CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* Anthrax Lab Director Yazid Sufaat Wrote This Letter Of Introduction For Zacarias Moussaoui, Who Made The Cropduster Inquiries

Posted by Lew Weinstein on January 23, 2012




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  1. DXer said

    With Unconventional Weapons, Drones Hit Their Limits
    Security Weekly
    February 16, 2017

    The Difficulties of Biological Weapons

    Of the three unconventional weapons, biological agents are the most capable of causing a true mass-casualty event. Though commercial drones are limited in the amount of weight they can carry — several kilograms at most — they could, at least in theory, convey enough of a biological agent to kill millions of people. But the nature of biological agents themselves curb their effectiveness as a drone-delivered weapon.

    A single gram of weaponized anthrax, the amount included in letters mailed to U.S. Sens. Tom Daschle and Patrick Leahy in October 2001, can contain up to 1 trillion spores — enough to cause somewhere between 20 million and 100 million deaths if the disease were allowed to run its course. The volume of anthrax in the two letters, plus the five or so sent to major media outlets around the same time, was more than enough, if administered efficiently, to wipe out the entire U.S. population. Nevertheless, the attack infected only 27 people. Five died, and the rest recovered after receiving treatment.

    The incident dominated the headlines, but it’s a prime example of how tough it can actually be to cause mass casualties with even a highly potent, weaponized biological agent like anthrax. After all, if anthrax spores could be spread widely by a drone, infections could easily be treated with antibiotics. People exposed to the spores distributed in a highly obvious drone attack could start courses of antibiotics early, well before the spores have time to incubate, mitigating the impact of the attack.

    Non-state actors have tried to develop biological weapons for decades but have struggled to concoct virulent agents.


    Because a drone could deliver only a small amount of a chemical agent, whether dropped in a container that would break on the ground or in some sort of airburst, it probably couldn’t create the type of heavy cloud needed to drive up the number of fatalities. By comparison, a crop-dusting plane — which could transport and spray hundreds of gallons of a chemical agent — would be a far more effective means of aerial delivery.


    All in all, there are few drone attack scenarios — whether using conventional explosives or biological, chemical or radiological weapons — that couldn’t be undertaken far more effectively with a much larger general aviation aircraft.

  2. DXer said

    Cameron warns ISIS could use drones to spray nuclear material over Western cities, Published April 02, 2016

    “We have already seen (ISIS) trying to look at whether they can get their hands on low-level crop-using-type drones,” one British official told The Telegraph.


    If we forget our pasta, we are bound to reheat it.

  3. DXer said

    A small, low and slow threat that is growing fast
    by Arie Egozi on 27 March, 2014 in Uncategorised
    In a recent meeting in Brussels experts from NATO member states and others for the first time defined the evolving threat posed by all types of mini and micro unmanned air systems (UAS).

    It took some time before the experts came to the initial conclusion that airborne threats have changed dramatically. A terrorist organisation can purchase a micro or mini UAS online, it can be delivered very fast, assembled in minutes and can be used to carry a payload of a small explosive device instead of a camera.

    This is an imminent threat that most countries have preferred to ignore so far, but they are quickly waking up to the reality now, prompted by intelligence data and the proliferation of micro UAS such as the new quadcopters available on the open market in growing numbers.

    In 2012, just before the Olympic games in London began, a senior British army officer warned that unmanned drones carrying deadly poison could be used in a devastating terrorist attack during the Olympic Games.

    According to the UK media, Lt Col Brian Fahy delivered the grim warning at a meeting intended to allay fears from residents over the army’s plans to place missiles on the rooftops of flats.
    He said it was “feasible” that remote-controlled aircraft filled with poison and small enough to fit into a backpack could be used as a biological weapon in the capital.
    Are we going to see air defence systems permanently deployed on rooftops of big cities? We are not there yet, but the problem has surfaced and it is now “over the water” – and, as one Israeli expert described it, “with a red marker attached”.

    Terrorist organisations have been trying to use small UAS to penetrate Israeli airspace. Air force F-16s have been scrambled and the UAS were shot down. But there is a common understanding that such a war of attrition between micro UAS and fighter aircraft is not logical in the long run, so experts are scratching their heads in an effort to meet the new challenge.
    Some very “interesting” solutions are being evaluated in Israel but these are still classified. One thing is sure, though: the problem is understood and efforts to solve it are being made.

