI Special Agent was made in 2000 of one of the members about the games. Part of BIF fundraiser Wells’ job involved writing reports about his fund raising trips. In his April 15, 2001 report he writes:

    “I was taken on a trip to the woods where a group of twenty brothers get together to play Paintball. It is a very secret and elite group and as I understand it, it is an honor to be invited to come. The brothers are fully geared up in camouflage fatigues, facemasks, and state of the art paintball
    weaponry. They call it ‘training’ and are very serious about it. I knew at least 4 or 5 of them were ex US military, the rest varied.. Many were confused as to why I had been ‘trusted’ to join the group so quickly, but were comforted after my brief talk. Some offered to help me get
    presentations on their respective localities.”

    After the anthrax mailings, former FBI agent Jack Cloonan and several colleagues arrived in Khartoum, Sudan in November 2001 to interview Bayazid. He was part of a joint FBI-CIA team. Cloonan has said Douri and a second Iraqi laughed when asked about possible bin Laden ties to Saddam Hussein’s regime, saying bin Laden hated Saddam. Bin Laden viewed Saddam as “a Scotch-drinking, woman-chasing apostate.” Both al-Douri and Bayazid lived in Tucson during the early 1990s.

    On December 14, 2001, in the afternoon, three immigration agents arrested Rabih Haddad, head of Global Relief Foundation, at his Ann Arbor home on a minor immigration violation. The FBI made related raids of BIF offices in connection with the search for evidence that Bin Laden was
    planning further attacks in the US and developing weapons of mass destruction such as weaponized anthrax. United States Attorney Fitzgerald’s original plan did not call for searches or “takedowns of the GRF or BIF offices in Illinois.” Instead, the 9/11 Commission found, the FBI had
    intended to listen using electronic intercepts to the reaction to the searches by the charity personnel. Their hand was forced, however, by the reporter’s call to Global Relief Foundation.

    The Newark, NJ BIF office was searched in mid-December 2001 at the same time the BIF and Global Relief Foundation offices in Illinois were searched.

    Was Amerithrax royally f—-ed up because in December 2001 the FBI never asked the former BIF employee who had lived next door to Ali Al-TImimi where the missing mixer was? Instead, the Administration — led by Ali Al-Timimi’s former boss Andrew Card — was more determined to invade Iraq.

    GAO: Wasn’t there the same failure to connect the dots that had occurred in August when access to Moussaoui’s laptop was denied?

    On top of it al, an excellent choice for mailer was Jdey, who Mowf of the CIA’s CTC says was detained at the same time as Moussaoui …. and he had biology books. Is Mowf going to tell us more — being part of the solution rather than having merely been part of the problem?

    Early on, the secret investigation of BIF remained shrouded in secrecy until June 2002 when a helicopter emerged out of the clouds circling about Adham Hassoun’s car not not far from his residence in Sunrise, Florida. “They thought I was somebody important. They thought they hit the jackpot.” FBI
    agents questioned him initially when it was discovered that he had been the American representative for the publication Nida’ul Islam. “Brother Adham Hassoun” was listed as the publication’s subscription officer. Hassoun explained “I called these people and told them, ‘Take my name off there’.”
    Hassoun was the founder of BIF in the US, in Plantation, Florida in 1992 before it was moved to Chicago.

    The government alleged that Adham Hassoun, a computer programmer, had allegedly planned an assassination, provided material support to terrorist groups, and was a member of Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman’s Islamic Group. Hassoun, a Palestinian of Sunrise, Florida born in Lebanon, allegedly tried to recruit Egyptian Mohammed Yousseff, a friend of Padilla’s. Hassoun had ties to charitable groups with alleged links to terrorist groups. The authorities did not want to arrest him and instead wanted to see where he might lead them. Their hand was forced when a Miami reporter called him to ask him about Padilla and they thought he might flee. It is suspected that Hassoun was among those who would be assisting Zacarias Moussaoui in a separate mission, totally separate to 9/11.

    An arrest warrant then issued for a former Falls Church, Virginia resident, Dr. Hassan Faraj, on immigration charges on June 29, 2004. He had been working as an intern and resident at hospital in Manhattan for the past three years.

    The Syrian-born doctor, Hassan Faraj, formerly worked for the Al Qaeda front charity, BIF, in Zagreb, Croatia. He had gone to medical school in Zagreb, graduating in 1995 apparently. He was accused in late June 2004 of supporting an Al Qaeda operative who after 9/11 asked the doctor to support
    his application to come to the United States. Dr. Faraj was listed in 2002 as an author of a key article in the Journal of the American Medical Association (“JAMA”) about the fatal anthrax inhalation exposure of 61-year-old Kathy Nguyen. She had worked in the stockroom of Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital (MEETH), which was a subsidiary of Lenox Hill. The article concluded that although her workplace had been searched for traces of anthrax, it was unknown how Kathy Nguyen had been exposed. It is still unknown how Kathy Nguyen was exposed to anthrax – and an association of BIF under these circumstances is still of keen interest.

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