CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* National Geographic Documentary: Inside The FBI Counterterrorism Unit

Posted by DXer on August 26, 2011



In the aftermath of 9/11, an elite team of FBI counter-terror agents uncovers two disturbing terror threats. The first involves a group of young men in Northern Virginia and their spiritual leader, Ali Al-Timimi, who is accused of directing his men to overseas training camps to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan. The second plot involves yet another Al-Timimi pupil, who is charged with planning the next 9/11.  FBI  Suburban Surveillance takes viewers deep inside the complex human drama at the heart of America¹s war on terror.

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  2. DXer said

    The documentary notes that Al-Timimi was a consultant to the federal government with a commendation from the White House for his work. (The work was in 1999, at a time when both he and Dr. Charles Bailey at SRA. The commendation involved work for the Navy). What did his work involve?

    • DXer said

      The FBI in 2003 viewed Al-Timimi as one of the most dangerous men in America. But Al-Timimi launched his own PR counteroffensive designed to show that he had good jury appeal — he arranged for an MSNBC interview.

      But he and his lawyers made a critical mistake in FBI interviews. He didn’t ask for immunity.

      • DXer said

        The same day they raided Al-Timimi’s townhouse, 100 agents came here and simultaneously interviewed 150 individuals. At the same day and minute Al-Timimi’s townhouse was raided, they arrested as a material witness a genetics expert with expertise at using a spraydryer and mixing with silica. His mentor had consulted on a US Army-funded device called MICROBIAL VAC, which its inventor Bruce Bradley tells me can be used on a small scale to weaponize anthrax. It concentrates anthrax by a factor of 10. I called Ismail, the PhD geneticist and animal feedstuff researcher, to ask if the FBI suspected he was the processor in connection with the anthrax mailings given Ali shared a suite with the leading DARPA-funded Ames anthrax researchers. He graciously said that he could not talk because too much was going on.

        Microbiology professor James D. at ISU in Ames, Iowa tells me that he had a prototype of the device in the Summer 2001. It was used in testing in Summer 2001 but the location it was tested is confidential.

        • DXer said

          I called Ken Alibek, one of the DARPA-funded Ames researchers and it was he who told me the FBI suspected Al-Timimi of being involved in the anthrax mailings.

          I emailed Dr. Bailey, co-founder with Dr. Alibek of the DARPA-funded Center for Biodefense there, and he referred all questions to University counsel. Counsel would neither confirm nor deny anything. Press releases by Alibek’s company, however, showed that work with virulent Ames was done by Southern Research Institute in Frederick, Maryland. (Neither Tom Voss, the former SRI President nor Dave Franz, the former SRI VP, will confirm when SRI first acquired virulent Ames; Director Mueller, when asked to identify the third lab that worked with virulent dried powder Ames, would not identify the lab in open session).

          Dr. Ivins assistant and chief accuser Patricia Fellows left USAMRIID to head the B3 there. It was actually Patricia, according to Dr. Ivins, who submitted the sample that the FBI claims was false (lacked the 4 morphs).

          I then called Ziyana, Ali’s wife, to ask what the classified work Ali did for the Navy while at SRA involved. She graciously said she could not talk now – and was subject to consent of counsel. She said she was sure we would be speaking some day. (She is highly educated and I believe a PhD like herself in some non-scientific field).

          According to his first defense committee’s webpage, Al-Timimi had been a former assistant to the White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card (while Mr. Card was at DOT). Andy Card came to oversee the NSA wiretapping program directed and organized around Dr. Al-Timimi, Andy’s former assistant — about which only two DOJ people were privy. I don’t recall offhand ever emailing Andrew Card after he let office and I never called him. But his insights would be fascinating.

          It’s been my view since December 2001 that Amerithrax represents the greatest failure in intelligence analysis in the history of United States. The discussion by Willman, Garrett and Guillermin has been incredibly uninformed relating to Dr. Ayman’s announced plan to use anthrax against United States targets. Professor Guillermin does not even mention Dr. Ayman’s name or discuss Rauf Ahmad’s correspondence with Dr. Ayman produced under FOIA by DIA. The fact that they have not addressed the first counselor’s allegations about events in July 2000 — that critically underlay an Ivins Theory — indicate that their discussion of an Ivins Theory also falls critically short.

        • DXer said

          In July 2009, to prove that DARPA was making dried powdered Ames out of Flask 1029, I called the FBI anthrax expert John Ezzell.

          He said his phone was likely wiretapped and that he was under a gag order, but asked what I would like to know.