    – See more at:

    Comment: Is banning them off the table? States ban many fireworks. Why do people need these toys if they pose such a threat?

  4. DXer said

    Central New York’s NUAIR national drone test site lands first customer

  5. DXer said

    Anthrax letter may have come from Malaysia
    October 15, 2001 Posted: 3:18 AM EDT (0718 GMT)

    KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — A letter returned to a Microsoft Corporation office in the U.S. found to be contaminated with anthrax is believed to have been sent from a Malaysian address.

    The correspondence was originally sent from a Microsoft subsidiary in Reno, Nevada, to an address in Malaysia, but was returned to the sender.

    After three rounds of tests Nevada state officials confirmed that one of several magazine clippings in the envelope tested positive for anthrax bacteria. Six people who came into contact with the letter are also being tested.

    Comment: This later was concluded to be a false positive. The testing, however, should be provided to GAO as part of its review. It is as important to understand false positives as it is to understand false negatives.

    The magazine clippings, as I recall, were pornography. Given Yazid Sufaat’s and Moussaoui’s company was a computer peripherals company, it would be interesting, for the sake of completeness, to know the identity and address of the sender.

    Any objection to pornography is ironic given the trove of pornography that Bin Laden had collected and given Anwar Awlaki’s regular patronage of prostitutes.

    • DXer said

      As of this date of this report, Malaysia reportedly had not yet been provided with the anthrax.

      It was the pornography inserted with the envelope sent to the Microsoft vendor in Malaysia that was associated with the powder.

      In addition to the identity of the Malaysian vendor, what was the powder determined to be?

      If Malaysia is going to urge the threat of a biological attack — as it has done this month — it would be helpful some someone to flesh out some of these historical details and have some transparency on an issue that occurred 12 years ago.

      Monday, 15 October, 2001, 12:15 GMT 13:15 UK
      Malaysia requests anthrax attack evidence

      The letter was originally posted from Reno, Nevada containing a cheque to a Microsoft vendor in Malaysia. It was returned to the Reno office with the pornographic pictures inserted.

      The envelope and cheque tested negative for anthrax.

      The origin of the anthrax is not clear

      Malaysian police said the US had not yet made any request for help.

      “We’ve not even been told of the address, so how are we to proceed?” said acting Kuala Lumpur police chief, Dell Akhbar Khan.

    • DXer said

      Why did Mohamed Atta and the hijackers (including key player Nawaf) repeatedly fly to Las Vegas in the summer of 2001?

      So four questions that for the sake of completeness of analysis that should be answered include:

      (1) what was the powder associated with the pornography? (that is, what explains the reported false positives)

      (2) what was the postmark? (date and location)

      (3) what was the Malaysian vendor?

      (4) Did the hijackers travel to Reno?

      Mohamed Atta – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia‎
      On June 28, Atta arrived at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas to meet with ….. indicates direct identification of the Brooklyn cell, and Mohammed Atta.

      10 years after 9/11, key question remains: Why were the hijackers in ……/10-years-9-11-key-question-remains-Why-hijacke...
      Sep 8, 2011 – … why did the terrorists spend so much time in Las Vegas? … Mohammed Atta and his Al Qaeda accomplices visited Las Vegas as many as five …
      Seedy secrets of hijackers who broke Muslim laws – Telegraph › News‎
      by Toby Harnden
      Oct 6, 2001 – THE leader of the September 11 terrorists and four other hijackers made several trips to Las Vegas over the summer to hold meetings, gamble …

      LAS VEGAS — Additional FBI agents are being brought to this city to chase down hundreds of leads and track the movements of terrorists who repeatedly visited …
      How Las Vegas Fueled 9/11 Pilots‎
      Mohammed Atta, the leader of the 9/11 hijackers, along with all the other pilots of the hijacked planes, traveled to Las Vegas at least six times in the weeks …

      Timeline – ABC
      August 13–14. Mohammed Atta goes to Las Vegas and stays in the Econo Lodge . Both Hani Hanjour and Nawaf Alhazami are also in Las Vegas at this time.

    • DXer said

      If the government is going to spend money that the country does not have, there at least should be transparency and government accountability.

      Otherwise, special interests, lobbyists and those who profit from war and the occupation of countries will continue to recklessly spend our country into bankruptcy.

      Good government begins with disclosure.

