CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* Redacted filing yesterday in Stevens v. US litigation describing reported access to RMR 1029 by foreign nationals

Posted by DXer on September 17, 2011





several more pages like the one above … totally redacted







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  1. DXer said

    Agent Vincent Lisi has formally confirmed in an official, court-filed sworn affidavit dated September 27, 2011 that In reaching the conclusion in August 2008 that Ivins was the culprit, the FBI was operating under the (it turns out, mistaken) factual premise that the genetically matching Ames strain was kept only in Building 1425, and not also 1412.

    With that factual premise destroyed (see, e.g., Oct. 12, ’11 radio interview by Henry Heine linked below), you can see the problem. In the rush of events in early August 2008, it is understandable that this detail was lost. No one said they had an easy job.

    Agent Lisi now is in charge of seeing that all rocks are turned over in the Isabella Gardner investigation in Boston. While I appreciate that museum security director Tony Amore is still working hard pursuing mob-related leads, it would take the FBI to do the heavy lifting of any concrete slabs poured by Robert Guarente’s CT-based concrete pouring friend in that matter.

    see, e.g.,

    When FBI DC FIeld Office head Michael Mason once emailed me to tell me that the FBI was leaving no stone unturned, I believed him. His PR writes itself.

    But unfortunately when former FBI WMD head Vehid Majidi claimed in a September 2013 that the FBI had interviewed all of Atta’s associates in Florida and excluded them, it was easy to understand where the FBI investigation went so astray and why Vahid, respectfully, is still off-track. Adnan El-Shukrijumah was at the Sarasota complex with Atta. See 28 pages of redactions in 911 Commission Report.

    It is easy to appreciate that the FBI is simply not institutionally inclined to correct mistakes. That is true across professions. It is especially true in matters of life and death — such as when a suspect has committed suicide after the DOJ and FBI went to test small panties in his basement for semen, swabbed him for DNA (even though they already had it from a cup), and told him that they were going to call his family to testify before the grand jury to ask them how things were going at home.

    It was up to the public (and GAO) to demand to see the evidence that debunked prosecutor’s claim he had no reason to be in the lab — given that the prosecutors knew that the notebooks and sworn testimony showed that he had ongoing animal experiments involving mice and rabbits extending (contrary to the DOJ/FBI claim) into the first week of October 2001.

    The AUSA once emailed me to say I would never get any documents under FOIA about those 52 rabbits. Respecfully, she was mistaken. Although she was successful in shutting me down at Justice, there’s more than one way to skin 52 rabbits.

    If USAMRIID and DOJ FOIA officers want to continue to do blocking for AUSA Rachel as quarterback, they are welcome to try.

    But the truth about how the FBI stuffed the 52 rabbits down that hat seems unstoppable.

    The FBI needs to get back in the business of leaving no stone unturned — failing that, USAMRIID, DOJ and FBI needs to comply with FOIA so that the FBI and DOJ can be walked through any missteps.

    That is the entire purpose of the Government in the Sunshine Act. To help us all do better in understanding things.


    Oct 12, ’11, 10:45 AM
    PBS’s Frontline show did an follow up to the Anthrax killings the FBI has said were committed by Dr. Bruce Ivins. Former USAMRIID PHD Dr. Henry Heine explains the flaws in the FBI findings and his part in the Frontline story. He also talks about how he had the same strain the Dr. Ivins had and they tested negative.


  2. DXer said

    Of course, those of you who already know the method for eliminating the redaction don’t need any tutorials — and you’ve been reading along as the documents were filed.

    Anthrax, Al Qaeda and Ayman Zawahiri: The Infiltration of US BIodefense

  3. DXer said

  4. DXer said

    There was also the anthrax scare; remember it? Vaguely perhaps.

    We ought to remember it; it’s the one major act of terrorism on our soil since 9/11 for which we still don’t know with certainty who was responsible. A scientist who worked at a government biodefense lab in Maryland and researched anthrax — Bruce Edwards Ivins — was a suspect, but he was never charged, and then killed himself in 2008.

  5. DXer said

    Who Knew Who?

  6. DXer said

    Congressman Holt writes

    “Another 10th anniversary: anthrax attacks”

  7. DXer said

    For example, the documents provided by the FBI reveal that Dr. ivins hosted one egyptian visitor in the B3 who was the lifelong friend of a former Egypian Islamic Jihad member, a schoolmate recruited by Dr. Ayman Zawahiri while they attended medical school. Dr. Ayman would visit on Fridays for the purpose of recruiting.

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