CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* This September 12, 2001 email explains that the passive mouse protection study would require postponement of a planned decon because Dr. Fellows had time points that had to be done at night

Posted by DXer on November 23, 2011



7 Responses to “* This September 12, 2001 email explains that the passive mouse protection study would require postponement of a planned decon because Dr. Fellows had time points that had to be done at night”

  1. DXer said

    In this September 12, 2001 email, Dr. Ivins reports that the the passive protection study will involve night checks. When he sought the records that would show when decontamination was done so he could bring them to his grand jury, the person responding to the email forgot to respond until after the grand jury. Dr. Ivins then informed him it was too late and the person apologized.

    People at USAMRIID and USAMRC sometimes don’t seem to realize the importance of their role in reconstructing the facts.

    They are relying on Postal Inspectors and FBI Agents interpreting fragments of information and depriving them of key parts of the mosaic.

    When the documents are finally produced years later, some commenters — such as Vahid Majidi — don’t bother to read or address them.

  2. DXer said

    For example, the mouse experiment in September had points that needed to be done at night.

  3. richard rowley said

    I admire your stick-to-it-tiveness in these areas but I think that you are mistaken in thinking that any array of calendar info and scheduled legitimate nighttime activities by Ivins in his lab, even when documented voluminously, could possibly convince someone who is convinced APRIORI that Ivins is guilty. That would include, indeed be epitomised by, the creator/maintainer of the largest website dealing with Amerithrax.

    Among the many fallback positions:

    1) well the timeline isn’t contradicted because the DoJ NEVER gave a timeline, they just showed via graphs etc. spikes in time Ivins spent in the lab and held these to be suspicious.

    2) if he didn’t do the drying/purifying in the time(s) highlighted, then he just did it at some unknown time. (And if he didn’t do the Amerithrax prep in his lab, he did it at an “unknown location”)

    Just like: if none of the motives attributed to Ivins makes much sense, then, what-am-I-a-mindreader?
    (This way, the law enforcement/prosecution never has to prove anything!)

    However, I see this FOIA and related efforts valuable for those with an OPEN mind about Ivins’ innocence/ guilt. I just hope more people can awaken themselves to such an open mind.

  4. Anonymous said

    Reminder of his calendar versus hours.
    Note that Lake has now resorted to claiming that the break of nights in the hot suite from September 17 to 27 is evidence of guilt! Lake claims that’s when he was waiting for the first letters to be discovered. Lake doesn’t bother mentioning that his caldendar didn’t have him scheduled to perform night checks on these very nights !!!!

    Calendar of Dr Bruce Ivins for Guinea Pig and Mouse active immunization project Evening (after 6pm) badge records for Dr Bruce Ivins in Building 1425 and Hot Suite B3
    Date (2001) Calendar Entry Time in to Bldg 1425 Time out of 1425 Total Time in Hot Suite B3
    Sunday September 2 8:00pm Night Guinea pig & mouse check
    Monday September 3 8:00pm Night Guinea pig & mouse check
    Tuesday September 4 8:00pm Night Guinea pig & mouse check
    Wednesday September 5 8:00pm Night Guinea pig & mouse check
    Thursday September 6 8:00pm Night Guinea pig & mouse check
    Friday September 7 8:00pm Night Guinea pig & mouse check
    Saturday September 8 8:00pm Night Guinea pig & mouse check
    Sunday September 9 8:00pm Night Guinea pig & mouse check
    Monday September 10 8:00pm Night Guinea pig & mouse check
    Tuesday September 11 8:00pm Night Guinea pig & mouse check
    Wednesday September 12
    Thursday September 13
    Friday September 14 8:00pm Night Mouse Check 8:54pm 12:22am 2 hours 15 minutes
    Saturday September 15 8:00pm Night Mouse Check 8:05pm 11:59pm 2 hours 15 minutes
    Sunday September 16 8:00pm Night Mouse Check 6:38pm 9:52pm 2 hours 15 minutes
    Monday September 17
    Tuesday September 18
    Wednesday Septmber 19
    Thursday September 20
    Friday September 21
    Saturday September 22
    Sunday September 23 8:00am Trip to Covance in Denver, PA
    Monday September 24
    Tuesday September 25
    Wednesday September 26
    Thursday September 27
    Friday September 28 8:00pm Night Mouse Check 7:16pm 10:59pm 1 hour 42 minutes
    Saturday September 29 8:00pm Night Mouse Check 8:02pm 11:18pm 1 hour 20 minutes
    Sunday September 30 8:00pm Night Mouse Check 9:53pm 12:04am 1 hour 18 minutes
    Monday October 1 8:00pm Night Mouse Check 9:14pm 10:43pm 20 minutes
    Tuesday October 2 8:00pm Night Mouse Check 7:24pm 9:39pm 23 minutes
    Wednesday October 3 8:00pm Night Mouse Check 7:25pm 10:55pm 2 hours 59 minutes
    Thursday Ocober 4 8:00pm Night Mouse Check 6:10pm 10:12pm 3 hours 33 minutes
    Friday October 5 8:00pm Night Mouse Check 7:40pm 12:43am 3 hours 42 minutes
    Saturday October 6
    Sunday October 7
    Monday October 8
    Tuesday October 9 15 minutes
    Wednesday October 10
    Thursday October 11
    Friday October 12
    Saturday October 13
    Sunday October 14 1 hour 26 minutes
    Monday October 15
    Tuesday October 16
    Wednesday October 17
    Thursday October 18
    Friday October 19
    Saturday October 20
    Sunday October 21
    Monday October 22
    Tuesday October 23
    Wednesday October 24

    • Thanks for reposting this. I had been thinking this is what was needed as a reply but I was not sure where to find it.

    • DXer said

      After December 2001, there was no longer the pattern of late night hours of Dr. Ivins working alone in the lab. The Department of Justice, Civil Division, has explained that it was not possible to continue the same pattern in early 2002 because of operation of a two-person rule that had been implemented. The prosecutors and investigators, however, appear not to have understood that and were confused on the point — and instead based their case on the change of pattern!


      Click to access 110715-155-Statement-of-Facts.pdf

      80. After 2001, the short-lived attempt to employ a two-person rule detrimentally affected USAMRIID’s operations, mission fulfillment, and staff morale. Ex. 3: Worsham Dep. at 55. For example, a two-person rule requires simultaneous scheduling for lab time on evenings or weekends when cultures have to be checked. Before October 2001, USAMRIID did not have the professional staff or budgetary resources needed to apply a two-person rule. Ex. 8: Eitzen Dep. at 184-86.

  5. Did DOJ give Dr. Fellows these documents to refresh her memory for the deposition in 2010? Or did they pay a settlement to keep the deposition from being exposed without such a document refresher? DOJ knew docs like this were coming so they had to settle the Stevens case immediately? Smart lawyering, but not for the United States, the party they claim to represent.

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