CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* Why rely on unsupported assertions and speculation of a DOJ AUSA when you can read the NGAV Approved Minutes for the 28 September 2001 Meeting for yourself?

Posted by DXer on December 1, 2011



4 Responses to “* Why rely on unsupported assertions and speculation of a DOJ AUSA when you can read the NGAV Approved Minutes for the 28 September 2001 Meeting for yourself?”

  1. DXer said

    Why Didn’t DOJ Look More Closely at DTRA’s Role in 2001 Anthrax Attacks?

    Posted on November 30, 2011 by Jim White

    • DXer said

      Empty Wheel is mistaken. There is no “evidence” against DTRA — none at all.

      But on the issue of DTRA’s access, DTRA and DARPA personnel, of course, were working closely with Dr. Ivins. One was a former Zawahiri associate.

      DTRA and DARPA were primary funders of biodefense research and had access to virulent Ames for the asking. It is part of the public record that the DARPA researchers at GMU, for example, were supplied virulent Ames. See Alibek description of research in database of government documents at your university library. (Additional source: telephone conversation with Ken Alibek and press release by his company at archived website). The work using the virulent Ames was done at the Southern Research Institute in Frederick. See press release at company’s archived website. Dr. Ivins’ chief accuser, PF, came to head the BL-3 there. She had the Apple laptop that is missing. She made the large of virulent Ames that is missing. It is her deposition that Mr. Schuler has agreed to shred and DOJ apparently has announced it plans on shredding.

      • DXer said

        If you go to archived newsletters at Lawrence Livermore, you will see that in the summer of 1998 DTRA set up the program aimed at defending against what was perceived as Bin Laden’s plan to use anthrax. One thing they were working on was a decontamination agent which competed with the decontamination agent worked on by the scientist at Michigan who was a former Zawahiri associate.

        Amerithrax represents the greatest failure in intelligence in US history. The man in charge of biothreat assessment, Charles Bailey, was an Ames researcher who shared a suite with Ali Al-Timimi, who was coordinating with Anwar Awlaki, In 1999, he was a Battelle consultant. He was at SRA with Al-Timimi in 1999.

        The US Army should take custody of Ali Al-Timimi given the conflict of interest arising from the fact that Andrew Card was a reference for the position in the program that shared space with the DARPA-funded Center for Biodefense. Ali’s dad worked at the small Iraqi embassy.

        My impression is that government professionals are very good at what they do. Their work-product is regularly impressive. But like all of us, they sometimes make missteps in analysis — and this collection of missteps was a doozy and has resulted in an unresolved existential threat against the country. So even USG employees who still credit an Ivins Theory, they should join in urging that all non-exempt documents under FOIA be produced (and spare me the necessity of unleashing the ones that are exempt).

        And for those talking heads who have a problem with use of the word “existential” in describing the threat, then they haven’t imagined what a calculated release of a large quantity of what was mailed would be like.

  2. DXer said

    Stephanie Yamkovenko has a good article out titled “Broken Justice” in the Frederick Gorilla.


    “The object of strenuous dismissal motions by government attorneys, Stevens’ case took a surprising turn this summer when federal lawyers submitted a filing stating that the Justice Department’s alleged, sole perpetrator, USAMRIID research scientist and Frederick resident Bruce Ivins, could not have been the anthrax killer. The stated reason: He did not have the equipment necessary to weaponize liquid anthrax into the lethal, aerosolized powder contained in the death-dealing letters.

    Within 24 hours, the case’s presiding judge allowed the government lawyers to amend their problematic statements.

    “The filing by the Justice Department—under oath, by the way—proves that the dried anthrax used in the letter attacks could not have been made at Fort Detrick,” says Rockville attorney Paul Kemp, Ivins’ former lawyer. “Their filing destroys any potential link between the attack anthrax and Dr. Ivins.”

    In the government’s unprecedented criminal investigation, Ivins’ 2008 suicide—by Tylenol overdose in the wake of his learning that he was about to be charged with the anthrax attacks—resulted in an untried declaration of guilt by the U.S. Department of Justice.

    Usually, when a defendant dies before trial, a criminal investigation is quietly closed—and buried. This time, this case—the FBI’s Amerithrax case—was handled differently.
    Evidence Against Ivins

    The Justice Department had only circumstantial evidence against Ivins, but as of February 19, 2010, it closed the case and claimed to be convinced of his guilt.
    “I am not familiar with any other case, where the FBI ‘proclaimed’ that a person was guilty without a trial,” says Kemp.


    In regards to the emails, Dr. Henry Heine, program director of Florida University’s Institute of Therapeutic Innovation and Ivins’ former colleague, believes their content was taken out of context.
    “As you look at [the emails], I can understand how they would be disturbing,” Heine says. “They are disturbing to me. But you don’t know what he’s responding to. You don’t know what the follow up email is. The FBI is pulling a line—a sentence—out of an email. They could go through any of your emails and pick things out of context and make anybody look bizarre and strange.”

    Questions Still Linger
    The public may never know the truth about the Amerithrax case—a dead person cannot stand trial and the case is officially closed.
    “I want Dr. Ivins’ friends and family to know that the validity of his science has never been challenged; that there is no case proving that he committed any crime and that he was betrayed by the mental health therapists in whom he reposited his trust for treatment of his various problems,” Ivins’ onetime lawyer Kemp says.
    “They trash Dr. Ivins’ reputation, even though they have not shown a single link between Dr. Ivins and the letter attacks or the dried anthrax,” he adds. “They have shown nothing more than they did about Dr. Hatfill [another FBI “person of interest” in the Amerithrax case, who was cleared in early 2008], namely that Dr. Ivins had many personal problems and worked with pathogens for the Department of the Army.”