      Anthrax War—the Malaysian Connection

      In January 2008, in a little-noticed deal, Emergent, or EBS, announced a joint venture with a firm funded by the Malaysian Health Ministry to build 52,000 square feet of “vaccine development and manufacturing infrastructure” on a 62-acre site in an industrial park just outside of Kuala Lumpur.

      “It is our belief that this joint venture will not only expand the use of our anthrax vaccine in this market, but will also serve as a platform for joint product development and manufacturing activities,” Fuad El-Hibri, chief executive of Emergent (the majority partner), said of the deal with Ninebio Sdn Bhd.

      “It is anticipated that the joint venture will also supply such products and services to certain member countries of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (“OIC”) and other countries within Asia,” an EBS press release said. The facility was originally scheduled to open this year, but is now set to begin operations in 2013.

      On a Web page describing architectural plans for the Malaysian venture is a sentence that has raised some eyebrows. It says the companies plan to build a “biocontainment R&D facility that includes BSL … 3 and 4 laboratories.”

      Biosafety Level 3 (“high-containment”) labs are for disease-causing organisms that can cause death in humans, such as anthrax, plague and SARS. Malaysia already has three BSL-3 labs, and there are several thousand worldwide (1,356 in the U.S. alone).


      Geography also counts. In March, Assistant Secretary of State Vann H. Van Diepen told the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Terrorism that one key component of the new “biological threat” is “the growing biotechnology capacity in areas of the world with a terrorist presence.”

      Malaysia, where six in 10 citizens are Muslims, was tied to several terrorist plots earlier in the decade. Al-Qaida leaders used Kuala Lumpur as the “primary operational launch pad” for the 9/11 attacks, the FBI says. An organization known as Jemaah Islamiyah operating out of Malaysia bombed a disco in neighboring Bali in 2002, killing 202 people; the group’s leaders were subsequently arrested and executed by Indonesian authorities.

      More disturbing are recent revelations that Kuala Lumpur was a crucial base of operations in the lucrative black-market nuclear centrifuge network put together by Pakistani scientist A.Q. Khan.

      For some experts, this raises a question of whether it is wise to encourage the creation of a BSL-4 lab there.

      Building such a facility in Malaysia does have benefits for American interests in the region. Security analysts see the development of an advanced biotech sector in the developing world as inevitable. A U.S. partner allows the American government to have some measure of influence and control on foreign “biodefense” efforts.

    • DXer said

      Was it the Sterne strain of anthrax associated with the pornographic material? Sterne is used in vaccine research and is not harmful to humans.

      FBI trying to learn when anthrax added to Reno letter

      By Scott Sonner The Associated Press
      Tuesday October 16, 2001

      RENO, Nev. — All six people exposed to anthrax in a letter at a Microsoft office in Nevada have tested negative for the deadly, inhaled version of the disease, state officials said Monday.

      The nasal swab tests for the final two people came back negative Monday, Washoe County District Health Officer Barbara Hunt said. The other four had tested negative on Sunday.

      State officials were waiting for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta to complete tests on the anthrax sample from the letter at Microsoft Licensing in Reno to determine whether it is a disease-causing strain or a harmless vaccine strain. Results were expected Tuesday, Gov. Kenny Guinn said.

      Hunt said the test result was a secondary concern because no one had shown signs of illness.

      “The negative nasal swab tests, combined with the physical condition and location of the letter, indicate that this is a very, very low risk situation even if the CDC results indicate that the anthrax isolate did contain a disease-causing strain,” Hunt said.

      “It is a great relief,” Hunt said.

      Health officials will monitor the six people for the less dangerous form of anthrax, which can result in skin lesions but is highly treatable, she said.


      An FBI spokesman said Monday from Las Vegas that the agency is investigating whether the letter that tested positive for anthrax was contaminated before or after it was sent to Malaysia then returned to Microsoft in Reno.

      “It is too early to tell,” FBI spokesman Daron Borst told The Associated Press. “Anything is possible at this point.”

      Borst said the FBI will release additional information “if we develop anything that is a public safety issue,” but otherwise won’t be making any statements on the progress of the investigation.

      “If the CDC test comes back positive for the content of anthrax, then yes, it will be considered a criminal investigation,” he said.

      The anthrax was found in the letter on a pornographic picture, which apparently had been cut from a magazine.


