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* FRONTLINE will air “The Anthrax Files” on October 11, 2011: “new questions are being raised about whether Ivins really did it” … UPDATE … click ***BELOW*** for video preview

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FRONTLINE | Preview “The Anthrax Files” | PBS

the FBI's genetics expert Dr. Claire Fraser-Liggett

Dr. Fraser-Liggett, the FBI’s own expert, says on the preview segment …

“(if) Dr. Ivins wasn’t the perpetrator … that person is still out there”

Previously, Dr. Fraser-Liggett said …

“I was hopeful that perhaps genomics would provide sufficient amount of information to be able to track the material to its source, but I then, and have always, asserted that in no way did I ever believe that this kind of genomics-based investigation was ever going to lead to the perpetrator.” 

Claire M. Fraser-Liggett is a Professor of Medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland … previously the President and Director of The Institute for Genomic Research in Rockville, Maryland. 

Nicholas Wade wrote in the NYT (8/21/08) … (in 2001) … The F.B.I. decided to go back to basics and to try decoding the entire DNA sequence — some five million units — of the anthrax genome to see if some clues to its source might be developed. For this job it turned to the Institute for Genomic Research or TIGR, a leader in decoding the genomes of microbes. Its director was then Claire Fraser-Liggett, who is now at the University of Maryland. The F.B.I. asked her to form a group, with as few people as possible, to decode an anthrax genome, without telling her it was the one that had killed Mr. Stevens.


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