CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* Watch A Dialogue on American Anthrax

Posted by DXer on November 3, 2011


A Dialogue on American Anthrax,AAAADFlexpk~,loqkjB2yVJwSzjFe_Sv_d1oqLOw4N7ma&bctid=1252631635001


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  1. DXer said

    Professor Ron Schouten never corrected the filing to the federal district court in which he and Dr. Saathoff relied on the woman, Judith McLean, who was the key witness against Ivins regarding events in July 2000 and the homicidal poisoning plot. She explained that she thought she got her psychic powers from an alien who controlled her through a device implanted in her butt. She thought murderous astral entities were trying to kill and quit her counseling job shortly after 2000 due to the delusions. It is a sad day for the field of psychiatry and constitutes professional negligence not to correct the filing. He continues to urge that his psychological profile — which on its face is based on this witness — could substitute for evidence of the crime. That he doesn’t think it casts serious doubt is not the question — the question is whether professionals are going to correct representations to a federal district court judge being promoted to the public through press releases. Similarly, the fact that AUSA Rachel Lieber may (apparently) not think the rabbit documents cast serious doubt in no way justifies her failure to address them, the misrepresentation of facts in the investigative summary, or the withholding of the Covance notebooks. Those documents, without more, explain why he was in the lab and the DOJ withheld them even from Dr. Ivins — taking the only copy from USAMRIID.

    Dr. Schouten and Saathoff have acted with gross professional negligence in continuing to sell their report while not correcting reliance on the first counselor. They did not interview but instead relied on her reports. Nor did they interview the psychiatrists but instead relied on written filings which included annotations by the counselor.

    David Willman similarly features this witness throughout the book. He uncritically relies on this witness at 62, 63, 64, 65-66, 68, 293, 312, 313, 353, 375 n.

    Amerithrax represents the greatest failure in intelligence analysis in the history of the United States. Two of its leading spokesmen are Dr. Ron Schouten and David Willman. To overlook these statements on the record quoted below by their key witness is a totally understandable and innocent mistake. And we all make mistakes and missteps in analysis. But to not forthrightly withdraw reliance on the witness constitutes gross negligence. The Washington Post similarly failed to retract its early August 2001 story interviewing the same witness. She was not named. When the ombudsman was contacted, neither he nor the reporters did anything to correct the hugely influential reporting coming the day before the DOJ’s press conference by United States Attorney Taylor.

    The first counselor’s notes were handed to Jean Duley in mid-July — and they were in touch. The first counselor’s claims greatly influenced the DOJ’s conclusions and contributed to the restraining order, Dr. Ivins’ rage etc.

    Dr. Schouten, Dr. Saathoff, David Willman, the Washington Post reporters and everyone following the matter should take heed of the red flags raised when their key witness wrote the following passages in an online book in 2009:

    “”My experience with beings who claim to be extraterrestial dates back to 1980 when I had my first spontaneous kundalini experience. I perceived a being appearing before me who I assumed to be Jesus. When I asked the being if he was Jesus, he said, “No” and explained that he was a savior from another planetary system. At that time, i could not assimilate the information and its subsequent impact. I had to substitute the image of Jesus from my own comfort’s sake. Since then, I have experienced many kinds of extraterrestial incidents and visitations. I concluded that most phenomena occur in the astral realms, but there are times when I have observed enttities whose energy calibrates far beyond the astral realm of consciousness.”

    It seems perfectly normal to me to believe that telepathy, bilocation, and a dimensional change consciousness allow us to be in contact with life from other planetary systems and other dimensions.”

    She writes:

    “As I traveled in astral form at night and came back into my body in the morning, I found there were occasions where I was followed by Taliban entities. I became aware that many of the terrorists who died in Afghanistan during our war with them were entities who followed me. They had continued their terrorist activities in the astral plane and were encouraged and advised by spirt adopts working negatively on the astral planes.”

    Sometimes evil spirits of Ms. Judith McLean’s clients attached themselves to her:

    “I once had a male client who came to me with the diagnosis of multiple personalities. He was physically abused as a child and it was evident to me that an entity had attached itself at that time. Subsequently the child’s, and later adult’s, personality changed and that of the abusive spirit came forth. I exorcised this entity from client, but found the entity then attached itself to me with a murderous intent.”


    “”They had continued their terrorist activities in the astral plane and were encouraged and advised by spirit adepts working negatively on the astral planes. Once I was aware of these beings, I had to be very careful about self-protection and working with other beings of light. When I left my body at night, I went through a portal of energy that I had created. The portal of energy was a spiral vortex formed as an entrance into the astral plane. This had to be closed down after my discovery of the entities. A new portal of energy was constructed through which these entities would not follow. After a month or more of doing bilocation work i Afghanistan and at the World Trade Center site, I found myself physically exhausted. My allergies worsened, and I was aware I was bring back toxins from the World Trade Center debris and its surrounding air into my physical body. It took me three months to recover my normal energy level.”


