CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* excerpts from an NPR interview (8/26/11) of Laurie Garrett … the FBI completely botched the anthrax investigation … there’s so much evidence that al-Qaeda was behind the anthrax mailings … bin Laden’s Tora Bora cave twice tested positive for the same Ames anthrax strain as was found in the letters.

Posted by DXer on August 27, 2011



Excerpts from Ira Flatow’s NPR interview of Laurie Garrett (8/26/11) …

more than three years ago, I decided that the entire FBI investigation was not only, you know, Three Stooges writ large but that they – that they had been steered onto a targeting that was 100 percent incorrect.

So the model became oh, we have somebody like the Ted Kaczynski inside of the biological programs that are run by the U.S. military or are secondary to the U.S. military, and that’s who’d done it.

And then they went through one after another after another within that apparatus. You know, before Bruce Ivins becomes the named culprit, named after he’s dead and cannot defend himself, there were 10 others. And in every case, their lives were completely destroyed by the FBI investigation, by being named.

They were deported and have never been allowed back in America, or they were driven to suicide, or they were publicly humiliated, lost their careers, lost marriages, everything imaginable because the FBI never had a way of doing an investigation that would end up in a courtroom.

I get outraged because the FBI completely botched the investigation on the anthrax.

I get outraged because there’s so much evidence that al-Qaida was behind the anthrax mailings and that at least as strong a circumstantial case as was made against Bruce Ivins can be made against al-Qaida even stronger.

We now know, for example, that one of the hijackers of Flight 93, the jet that was crashed into Pennsylvania, tested positive for anthrax, his body did. And he’s the same fellow who went to an emergency room in Florida when they were all down there getting flight training, seeking treatment for a strange black wound on his hand that was at the time diagnosed as a possible spider bite. But after the 9/11 incident, the FBI re-interrogated the ER physician, who said: You know what? It could have been anthrax. What was he doing messing with anthrax?

We also now know, thanks to the documents that were only handed over by the FBI to the National Academy of Sciences in December of 2010, we now know from those documents that the cave, the famous Tora Bora cave where they almost caught Osama bin Laden in December 2001 but then Donald Rumsfeld refused to order a airstrike – and that’s another whole story – we now know that that Tora Bora cave twice tested positive not only for anthrax but for the same strain, Ames anthrax, as was found in the letters.

There are members of Congress that want the anthrax investigation reopened. There are members of Congress that feel it is possible that it was a singular event, the attacks of 9/11 and the anthrax mailings, carried out by the same people all as a continuum. And when you get into my book, you’ll see more and more reasons that that is a reasonable way to approach how you view the situation.


2 Responses to “* excerpts from an NPR interview (8/26/11) of Laurie Garrett … the FBI completely botched the anthrax investigation … there’s so much evidence that al-Qaeda was behind the anthrax mailings … bin Laden’s Tora Bora cave twice tested positive for the same Ames anthrax strain as was found in the letters.”

  1. DXer said

    What was the nature of the test that showed positive for Ames anthrax?

    Where was it done?

    What does Rauf say about his efforts to acquire virulent anthrax for Dr. Ayman?

    The Pakistan government had agreed to allow the Washington Post to interview him but then backpedaled.

    I’ve had email correspondence with him but he never answered substantive questions and always ended up asking for money.

  2. DXer said

    The phone of the subtilis expert at Hunter College repeatedly called the number (201) 435-7501, which was the phone of key WTC 1993 participants, including WTC 1993 mastermind Ramzi Yousef.

    Ramzi Yousef was a relative a Khalid Mohammed; Khalid Mohammed in turn claims he was directly involved in overseeing the planning of WTC 1993. KSM also claims to have been involved in anthrax planning.,3755676&dq=khalid-mohammed+wtc+1993&hl=en

    The subtilis expert Walied Samarrai is directly connected to the telephone number used to rent the U-Haul used to bomb the World Trade Center.

    Both Mohammed Salameh, Walied Samarrai, Abdul Yasin and Musab Yasin resided at the same 34 Kensington Ave. street address. Men who knew each other lived in both Apt. #4 and #8.

    The telephone number (201) 435-7501 was listed which was subscribed to 34 Kensington Ave., Apartment 4, Jersey City, N.J. under a woman’s false name.

    The records indicate that someone using the phone of masters student, Walied Samarrai, called the apartment of the WTC 1993 participants in the month leading up to the bombing — with the calls stopping the moment of the Blind Sheik’s arrest.

    THE TWIN TOWERS: The Complaint; Starting With Debris

    The subtilis expert was a masters student at Hunter College and apparently did not live there in a dorm room as supposed by author Laurie Mylroie in a book published September 2001. (This will need further corroboration through contemporaneous records.)

    Ramzi Yousef, KSM’s relative and the WTC 1993 mastermind, also listed the address when he got in a January 1993 car accident in which officers did not know notice the bomb-making materials in the trunk. See police report described in book describing the accident.

    On March 4, 1993, Salameh returned to the Jersey City Ryder office. A man named Abdul Yasin taught Mohammed Salameh to drive the truck (though he continued to be such a bad driver someone else had to drive it the day of the bombing). Abdul Yasin is a fugitive for which up to a $5 million reward is offered under the Rewards For Justice program. An Iraqi, he fled to Iraq where he was imprisoned. He admitted his involvement in the WTC 1993 bombing in a 2002 “60 Minutes” interview . Until recently, Yasin’s brother Musab continued for years to live at the same addresses with the subtilis expert.