      Guinn said Microsoft had sent a check in the letter to a vendor in Malaysia. The letter was returned and the check was still in the letter, along with pornographic material. The vendor wasn’t identified.

      Microsoft representatives contacted U.S. health officials Wednesday after an employee became suspicious about the returned envelope.

      Malaysia’s foreign minister said Monday he believed that the letter did not originate in Malaysia.

      He suggested it might have been tampered with before it was sent to Malaysia.

      “I think definitely there is no truth that the thing originates from Malaysia,” Syed Hamid Albar told reporters after holding talks with a senior U.S. government trade representative.

      Syed Hamid said he told U.S. Trade Representative Robert B. Zoellick that Malaysia was concerned that unverified anthrax information could cause fear in other countries. Zoellick later met with Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad.

      The Malaysian government has pledged to prosecute anyone shown to be involved in the Nevada anthrax letter, and to cooperate fully with U.S. investigators. The government has appealed to the FBI for all relevant information.

      “We do not know exactly how the thing originates,” Syed Hamid said.

      Meanwhile, Microsoft officials sought to reassure employees returning to work Monday. About 600 employees work in the Sierra Pacific Power headquarters building in Reno where Microsoft Licensing Inc. leases office space.

      Counseling sessions were held with workers over the weekend and were continuing Monday.

      “What we are trying to manage now are not the medical issues — which the local health officials have done a good job with — but those legitimate emotional concerns that people have,” Sierra Pacific President Jeff Ceccarelli said.


      All six people being tested — five Microsoft employees and a family member — had some form of contact with the contaminated letter.

      Hunt said the letter contained such a small amount of anthrax that it’s difficult to know whether it was deliberately placed on the picture.


      Borst said it’s too early to tell whether terrorists sent the letter, but “anytime you send anthrax through the mail, the intent is to induce fear and that’s a form of terrorism.”

    • DXer said

      Second anthrax test negative on letter from Malaysia to Microsoft

      By BRENDAN RILEY,Associated Press Writer
      Published: 2:00 AM – 10/13/01
      Last updated: 8:34 AM – 12/15/10

      RENO, Nev. (AP) — A second, more sensitive test on a letter sent from Malaysia to a Microsoft office has come back negative for anthrax, state officials said Friday. A third test was planned for Saturday.

      No one has tested positive for the disease or become ill, officials said.

      State and county health officials interpreted the results differently.

      “With our latest test results, it is probably not anthrax,” said Barbara Hunt, Washoe County district health officer. “The risk appears to be very low.”

      Dr. Randy Todd, state epidemiologist, said he was encouraged by the second test, but said he was not backing off from his original statement Friday that it was a “presumptive anthrax” case.

      He said he would need to see the results of a third test before drawing a conclusion

      “We can’t rule it out until we have the third test,” Todd said. “It’s still presumptive anthrax.”

      Public health investigators were contacting Microsoft employees to determine who might have handled the letter, which contained pornographic material

      Gov. Kenny Guinn confirmed the letter had been sent to the Microsoft Licensing Inc. office. He said Microsoft officials contacted health officials Wednesday.

      Todd said the country health department and the FBI were involved in the investigation, which began after one company employee got a returned letter that “just didn’t look right.”

      The governor said Microsoft had sent a check in the letter to an unidentified vendor in Malaysia. The letter had been opened and returned to Microsoft, including the check. Pornographic material also was included. The contents appeared to have been moistened and dried, officials said.

    • DXer said

      CDC testing of the letter returned from Malaysia to Microsoft in Reno found that it was a bacteria but was not anthrax (thus we can know that it was not the Sterne strain of anthrax).

      What was the bacteria? Was it subtilis?

      0/18/2001 – Updated 09:45 PM ET

      Letter to Microsoft office in Nevada tests negative

      CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) — Final tests on a letter in a Microsoft office in Reno have come back negative for anthrax, Gov. Kenny Guinn announced Thursday. Tests performed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found the presence of a bacterium, but ruled out that it was anthrax. The tests performed by the CDC in Atlanta were requested after initial state tests showed anthrax had contaminated a pornographic picture in a letter at the Microsoft Licensing Inc., office in Reno. The state Health Division’s laboratory had confirmed the presence of anthrax earlier, but forwarded the material to the CDC to determine whether it was dangerous or harmless, vaccine-grade anthrax.

