CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* Who was the scientist good at “playing with equipment” and was interested in trying to develop the capability to generate dry aerosols at USAMRIID?

Posted by DXer on November 27, 2011






One Response to “* Who was the scientist good at “playing with equipment” and was interested in trying to develop the capability to generate dry aerosols at USAMRIID?”

  1. DXer said

    This is a statement by a USAMRIID scientist in January 2007. The scientist first heard about the dry aerosol experiment after the anthrax mailings. Some equipment was purchased for a dry aerosol project at USAMRIID that would make a dry aerosol so that they could determine at what concentration the protective vaccine would be defeated. It was the scientist who was good at “playing with equipment” who was involved. (That was not Bruce; Bruce similarly explained that he had not heard of the project until after the Fall 2001 anthrax mailings).

    The work was done in Building 1412, not Building 1425. But work reportedly was only done on the dry aerosol project with avirulent or irradiated strains — for the reasons stated above and redacted. It was contemplated to do the work elsewhere. This would be considered legal but classified biodefense work. USAMRIID and DOJ is very sensitive about this subject being discussed in the civil depositions. Some opponents of US biodefense work with virulent anthrax — such as was contemplated — view such work as running up against treaty obligations. But that was a legal issue on which an opinion had been obtained. See GERMS. (It was deemed to be legal in small quantities). The lead aerosol scientist at Dugway explained that sometimes the real deal (virulent Ames) needed to be used in biodefense experiments.

    Of course, there is also sensitivity on the issue because of the logical possibility work had proceeded in 1412 on a limited basis to make a virulent dry powder. And the fellow who liked “playing with equipment” simply was too shy to admit it. Separately, the FBI was keenly interested in experiments done in 1412 with Ames using antifoaming agents in light of the silicon signature. I asked John about this silica issue when he so powerfully and courageously appeared in his filmed Q and A.

    Given Ali Al-Timimi shared a suite with the leading Ames researchers, it worth bearing down and comparing the scanned drying process on Al-Hawsawi’s laptop and the equipment that had been purchased for the dry aerosol project at USAMRIID. 911 Anwar Awlaki spoke alongside Al-TImimi in July and August 2001 with a Syracuse doctor in Canada and the UK. To focus on the October 2002 meeting between Anwar and Al-Timimi is not nearly as interesting as focusing on their meetings in July and August 2001. The Syracuse doctor was already under investigation by numerous agencies — and the founder of the Ann Arbor charity, Bassem Khafagi, was already being asked about Al-Timimi prior to 9/11. (Khafagi, as I recall, was in Jordan when the CIA asked him about Ali).

    Ali’s suite mates, Ken Alibek and Charles Bailey, had their work with virulent Ames done in Frederick, MD at Southern Research Institute. It was a subcontract under a multi-million dollar contract with DARPA. Ivins’ chief accuser, Pat Fellows, then went to head the BL-3 lab there. It was the SRI VP, David Franz, who helpfully hooked me up with the FBI’s anthrax expert, John, who so courageously came forward to explain his work in Building 1412, Room 212 making a dried powder out of Ames supplied by Bruce from RMR 1029. Dave and SRI President Tom Voss refused to tell me when SRI had first acquired virulent Ames.

    Although those questions at the filmed conference were stressful for John to address, it was necessary to develop potential access to Ames from RMR 1029. It is to his great personal credit that he voluntarily showed up and took all questions that were posed.

    It is illegal under Maryland state law to discuss the work with virulent Ames at SRI. See FBI Director Mueller’s inability to identify in a public forum where work with virulent Ames was done besides Dugway and Battelle. So some may answer your questions with awkward silence or redacted documents or throw up other roadblocks. But it precisely was the compartmentalization of information that allowed 9/11 to happen. The USG must be very shrewd at permitting dots to be drawn. Here, compartmentalization of information relating to the distribution of virulent Ames prevents any meaningful analysis.

    For example, one DARPA-funded scientist supplied virulent Ames was taught microbiology by Ayman’s sister Heba at Cairo when Dr. Ayman would come each Friday to recruit. One of his friends who was recruited is a mutual friend of mine, who goes by the name “Tawfiq” Hamid. He joined Dr. Ayman’s group until he withdrew when they asked him to bury a security officer near the mosque. I asked Tarek, the scientist supplied virulent Ames who did research at LSU, Dugway and USAMRIID about who he knew but he declined to respond.

    As for the FBI’s efforts, the FBI has proved that Ivins was in Building 1425, B3 when it claims he was powderizing anthrax — and yet we know that the equipment was not located there. It was located in Building 1412. The scientist above confirms that virulent Ames was stored in 1412.

    We know that one place that there was virulent Ames from RMR 1029 (among others) was Building 1412, Room 212. That was the lab of the FBI’s anthrax expert, John. He and his assistant collected the samples and it was that lab that threw out Ivins’ first submitted sample. The conflict of interest, through no one’s fault, was off the charts here. I believe it was the result of Dr. Ayman Zawahiri’s tactical decision to use the weapon of his enemy. He is an enemy that the US cannot afford to underestimate.

    This is not a time to be baking birthday cakes.

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