          He confirmed that he made a dried powder that was more pure — white and fluffy — that what had been mailed.

          He did not identify where the DARPA aerosol experiments were done. He said he just made the powder for them and that was it.

          Joany Jackman, his former assistant, would be one to ask about where aerosol experiments were done using the dried powder. After USAMRIID, she went to Johns-Hopkins.

          At USAMRIID, virulent Ames from Flask 1029 was kept for the DARPA experiments in a tupperware container in an unlocked refrigerator in Dr. Ezzell’s lab.

          Dr. Ivins expressed concern to someone (who seemed to be a superior) that he was missing Ames and that his records would not square with what he was supposed to have — but was told to shut up about it.. that everything was under control. At the same time, all of Dr. Ivins’ colleagues were told in November 2007 not to discuss the matter with him.

          Dr. Ezzell came to a November 2010 conference and fielded all questions put to him on camera — but then questioning was cut short (after I believe a scholar on our panel may have seen from where he was sitting that Dr. Ezzell was showing signs of physical distress). Dr. Ezzell was never asked where the DARPA aerosol experiments were done. I have uploaded a film segments of the question and answer to this blog. Dr. Ezzell suffered a heart attack immediately after his presentation (during the break) and we all wish him well and thank him for his courageousness in coming forward to address these issues in a forthright manner on camera.

        • DXer said

          On information and belief, AUSA Rachel Lieber was told by superiors not to visit Al-Timimi — she was told a deal had been cut in connection with another crime — but to her great credit, went to the prison anyway. I only have the one source on this issue and it needs to be corroborated by asking Rachel.

        • DXer said

          One of the lead FBI scientists, Jason Bannan, was the collection scientist for the American Type Culture Collection, which sponsored Al-Timimi’s program.

          Ali Al-Timimi, according to a whistleblowing source at ATCC, had unfettered access to the collection there. (The JD/PhD whistleblower with B3 and B4 experience was asked to move on immediately upon pointing to the lax security).

          Dr. Bannan and an ATCC spokesman deny that ATCC had virulent Ames.

          ATCC will not address the issue insofar as the patent repository on the grounds that it is confidential. (The patent repository is separate from the commercial repository; the patent repository is confidential). Other sources, however, consistently report that virulent Ames is not known to have been present at GMU or ATCC. (ATCC shared facilities with the DARPA Center for Biodefense and Alibek’s company.)

          Alibek headed the deception at Sverdlosk (and Dr. Meselson advocated the Soviet position for 10 years against a consensus it had been release from a military facility).

          No one denies that virulent Ames was at SRI in Frederick, Maryland prior to 9/11. But a state law purports to forbid discussing the location of pathogens in Maryland.

        • DXer said

          FBI’s Dr. Majidi, WMD head, says that the forensics are consistent with the anthrax having been grown in silicates.

          The DARPA-funded co-founders, both Battelle consultants in 1999, co-invented a process involving concentrating anthrax by growing it in silicates.

          The patent is called “Microdroplet Cell Culture”. The head of the Air Force lab describes it to me as a microencapsulation patent — and he has done controlled experiments in making an anthrax simulate aerosol with and without silanizing solution in the slurry.

          One of the co-applicants on the international application was an aerosol consultant to the old US offensive program.

          Dr. Ayman has hoisted the US on its petard through his successful infiltration of US biodefense using the cover of universities and charities, which is established by the documentary evidence. He abided by the hadith that counseled that he use the weapon of his enemies.

        • DXer said

          Off-topic –

          Here is a Blue Heron I photographed this week (I’m on vacation). It may look like a moment captured in time but actually the big fish was too big for the blue heron to take readily in one bite and so he took his time about it, permitting dozens of snapshots.

        • DXer said

          The former head of Amerithrax Michael Mason is interviewed at some length in the documentary.

          It was also interesting to see Evan Koehlman who is an accomplished and experienced expert witness on such matters for the FBI.

          That mosque where the valedictorian/Eagle Scout-type worshipped was Anwar Awlaki’s mosque. Did they know each other well? Why didn’t Abu Ali testify in his defense?

        • Dxer said

          Ashram Nubani, interviewed about Abu Ali, arranged for pro bono representation for the paintball defendants. He can be asked how the daughter of the head of ameritrax prosecution came to be representing anthrax weapons suspect Ali Al-Timimi pro bono. Her dad Daniel Seikaly pleaded the fifth amendment about leaking the Hatfill leaks.

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