      The CDC’s initial analysis was negative, but state health officials said the first sample sent to the CDC might have been too diluted and sent another.

      Six people exposed to the Microsoft letter have tested negative for the deadly, inhaled version of the disease.

      Officials at Microsoft Licensing contacted health officials Oct. 10 over an employee’s suspicions about a returned envelope, mailed earlier to a vendor in Malaysia. Pornographic pictures had been inserted into the envelope, which also contained a check made out to the vendor, who wasn’t identified.

      The Malaysian government, which along with the FBI is investigating, says it is not clear where the contamination originated.

      Deputy Inspector General of Police Jamil Johari was quoted in the New Straits Times newspaper as saying that the letter from Microsoft in Reno was returned to the sender after the addressee in Malaysia could not be contacted.

    • DXer said

      Although In October 2001, the Nevada Governor’s spokesman would not say what the CDC found — upon its final testing that confirmed that the bacteria was not anthrax — it seems that we will be able to confirm what was found. Was it subtilis? CDC was very good on a FOIA request relating to its sampling of Florida post offices — producing 2000 pages to me. Although I don’t doubt that they would produce the results of their tests on the Reno letters, perhaps the finding has already been published. The CDC was especially good at publishing scientific findings in its online scientific publication. For example, the CDC concluded that there were two letters received by the AMI publications — as evidenced by two routes through the post offices.

      There was a subtilis contaminant found in the mailed anthrax and so this is worth running down for the sake of completeness.

      Tests Show Nevada Microsoft Letter Not Anthrax

      October 19, 2001 2:11 PM ET
      A letter mailed to a Microsoft (NSDQ:MSFT) office in Reno, Nevada, from Malaysia last week that was believed to contain anthrax did not, in fact, contain the potentially deadly bacteria, a spokesman for Nevada Governor Kenny Guinn says.

      Spokesman Gary Bortolin says the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has determined that the letter did not contain the potential germ warfare agent even though two of three earlier tests had been positive for the anthrax. Further testing by the CDC determined no anthrax was present, Bortolin says. He declined to say what the letter actually contained.

  6. DXer said

    According to a 2010 Harvard report on al Qaeda by a former CIA officer, Jdey was detained in summer 2001 together with Zacarias Moussaoui. Given that I think Jdey and Yazid stayed with KSM at the same time in August 2001, didn’t Jdey and Yazid know each other? Chomel, can you ask Yazid? Thanks. Chomel when you claimed to the press that Yazid knew Moussaoui only as a businessman, that was not true.

  7. DXer said

    Yazid Sufaat reportedly was not Managing Director of Infocus Tech when he wrote the letter of introduction and paid the $35,000 to Zacarias Moussaoui for the crop-dusters which KSM suggests were for the purpose of dispersing anthrax.

    It was Chomel who was the 20% shareholder. It’s easier to find religion urged by your mother-in-law, I suppose, when it’s your in-laws who have the money.

    Indonesian Cleric Had Role in Skyjackings, Officials Say

    Terror: In Malaysia, a jailed Cal State graduate helps unravel Al Qaeda’s Southeast Asia network

    by Mark Fineman and Bob Drogin
    The Los Angeles Times
    February 2, 2002


    But they show clearly that Sufaat’s wife, Sejahratul Dursina, also known as Chomel Sufaat, is a significant shareholder, with at least 20% of the 500,000 outstanding shares.

    She declined to be interviewed. On Friday night, she made a statement to a Malaysian Internet news service staunchly defending her husband, who was ordered detained for two years earlier in the day.

    “I strongly deny these allegations against him. They are baseless, wrong and outrageous,” she told Malaysiakini.

    Saiful Kasri, the lawyer retained by Infocus, said this week that the company is a “100% legitimate” importer of U.S. computer software and hardware and has partnerships with U.S. companies that were jeopardized by the indictment.

    “Yazid Sufaat has nothing to do with the company,” Kasri said. “He is neither a director, employee nor shareholder.”

    Malaysian officials said their investigation convinced them that Infocus Tech and its real managing director–as well as Sufaat’s wife–are not suspected of wrongdoing.

  8. DXer said

    Exclusive Interview With Yazid Sufaat,
    “The Experience In The Thaghut Prison”

    Jamadi-ul-Awwal 06, 1433 A.H, Friday, March 30, 2012


    While mostly candid about his involvement with famous characters such as Sheikh Usamah bin Laden (rahimahullah),Yazid was hesitant to reveal details about the government’s “secret” programme which was later scrapped, describing it “a long story”.

