CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

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* extracts from a recent DXer comment identify several important issues – all established by the documentary evidence now available under FOIA – for the GAO to consider in its review of the FBI’s anthrax investigation

Posted by DXer on December 17, 2011



An Ivins Theory only seemed plausible

because of the documents that the DOJ selectively produced.

That selectivity — and the withholding of key documents —

was a very conscious decision by DOJ and FBI senior management.

GAO should obtain the emails to and from J. Peterson at USMRC

to see specific examples of documents that DOJ and FBI correspondents

asked be withheld.

  • When permitted to examine the documentary evidence withheld under FOIA, it seems that Ivins can be established not to have been involved.  
  • when one studies what letters actually were double-lined, one sees that the FBI’s code theory was crock.
  • When one obtains the scientific study on the USAMRIID photocopy toner, one sees that Rachel’s innuendo about the using the photocopiers  was baseless (and time in the library is exculpatory rather than inculpatory) etc.
  • Consider the example of the hours that Dr. Ivins spent on tending to the rabbits — and the fact the word “rabbits” never has passed the lips of the prosecutors or investigators.  The DOJ claims he had no reason to be in the lab
  • the assistant to the FBI scientist who made the dried powder out of Ames out of RMR 1029 — and who did not submit a sample — is a very key witness for the FBI.  Her failure to submit a sample is established by the documentary evidence.


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