    Comment: Below are some of the published statements of the first counselor — the Washington Post interviewed her but did not identify her. You can read them in their full context of her lengthy book just as you can read Dr. Ivins comments in the full context of his thousands of emails. It was gross incompetence for the EBAP psychiatrists not to correct their EBAP report after the 2009 book was pointed out to them (and there is no indication that they withdrew reliance on her). Now the DOJ wants to destroy all evidence showing how its case was based on this woman who thought she was being controlled by an alien who planted a microchip in her butt.

    Amerithrax represents the greatest intelligence failure in the history of the United States. Bigger than 9/11. Bigger than Pearl Harbor.

    An Ivins Theory was a fine (although speculative) theory and all indications are that the USG prosecutors and investigators were acting in good faith — that is, up to the point that they stood in the way of production of documents that contradicted their theory. Even after Dr. Ivins death, they should have only been in favor of making the very best available documentary evidence available. I am told by USAMRIID that the FBI has not even seen key attachments to emails that USAMRIID has.


    – “The year following the September 11th terrorist attacks, I did bilocation work in both New York City and Afghanistan. As I traveled in astral form at night and back into my body in the morning, I found there were occasions where I was followed by Taliban entities. I became aware that many of the terrorists who died in Afghanistan during our war with them were the entities who followed me. They had continued their terrorist activities in the astral plane … I had to be very careful about self-protection and working with other beings of light. When I left my body at night, I went through a portal of energy that I had created. The portal of energy was a spiral vortex formed as an entrance into the astral plane. This had to be closed down after my discovery of the entities. A new portal of energy was constructed through which these entities could not follow. After a month or more of doing bilocation work in Afghanistan and at the World Trade Center site, I found myself physically exhausted. My allergies worsened, and I was aware I was bringing back toxins from the World Trade Center debris and its surrounding air into my physical body. … One form of self-protection I often use is to take the white light energy and build a geode type crystal energy shield around myself that seems impenetrable.”

    — “In 1996, my mother called and informed that my cousin’s fiance was missing. The wedding was a week away and the bride, John, had disappeared. At that time, the police had insubstantial information or leads to find her. My cousin was frantic. That night in meditation, I received instructions that I should go to Joan. Using remote viewing (viewing long distance events through clairvoyance), I saw Joan in a forested area near or in a state park. I saw her lifeless body in a ravine. I bilocated my astral body to this area and tried to rouse her spirit. It seemed Joan had been drugged, causing her spirit to be confused, very groggy, and unaware of what had happened to her. I helped her remove myself from her physical body. Then, in a slow process, we moved together until I saw a vortex of light open from another dimension. Joan was afraid to move on and wanted to immediately incarnate again. It took some time to help her move through the dimensional vortex to the spirit helpers in the other realm. Throughout the next couple of days, I moved into that other dimensional awareness to make sure she was recovering. Her determination to reincarnate immediately was strong for quite a period of time. Later, she settled into an understanding of all that had happened with her death and was not so anxious to come back down to the earth plane. A few days after this occurrence, I called the police in Oregon and gave them a description of the area in which I had seen Joan’s body. Fortunately, they accepted psychic impressions. I described the type of area I had seen. They informed that she just had been found. She had been located in a forested area in a ravine, as I had described to them. Police discovered Joan had been murdered. My cousin was open to hearing this psychic information, and my experience greatly comforted him. Nevertheless, he grieved continuously for several years until Joan appeared to me and asked me to tell my cousin to let her go and move on with his life.”

    — “As a clairvoyant, I can see these entities hanging around bars and am disgusted to see them affixing to drinking people like parasites. Parasitic entities attach themselves to the aura of the drinker and vicariously experience the sensation of drinking once more. Since alcohol, tobacco, and drugs cause ethic holes in the aura, the entity easily attaches or enmeshes itself with the energy body of the human and gratifies their lust for the substance. Heavy drinkers or drug users often come into treatment with attached entities that use them for their own etheric gratification.”

    — “As a healer and psychotherapist, I treated sexually abused persons who came into therapy bringing abusive entities. It is a delicate matter bringing this up to a client. Sometimes the work of releasing this sexual predator must take place after session, while I am in meditation. The client’s belief system may not be able to handle an assertion that they may have an entity attached to them.”

    — “[I]t was evident to me that an entity had attached itself at that time. Subsequently the child’s, and later adult’s, personality changed and that of the abusive spirt came forth. I exorcised this entity from my client, but found the entity then attached itself to me with a murderous intent. It took a little help from my spirit team to get this predator away from us and into a dimension where he could do no mischief.”

    — “If they are negative spirits haunting or hurting others, I sometimes call in a team of spirit helpers, or “ghost busters,” to move the entities along. Spirit releasing and exorcism should not be feared, but you do need to know what you are doing or obtaining help with this task.”

    — “An entity may be witnessed going around a house and living as though they are still alive. This is the type of experience I witnessed in Cape May, New Jersey. While staying at a bed and breakfast, I realized there were three old women entities living in this 1790 house. These women were quite active in their daily routine, having tea and visiting the neighbors. One woman was aware of me and told me she stayed earth bound with her sisters since they refused to move on. We discussed her responsibility to herself, and she decided to move through to another dimension. Her sisters remained in the house. The following evening, I found our room full of hundreds of spirits from the church where these women had belonged.”

    — “Some individuals have a visitation, or several visitations, from extraterrestrials or ancient illuminated beings that help cleanse away cellular memories and implanted devices. Implants are specific coding devices often used by extraterrestrials to communicate with the person or obtain information from the brain of the person.”

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