    “One form of self-protection I often use is to take the white light energy and build a geode crystal energy shield around myself that seems impenetrable. I imagine hundreds of tiny crystals are projecting from outside the aura shell forming a barricade of crystals that reflect back negativity and protect the etheric body from absorbing astral viruses, bacteria, or negativity from the astral environment.”


    “Being very sensitive has its blessings, but also gives me a somewhat permeable energy field. I pick up telepathic thoughts with clairaudience and hear and clairvoyantly view things others cannot. But this awareness also heightens my susceptibility ot being attacked by those entities that do not want me to work for the good of humankind.”


    She remote viewed the corpse of her cousin’s fiance’s murdered body.

    “In 1996, my mother called and informed me that my cousin’s fiance was missing. … That night in meditation, I received instructions that I should go to Joan. Using remote viewing (viewing long distance events through clairvoyance), I saw Joan in a forested area near or in a state park. I saw her lifeless body in a ravine. I bilocated my astral body to this area and tried to rouse her spirit. It seemed Joan had been drugged, causing her spirit to be confused, very groggy, and unaware of what had happened to her. I helped her remove herself from her physical body. Then, in a slow process, we moved together until I aw a vortex of light open from another dimension. Joan was afraid to move on and wanted to immediately incarnate again. It took some time to help her move through the dimensional vortext to the spirt helpers in the other realm. Throughout the next couple of days, I moved into tha tother dimensional awareness to make sure she was recovering. Her determination to reincarnate immediately was strong for quite a period of time…. A few days after this happened, I called the police in Oregon and gave them a description of the area in which I had seen Joan’s body. Fortunately, they accepted psychic impressions. I described the type of area I had seen. They informed that she had just been found. She had been located in a forested area in a ravine, as I had described to them. Police discovered Joan had been murdered.”

    She describes her experience with one particularly large rock in France, a standing stone like at Stonehenge in England.

    “”Imagine my surprise when the “spirt” inhabitating this huge stone asked to be released. … It indicated it had served well for thousands of years and wanted to move along in consciousness. It asked for my help. I was very surprised, never having been asked to help a stone release its spirit… Upon its release, it quickly zoomed away, and I was left to help gather consciousness from other rocks and nature to fill the void left by the essence of the stone. I wanted to meditate on this unusual occurrence, but the gatekeeper came and informed us we would need to leave…”

    She describes that she also communicates with bushes and sees fairies.

    “Vegetable Kingdom Within the Physical Dimension”

    “On several occasions I had dreams about bushes around the yard that were not doing well and petition me for help. .. soon realized that plants also react with fear when pruned or cut for flood, which can be seen in their aura. .. All of the creatures from fairy tales seemed to have a very real existence once I became in tune with the vegetable kingdom. The most outstanding visual experience of these devas came in Ireland where these beings are not consigned only to the realm of fantasy. It is common to see huge communities of tiny intelligences with etheric wings and human-type features that I recognized as fairies.”


    Her cats also astral travel and accompany her when she is out of town. “Currently when I travel, I often experience my three cats astral traveling and visiting me at night.”


    She explains the toll that these psychic abilities brought to her health:

    “During the first years following that episode [where she was talking in tongues and the bishop told her husband to get her psychiatric help], I was extremely sensitive to light, sound, and environmental factors. I became allergic to most anything that is breathed and eaten. Those were trying times of mystical depression and alternating ecstasies.”


    The Reverend McLean explains in her book (available on Kindle) an example of her psychic work as a medium upon the death of her mentor:

    “”During the preparation of the ceremony and while I was staying in Paula’s home, she guided us telepathically as to what she wanted and who was to have certain personal items o fhers. She also wanted her genealogical records placed in three different archives, so with her children’s permission, I gathered them, sorted, and collated the records, and had them placed at three different archive locations.”

    She explains:

    “Mediums are also often subjected to health problems. When they merge their essence with that of another, they can easily bring back negativity in a variety of forms. Some forms of negativity are mental and astral viruses, confusion, agitation and untruths.

    “”There are many reports of long term immune system problems, nervous system impairment, and psychological illness resulting from mediumship.”

    She writes:

    “Visions may be illusions from the astral realm or predictors of a future event. An apparition can be a genuine being of light and high consciousness or an illusion caused by mass hysteria thinking. The path to understanding these visions is learning to be discerning and careful.”


    On a trip to Egypt, David Willman’s featured witness was psychically attacked in the catacombs of Alexandria:

    “In the catacombs of Alexandria, I felt a dreaded sense of evil and was psychically attacked. I quickly left the catacombs with a couple of others who helped me to spiritually ward off these entities. The rest of the group remained in the catacombs. Following that excision, many of the group members became ill. I was able to clairvoyantly see attached entities, astral forms and debris, thoughtforms, and etherics poisons in their fields.”


    She describes her visions and personal experience with mediumship:

    “My own experience with visions is long and varied… Psychic visions and skills have at times led me into delusional realms of information, so learning discernment has been a primary goal. Its importance cannot be underestimated.”

    Jack McCoy would never go near such a witness. Reliance of a psychological theory as a substitute for evidence would have been deemed out of the question.

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