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* an important message to the GAO: There are 8 FOIA requests pending at USAMRIID … we highly recommend that you see these documents before issuing your report.

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GAO:   There are 8 FOIA requests pending at USAMRIID.  

We highly recommend that you see the documents before issuing your report.


1.  Controlled substance log relating to Euthasol and Ketamine administered to the rabbits and mice and guinea pigs in September 01 – October 01.

2.  The protocol relating to Dr. Ivins’ formaldehyde study involving rabbits (the rabbits arrived the week of September 24th and challenged in early October 2001).

3.  Passive mouse protocols from 2001, especially the one implemented in late Sep 01 that document what Dr. Ivins was doing in the lab on those nights (the prosecutor and investigators acknowledge the mice were in B3).  (In an oversight, I haven’t yet asked for guinea pig protocols but that also needs to be obtained for all protocols implemented in Sep and October 2001.)

4.  Page 10 of the annual history report which is the page that had the chronology of highlights at USAMRIID in the latter half of Sep 01 and first half of Oct 01.

5.  Keycard access to B3 in 1425 in the first week of May 1998, in whatever form they exist (or keycard access relating to work done by University of Michigan researchers alongside BI, PI and ML, at whatever BL-3 lab it was done).

6.  All documents relating to contact with University of Michigan researchers from 1998-2001.

7.  All documents relating to work done by USAMRIID and SRI during the 1999-2001, to include but not limited to any work done by BI and PF.

8.  Records of decontamination of 1425 facilities, including B3 and/or B5 in September 01 or October 01.


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* USAMRIID Should Produce Page 10 Of The 2001 Annual History Without Further Delay Even If Tours Given Those Weeks Undermine The FBI’s Narrative; The Page Should Not Have Been Omitted

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