    “When they (the police) first took me in, I didn’t tell them (about the government programme). I didn’t want them to know, didn’t want the liability to fall on the government, to pass the buck to someone else.

    “Finally, they managed to get a report from their ‘friend’ and they wanted me to clear things up. I didn’t want to clarify (anything), so they took my wife in,” said the father of four.

    His wife, Sejahratul Dursina @ Chomel Mohamed, was held under ISA for two months and after this was placed under a movement restriction order for six years.

    “If you want to be released from ISA, just follow what they say and admit to all the charges… I refused to do so and they kept me for seven years… because I don’t want to sing ‘Negara-ku’ (national anthem – ed.).

    “I don’t want to sing. Why should I (when) the country had betrayed me?” Yazid asked.


    Still in touch with Jemaah Islamiyah

    To this day, Yazid, who confesses to still be in touch with and “helps” old friends who are linked to Jemaah Islamiyah with their “daily needs”, denies all the five ISA charges (see chart) that were levelled against him.


    “I gave the condo to these people for whatever they wanted to use if for. If a traveller needed lodging, they could use it,” he said.

    Three of the people who stayed at the condominium were associated with the 9/11 attacks, with one – Zacarais Mousaoui – eventually employed by Yazid, purportedly to market a software developed by Yazid’s company, Infocus Tech.

    Infocus Tech is one of several Malaysian companies that researchers claim were shell companies set up to raise funds for al-Qaeda.

    “Back then, computers and phones didn’t talk to each other, so we developed software to integrate them. We developed it for call centres. That kind of thing…

    “So, if you ask whether I funded (Mousaoui for 9/11), I’m not going to say yes or no. He was my employee. Let the readers think,” he said.

    Yazid said he hired Mousaoui when the latter, who is from a computer engineering background, asked for help, saying he needed to get a visa for the United States.

    “He never told me he wanted to take lessons (in flying planes).

    “He asked me if I could help him get a visa to the US. I said, ‘Why not? You take my software there’. So I wrote everything, that he is representing us, etc,” he said.

    The other two individuals linked to 9/11 who stayed in the Sungai Long condominium were Khalid al-Midhar and Nawaf al-Hazmi – two of five hijackers of American Airlines Flight 77, which slammed into the Pentagon.

    The duo, according to the United Nations, had stayed at Yazid’s condominium in January 2000 to attend what the UN termed an “al-Qaeda conference” in Kuala Lumpur.

    “I was not there. At that time I was in Pakistan and Afghanistan, building a hospital there,” Yazid said.

    Next to the hospital, he said, was a laboratory where he is accused of developing biological weapons – an accusation not levelled at him during his detention under the ISA, but earning him the moniker “Anthrax CEO”. Though the US intelligence doubts that Yazid developed the anthrax strain.

    Favourite bugs

    But Yazid said that he was in fact “successful” in developing some “bugs”, but the laboratory was destroyed when the NATO forces bombed Kandahar.

    “I can still find (anthrax) if I want to, but what for? It has no commercial value. Anthrax is only good for sabotaging, it cannot kill.

  9. DXer said

    This letter of introduction can be understood in the context of the formal opinion on the subject of the CIA in its public report that is online.

  10. DXer said

    Moussaoui was a portal to Al Qaeda’s anthrax lab director.

  11. DXer said

    NYPD Intelligence: I know someone who swears that Moussaoui was in New Jersey at a barbecue over the July 4th weekend. I was never able to confirm it. There would be hard copy records relating to Moussaoui’s whereabouts that weekend. Records for key hijackers were admitted at his trial but only covered a limited period of time.

  12. DXer said

    MBTA plans to conduct bio-terror test in Boston

  13. DXer said

    What does Mr. Sufaat say about the circumstances of writing this letter for Zacarias Moussaoui? What did he understand to be Zacarias Moussaoui’s mission in the United States? Did he find Zacarias hard to get along with? Did Hambali want him off the project — but was Hambali overruled by Osama?

    Obtaining such an interview is a huge journalistic coup for the Malaysian journalist. I hope his employer appreciates the accomplishment and we wish Mr. Sufaat the best. Revealed truth is the ultimate goal both of journalism and individuals, of whatever faith.

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