CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* Produced today by USAMRIID under FOIA: September 25, 2001 email transmitting Rabbit Bacteremia for B98-03

Posted by DXer on November 14, 2011




2 Responses to “* Produced today by USAMRIID under FOIA: September 25, 2001 email transmitting Rabbit Bacteremia for B98-03”

  1. DXer said

    My thought is we don’t know enough about the data to comment – when it was done (one would want to search the notebooks), where it was done (it would have been done in 1412 given it was aerosol), whether there is a large inadvertent loss of data in production (it is supposed to be an excel spread sheet etc.). Comparing it to bacteremia data published in the literature would be a start.

    It seems to correlate with that study regarding geographic origins for which there is an October 5, 2001 entry in PF’s handwritting which appeared in the notebook she shared with Bruce Ivins and included the passive mouse study.

    I just aim to get the documents from September and October 2001 and upload them.

    A key priority along these lines is to get the full rabbit bacteremia data for the challenge that began October 2 — and the associated rabbit protocol.

    There are other attachments from the period. For example, when he arrived at work on August 21, he sent a document listing his accomplishments for the year. The meta data reveals when it was written.

  2. richard rowley said

    So, I count 37 total “already dead” rabbits on day 2. Can we assume the date of the email (Sept 25th 2001) is indeed day 2?
    If each one of the dead rabbits has to be autoclaved for close to two hours, that’s a lot of time (perhaps starting on day 1?). Upwards of 74 hours? (37 x 2 hours). If so, and if Ivins had only minimal help with this, then Sept 24th and Sept 25th would have been impossible for him to be doing any ‘anthrax drying on the side’, it seems to me……

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