    Walied Samarrai and the brother Musab in the mid-1990s co-authored a paper on the distribution of a virus. Computer Model of the Gene Control in Lambda Virus Life Cycle, authored by Walied Samarrai, Sidi Beri, Khaled Amiri, and Musab Yasin. Published as part of the Society For Modeling and Simulation 2006.

    A man named Nosair, who was the Blind Sheik’s bodyguard, murdered radical rabbi Kehane. According to Nosair, Mohammed Salameh had gone with him the night of the assassination.

    According to FBI documents, Kahane’s killer, El-Sayyid Nosair, told detectives in 2005 that he had planned to assassinate Sharon, who was then Israel’s minister of housing and construction. Nosair claims that on the night he shot Kahane dead, he was accompanied by two co-conspirators to the Marriot Hotel in Manhattan where Kahane was speaking – one of whom was also carrying a gun. “The men, Bilal al-Kaisi of Jordan and Mohammed A. Salameh (the guy who rented the U-Haul truck to bomb WTC 1993), a Palestinian illegal alien later involved in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, have never been charged for their part in the slaying.”

    ‘Sharon was Kahane killer’s target’
    08/15/2010 01:04

    WTC 1993 participant and Nosair assassination conspirator Mohammed Salameh was there at the Calverton shooting range with Nosair and Ali Mohammed.

    Ali Mohammed is the US Army infiltrator who taught his protege Dahab how to make lethal letters.


    Recruits in Yemen took courses in Islamic law, the ideology of Islamic Jihad, the political history of militant Islamic movements, passport forgery and surveillance. Others said they were taught how to make letter bombs.

    The letter-bomb training was put to use, according to Egyptian investigators. In documents presented to the prosecutors, the investigators said Jihad members were responsible for sending letter bombs from Egypt to ”news organizations outside the country.”

    That apparently was a reference to a spate of letter bombs sent in 1997 from Alexandria, Egypt, to the London, New York and Washington offices of the newspaper Al Hayat. The paper, owned by Saudis, is the leading international Arabic-language newspaper. Two people were injured when one bomb went off in London.

    Ali Mohammed was chief of intelligence for Egyptian Islamic Jihad. He recruited a man named Dahab from Cairo Medical in the early 1980s and taught him to send lethal letters.

    In 2002, Eleanor Hill, director of the Senate Intelligence Committee investigating intelligence failures prior to the Attacks of September 11, 2001, reported that Osama Bin Laden helped pay for Nosair’s legal defense for his trial for the murder of Kahane.

    Bin Laden Bankrolled Kahane Killer Defense by Greg B. Smith, New York Daily News, October 9th 2002 (retrieved on October 1, 2008).

    Montasser Al-Zayat, the attorney for the Blind Sheik came from Cairo in 1991 to help defend another Egyptian, El Sayyid A. Nosair, who was accused of killing the militant Rabbi Meir Kahane.

    Montasser Al-Zayat was the attorney who announced that Dr. Ayman was going to use anthrax against US targets to retaliate for the rendering of prisoners. He was joined by the Egyptian Islamic Jihad shura members Al-Najjar and Mabruk in explaining that Dr. Ayman was going to use anthrax.

    The FBI says that they excluded a subtilis expert who allegedly had connections to Al Qaeda and Ansar Al-Islam. How did they do that if he lived 20 miles from the mailbox in 2001 — lack of access to virulent Ames? Did they do that before or after the 16 pages were faxed in March 2005 showing that Bruce Ivins supplied a former Zawahiri associate with virulent Ames. By then, the postal inspector had already developed his theory about sorority coeds.

    Did they do a comparison of subtilis strains? There was a subtilis contaminant in the mailed anthrax.

    I’ve emailed Professor Samarrai twice and called and left a message once to clarify these issues but have not heard back.

    The former residents of Kensington Ave should be advised that the CIA Zawahiri Task Force has known all of this since 2001.

    Musab Yasin reportedly, according to motor vehicle records, had transferred the title of his car to New York in the names of WTC 1993 mastermind Ramzi Yousef and WTC bomber Mohammed Salameh.

    Musab Yasin himself confirmed that he had registered his car under Yousef’s and Salameh’s names. He claimed that was because he “had problems concerning the license. Jamal Khashoggi, “He Speaks to al Hayat about His Releations with Muhammad Salemeh and Ramzi Yousef; Musab yasin: ‘I Was Exposed to American Pressure To Involve Iraq in the Trade Center Bombing,’ “, al Hayat, January 25, 1994. Yasin told al-Hayat that he was a Muslim fundamentalist but stayed away from its more extreme manifestations. But as a Hayat noted, “This does not really explain his good relation with Ramzi Yousef.” fn. 10

    Study of revenge: the first World Trade Center attack and Saddam Hussein’s … By Laurie Mylroie, Notes to Pages 173-80, 293, n. 10.–gU7W9ISM&hl=en&ei=7nNbTu_GMcfZgAfvrNCRDA&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=2&ved=0CB8Q6AEwATgK#v=onepage&q=%22Musab%20Yasin%22&f=false

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